Distance alert?

I need to create a device that alerts me, via fob or whatever, when I am five feet from source.

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Email alert

Well, I checked my Email, and I had two alert things. I checked both of them, and neither of them is right. It was all jumbled together, and the links..... weren't links. Any of you have the same problem? Any ideas why?

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Mailbox alert ?

I would like to know when my mail is delivered.

Question by robin10 

Email Alerts

It used to be that an Email alert was sent when someone replied to one of my comments. Now, I get the entire thread that follows my comment. This results sometimes in a plethora of Instructables emails frequently falling off topic or multiple single lines from those that like to respond to their own message multiple times! I much prefer the old way it was handled... I could follow the thread from there if I chose.

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Breadboard Alert!

I'm not sure how much they normally run for, but sciplus has breadboards for sale for 4 and 8 dollars. You can use them to prototype your entry for the LED contest!Check it out!

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Every time I try to access Goodhart's profile page Mcafee keeps blocking it. I don't know if anyone has the same problem with other pages. Is this an error or is Instructables harbouring an evil virus lurking around?

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trojan alert!

I came across the trojan "av security suite" on  your website about a week ago.  all you have to do to get the trojan is click on the "hacks" category.  it took me 4 hours to fix<< peace, e

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Nerd Alert!

I am heavily involved in letterboxing. I've seen letterboxing posts here on instructables, but just in case it's not a familiar topic, it's a hobby similar to geocaching. Especially when we have events and get-togethers we will often engage in self-deprecating humor about our nerd status. For upcoming events I would like to create either of the following props, and would appreciate any ideas on how to approach them: (1) Nerd Detector--some sort of box that would have some sort of motion or proximity sensor that would trigger an alarm, siren, etc., when approached. (2) Nerd Tester--something akin to the "love tester" from old, old-school arcades. Someone would grip a handle, and some sort of meter or display would indicate the participant's (supposed) level of geekery. Thanks for any ideas!!!

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Double email alerts

Getting two email alerts for each comment. Something wrong, or just a temporary glitch during an upgrade?

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Virus alert: trojan.pidief.f

While viewing the instructable "Wall Clip-Hang Video controllers on Walls" I received a virus alert for trojan.pidief.f .  Evidently it was trying to change something in acrobat reader or was from the adobe file I was viewing.  My virus software caught and eliminated the virus but I thought others should be aware of the risk.  This is some information I found on this virus. Trojan.Pidief.F is a trojan the exploits the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Collab 'getIcon()'

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Email alerts not arriving.

I have my alerts set to email me whenever I get a PM. I have had a number of PMs in the last few hours, none of them triggered an email. I understand other members are having the same problem. Plus... The time-stamp issue seems to be affecting PMs as well - the most recent PM turned up third down the list (Seriously, chaps, this time-stamp issue has been going on for far too long without some sort of comment from HQ)

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Keep getting the same email alert over and over again

Hey, Everyday for the last couple of weeks I get the same email alert over and over again : Here are the newest items from each of the members you are following. To change or turn off updates, go to your following page: https://www.instructables.com/you/subscriptions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New from zorwick •DIY Permanent Infrared DSLR Camera -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Robot To manage these notification messages, please visit your watchlist preferences: https://www.instructables.com/you/watchlist?modify=WATCHLIST I'm not even following zorwick's profile and haven't made a comment ot this instructable either. I add a look in the alerts settings etc in my profile but I cannot find any setting related to this instructables. How can I get rid of this email alert. Thanks in advance

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Solar powered Light with Motion detector alarm for inside the house? Answered

I have a Solar powered Light with Motion detector on the front of my Shop, The shop sits in front of the house,straight line of 50` away, I would like to know when the Motion detector has turned my light on by way of a buzzer? LED? or combination of both, I would appreciate some ideas on how to do this. 

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Email Alert Sent for New Contest Please

I know this has been asked for before, but I'd like to send it in again. I would LOVE to know when a new contest is created, the earliest the best. Being busy I don't always remember to check Instructables, especially if I haven't been doing any project work lately (dang work!).Getting an email for new contests would be awesome.Thanks

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Need ible 4 alert system for when mail arrives. I live in top floor flat.Its hard to predict when mail arrives.

I live in a top floor flat. We receive alot of packages from ebay. Its difficult to tell when the postman has been..Have had problems with mail going missing in the past. Could do with some sort of alert system that triggers when the mail comes through the post box. Trigger string bell mechanism.

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Confusing randomness

Something has always puzzled me - what governs the order of the comments in the email alerts?My most recent alert is typical - this list is the dates and times of the comments, in the order they appear in the email.Date: Aug 26, 2009. 5:29 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:36 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:36 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 12:59 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 6:53 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:51 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:32 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:05 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 5:25 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:57 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:42 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:43 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:35 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:20 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 6:33 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:09 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 5:10 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:20 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:23 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:30 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:00 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:23 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:08 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 10:05 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:41 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:18 PMWould it be so hard for them to be in chronological order....?

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Unwanted pop-ups and downloads

Last December 24, 2009, I clicked a link in the Instructables newletter.  An alert message box popped up that my computer had malware on it and needed an immediate check for viruses.  It offered a free scan of my computer.  I clicked OK, the scan detected trojans, and offered to sell me trojan removal software, which I declined to purchase.   I spent a lot of time and effort running scans downloading malware removal programs, uninstalling/reinstalling my security program and finally got the trojans removed.  I also learned about pop-ups that install the malware on pc's when the pop-up is clicked on. I decided to unsubscibe from the Instructables newsletter, but later relented unwilling to put the blame for the trojans on Instructables. Two days ago, I was copying a recipe from Instructables website.  When I clicked on Step 7, a pop-up message from the website appeared that my computer had signs of malware and offered to do a free scan.  Being now cautious,  I ran a scan from my securtiy that dectected no malware.  I clicked "Cancel" on the pop-up to get rid of the message, then did another scan with Malwarebytes.  Bam! Infected!  I got the security disablers off my computer and then unsubscribed from Instructables newsletter. During the time I was on Instructables website, websites came up without me clicking (while I was trying to copy the recipe.  Maybe my cursor randomly passed over an ad, then it came up.  I'm thinking the pop-up message came up the same way.  I read on McAfee SiteAdvisor comments that this happened to others:  a malicious download. Instructables could examine the ads submitted and the instructions submitted for malware.  Why aren't they doing that?  Why is Instructables website dangerous for malicious downloads?

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How can i be notified when my washing machine has turned off? Answered

I have a washer which does NOT make an audible noise when it's finished it's cycle. I would love to figure out a way to be notified when the machine has turned off. The machine has lights which are on during the different cycles, and then turn off when the cycle(s) are complete. I would imagine this could be a way of triggering perhaps and audible queue. I wouldnt really know how to go about getting started with this though or if this is the right approach. This would be a link to what my washer looks like. http://images01.olx.com/ui/4/50/11/1267472745_77434911_2-GE-Electric-Washer-and-Dryer-for-sale-EXCELLENT-condition-Baytown.jpg i would love any assistance for those who may have an idea on how to get started or what sensor(s) i may want/need. Thanks in advance. -  James

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Scooter Side Stand Alert?

Hi How to create Scooter Side Stand Alert in new TVS WEGO pls tell 

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New contents - email alert

I hope, if such functionality appear. When new contest is started - to be notified by email.

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Email Alerts Have Stopped!

Sometime last night the email alerts stopped sending. I have NOT changed my email settings, but I confirmed that they are the same as they have always been, and my email account is working just fine. I know that the email alerts have stopped sending, because there are new Instructables that I got no email for. There are new comments (in my discussion tab), that I got no emails for, and there were private messages that I had and got no emails for. Can someone look into this for me please? I don't usually use the discussion tab to keep track of comments etc. I prefer email, and nothing has or can be changed on my end to fix this.

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Pressure system leak alert

Hi, from a brand new poster. I have a farm water pressure system in a shed, mostly watering troughs for stock. When there is a slow or fast leak, I waste water, at expense.  They could be broken valves to pin holes in pipes. The pressure is system is run by 240V mains, (Australia) via a plug into a socket, as normal. There is a smart meter in the shed. Stock generally don't drink much from midnight to 5am. If there is a constant leak, the pressure system will cycle during the night. What I want to know is, is there a way to trigger an indicator that shows the pressure system is cycling overnight between set hours (12 - 5am)?  Eg, a few cycles may be acceptable, 5-10 are not.  When noticed, I can go to the shed, further investigate, and reset the trigger. I also have capacity to read water pressure at my house, on the same system, which will fluctuate as the pressure system cycles.  If I could easily track and record the pressure fluctuations, I would also know if there is a leak. Apparently I could install a flow meter with a wifi or sms system, but that sounds expensive and complicated.  I don't use a flow meter as it is not needed. So we have power usage, pressure switch triggering, water flow, water pressure , noise, and pump heat as indicators, at the pump shed. I have line of sight to the shed from my house, about 500m away.  I could see any alert lights daily, both at dark in the evening, and in morning daylight.  They could be 240V or battery powered.  I am currently tapping into the pressure switch to run a light.  The problem is 1. I have to be awake then to check a light. 2. it takes time for long cycles to occur. For all I know there may be something available already, which I have not yet found. I don't have need, yet, to be alerted as an absentee manager (eg sms alert). I know there are fancy systems available for sale for that. Any technical ideas would be most welcome, thanks, including combinations of the engineers parameters - cheap, strong, quick.

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Remote motion-sensitive alert light

I've searched these forums and found some similar threads but nothing specifically like what I'm trying to do. First, I am NOT very DIY savvy. I'm a computer tech and can build a PC from components, but I'm not a drilling, wiring, woodworking type. What I'm trying to make is a small remote motion-sensitive light so that when the motion sensor trips, a small under-cabinet style LED light will come on or just flash a couple of times. I want to be alerted when someone comes to the front door, even if they don't knock. USPS for instance leave packages without knocking and I may not know anything's there until I happen to go outside an hour or two later. Would rather get an immediate notice that someone is there without the expense of a CCTV setup. Any help or guidance on components would be appreciated. Battery powered is fine, and preferably something wireless if possible so I don't need to put holes in my walls. Thanks!

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gas station-type driveway bell?

 Any thoughts on how to rig up one of those bells that dings when a car drives over it, like at a gas station?  We's love to put one across the end of our driveway...

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I need a way for 8 different people to be able to call for service, somewhat like a stewardess call button.

I run a small community acupuncture clinic, where I treat 8 people in a single room.  I am often out of the room for 10-20 minutes at a time, and would like to have anyone in there be able to press a button and have a chime/pager/light go off in the reception area so that I know it's time to go and get someone's needles out. I am not much of a wiring/soldering type person, but if someone had a cheap and easy way for me to do this I would be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance!

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Anyone know how to modify an annoying doorbell 'buzzer'? Answered

Right now it's DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG. Three times and piercingly loud. I can't imagine the speaker is controlling the dinging and the donging - I think it must be steered by a chip on the PCB. How could I swap out either the speaker or the chip to have a still clearly audible but less repetitive and annoying alert?

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Email Alert Settings Format Bug

Just found a formatting bug in the "Email Alerts" settings. Picture attached below.

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The email alerts can not be switched off!? Answered

Those email alerts are really annoying and clog up my email. When I try to change it it just goes back to sending them to me. Can you help?

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Unable to set comment alerts to "as they are made"

I'm unable to change my comment alert settings from once an hour to "as they are made".  I click the button next to that choice, click to save my settings, the screen refreshes, but the setting doesn't get saved.  Same issue in Google Chrome and IE11.

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Driveway alert system to smart phone?

I am looking for a driveway alert system (1,000 foot long lane), that will alert me by dialing my smart phone when someone enters and I am in the back 40.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks

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ICE or Medical Alert App for Android.

Hi folks. Following some recent life changing events I find myself in the market for a reliable ICE or medical alert app. There are hundreds available & understandably looking at the various web pages they all claim to be brilliant at the job & the best ever of their genre, unfortunately the self promoting reports I have read so far are frankly about much use as a chocolate kettle. I need something that someone has actually used & an honest opinion of its reliability it would be even better if it has been used on a Samsung Galaxy S2 but any info about something that you have experience of would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. NG.

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E-mail alerts - a question for Robot.

Dear Robot,When I log onto the internet, it is my habit to first check my emails, including working down the list of comments in my daily alert from Instructables.I know you put the emails together, but what is your logic?The reason I ask is because the messages are not in chronological order, nor are they in reverse chronological order. They are in some sort of random order. For instance, there were three comments from one thread. They were made one after the other, each a reply to the one before, within a couple of minutes.Yet they arrived in my alert 2nd message, then third, then first, with other messages from other threads, posted hours apart, interspersed between them.It's not a life-threatening situation, but it is one of life's little puzzles.

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Stop alerting me! (UPDATED) (AGAIN)

Today, i noticed 8 new emails. JOY! I have never gotten so many emails! Surely I must be beloved by all! Sadly, they were all from instructables. Oh well, I bet they bring good news! No. just comments. Lots and lots of comments. I wondered why I was notified, since I have never asked that they do so. I went to check my settings, and, will you look at that! I'm not supposed to be alerted when I receive a comment, because the box that should be selected should I want to receive said emails, is not selected! So, ibles, why are you telling me stuff I don't want to know?! UPDATE: The staff is aware of this, and asks that we be patient while they work on it. UPDATE 2: Rachel fixed it! Hooray! My inbox can be lonely and hungry once more!

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instant start virus alert programme

I have recently had 2 newsletters from instructables where upon opening an instructable of interest I get a virus warning and the device seems to start searching my C drive. The warning is nothing to do with AVG and upon running a scan nothing is found. I am alarmed by such things getting into my computer without my permission, what is going on? I have AVG, a firewall and windows defender all updated daily. Why does instructables allow this sort of intrusion? dougoutcanoe

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DIY Driveway Alert System Problem

I tried to make a driveway alert system, but it has a problem. I connected a walkie-talkie to a Radio Shack PIR Sensor using this reed relay. Essentially, when the PIR sensor detects motion, it outputs 5 V which triggers the reed relay and closes the contacts, which connects the two contacts on the walkie-talkie button, which sends a beep to the other walkie-talkie. Problem: It works as planned, except that after the motion stops and the reed relay disconnects the walkie-talkie button, it will inexplicably re-connect the walkie-talkie button after about a second, and will repeat this cycle of beeping every couple seconds indefinitely. The strange thing is that sometimes it will work just as it is supposed to, but other times it wont. Other details: The PIR sensor is powered by a 9 volt fed through a 5 V regulator so it gets steady voltage, while the walkie talkie is powered by the regular AAA batteries. I am a novice with electronics, so don't rule out that I may have made a simple mistake.

Topic by doo0202 

Feature Request: Repeat Ible Alert

Sometimes I see a new Instructable (usually by a first-time poster) that is very nearly a repeat of an existing Instructable. I think that if people knew that their idea had already been I'bled before they published it, many of them would stop at that point (which would be unfortunate) but SOME of them would make the extra effort to differentiate their work with some new or novel approach, or better directions/photos/results, etc. If you do a "view Instructable>>" while you're building one, the "Related" sidebar of similar Ibles shows up, but it doesn't appear to be intelligent at that point. That might be a simple fix. Or maybe as soon as you fill in the "Name This Instructable" box, the "Related" sidebar would appear. Just a thought. James

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Need Advice: Push a Button Get an Alert on Mobile Phone

Hi all, I'm attempting something "techy" for the first time and need a bit of help getting started, or deciding if this is possible. I'm trying to create something that will send an alert to a mobile phone if a button on another device is pushed. I'm fairly confident this is possible, but not sure what technology I could use to achieve this. I bought an Amazon Dash button to play with but not sure if that makes sense.  A rough idea of what I'm trying to achieve: If the Amazon Dash button is pushed and HELD for more than 5 seconds, the phone it's linked to would display an alert message or sound (preferably until the button is released). The button and the phone would be located in the same room. Does that sound feasible? What are some components/skills I would need to gather/learn for this project? Massive thanks for the help!

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Does any one know how to rig a reed switch to a bluetooth device to notify you if someone has opened a door or not?

Im looking to see if anyone knows a way to rig a bluetooth usb drive or something to a reed switch to automatically connect to your cellphone when the reed switch is activated?

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Something funny going on in "SETTINGS' Email Alerts'" in profiles.

When I go into my profile to edit my email alerts, I click on the SETTINGS tab, then EMAIL ALERTS.  The page opens up expanded.  Next to the title is my email address.  I make the change I want and click UDATE SETTINGS.  That takes me to another page titled EMAIL ALERTS but the page is not expanded and there is someone else's email beside the title. What's up with that?

Topic by Re-design 

WIFI alert system for an existing hardwired home alarm system?

Is there a device that would connect to my existing home alarm system and alert me via text or call that an alarm has occurred? Thanks.

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Collaborators? Answered

How do you know if somebody selects you as a collaborator for an instructable?

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GSM SIM800L Not Sending Value in SMS Alert When Triggered

Hi Team,please i need help in correcting why my code is not sending the current battery voltage value in the sms alert received. Attached is my code and picture of the sms alert received, once the threshold is reached, the gsm module sends an sms to my phone number but it does not contain the value of the current battery state/voltage; it only displays 0.0V in the sms rather.

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Weather alert: Hurricane ike is gonna strike!

Cheesy titles aside, this is serious buisness! i live in houston, and the hurricane is heading strait for us. i'm a little scared, of course, and the roads are all clogged. My mom has been looking around for gas stations with gas left... it's a pretty big deal. houston is 45 miles from the water, and the hurricane has been moving around towards us, and gaining speed, all overnite. i'm praying to god it doesn't strike. the mayor has had press conferences, cancled work and school... we may have to evacuate! i'm hoping this won't be another katrina... any thoughts?

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Virus Alert after opening Instructables site

After opening the Instructable home page (and each page after) I received an alert from Norton 360 of a Virus on each page of the Instructables site (see included image). The virus name is Hacktool.WFPOff and its location is https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FR7/KVOR/FIQ727SF/FR7KVORFIQ727SF.tmp I'm curious if this is a false alarm, or if it is in fact a virus on your site. Thank you, Dave

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Arduino to Android Sensor result (Flood Alert)

Can i connect my arduino to android via my own app ( project)__ flood alert 1. app must be downloaded from play store 2. send and receive data must use internet 3. target 200 persons 4. app for read water level in app connected to internet. 5. app can trigger alarm if safety water level is exceeded.                                   looks more like this(pic) pls help me...

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"KEEP ON TASK" alert for ADHD 3rd grader

My 8 year old son, Finn, was recently diagnosed with ADHD/inattentive (what used to be called ADD).  He isn't hyper, he just can't focus.  He is in the 3rd grade and really struggling and wants to do better which is causing him no end of frustration.  He has been brainstorming a lot recently on what may help him and he had an idea. I've look around and can't find it off-the-shelf so I was wondering if anyone has good ideas on approaches to DIY build. Finn's idea was a pencil or pen which is pressure sensitive and detects if he stops writing and gets his attention with a flash of light or a vibration.  This is for use in class so it has to be something that wouldn't distract the other students. I was thinking that instead of a "smart" pen, it may be easier to build a pressure sensitive clipboard which alerts when it's not being written on (when it's supposed to be, of course). It can't be something computer/tablet based, it has to be something he can plug any worksheet into and have it help him stay focused until it's done.  He gets about 4 worksheets a day to "finish in class" and has to bring them home unfinished to add to his homework. Any ideas on a good starting point mechanism would be very appreciated. Regards, Jason

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Not receiving any email updates

I have stopped receiving any email alerts since 02.07.2009 - have in the interim periodically checked the site, but would like to receive the automated alerts again. Have not changed email address nor have I deliberately or inadvertently modified any of my account settings.

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Led notification button using USB car charger

Here an challenge that I am struggling. I do have understanding of how to put things together based on parts buying. Yet I do not have good idea of how to literally create from scratch. Hope someone can walk me through to create interesting concept.  So I was wondering if can use USB car charger to power a led notification system with light on when button pressed and light off when let go the button.  Specifics requested: 1. Button need to have ability to tolerate abuse and free from getting caught by any fabric or strings.  Want this button  - http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?PartNumber=060-640 Avoid this button - http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=060-632 2. Any Led will do. Please give me options of two set of led.  3. Power supply needed.   Preferred USB car charger (charge my phone too) Similar to - http://www.amazon.com/Cigarette-Lighter-Adapter-Players-Charger/dp/B000CC6I5W Any car charger will do if USB is too complicated.  Try avoid battery at all cost.  4. Step by step as how to wire the whole thing. Do not understand those schematic outlet unless actual pictures instruction.  I have spent few hours on Google but just couldn't put puzzle together. So want to ask the community my burning question. Then I will be up for the challenge to really build it. I do have tools to build anything. Just need schematic step by step by genius like you.  Then I will post WHY I asked this question. Thank you in advance. 

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