ALLSTEPS not working in Firefox?

I don't know if it's just me or something might not be working correctly on the site: ALLSTEPS not working in Firefox. Whenever I click on an ALLSTEPS link in Firefox, the query on the url never appears in the address bar. Has anyone else had this problem? If I manually edit the query string to ?ALLSTEPS=true, then it works correctly.

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'allsteps' seems buggy today

Hi, I'm having a lot of issues seeing all steps today.  I'm using chrome on win 8.1.  When I click on the grid (view all steps) sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and it has stopped displaying ALLSTEPS at the end of the url.  I'm not sure if it is connected but I've been looking at instructables for ages without issue, but only signed up yesterday. is the timing related?

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After the recent site updates, I noticed that the view all steps link on top is replaced by a tiny push button next to the download button. Problem: I have not set the default view all steps option in my profile yet whenever I visit any ible, it shows all steps. Consequences of the problem: The ible takes time to load, eats bandwidth, many options like vote, stats are not functional unless the ible fully loaded Steps to reproduce: Open your browser Visit any ible, make sure you don't have allsteps set in your profile. If you see all steps enabled in ible, disable and view normal ible. Now open another tab in your browser and view a different ible. Notice that both ibles look normal (not all steps) Now come back tp first ible and press allsteps button, let the ible fully load. Now switch to other tab and fresh the page. You will notice that the allsteps button is already pressed and ibles loads all steps. Now open any ible and you will notice it is opened allsteps Possible cause of the problem: Before the site update, a ALLSTEPS querystring value was used in the ible URL to maintain the state of allstep. After the update it appears like cookie or session is used to persist state of allsteps button which is not unique and therefore allstep state of one ible is reflected in another. Environment OS: Windows 7 Home premium Browsers: IE9 and FF 20.01 I noticed this does not happen in Chrome 27.0 as the button relies on the ALLSTEPS querystring

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Viewing all steps available without pro membership

Reproduce: 1. Visit any instructable 2. Click "view all steps on one page" 3. The page will show you all steps on one page even if you're not logged or you're logged but don't have pro account. Links to screenshots (look at the addressbar, link of hovered step on the bottom and size of page's scrollbar): Tested on: Firefox 14.0 (with adblock turned off), Chrome 21.0.1171.0 dev-m (with adblock turned on) Clicking on "save as pdf" button opens window with information: "All Steps Viewing View all steps of an Instructable on the same page when you're a Pro Member." so everything looks fine with "before-PDF authorization"

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All steps not working in Firefox

While using firefox, if I click on all steps and it just reloads the step 1 page. It works fine in IE, as well as IE can work. This has been a problem for at least a month, probably when you switched to jump links. Please fix this as it is annoying to click through all the short steps.

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Attempts to print cause browser crash

I'm hoping that *somebody* here can help me. I've been trying to print out a couple of instructables (all the steps in one file), but my browser crashes just about every time I try.If I'm *lucky*, I'll get one file printed successfully before it crashes on the second instructable -- but usually the first attempt will crash the browser.It doesn't crash my system, just the browser itself.The latest message is:"Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience".Error Signature:AppName: iexplore.exeModVer: 7.0.6000.16640AppVer: 7.0.6000.16640Offset: 001cd123ModName: mshtml.dllThis particular error is from Internet Explorer, but I've had a similar error producing the same effect from Firefox on the same system (at home).I've also had the same error on Internet Explorer on a different computer (at work).I've had the same result with instructables bookmarked on my Firefox system, instructables bookmarked on, as well as instructables randomly loaded from the website itself.At home I've been trying to print to the PDF Creator software program, as I don't own a printer.At work, I've tried to both print directly to the printer, as well as printing to Adobe Acrobat 8 in an attempt to create a PDF file.I get the same errors, no matter which printing method I use.All attempts to print to PDF Creator and Adobe Acrobat 8 from other web sites have worked fine -- and I've gotten instructables to print to both of those software programs once or twice. Just it's only maybe 1 attempt out of 20.Admin - if more detailed error reports would be helpful, please contact me at the address on my account.

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We must keep the Allsteps preference!

The title says it all, Allsteps should be a benefit when we register, Now we are going being treated like dirt by the system! We are being removed of all the basic features! What do you think about this happening? Do you think it is fair? do you think it Should be done? And do you think madness will occur when it takes effect?

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Why pay for something we already have? Answered

Why pay for the "Favorites" feature and the "Allsteps" feature when we already have it? Are you guys playing games with us or something?

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Pro Features for free?

Hi! I have this nice little laptop supplied by my school that I use to go on Instructables a lot, and I noticed that even though I donot have a pro account, I can still use the Allsteps feature. My laptop is running Internet Explorer 8 on a windows 7 machine. I belive that Javascript is at least partly disabled, and I am acessing the internet through a websence proxy. Whenever I am logged into the Instructables, I can simply click on the allsteps button, and instead of asking me to upgrade, it will give me all the steps on one page. I have tried this on my home computer, and it asks me to upgrade, so I am considering this to be a bug.

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What does THIS mean??

On THIS INSTRUCTABLE I couldn't figure out which step to look at first because they were all the same: "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."Okay, so not in those words exactly. But very very close!

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The All Steps dilemma...

So the reason i became a member of ibles was to get allsteps, only after signing up did i discover the amazing community we have here !I visited the site fairly frequently before signing up and i just clicked through the steps which was highly frustrating.Have i got this right ?No membership = NO allstepsfree membership = allsteps if you click the box on the instructablePro membership = Allways allstepsif that is right then speaking from experience, i have to disagree, i think the free-membership level should get allsteps preference, that way they can become a member, easily view the whole instructable and then when they realize how utterly awesome instructables is they can sign up for pro.If i had arrived at ibles today and signed up for a free account because i liked it, i would have seen the pro option and thought "ill see what they have to offer first" and then when i tried to look at an instructable i had to continually click allsteps or even worse click through all the steps, i fear i may have lost instructables in the depths of my bookmarks folder.Now i love instructable's i have many friends and lots of fun, and i totally agree with the pro accounts. I just worry that without allsteps preference, the free-members will be dissuaded to stick around and eventually sign up to pro..p.s. im not great at writing long things so just try to get the gist of what im saying :)p.p.s. pic unrelated..

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iBle comments not displayed if coded ID used in URL

. If I use , the comments are not displayed.. If I use , the comments show up.. See also

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I am a pro member not able to download this document from this link. The problem was said to be resolved last year but it isn't. Can anyone help?

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Rejoice! No more K' nex! - Greasemonkey Script - Now with Allsteps! - v1.0.0.0

I am currently focused on BUGS! Please, please, tell me about any little bug you might come across! Thanks!First, there was the Allsteps fixer...Then, there was human-readable URLS...Now... there aren't k'nex!Thanks to NachoMahma for hosting the scripts!VERSION: - Version one - now there's an instructable0.9.3.2 - Added tooltip, better update message, fixed one spot of "x" - Fixed Cookie Problem0.9.3.0 - Unblocking page: - Integrated Allsteps script0.9.1.3 - Works without ill effect on every page0.9.1.2 - Notifies user for update( skipped for tasteful purposes) - Works with older versions of GM by using cookies if need be0.9.0.1 - Safe for /forum* - Improved blocking, more default blacklist items0.8.9.0 - Ability to individually block items0.8.8.0 - Added whitelist0.8.7.1 - Changed the color to a light orange, it looks more visually pleasing, IMO0.8.7.0 - Changelog startedDownload it here!If you don't have greasemonkey... Click "Download Greasemonkey"If you are more pro-knex, then just use this script. It does not get version updates anymore.If you see any thing weird, please tell me!The script is fairly well commented, and it is fairly decent in terms of coding practices. With comments, its exactly 200 lines!

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Where can i get an oscillator for cheap or salvage?

Anything that would work for this instructable:

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Something different...

I've decided to try something different, and document a project as I go along.Constructive comments and suggestions (here or in the Instructable's comments) would be welcome.

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solar phone charger

Https:// <<< can i replace that with cheap nokia phone?? i need it for my school project =)?

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All Steps

Has anyone else noticed that if you go to the address of an instructable(url?) and type in "?ALLSTEPS" after the address, you can veiw all steps on one page without ever having to log on?

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Why didn't it show?

So I made this instructable: know it sometimes takes a bit to show up under recent instructables...but why isn't it showing in this group? Same reason?

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Making a Forge

I want to make the inlaid thingies as noted by another instructabler (lol). I need a forge that will melt the metals in this instructable: can I put together on the cheap to produce these results?

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Internet Files

I read this topic, was wondering if there was any way to open a video file, avi, swf, flv, mpeg, and copy it like you would a music file?Thanks in advance.

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Can i buy it ready to use?

HelloIs it possible to buy the iphone solar charger ready to use? : much it will cost?Thank you

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Laser Cutter

Would anybody be willing to source and build the parts for . I would be willing to pay up to half of the price of the parts or up to about $150

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"View All Steps" not working in Firefox

Has anyone else been unable to get "View All Steps" to work recently in firefox? After logging in, I click on the View All Steps button on a given instructable and the page refreshes, but when it finishes, I'm still looking at only the first step. Even if I manually append "?ALLSTEPS" to the end of the url, when the page loads, "?ALLSTEPS" is cleared from the url and, again, only the first step. I'm using the latest version of firefox and have even tried disabling all my add-ons but to no avail. The functionality works as it should in IE8, but I prefer to use firefox.

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Smoke bombs that explode on contact

My idea is as followshave an outer layerthen inside that is a layer of a shock reactant chemical or substancethen another very thin shellthen the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bombthe way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the first chemical to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated holemy example and original idea includes Nitrogen Triiodide and the regular smoke bomb mixtureps. if you want to know how to make these things go to for nitrogen triiodide for the smoke bomb

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solar thermal collector

I am planing to build this instead of using oil-based plastic!/?ALLSTEPSAny tips?

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Office Pranks - what do you do to torment your co-workers?

Inspired by the instructable "The Unusable Computer" found at . What are some of your favorite pranks to play on your friends at work?

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Greetings from eastern Maine in grid FN64.Have been a ham since the mid 80s.Currently hold a General class & will testing for Amateur Extra this fall (07)Only one article posted but hope to do a few more. all..FN

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A photoshop pen

Hi Lately while working in PS I noticed that I needed a way to freehand with a pen but couldn't afford a professional one.I was wondering if there was a way to make one on the cheap.This is what I'm talking about.

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More things you don't have to be logged in for!

Another release is out, with some nice news: thanks to support from Autodesk, we are able to ease up a little on a couple things that required membership.  1) All users, logged in or not, can now see the secondary images.  2) All users, logged in or not, can now click on the ALLSTEPS icon (at the front of the icons for each step in the instructable title area) and see all steps on one page.  However, the ability to set the ALLSTEPS view as your default preference remains a Pro feature. The other notable issues fixed are: clarified emails for Pro members whose membership is about to renew - you now get 15 days notice that we're going to charge you again, with explanation of how to cancel that should you no longer wish to be Pro clarified emails for Pro members whose membership is about to expire, and improved the ability to re-sign-up added Next/Prev buttons to the member page list of Instructables, for those authors who have written too many to see on one page fixed some z-index issues (overlapping page items) fixed Facebook login button -- Facebook changed a thing!  but we caught up to them. We hope you like them!

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Pro Members? What about the features we already have? [UPDATE]

Ok, so far these are the incentives for becoming a pro member: Pro Member: PDF Downloads, Allsteps Preference, Rich Media Version, Pro Badge, Digital Patches, Less Advertising, Private Projects, Members-only Forums, Favorites List.BUT I already have the available: PDF Downloads, Allsteps Preference, Favorites List.I love these options, and really it's the main reason why I signed up for instructables. If this continues, will I lose those options? Because using the site would become a whole lot less user friendly. Maybe make it for only new members, but it still bugs me that you would remove options, rather than adding more. I guess the main question is, do I have to start bookmarking my 251 favorites on the site, or are we safe from these changes?All in all, I think it's a mistake to remove options from the users who have helped to make this site what it is today. Also, I would hope that user comments for new enhancements to the site don't just add up to the incentives for going pro, but are made for the people that suggested them. Don't get me wrong, pro versions are what can keep websites afloat, but sometimes it can go to far to the pont that only hard time members will stay.If you have any thoughts, please comment below.UPDATE: Well, this was the final nail in the coffin. The preview time is over. They took away the option to see a larger image that wasn't the main one for the instructables. This was the reason why I signed up, not realizing the other benefits, and it's what makes it possible to proof read my own instructables, and follow others. This has taken the site to a point that it doesn't seem worth it to even log in. I'd say that there really isn't a point for me to make an instructable now if I can't even view it all together, make a backup in case something happened to the sight, or view all of it completely. Thanks instructables. FIX: This happened to me, but now after a few hours it doesn't anymore. It must be sporadic. Instructables is looking into it as a bug, so it's not supposed to happen yet. Sorry for the false alarm.Lukethebook333

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Dubious instructable: free energy???

Have a look here It doesn't scream "free energy" (thus contradicting the first law of thermodynamics) as loud as other weird projects of this kind. Yet I think this instructable either needs some serious TLC or removal. It reads like an advertisement in some parts.

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Internal Schematic diagram of a flyback transformer(LOPT)

I am simulating the following model but i could not find the schematic of the flyback transformer what is actually inside the LOPT.. can anyone please provide me the same...

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Images not included in PDF Download

Downloaded the PDF for "How to make a backpack by rlciavar" using the "Download Custom PDF" button with the default Custom Download settings.  The PDF did not include the images in each of the steps.  Using desktop PC with Windows 7 and Firefox 47.0.1.  Url for the project:

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Flash Tutorials

So...Theres not too many flash tutorials on this site, so i figured i'd make some. I think there should be alot more, it's a great thing. [http://My flash tutorial]. Join my group, post some tutorials, and help some newbies at flash out.

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Vibrotactile Device

Hi, I am trying to build a portable device that takes vocal vibrations (from a piezo mic attached to the throat) and outputs them as tactile vibrations elsewhere (say at the sternum). I've found and built simple circuits for preamps that run off 9V like this one ( but I'm struggling to work out how I can connect and power a vibrating device (e.g. another piezo mic) for the output.  I guess I will need to include a low pass filter too to prevent the device creating audible output (I just want low frequency tactile vibration). I've seen a similar project here but it's using an arduino and I feel like that's unnecessary for my purposes.  Any ideas really appreciated, Oli

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New site set-up question

Have you noticed the new set-up for viewing instructables?, i have, but i like the old way better, but it won't stay that way, if i navigate away from the page it goes back to the new way, i was wondering if you could save it in your preferences the view allsteps feature...

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cnc: how to built it

Hi, dude! i found this: do someone build it? if yes, it works?,  same questions for the driver do someone build it?, if yes it works? does that driver works with a 4 wire motor like this? thanks a lot P.S. sorry for the grammar i'm not English.

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Can I buy a pdf without buying a premium account? Answered

I am trying to get a pdf to this project here: But I have I only need the one article article, not a subscription. Is their anyway I can just buy the one or will I have to drop 50$ on a subscription?

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Wanted: Calculate and Display Reaction Time/Elapsed Time

I got my son an Auto World Pro Racing Dragstrip for Christmas.  Great fun out of the box with the starting tree that alerts false starts and  identifies the winner at the end of the track.  It does this with electric eyes in the track for each lane that see when a car passes over it.  Like I said, great fun, but we would like to see 1) the driver's reaction time - the time it takes from the time the light turns green to the time the car moves across the eye at the start - and 2) the elapsed time - the time the car moves across the eye at the start to the time the car crosses the finish. Ideally, this would be displayed for each lane until reset.  Total elapsed time and MPH are typically displayed in real life... I believe this can be accomplished using the existing components in the Auto World kit and an Arduino.  The following instructables could prove useful... I am open to all... better ideas, off the shelf solutions, delivered product, or help developing solution.  This is something I think I could do with step by step instruction but not something I would attempt on my own. I know just enough to get me in trouble.

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Calculate and Display Reaction Time/Elapsed Time

I got my son an Auto World Pro Racing Dragstrip for Christmas.  Great fun out of the box with the starting tree that alerts false starts and  identifies the winner at the end of the track.  It does this with electric eyes in the track for each lane that see when a car passes over it.  Like I said, great fun, but we would like to see 1) the driver's reaction time - the time it takes from the time the light turns green to the time the car moves across the eye at the start - and 2) the elapsed time - the time the car moves across the eye at the start to the time the car crosses the finish. Ideally, this would be displayed for each lane until reset.  Total elapsed time and MPH are typically displayed in real life... I believe this can be accomplished using the existing components in the Auto World kit and an Arduino.  The following instructables could prove useful... I am open to all... better ideas, off the shelf solutions, delivered product, or help developing solution.  This is something I think I could do with step by step instruction but not something I would attempt on my own.  I know just enough to get me in trouble.

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Reporting someone?

Not sure where this should go but I've looked and couldn't find anywhere more suited. I'd like to report two user's as I believe they are either the same person or one has stolen from the other. The specific intsructables I am on about are here: will notice they both have the same idea, as well as the reel of blue tape is the same and so is the surface on which the photos were taken, and of course they were both submitted on the same day. I flagged both of them as spam (now I think about it maybe 'inappropriate' would have been more appropriate), but I'm sure this will just be ignored once whoever checks them find nowt wrong with the individual instructables (I don't think just one person would look through them all).Is there perhaps a moderator or admin that I can send a message to?

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All steps not working

I have been on instructables for a while and I have never had any problems, but recently, I cant access Allsteps i tried everything including typing the url myself. All that happens is that it takes me to the first step/introduction page, I would greatly appreciate it if Someone could help me solve this problem. Thanks, Matt

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Can anyone out there please make me one of these?

I don't really have any place or time to do it, but i would like one. i'll pay $100 via pay pal?

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seting up my microcontroler chip

I had seen a post on here about programming your micro controller and taking it off, the arduino and wiring it up with out a breadboard, like here. what i have is the duemilnove with the 328p chip and what i want to do is run two servos off of it doing sweep is this possible at all?

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Wanted: One of these neat lasers.

Can someone make and send me one of these please? i could really use it,but between starting college and work, i don't have too much free time.'ll pay for parts, labor, and shipping.thanks

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Portable USB Power HELP!!!!!!!

I'm currently working on a project for my PSP, I work long hours away from power sources to recharge my PSP. So I'm trying to build a portable USB power device which I can recharge it with.I've hacked the solar panels from two old garden lights, they had 2 AA rechargeable batteries in each and no over charge protection in the circuit.I plan on mounting the solar panels on the outside of the PSP case and the batteries inside it. I've mashed (really I have no idea of the theory behind electronics) this project up from the following people..... problem is I seem to be getting 6 volts instead of 5 volts coming out of the regulator, like I said I'm a noob in electronics and any suggestions would great. hope this worked OK it's my first post.

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My Uploaded Files Seem To Have DIsappeared....

I have an Instructable in a contest right now ( and I had previously uploaded files for others to use but I'm not seeing any links to them. Did I miss something? Am I looking right past them (a distinct possibility)? Did they get taken down for some reason? Or is this merely a glitch?

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Scrollbar text boxes

I have just started making a few Arduino Instructables and am wondering how I can put the scrollbar text boxes like at Step 15: Program of this Intructable I do not have Pro membership. Also is there any way to post formatted Arduino code within the Instructables. Hopefully someone might be able to help me with these questions, thanks Pedro.

Topic by pedro147 

An easy to sourc,e EASY to build, cheap laser cutter instructable

Would anybody be interested in creating a new laser cutter instructable. I saw this one: , But it seemed WAYY to difficult, to difficult to get the parts, and not super high quality. If anybody could do an instructable for this, (possibly with a RAS PI, it would be much appreciated. We want a cheap Laser CUTTER!!!!

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