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Halloween Make-Along 2016

Welcome to the Instructables Halloween Make-Along 2016!  This is a new event we are trying out this year, as a fun way to get motivated and stay on track for all our ambitious Halloween projects.  Every week, from now until the end of October, there will be a different theme or discussion prompt to participate in, and we will be doing weekly drawings for people who post in this forum thread to win a Leatherman Skeletool!  At the end, we will be doing a drawing for everyone who participates for the chance to win a Cannon EOS Rebel Camera!  So jump on in, show us what you're making to to get ready for Halloween! Week 1: September 19-25 Ideas, Inspiration, and Planning What is your costume going to be?  What are you going to build/make?  What materials do you need to make it happen?  Post your preliminary sketches! Week 2: September 26 - October 2 Measure Twice, Cut Once Assemble materials and begin your creation.  What steps are you taking as the foundation of your project? Week 3: October 3 - 9 Take notes! Start your instructable and write what you do as you go along.  It will make it much easier to remember what you did later on when trying to finish writing up your Instructable!  Remember to post about your progress on this forum thread! Week 4: October 10 - 16 Get by with a little help from our friends In a jam?  Ask for help!  If your project is going smoothly, see if you can help out someone else.  Words of encouragement definitely count as help! Week 5: October 17 - October 23 Home stretch   Hopefully, we are almost done!  How’s your progress?  Are you on track? Week 6: October 24 - October 31 Finishing frenzy and Final Touches Hopefully you’re almost done with your project! waited until the last minute to start.  It’s all good, we will get through this together!

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Still coming along (Steampunk PSOne)

Heres what I've got done so far. All thats left it some old military writing (M.P.S.E.U-Mobile Play Station Entertainment Unit), some leather straps, rivets, and the internal leds. It started steampunk and turned post apocalyptic, but I still like it ;) Whatcha think?

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Has anyone else seen Joss Whedon's newest creation, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Joss has a letter on the site explaining how and why it was created, but the gist of it is that Whedon was bored during the writer's strike, so he got some siblings and buddies together to create Dr. Horrible for the Internet. It stars Neil Patrick Harris as the horrible doctor (The Super Villain protaganist), Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer (The Super Hero antagonist), and Felicia Day as Penny (The Love Interest). The Story is about Dr. Horrible's attempt to join The Evil League of Evil and win the heart of Penny while Captain Hammer constantly foils his plans. His story is told through his video blog. It's an amazing movie, and the music (yes, it's a musical, and yes, Nathan can sing!) is great. I highly recommend you check it out!

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My chemistry textbook was right all along!

As reported in Physics World today, a team of Swiss and Dutch physicists have developed a novel tip for an atomic force microscope (AFM) using a single carbon monoxide molecule. The tip is stable enough to image individual atoms and bonds within molecules.The first image below is from the group's AFM of a single pentacene (C22H14) molecule on a copper (Cu(111)) substrate. The second picture shows the conventional chemical structure diagram (the vertices are carbon, and one hydrogen hangs off of each exterior corner), and the third is a "ball" model, with carbon atoms in black and hydrogen in white. As discussed in the article, the whole molecule is just 1.4 nm long, with a spacing of 0.14 nm between adjacent carbon atoms.The paper is out in today's Science, but it's pay-per-view.

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Portable debris hut frame possibility

I came up with this idea the other night for a portable frame for a debris hut. I was wonder what others thought of it's possibilities. I won't be able to build something like this for a while due to medical issues. If somebody builds this tell me how it worked please.

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Small electric motor to power something along a track?

I want to build a circular track and power a pretty light cart along the track... doesn't have to be fast... only 2-3 mph. I need a way to power it. I thought first of making a center pole with an extension cord coming out, but as the cart continues in circle, the cord would twist and twist then knot. I then thought I could power the wheels with a car batter(ies). However, I don't know the first thing about how long a charged battery would be able to power a light motor, etc. I don't know the first things about electricity, so any help or reference material would be appreciated. Is there a better way to do this? A rotating plug on the pole, for example? Simple diagrams to show how? Thank you so much!

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To Randofo or Noahw or / and whomever else helped me along with this....

Whomever it was that last pointed out that I was on the forums "so much, it is no wonder I have no time to build/make anything"; and a few others that pointed this out before, I want to apologize for my evading the obviously accurate critique, first off. Secondly, because you(all) have been correct, and I am able to finally get my head straight and admit it (I have made SO many excuses up to this point), I am definitely going to try to split my time up better, and maybe be a little more productive (which means I may not be around the forums quite as often). I also wish to thank all that have pointed this out to me, and finally got it beaten into the near-dead and old piece of meat on the top of my spine. I wish I could find the places I am making reference to, but after 1/2 hour of searching I can not. Thanks again....PS: no, I am not leaving....

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What would you bring along with you when camping?

I want to invite you to make a list of anything that you feel are essential when camping.

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Christy and Eric along with Dale Dougherty on the Heather Gold Show

Check out this clip from the October Heather Gold Show where Christy and I show off our laptops as part of a discussion about DIY.

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How do I sew / repair chair that is split along a seam?

Chair is split along a seam where a cushion meets.  What type of stitch hols firmly?  I plan to hand sew this with upholstery thread.

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My 4 yo dog is not getting along with my new puppy

I bought an 8 week old puppy yesterday and my dog is treating it like a toy. Nibbling at her, jumping up on us to get to her. I really just don't know what to do about it. Giving her back isn't an option.

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How can I get these cats to get along with each other?

I have three cats: two boys , one girl. Two are 7 years old and the other one is eight years old. They were the best of friends until i got two girl kittens (all the cats are spade by the way), all of a sudden the two male cats start fighting. One just stays in a room all day and never leaves, the other wanders around all high and mighty. Meanwhile the older girl cat, hates one of the kittens and always attacks her when she sees her.The other kitten is too cautious she jumps if you make any sudden movements. How do i get these cats to get along with each other??

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Car runs along at 376.59 mpg and gets a Guinness World Record

The funny thing is that this happened 35 years ago and the car that did it was from 1959. It's not exactly a consumer vehicle, but still impressive.Some info: - the vehicle was a 1959 Opel T-1 - interior completely stripped except for a plastic seat for the driver - top was chopped to lose drag - super-hard low-friction tires used - was driven at 30 mph - chain drive used to lose weight - the fuel line was insulated and heated so the gasoline entered the combustion chambers as lean vapor link

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How can you use an LED strip along with a sound sensor?

I have a sound sensor and an LED strip, i can get a single LED to light up with the sound sensor (whenever i snap my fingers or make noise) but when i hook up the LED strip in place of the single LED, it doesnt work.  If i hook up the LED strip directly to my Arduino UNO to 5v and ground the strip works. The problem is that i need the LED strip to be hooked up to a digital pin on the Arduino instead of directly to the power for the sound sensor to work with it.  I would really appreciate any help!

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Battery provides a constant potential difference all along its life time? Answered

Will a 12 Volt battery provide the same potential difference of 12 Volt even after using it for long time? Or it will decrease from 12 v to 11.5 and then 11.1v  and then to 10 v ...................5v.............3v.................0.5v,0.1v and then at last 0v with usage? Give reason if it works as constant source of potential difference supplying agent.

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How do I build a circuit that emits a loud beep along with a bright flash?

I want to build a circuit that at the press of a button will emit a loud short beep (1khz would be good) and at exactly the same time a bulb would make a quick bright flash ( a camera flash would be ideal). I want to use this device to help me  synchronise my video camera picture with sound recorded on another device. In effect this circuit is a clapper board! Can anyone point me in the right direction, what components would I need? Many thanks.

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I have heard of about IN as a third knex website, along wiht ibles and KI. What is IN?

Title says it all.  What is the knex website IN, If there is one?  Best answer gets a sub, unless i have already subbed to you.

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I want to make fake granite. Seen the retaining walls along the road turned into faux granite outcroppings?

I've seen some really realistic-looking fake granite. There's a hotel lobby filled with a 'granite' water feature, and along roads they're putting in retaining walls then covering them with concrete that's dyed and shaped to look like a granite outcropping! I'd love to learn how to do that. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

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Any ideas for useful stuff for a veggie garden that would also help deter trespassers? Ideally for along the boundary.

We have a lovely big patch of land that we plan to turn into a veggie patch. Unfortunately, we've suffered with trespassing & vandalism with much of the work we've done so far. We are lucky enough to have inherited a polytunnel frame (a large hooped structure to be covered with plastic for use as a commercial greenhouse) but our last attempt to get a cover on it ended 10 days later when a knife was taken to it. We also get stones thrown over as well as actual trespassing. We'd like to get cracking again this year (warm weather is best for working with the plastic cover) & are concentrating on getting an earth bank & fence installed beforehand, to minimise any issues. We'll be planting a hedge along the top of the bank, but that will take a while to grow. This work will also involve doing some terracing, so the ground level at the boundary will be about 1-1.5m/3-5ft higher than the main area. It is also on the northern (sunny) edge, and the whole boundary is about 25m/45ft long. We are located out on the west coast of Wales, so have a temperate climate & moderate wind, but can't construct anything that might upset the officials as we're in a National Park. Saying that, the boundary can only be seen from either our land or from our vandals', sorry, neighbours' land. We're not thinking of bear traps or anything, just wondering if anybody has any suggestions for things that would be useful & practical that might also cause an added obstruction. The instructable on the Double-Decker Drum Composter inspired me to think about other possible options, though I'm not sure whether composters would suit the sunny location. Please note that this will be a veggie patch, so nothing that might cause issues with growing and (more importantly) eating our own produce. And no, nothing can be proved but would only cause more hassle even if it could, so we just have to find other, less confrontational, ways to work around these things :) All (sensible) ideas are very welcome!

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What projects would be good to do along with another person, specifically to learn about each other and have fun? Answered

I am trying to get to know and become closer to an already close female friend, I'm looking for projects that we can do together to learn about each other, problem solve, and most of all have a fun time.

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I have blown a fuse in my room, outlets don't work along with lights, smoke detectors, my room circuit may be blown.Help Answered

So, I was trying to connect wires to my lamp so I could switch it off while laying in bed so I didn't have to get up to turn it off, but I forgot to unplug it while connecting them.  So, I connected the first wire, and then connected the second, and FWWZT a spark jumped out from the wire and everything in my room went dead.  I checked my house, it was ONLY my room that had short-circuted.  I think every outlet in my room is blown, nothing plugged in my room works, while it does in others.  I need help repairing these outlets...  Any ideas?  I live in the United States, so I have 60 cycle, 230-250 V (not sure on the voltage) outlets.  I can't remember the voltage right now.  I checked a few of the outlets already, and they seem fine, no disconnections.  The lights don't work, the smoke detector isn't on, and the outlets don't output power. [EDIT] - Thank you all for your advice, and I will get help from an adult before doing any more with circuits

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Laser RC car

Something along these lines...

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Spray On Clothing, fabric in a can?

Anybody have ideas for DIY spray on/paint on clothing/fabric along the lines of fabrican? Even a fabric that would be impossible to wash or even take off the model without destroying would be a cool start. It could be used for visualizing dress sculptures or something along those lines, at the very least.

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Step into history.

Bravo, Felix Baumgartner! (I watched this live (along with several million others), and my stomach really lurched at this point.)

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I'm Going...

... to the Maker Faire at Newcastle this afternoon, representing Instructables along with gmjhowe (who's done most of the work), Steveastrouk and others. There should be some sort of internet access, but with a lot of people using it, I can't promise to post anything over the weekend. Look for posts on Monday, or, even better, come along to the Centre for Life, find the Instructables stall, and say hello to us all.

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cheap slingshot? Answered

Anyone know where i can get a godd lsingshot im looking along the lines of the barnett black widow?

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PopSci's iRobot Institute

To help those along with the contest, PopSci is running a series of tutorials on the Create. The first one is up, and is worth checking out.

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Pages blocked

Just recently certain pages have not been displaying, along with the Instructables header. Probably ad ware problems

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gyroscopic frisbee helicopter

A helicopter mainly made up of a frisbee rotating at very high speeds, along with a propellor underneath, and steering propellors.

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Portable speaker?

I have a 12v battery and a radio head unit along with 2 JBL speakers that are 70w rms 210w peak and 4 ohms  will this work if connected up?

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How do you buy something on ebay without having an account?

I need a picture along with the answer.

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sound emitter

i need to know how to make a circuit the will emit sound with levels as high pitched as a dog whistle i been looking around but i can't seem to find one which allows you to control the frequency along with the pitch and tone i'd appreciate any advice and or help on this along with any information leading to any good instructables on here that fit the discryption thank you to every who gives the feed

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How to use an old freezer/fridge as a garden box or fish pond? How would you establish drainage?

Not that I have space for such here at home, but thinking along green lines and how to recycle old appliances. I know my grandpa had an old freezer he used that was converted to a mini green house wiht some grow lights, but I was thinking more along the lines of container gardening or fish pond.

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Inline splicing

I want to add an outdoor low voltage light midway along the line of an existing wire. do I cut one or both sides of the wire to splice in the new fixture?

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resined Pepakura ODST helmet WIP

The long-expected pepped ODST helmet is here!! along with some other armor designs...

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Modding Heroes of Might and Magic. Answered

How would I go along to change the spites in one of the original Heroes of Might and Magic (1,2,&3).

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how to search answered or not the question one asked? Answered

At the moment what i know to search is to scroll along the array of question to find the answer to my question.

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zeigeist and randomizer

What are they? They are under explore. Whenever you click on one of them, along with the popular and recent and all of that there's also a randomizer on the far right, it's different than random.

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Project Progress

I will be updating my progress here of the project so you know if any of your mechanisms have been used or how its coming along.

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how processor of laptop works?

I want to know how voltage is distributed along all the transistors present in processor and what are cores of processor a detailed description will be appreciated thanks

Question by vpsingh92    |  last reply

Something different...

I've decided to try something different, and document a project as I go along.Constructive comments and suggestions (here or in the Instructable's comments) would be welcome.

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LHC Rap Video !!!

I found this on gizmdo, its a Rap Video filmed at the LHC which pretty-much sums up what there doing there.Watch the video its funny and informative ! Doubble WHAMMY ! anchorman referenceIf you want to sing along you can find the lyrics here, along with video download links and you can donate some of your computers downtime to help the guys at LHC do their calculations

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Electronic Level

I need to level a 32' long machine. Lengthwise is easy, but along it's width is a pain. I have to check in about 8 places along the machine. This takes awhile to do with only one precision level. Since these levels are about $120 each it is not realistic to buy eight. I need to save time and effort. I was thinking of trying to build a bunch of electronic levels to place in their designated areas so I can find the "level" of each area without moving a level to it. Any ideas?

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How do I make my yard less boring?

I keep my yard mowed and edged, and my hedge trimmed. I have even planted some sunflowers, spearmint, garlic chives and such in the little flower bed along my walkway, but my yard just seems boring. What can I do to make it look more interesting and appealing? I was thinking about taking out the hedge along the wall, but what could I put there?

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Power supply/adaptor for 12v 15w ac bulb?

Hi all. I have a light set with a 12v 15w AC bulb along with a 12v 1-2w small AC motor. I also received a adaptor along with it of 12v 1A AC. The adaptor worked only for an hr and went off. The primary winding were open when checked. I brought a new adaptor and the same thing happened. Can anyone please help me to find what kind of adaptor (output volt and Amp) is required for the light and motor to work.

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Linear electric water pump?

I need to figure a way of moving fluid along a pipe without anything in the water (i.e no mechanical bits) would a coil around the pipe produce any movement?

Question by tommo1000    |  last reply

So my ps2 was broken and i broke it more

And not the lens and laser is messed up. Is there anyway i could hook it up to an external reader or something along the lines of that?

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Pentium OverDrive

I was given this wee little processor today along with an old motherboard. After cleaning it up, I decided to take pictures, it isn't often that you come across overdrive processors.

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