Altec Lansing Speaker Control Pod ?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but im trying to build a new Controller ( Volume up, down, Bass, power, ect) for my speakers. Old pod broke and got thrown out some time ago and company stoped making parts. Im not a tech person but ill put down everything i know about the controller in hopes one can help me. Model was MX6021, It used 8-pin mini-DIN cable...It had volume +/-, Bass +/-, and most importantly it switched on the subwoofer which the speakers connect to. I really have no idea where to start on buying electronic parts..Thanks in advanced if anyone replys.. Here are some links for pictures.. vmart. pk/images/detailed/9/mx6021_5.jpg glidemagazine. com/hiddentrack/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Controller.jpg images.hardwarezone. com/upload/files/2010/01/67921c4ed1.jpg

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Modifying Altec Lancings "Life Jacket 2" Waterproof portable speaker.

So I got one of these portable speakers for work. Works great though it could be a touch louder. It lets you charge your phone while either using Bluetooth or direct aux input. Now there's only one problem/annoyance. Every time you power on/off the device and sync to Bluetooth, this voice confirmation plays this audio file that's much longer than it needs to be. "Powering on! Welcome to Altec Lansing" when Bluetooth kicks on "You are now paired! Enjoy!" when you turn off "Powering off!" Anyway, I was already planning on modding it by adding an amplifier to the Line In, since its much louder when a PC is connected vs a phone. I may also add more 18650's but with 15 hour battery life its not necessary. Unless I plan on turning it into a charging hub for all my co-workers phones or something. Anyway, I am here to try to get some help on disabling the voice, its only really a problem because on max volume the voice is WAYY too loud and usually startles people. Here's a review video that shows all the features. Amazingly I can't find a Youtube video of the Voice Confirmation. Here's the useless manual. Manual I Already emailed Altec Lansing to see if there's anyway to disable the voice. I have several images for you to see. I can grab more if necessary. Alternatively, would I be able to just replace the entire board with another one? Such as, an amplifier, USB charger, 18650 charger, and some hacked up Bluetooth headset (with no voice-confirmation) I ask because I rather like the case for its shock resistance capability, and the control buttons are removable so adding new controls and switches would be easy.

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Help: Connecting in-built laptop speakers (spare) to a headphone jack.

Hello, I had an hp laptop which had altec lansing speakers. The laptop broke and it took out the parts within it. The speaker type is exactly this one- Now I tried to connect them to normal headphone jack but it appears I am doing something wrong. Also, there are 2 pairs (4 wires- red,black and white, green for each speaker) which all go separately for this speaker. But I notice in case of our simple headphones the wires seem to merge together. I hope I am able to convey what I am trying to say. Is there any way I can make these speakers work via a headphone jack? I also have a mic obtained in the same fashion and it also has the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Home stereo stopped working possibly has burnt out voltage regulator? Answered

Greetings, My Altec Lansing home stereo stopped giving out sound.  There is still fuzz audible from the speakers, but there is no musical sound whatsoever coming through the speakers.  It is a simple stereo but with good sound.  It has one input Jack which has always been loose and finicky; as long as I carefully plug into the Jack and make sure it is a good connection, the stereo has worked fine.  One day however it suddenly stopped giving any musical sound.  I decided to open up the stereo and look inside.  First I tried bypassing the input Jack since I suspected that was the problem.  Bypassing the input jack however made no difference, there was still zero audio signal coming out of the speakers (still only the buzz).  I then looked around on the motherboard to check for any oddities. Everything looked normal except for one Voltage Regulator.  It is a L7809CV.  It has three prongs and a built in heatsink. The point at which it connects to the motherboard is slightly burnt looking as it is discoloured. In the upclose picture you can see two voltage regulators, the one on the left is the one which appears burnt. I was thinking this is likely the culprit.  Would anyone on the forum have any feedback to offer.  Do you think this is the problem, and would replacing the voltage Regulator likely fix the amp?

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Zune HD pinout

Hello every one.  Here is the short version: I would like to know the pinout of the Zune HD (connector).   Now, as there may be more than one solution to my problem (and for those of you who are curious :P), here is the rest of the story: I had a Zune 4gb and an Altec Lansing speaker dock that went with it. I recently purchased a Zune HD 16gb. I love it, but the only problem is that the pinout of the two Zunes are not the same (or at least that’s what I’m assuming), so I am not able to use my speakers with my new Zune. I am only able to use it as a charging dock. Here’s what I know so far:   -I know most of the pins on the old Zune, thanks to -I know the speaker is still functional; I tested it with my old Zune. -And I know the new and old Zunes share at least one ground wire, one +5v supply wire, and both USB data transfer wires, as the dock charges both Zunes, and I am able to sync and charge both Zunes with both new and old sync cables.   Once I find out which pins are for audio, I am planning on opening the speaker case and reconnecting the audio wires (which I was able to identify using the old Zune pinout) to accept the pinout of the new Zune.  I have plenty of experience with electronics of all kinds, so I would be more that comfortable doing something like this, but I am more than open to any solution that is… less invasive, as I would like to avoid the risk of damaging my speakers.   If any of you fine folks have any answers about the pinout or suggestions for alternate solutions, or comments at all for that matter, I would be very grateful.   Thanks all, -jpenn  

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