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how do i wire a dual altenator in a 91 jeep wranglr for a onboard welder?

I already installed the second alternator i have a dual battery setup with one battery taking care of the jeep and the second battery powering a winch and air compressor i want the second alt to run the second battery and the welder but i dont know how to wire it up i have a ultima externaly regulated alternator help would be appreciated

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ac alternator mentinace?

Plz tell me how work ac altenator and how to check the avr and rectifire bridge and diod kit

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His altenate mode has to be a monster truck He must look like wheelie within reason he must resemble the toy in some way

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Any suggestions on how to make a bike generator?

I plan on making a 3 phase ac power generator on a bike my attaching magnets to the spokes and having them run by copper coils then convert this to dc current which will power a usb port on the bike, I realize I need diodes and a capacitor if I ever hope this to work but does anyone have suggestions for me? or how to calculate voltage output so I can determine the size and number of coils/magnets I will need? or how to get a steady voltage and ensure devices connected to the usb port won't be fried?

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320x240 tft screen as computer's monitor?

So, I'm running low on cash but I was thinking about how to make a portable gaming console. I can get old computer for as low as 5$, which solve the problem with emulation. The question is: Can I use 240x320 screen as monitor? All I want is playing MAME, NES, SNES, Gameboy and GBA games on that computer. I have a few of those tft availlable with me right now. Getting an old CRT to plug in is cheap but it's heavy. And if it's not possible, is there any other cheap altenative? I'm apologize for my bad English, I don't come from an English-speaking country. Any help will be welcome

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