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Always in Enlish? Answered

Hello. My name is David, I´m from Spain and my english is basic and poor. Could I publish my instructable in spanish?. Thank you.

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The Cake was ALWAYS a lie!

I was thinking of Les Miserables today... which made me think of Marie Antoinette. You know, she said "Let them eat cake!" to the people in her kingdom... But they never got any! So the cake... was a LIE! The cake was a lie! It's ALWAYS been a lie!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

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Always buy the warranty.

Don't listen to all those "experts" who talk on TV about not buying the 3 year warranties for computers. I've just been approvoed by BestBuy to get a replacement laptop to my replacement laptop. It was an HP DV2100, I think, and replaced some other COMPAQ. Long Story Short:Bought a laptopSomething went wrongSent away for repairLostOffered new, better laptopFound, offer honored anywaysReplacement laptop is accidentally damagedApproved for another replacement, to be picked up at our convenienceI've been saved countless times by those extended warranties. Once, there was actually 9 days left on the warranty for something, when it broke. Brand new one, baby =]Note: Buy it within reason of price, of course

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My friend's PC shows "dnsrefwwwricexhl.162.148.923.34.exe.routercicsolinksys.eriocvpuxcstopped20þsponding20ïanualreboot" Answered

Whenever he starts it, this hell comes out "dnsrefwwwricexhl.162.148.923.34.exe.routercicsolinksys.eriocvpuxcstopped20þsponding20ïanualreboot" whenever he starts his computer. He must close it several time before using the computer. Whats happening?

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How to always win at Monopoly

How to always win at Monopoly (GCache)Interesting... *a lot* of thought was put into that :P

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I've Always Wanted To Know.........?? Answered

On Instructables:- Who rates an Instructable?/How?Who decides which is the Best Answer--the author?What is an Altoids tin?What is Arduino?What Knex?_.....what does the acronym: AFAIK stand for?How do you write in that small text?_(Why do people remember other things they want to ask after they have posted/ gone offline/ put the phone down/ or finished a conversation???).

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HELP with P channel MOSFET.?

I've got a P MOSFET to connect some LEDs to 5v, regardless of where I connect the gate, the MOSFET (and the LEDs) always stay ON. Iv'e tried connecting the gate to 5 volts (on the source), to the drain, even to a higher voltage (13v) and nothing, current keeps passing through. I have checked my connections and pinout diagrams and they are all correct, but i thought that the MOSFET would let current pass when the gate was connected to Gnd and block it when it was connected to 5v (same as source), am I wrong? please help, i'm lost and i have found nothing useful on the web. PD i'm trying to control it with an arduino, and I have had no luck whatsoever.

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Is a sealed environment always better for speaker enclosures?

Specifically when dealing with smaller, less powerful speaker. I am aware that certain sub woofers require venting, but I don't know how important sealed boxes are for midrange and tweeter.

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K'nex Projects: Always under the K'nex Category or Not

Have you ever made an I'ble of something made out of K'nex, but it is something which could go under another category of posts, such as a piece of furniture or organization item? I've seen some chairs/stools made from K'nex and I myself have recently made a bookstand out of K'nex. Where do you think such posts should be put? Is K'nex always going to go under K'nex? Or does what it is as a whole which decides where it should go? Currently you can only choose one category when publishing. So what is your opinion on this issue?

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X is always happy Y is sometimes sad

Hi One and All, New here and new ish to electronics. I have put together a physical test environment with a 450watt psu from a PC, an Arduino UNO R3, CNC Shield v3 - this is driving 3 dvd/cd rom drawer stepper motors via 3 A4988 drivers. Firmware uploaded as gbrl v09 using XLoader and running some test g-code using UCG. I have set V-ref on the drivers using a multimeter balancing motor function and heat. Well, there is in fact a very small voltage window where the motors work (.75 or thereabouts) the coils test at 10-11ohms.The issue! X, Y, and Z axis all work perfectly when run individually. However, from a blog (can't recall which right now) I have created some polygons for the 3 axis to draw/print. X and Y motors won't run at the same time when the code dictates. X always runs and Y just shudders but when the code within the same file dictates motor Y to run alone it works fine. Z works fine irrespective of what X and Y do. I have tried adjusting v-ref to no avail. Does anyone here have any ideas how I can get Y to run alongside X? Thanks in advance.....

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Velleman Sound to Light module LEDs always on.

I  have made the velleman sound to light project: the LEDs are supposed to turn off when there is no sound and go bright when there are loud sounds. Mine are bright all the time. I first tried the kit using my own blue LEDs instead of the red ones supplied, these worked for a time then they just stated to give a VERY small amount of light. I switched to the red ones and now they are on high all the time. I also accidentaly connected R3 with C4 (see PDF). C1 and R2 are also connected by solder, im not sure if it should be like that, I also kinda damaged the C1 connection hole as I partially burnt it with my soldering iron D:.  Could any of these issues be the reason why my kit inst working? I have attached pictures of my board Many thanks, Rushmoore :)

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why does men always think about sex!!!!!?

When they are on a date ...the main thing they think about is when am I getting the chance to sleep with her!!!!

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Why do Pro members always win contests? Answered

In many contests i have seen only pro members have won. Some winners are wining with basic non creative things. What do pro member have over free members?

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The answer is (almost) always YES! - AKA Kiteman's Law

There is a fairly regular kind of thread that appears here.It starts should I make an Instructable about insert topic here?You know what? The answer is yes. Even if nobody else on the site is even vaguely interested in insert topic here, it is probable that somebody with access to the internet, somewhere in the world, will eventually develop an interest in insert topic here and resort to Google. Since this site is googlable (is that a word?), they can end up here, grateful to you and potentially a new and useful member of the site.So, unless it breaks the guidelines for what is suitable here (basically, Please remember that this is a family site), and you're not just re-inventing the wheel, then the answer to should I? is always yes.

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Why do people always think the world's ending!?

Once again someone thinks the world's gonna end soon. Someone is suing CERN because their afraid that the new atom smasher (Large Hadron Collider (LHC) along the French-Swiss border) is going to create a black hole and suck up the Earth in a month or so. I think its gonna be another failed doomsday theory, like it probably will be.

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Is the reverse voltage on all LEDs always 5v or more?

I have a bunch of LEDs (mainly 0603 and 5050 smd, 3mm, and 5mm - all colors).  Most of them don't list a reverse voltage.  Those that do say 5volts.  My question is, do any LEDs have less than 5v reverse voltage?  Is it possible to accidentally kill them by connecting backwards to a 5v power supply?  Should I put resistors on both the positive and negative to protect them (would that even work)?  Thanks.

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Do they always take a long time to announce the winners of their contest?

I have a question I hope you can answer. Do they always take a long time to announce the winners of their contest on Instructables? I entered the Critter contest, Judging they said would end on the 3rd but then they changed it to the 4th at midnight but still no winners have been announced?

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Do you always need a buckpuck for high powered LEDs? Answered

I want to power a Cree MC-E LED with a 12 volt 5 amp/h SLA battery.  Most of the time you have to use a buckpuck (an LED Driver).  Do you always have to use a buckpuck?  If I have a 12 volt battery and a 12 volt LED like the CREE MC-E, then I don't need a driver, right? Thanks Jacob

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Any way to always go to full site on mobile site?

I have been on the mobile site a lot recently and every time I go to the site it is the mobile version (I like the nonmobile site better) Is there a way to permanently  go to only the computer site?

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Always-On Multi-day Countdown Clock with Raspberry Pi or Arduino

I extremely dislike the school I am going to. As such, I have a timer counting down to the day I graduate. However, that timer is a program on my computer. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to, maybe with a little display and a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino Board, create an always-on countdown timer that will count the days (roughly 850 of them) to my graduation that I could make and mount to a wall somewhere. It'd make for a great motivational item, I guess. I've found a few tutorials, but none of them detail a timer that would count more than a few minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What is Dave Canterbury's clothing brand that he always wears? Answered

On every episode of Dual Survival, Dave wears a shirt or something with a little man with a bow on it. I belive that is the brand, but can somebody tell me what it's called?

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Ive always wondered the difference between 32bit and 64bit computers...? Answered

I build computers for locals around where I live. Mostly repaires, some builds. Its not a real job, just a side hobby (that provides a little income). But Ive never understood the difference between a 64bit and 32bit system (I usually fix 32bits, and ive only repaired one 64bit). I know they have difference operating system types for the first part, but do they have the same hardware? Is it just the operating system that distinguishes between 64 or 32? Or do they have to have 'special' hardware. Also, what other advantages does a 64bit have over a 32? Other then the recognization of more RAM.

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How to change 12v outlet from always on to turn on and off with ignition

I have a 94 gmc sonoma sle 4.3L V6 and I wanted to make the outlets turn on and off with the ignition but I don't know how to do it exactly. I have 3 outlets which are always hot (have power), and I would like to be able to at least make them all turn on and off with the ignition. But it would be nice if I could choose which individual outlets I want to have on all the time and which ones I want to turn on and off with the ignition, this would be done with either a switch of some sort or have the ability to move the respective fuse over as if it were a jumper.

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Why Are Old Forum Topics Always Showing Up In the RSS Feed?

I realise it is because when someone comments on them/edits the page, but why do I have to keep seeing repeats every five minutes?

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why do world of warcraft always says [login Server Down? trying to figure out why it says login sever down when u login,can u help me pls?thx

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Why is it that when I post something, the text always becomes "null?"? Answered

It's happened to me and various others. You post an instructable/question/forum and type a brilliant compilation of words, save it, and... Huh? You look at it, and all that you typed has been turned into a single "null." Programming error?

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Why are the middle 2 pins on a USB always shorter than the outer 2?

If you look at any USB anything, then you will notice the data pins (the middle ones) are always sunken back and shorter than the power pins (outer ones).

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Which is better?? PS2 or X-Box??

This is what ive always wanted to know.... I bet you some idiot is gonna say... PC or Gameboy or GC. it always happens.

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I have always had oily hair does anyone have a solution to help,

Maybe a homemade shampoo recipe or something. thanks : )

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Why does Google Chrome always take me to instead of Answered

When I use Google Chrome I usually just search from the address bar or let it complete the website name I want to finish.  For some reason when I search ebay it auto-redirects me to, the Chinese ebay.  I've visited the Chinese one like once but I want to see the American ebay.  I tried googling my question but I couldn't find a good way to phrase it to find the answer.  How do I fix this?

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How to power a 5v circuit with batteries? And will my circuit always draw power?

I'm building a fridge door sensor that will beep when the door is opened. The one that is on my fridge right now is very inaccurate and so I want to improve it. So what I've done is make a sensor that is mounted onto the door to makes a contact when its closed. When it's opened, I'm using an ATtiny 25 to wait 30 seconds and then make a pulsating buzzing noise through a buzzer. The ATtiny operates in a range of 2.7 - 5.5v and I want to power it with batteries. I'm new to electronics so I don't know much about powering stuff with batteries. My questions are: How do I get that power that I need? Will the batteries get drained quickly because of the circuit design? (power always going through the contacts) Also: Does anyone know exactly how to hook up a battery to an ATtiny? I think that the positive should go through my switches and then into vcc, but I'm not sure where to put the negative. Thank you so much!

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Use old ipad as always-on wall mounted family organiser/info center

Hey everyoneI was looking at a bunch of instructables today for making a Magic Mirror, and I love the idea of making one. Could be a good info hub in my kitchen potentially, but then I figured that as much as I like the idea of building one, 1) I'm a little limited on time currently, and 2) I have an iPad (3rd gen, first one that got the retina screen) that really doesn't see much use now.So I figured that might be a good starting point until I have more time to build something from scratch, specially since it's touchscreen which is ideal for adding stuff to lists or amending things etc.I'm not worried about it being a mirror, but basically I want it to meet the following (approx) criteria:1) To remain with the screen always on - (think you can just set it to never lock in settings and this would do that?)2) To ideally be widget based content, to include such things as:WeatherA family based calendar (that individual calendars on other devices can link to preferably) Reminders Imminent events (for say the next 3 things in the calendar perhaps)Shopping listNow after some searching I can see there are quite a few family organiser type apps, but having gone through a bunch of them I can't quite find anything that suits quite what I had in mind because of the following sort of issues I've encountered:App needs to be on newer version of iOS (can't update this ipad to 10 or higher - it's forever to be on 9.x)Apps don't have weather and/or aren't widget based (or pleasing to the eye)Apps are for the iPhone not iPad, so don't look great.Don't let you change the interface/layout.So I've got tired of looking for the right app for this after setting up different accounts on loads of apps then finding they're not to my liking for one reason or another, and am wondering more if there's something like a web based tool that would give this sort of customisable functionality, or something I could install on my local network (even on my nas since that can run apps & services etc (synology diskstation)) that will give a local web page that the ipad could maybe just permanently display/interact with on safari or something?Grateful to hear what people would suggest for accomplishing what I want for this project. Maybe there's an existing app that can display modular/custom content, which would be ideal since it would keep the touch screen input for stuff like shopping lists etc?I'm going to mess about with Magic Mirror anyway and see what I can do with that, but appreciate any cool suggestions on different tools to try.Thanks! :)

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my Optical/Laser Mouse doesn't always "click" on the computer... Is there a possible way of cleaning it internally? Answered

This mouse is somewhatt old but not really abused... It clicks just fine, no sticking or anything... but now it won't always click on the computer... I've noticed this just this last week... in order for it to even register a click on the computer, it sometimes requires me to click pretty hard. What's going on with my Clicker?

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Who drew the original Instructables Robot? Answered

 It's such a great drawing, but it can't really be replicated in 3D, the different ersions always look unique.  Regardless, who drew the original Robot? I've always wondered....

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Why does my right shoe always come untied while my left one never does?

The type of shoe makes no difference. Is it because my right foot is slightly smaller?

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How can I make a bender? Answered

I always thought benders where always cool and I had one a long time ago. How can I make my own ?

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why are we asked to open the windows during take off and landing in a plane?

Ive always wanted to know why we are asked to open the shutters of an aircraft during take off and landing because the stewardess always tells me to open the shutters at that time

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Restore night light? Answered

Is there something I can do to make night lights like this work again?  The package always says 'lasts a lifetime', but somehow mine always die after just a few years. This has happened with several different brands.

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how can i grow an avocado tree from a seedling? mine always die :(?

I can successfully get an avocado seed to sprout a small seedling, but when it grows about a foot or two, they always seem to wilt before im able to plant it. any suggestions?

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rubber bands wont always fly off of rubber band gun, need help?

I'm trying to make a simple rubber band gun but the rubber band im using dosent allways come off, it usually flings forward then back not leaving the allen rench I'm using. i need  some advice on getting the rubber band to leave every time. ( the nail in the pic is just there so i could take the picture, cant pull the rubber band back at the same time and get a good one) nails on the side are to hold the rubber bands when not in use.

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Why does my MSI WIND U100 always hang whenever im just copying a file from USB in XP?

Btw, my netbook spec is an ATOM 270 , 2 GB DDR2 , 320GB. Running with XP PROFESSIONAL. Thanks

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Every Time I Turn On My Nintendo Gamecube It Always Works Fine For 2 Minutes Then Stops Reading Any Disk I Put In It?

Every time I turn on my Nintendo Gamecube it always works fine for 2 minutes then stops reading any disk I put in it so I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it. I think it might be because it is overheating but I am not sure.

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Are there any recipes on making soda or something like it? Answered

I love soda but i dont always have the money to buy some besides they dont always have the flavors i like, so why not make your own.

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How to Stand Still

I recently joined JROTC and for drills i have to stand still...but i have always have a problem where i always shake. ... its not medical or any thing but i just shake...any body have and suggestions on how to stand still.

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