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Am I in?

I followed all the instructions posted on Etsy to enter this contest, but when i click to see the items entered, my item doesn't come up? What did I do wrong?

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Simple AM transmitter

I wish to make an extremely small (size and part count) AM transmitter using only a few transistors and passive components. I wish to transmit an audible tone on a set frequency.I am thinking along the lines of a transistor flip-flop circuit oscillator, perhaps routed through another. It really needs to have less that five/six small components. DIP components are too big. Small electrolytic and other capacitors, transistors, and resistors are acceptable. Transmission distance needs to be at least 1/4 of a meter, but further is better. It needs to run on between 1.5 and 6 volts, low to middle'in milli-ampage im thinking watch batteries for a few hours at least. I have read the following article but as stated before it needs to be very small. anyone help me out with a schematic, thoughts or advice?Thanks in advance,-AndyP.s. I can work out transistor loop timings and I understand how the Amplitude Modulation system works. Current thoughts/plans (if you can call them that) are an audible tone switching a secondary transistor loop from high (no resistor in series) to low (resistor in series) power and back. The secondry loop will be switching at the target frequency.

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Am I weird?

So... I'm starting to think that I am weird... because I like art like Mona Lisa, Arnolfini's marriage, and stuff... But I love stuff like death metal. It's just like watching Mona Lisa headbang. I like doing origami... but I like metal drumming. It's like seeing someone like AdamsSara from Youtube playing a constant double bass to death growling. I am actually very polite, but if you knew me for real, you would think I am someone who would like cut school (which I don't). It would be funny though. It would go something like this: Me: *Walks into convenience store* Dude Behind the counter: Aren't you supposed to be in school? Me: Why yes, thank you for saying that. Now give me all the money in the register please. If you don't mind. I won't hurt you. Dude behind the counter: No Me: Thanks anyway, please don't call the cops on me. *Laughs* Am I weird?

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I am new

Hi, I am maria hall. I am new to this forum discussion.

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I am the answer... Life, The Universe and Everything.

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Am I blind... or?

Has the "fave" feature been discontinued?

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AM transmitter design ??

Is it better to use a diode for DSB SC modulation for good range ? or it's better to use npn transistor ?

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AM Radio Reception

Any one know how to build a super antenna for pulling in AM signals from far distances i live in the boondocks and AM radio reception is lousy at best i've tried rigging up standard wire antenna and wound my own various contraptions nothing seems to pull the signal in stronger it comes in fair during the day but at night almost nothing but skipping and noise ... Any Suggestions  Thanks

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Am I in danger? Answered

I am building a new tazer design, based off of my diy taser circuit, powered by a 9 volt. I shocked myself in the right temple ( don't ask ) and I am wondering if it could harm me. How much voltage an I getting? Btw ever since I shocked myself my right eyelid "flutters" rappidly every now and then, a few times a day.

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Am I Common? Answered

I really want to  know how many people actually have heard of me can you answer????

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I am going

I may be gone from instructables for three days... :( I am going on a family holiday to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have never been there before... I will try take some photos of Amsterdam before I come back and show it to yall. Leaving on Thursday, 11, September, 2008. Returning on Sunday, 14, September, 2008.

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I am CRUSHED.... :-(

I had finally gotten my "project" (for the gift exchange) finished, well except for some cosmetic touches to make it look nicer then it did.  I tested it for the last time, and a wire crossed and the speaker when POOF in a puff of smoke. This thing has me so depressed at not being able to finish it and get it sent that I am having troubles just getting back in and tearing it all out to replace the speaker and maybe put in a dampener resister to prevent it from happening again......I AM going to finish this one way or another......just wanted you all to know I am having to deal with a lot lately (my Mom becoming ill and maybe needing full time "residence in a facility" and being the only one left in the family willing to do anything, a whole lot has been dumped into my lap since July. But I DO intend on getting this out somehow, but Tuesday...but I am so sorry for this horribly long delay.

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Am I phsycic?

I've never really believed in the whole phsycic thing, but I have an open mind and I'm starting to wonder. every now and then, I will see something, be it a word, sentence, picture, or sign before I see it for real. It happens with completely random thing I have never seen before. I also get feeling that tell me to do or not do something, and they are almost always right. It can be anything, such as not to bro g a toolbox because I felt that it would work out, and I got one for free, to bringing a screwdriver to school just in time to fix a loose microphone. So, am I mildly phsycic? If I am, are there any sort of exercises to help me phocus or develop my ability. Any help is appreciated.

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I am not dead

I am sure the tiny couch proved that much, but it has not testified of my other projects, which do exsist. I just either forgot to take good pictures or lost parts of the pattern or a combination of both. I have recently made this really awesome dice bag, which I will make an attempt to put up here, no promises though. The other big project I have made was my very first doll, one based off the anime character Madoka Kaname. And she looks awesome. I would show you pictures of them both, but they are not currently in my possession. Both, along with several other projects, have been entered in my county fair, and most gained me some more ribbons. As for future projects, I have two commissions from my siblings that I am going to make, one being a hydra, the other being this Hulk bird... thingie. I am going to try harder to get these on here for you, and hopefully you will be able to see them too. One last subject, I am currently in the process of setting up an online shop to sell the things I make. If anyone has any suggestions that may help me along the way, I would love to hear them.

Topic by Little Dragon and Company  

I am new!!!

Hello! I am a new member here and I really love it! I have to say that this is one of the best websites that I have seen.I just wanted to say that I also have a website. It is a new website. It is a language learning website, but I need people who are willing to contribute to teach a language. You have to be fluent in the language you want to teach and in English. It is okay if you are not fluent in English though. Please check the website out and apply for the Enthusiastic teacher.Also, the categories are not accurate. Here is the link to the website: If you have any questions, please email me at: learn.something80@gmail.comThank you!

Topic by catcrown38  

I am home.

My dear friends, Its been quite some time since I was last seen here, more than 6 months I guess. I see today I missed lot many contests, missed the winnings of many of my lovely friends & followers, missed their awesome instructables and their awesomeness. I received emails from you, asking me about my well being. Thank you so much for your concerns. I missed instructbale so much but  all I can say that the only thing which kept me away from it were life priorities.  Now I am back home and I am not going anywhere. During this period, few things happened, which I feel I must share with all of you. Hope you will like it, and please forgive me for the fact that I kept it away from you. Here they are: You are awesome. Thanks

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am antenna connection problem?

My tuner has seperate places to connect am and fm antennas.  The am connection is intended for 2 wires. I just bought an am antenna and discovered that it  has a plug end, not a bare wire end. Is there some sort of adapter/connector I can use?   I don't want to strip the wire. I think I need the equivalent of a reverse banana plug - instead of wire in, plug out - I need plug in, wires out. Any help / suggestions appreciated.

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I would like a cheap and simple way to play from a battery operated cassette player using the earphone jack to an AM radio. prefer to broadcast to the radio which is only a few feet from the tape player. Also if there is a simple way to just hard wire it , that would work also, but I prefer to broadcast. Sound quality is not important.

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Is it possible to build an AM radio transmitter with only discreet components?

I don't need to have it have good quality. I'll only be sending morse code, so I don't need any type of audio clarity. If it's possible with discreet components, can you provide a schematic? If not, could I use a 555-based circuit? Again, schematic please. Thank you! (For anyone who doesn't know, discreet components means no IC's , otherwise known as "chips".) EDIT: I'd also like to not use a crystal osscilator. Thanks!

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Is it possible to hack an AM transmitter that transmits at about 1500KHZ to be used as a cellphone jammer?

I know that the band for cell phones is between about 800-1990MHZ and I was wondering if it would be possible to hack an AM transmitter or for that matter an FM ipod type transmitter into the cell phone range like KipKay did in his instructable with a reciever so that if you transmit noise it would disrupt the cell phone call and make them hang up. This is just an idea I had that would be the alternative to creating a jammer like the Wave Bubble made by Lady Ada that would be a lot easier and cheaper. This is not intended for bad purposes, its just for fun. I might not even make it but I am still wondering if it would work.

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Best configuration for an AM receiver?

Hi all. I am trying to make a circuit that would help me find lost keys. It would be a simple beeper/ noise maker triggered by AM (for simplicity). I want it to be small and, if possible, cheap. What would be the best approach? Should I use the incoming signal to 'trigger' a 555 oscillator or should I send the 'beep with the signal (The transmitter can be as big as required)? Also, most of the circuits I found online were for tune-able radios. If I want to center mine at 1 MHz and if the quality of the sound is not important, how simple can I make the circuit (while still keeping it sensitive)?

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why am i bord?

Why am i soooooooooo bord

Question by coco the cool    |  last reply

I am SO tired....

I am just SO tired of not being able to be who I am.  If I am kind to children, I become a molester, if I let my feelings go with free reign, am outlandish if I don't let my feelings out, I am unfeeling, if I speak the truth, I am a heratic if I hold on to fantasy, I am bonkers. If I talk about who I am, what I am, people don't want to hear it, and eventually deny it altogether; so I can NEVER be who I am around most people... (obviously "around" means in person). I can't win. Also,  Can ANYONE on line truly know me, in any real capacity ?   Can anyone have experienced the tremendous struggles I have with sensory overload?  Can any of you REALLY know how much I struggle day in and day out to not become cynical like the tv character HOUSE ?  I mean,  really ? 

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I am new to this site

Any advice for maneuvering on this site is welcome.

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I am a willing project

Hi am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could help me. For Halloween I am off to a gothic club and as I'll be doing a few things to help out its been requested that I go as a zombie. Is there anyone willing to use me as a model to test on?! Am also asking because I do no trust anyone I know to do a half decent job.

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I am new here

How do i join a group

Topic by cmchrist  

The FM is not operational, but the AM works?

Subaru car radio/cd player

Question by GingHeskett    |  last reply

I am off, for a week.

Hey guys, I shall be leaving again, for a week. I am headed to a camp down in Southern California on Catalina Island so I will not be on here, at all, for a week. But I am planning on making something pretty big when I get back, hopefully I will make an ible for it. -n8man

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i am building a alter

I want to shoot electricity from point to point about 3 feet safely across a table top is this possible

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Where am I in the search?

I have put up my first instructable at but when I search for Telelprompter or even my user name behnt nothing comes up. Is this becasue I am new or because I have done something wrong? TIA BEn

Topic by MechanicalMashup  

How Famous Am I?

I dunno, really, no sure I care. But my dog is famous. Yeah, I just wanted to brag.

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Where am I in the search?

I have put up my first instructable at but when I search for Telelprompter or even my user name behnt nothing comes up. Is this becasue I am new or because I have done something wrong? TIA Ben

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I know I am known for my knex transformers but to change things up a little. After watching Ironman I wanted to recreate something from the move out of knex so here is the Mark 01 the first iron man suit . It can stand on its own with no supports or non knex pieces.

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I am number one!!

Out of idle curiosity, I just googled for whistling stick, to see where my latest project turned up. It was the number one hit!! Gosh. That's never happened to me before...

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Am I a bad uncle?

So it's 5.18 in the mourning and I'm meant to be baby sitting my nephew, I have however discovered he is 100 times better then me at call of duty 4, he's only 7 by the way, so I'm letting him stay up way later then he's meant to be because he boosting my stats way thurther then I'd be able to do in a whole week. So, am I a bad uncle? He seems to be enjoying himself.

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I am a pro member!

Just to let everyone know im a pro member now. thanks a million to Hiyadudez for this epic gift! i will now be more active on this site and im also starting to work on brining my page back to life. ill let borat explain how i feel!

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I am stuck again.

Well, I made the mistake of using the words "chainsaw" and "whack" ,(although I would do it again!) in a new instructable and it is still hung up in the filters. The thing is I got it submitted on Dec 30, the deadline for the outdoors contest but it is still stuck. Now voting ends today, the 2nd and I am not even in the mix so I am wondering are you going to accept entries that made the deadline but missed the voting because they were stuck in never never land? I just always have to make things more complicated.  Maybe that's why I like whacking trees with chainsaws, its pretty straight forward in its execution, although there is a lot that can go badly. Hmmm, execution, now I bet that is a word that would get me back in never never land also.  Tinkerbell is just never around when you need her. Yumm, Tinkerbell !

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why am I not in the contest?

I don't understand why my instructable, the sphere lamp, isn't in the coffeecup contest anymore. Is it because of the use of plastic cups? Because as I mentioned it was intended with paper cups but I didn't had those available. If so, why didn't I got the message about disqualification at first and are there other instructables in the contest which only have plans about using paper cups but no cup was used? Will it help if I rebuild it with paper cups?

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I am making a purse.

I'm making a purse out of my old shirts that i don't fit anymore but i don't want to get rid of so i cut out patches that are roughly 4 inches by 4 inches i went into this project thinking it would be easy and once i got to the sewing part i became lost and didn't know what to do. I have 16 squares for the front and 16 for the back and i went today and purchased material to line the inside and do the sides with so that the inside coordinated with the outside, trust me i thought all of this threw up until the sewing part. but anyways I just don't know what stitching methods there really are to do this kind of project and i currently do not have a sewing machine and i need someone who knows what their doing to tell me how i should sew each patch together.. Thank you, Lindsey

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I, Skunkbait, am a Moron!

Ok, I'm not really a big "chat guy". Occasionally I have to look up acronyms to know what you kids are saying. I know LOL, WTF, STFU, and IMHO, but a few others just go over my head. So today I looked up FTW. You have to understand, that even though I am a pretty conservative Christian, I'm hardly "sheltered". Basically, I come from a biker background, and amoung us folks FTW means.... Well, you know. ANyway, When I saw Adrian Monk (usually such a good girl) use the acronym FTW the other day, I was dissapointed with her. I thought she needed her mouth....uh keyboard washed out with soap! ANyway, I looked it up and now I know better. Sorry I ever doubted your squeaky clean image Adrian!

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555 Am Transmitter Circuit Diagrams?

I have two ICM7555 CMOS 555 timers, and I was wondering if anyone has any good am radio transmitter circuits that incorporate two (or one!) 555 timers.?

Question by BurningSandman    |  last reply

Simple and CHEAP voting system - AM?

I'm a teacher, and I have a little (but not a lot) of money to spend. I'd really like to buy something like a Quizdom voting system, but with anything up to five classes of 26 running at once, it's just not financially possible. Which got me thunking... AM radio transmitters are cheap to build right? I've seen one using a 555 timer and an NPN transistor - these cost pennies - use to transmit voice. Could I instead transmit a BEEP - or high tone or something - each timer on a slightly different frequency? And have a single receiver which then listens across this frequency range and identifies which frequency is transmitting the tone or signal and feeds that back into... PC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi? Range would only need to be like 5-10m.

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2001 Bonneville AM radio reception poor, how to find antenna?

I have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville. I listen to AM radio 90% of the time. I bought the car new, and for the first few years the AM reception was great. Now it's mediocre. I suspect a corroded AM antenna wire conenction somewhere but how do I find the AM antenna to check the whole length of it and all the connections?

Question by chuckr44    |  last reply

Can anyone help me build a FM or AM transmitter and receiver?

I found on the www many schematics but not togheter. I want to be a good and a stereo transmitter and receiver. Can anyone help me with a schematics for the both? I need with easy to find and cheap components, because i dont have many money, thats why i want to make and not to buy.

Question by danyelo    |  last reply

How can I Find help to repair an old-time AM Silvertone radio and the best place to buy tubes for it?

Maybe you can help me. I live in Kobe, Japan and am trying to restore a Silvertone 6327 (1947) radio (American). Recently I tried to replace the electric cord that plugs the radio in to a wall socket (the line cord). In doing this I soldered the "radio" ends to two terminals on a 35Z5GT tube. I then plugged the radio in. turned it on, and waited for it to warm up. At first the radio simply made a low humming noise even when I tuned it across the dial (no reception). After about two minutes the 35Z5GT tube briefly lit up and then died (like a "nova"). I'm afraid I may have done something wrong when I tried to attach the new cord line to that tube's terminals. I need to find someone who knows about repairing such a radio to see what the problem is. I want to do this before I replace the 35Z5GT so I don't just keep burning it out (which may happen). Do you know of any such radio repair shops in the Kobe/Osaka area? By the way, I know the radio works as I tested it before I did my "repairs." Also I would like to know is there a source of old tubes anywhere in Japan so I don't have to have them shipped from America? I have read the instructable on how to restore old-time radio; it was very good! Maybe the author of that piece can help me. Below is a picture of the radio from the Web (mine doesn't look quite that good. Thanks for taking the time to help me on this if you can. Bob Austenfeld

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Variable Capacitor Replacement?

Do you think it would be possible to substitute a variable resistor and a normal capacitor for a variable capacitor? The way I figure it is that a variable capacitor is supposed to adjust how fast said capacitor charges and discharges, wouldn't a variable resistor and a normal capacitor also function like this? I'm working on an idea for a small am radio, and looking to substitute these parts. Could it work? Thanks

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Tesla's "magnetic wave" communications idea proposed for mine safety

A report in Science Magazine describes a proposal to use Nikola Tesla's magnetic amplitude modulation as a way for trapped miners to communicate with the surface.

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