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What are we oppose to use for ammo in a bic pencil gun. it cannt be harmful just annoying i might take it to school

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slingshot ammo

Come for slingshot ammo ideas like this one on the pic

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slingshot ammo

I just got a new slingshot and I didn't get ammo. What can I use either for hunting, causing pain to friends, or target practice.

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Exotic ammo

I was looking at exotic gun ammo and pellet gun ammo and i was wondering if there was any exotic ammo you guys know of for any type of weapon the launches projectiles.

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ammo Q/A

Would you rather have a gun that shot b.b. s or rubber bands or knex pieces?

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Skewer ammo tip?

How can I make a good jumbo paperclip tip for skewer ammo thats used for a skewer gun? Any places I can find a guide?

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Spud Gun Ammo!

Hey guys I'm going to make a pnuematic spud gun soon, but I'm going to use something besides potatoes. I figure it'll have a 1-inch diameter barrel, so what can I shoot that's plentiful? Ideally, it would be bio-degradable or otherwise unharmful to the environment. Cork perhaps?

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New K'nex ammo!

Shoots as accurate as fin ammo and further than oodammo! i was messing around with several different ideas and came up with my new ammo design it works amazing with my new rifle ive been experimenting around with and works incredibly well as a group for an amazing shotgun burst long story short its looking like this shotgun will autoload and shoot over 100ft its going to pretty much be cheating in a fight anyway check out my vids here

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A gun with bizzarre ammo

Hello people of This particular toy stuck me as an awesome toy to have around. However, there doesn't seem to be any place on the world wide web that sells this magnificent toy. Perhaps someone with some skill in projectile launching toys can show me how to make one of my own using a Life Water bottle?

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how to make fin ammo

Typically i use gold rods an use the line in the rod as a guild for where the fins should be placed

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Can anyone make "disposable" ammo that I can use instead of rods?

I dont want to use rods for ammo so I was wondering if there was any disposable ammo that could fit in the untangle's barrel.

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Rubber Band Ammo Clip

Is there a way to make a clip that hold rubber bands that can be loaded on the bottom of a rbg?

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Which ammo is best for a slingshot? Answered

Connector amoo e.g. Grey-orange or a rod like a blue rod. Which one would go further?

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Linear LED ammo Counter? Answered

So, my friend and I are building a Coil Gun!  Nothing super powerful, but it will punch a nice hole in a cardboard box.  Here's the problem; we want to add an ammo counter to it.  We were thinking of using an IR LED, a Photo-transistor, and a voltage comparator circuit, kind of like the one here ( , first photo, right circuit)) .  The circuit would send a pulse when the projectile interrupted the IR beam. Now what?  The magazine holds 6 rounds, so maybe 3 green LEDs, 2 yellows and 1 red to count the ammo.  We were thinking of maybe using a 4017 counter IC to advance down an LED after each pulse, but doing it this way means only one LED is lit at a time.  We would really like it if somehow we could have all the LEDs lit, and after each pulse one would turn off, but I'm unaware of how to do this.  Oh yea, we don't have access to a micro-controller, which is why we have this problem.  So to recap, we need a circuit that will light 6 LEDs when powered on, then shut off one LED for each pulse received.  Is there any way to make a circuit that does this?

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diy ammo clip spring? Answered

So of you may know that i have been building a coil gun so for the next step i need a ammo clip. I am trying to make a ammo clip that holds 3-5 "bullets" so that when i fire 1"bullet" the 2nd one in line will spring up in place. i tried google, scribd, ehow, and even search here but couldnt find any thing help full.

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I need either an ammo belt or a bandolier

 I am trying to make a guerilla fighter's costume.

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potato cannon airsoft mortar ammo?

I recently built a pneumatic potato cannon, and i would like to use it in airsoft as a mortar of sorts. anyone have any ideas of something i could shoot that would cause splash damage when it hits the ground? cause i dont wanna have to hit someone directly, or hurt them......

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im making a ammo dispencer for my black widow slingshot any ideas anyone? Answered

It need to be something cheap and can hold around 20 bb's or metal bb's

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I have a question to anyone that shoots military surplus ammo, how to clean the rifle after shooting?

 so i bought mil. surp. ammo, but it has corrosive primers. what do i have to do different when i clean the bore. 

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coil gun ammo holder

I am currently creating a coil gun within a small nerf pistol. Everything is going well, it all fits within the gun quite nicely actually. But one problem I've realized is that there is nothing keeping the ammo within the barrel (a bic pen tube)  I would like to hear some ideas on how to keep the ammunition (which is currently undecided, if that helps. I'm considering either small steel balls or nails) within the barrel until the coil is activated. It is worth noting that because of the design of this particular gun, the trigger is not a lever, but instead a simple sliding mechanism that hits a button situated right behind it. One option I'm considering is using an electromagnet hooked up to a NC (normally closed) switch also hooked up to the trigger. The magnet would keep the ammunition in place, and pulling the trigger would turn it off. I have already added a sliding switch to turn on and off the gun, and I could wire the second magnet to that switch as well. The complication I foresee arising from that is that the electromagnet may still have residual magnetism for a few milliseconds, which could hold the ammunition in place for longer than it takes the capacitors to discharge. thoughts?

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wanted ammunition and antique revolvers

Wanted i pay cash for all most any kind of ammunition factory ammo reloaded ,hand loaded ammo  full boxes particial boxes loose ammo in good condtion i also buy cheep  antique revolvers if any body has any for sale please email me

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What is oodammo?

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Megaboost? A super high storage minty boost? Answered

So im thinking of making a Mintyboost for my ipod/android phone however I'd like to make it into more of a Megaboost. I wanna build it inside of an old Army ammo case and add multiple usb ports, with a much larger capacity battery(s) So my question is can i add the extra batteries in parallel and have them still recharge and operate the same way? Same scenario with the other usb ports?

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What is oddammo?? Answered

Not to long ago I heard of oddammo on this website. However, when I tride to search for it here, on youtube, and google, I did not find what I was looking for. If someone could tell me what pieces are used, how to make it, and provide a picture, it would be greatly appriciated. Thank you ahead of time!!!

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Need Specialty Ammunition and New Body Designs

Im bored with a project that has great boredom defeating potential but i ran out of ideas, inspiration and bandaids... I need ideas for ammunition, body design, and trigger configuration.. and if possible an alternate cheap/ghetto igniter for a mini spud gun using a bic barrel Heres the gun:

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Rubber Band Gun Ammo Clip

Is there a way to create a clip or magazine using a seperate ratchet wheel that possibly plugs into the body of the gun and connects with the trigger hammer to create a rubber band gun that doesn't take so long to reload?

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Can anyone give me pics of a ammo storage?

I need an ammo storage for yellow rods with tan hubs on the end.HELP ME!!!

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Why does K'nex ammo spin out?

I shoot yellow rods, green rods, blue rods, Oodammo, you name it, and they all are unstable and spin out. WHY IS IT SUDDENLY DOING THIS? It's really bothersome, it's messing up my aim and makes my gun looks bad. I have tried fins, but they only work at short distances. I'm only using 4 #64 bands on a black rod hammer, but why is it so unstable?

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Can everyone give me some suggestions on what kind of airsoft gun I should get? I want an electric one. Please reply.

I am looking at one that is not clear, has over 350fps, electric or rechargeable,and holds a lot of ammo.

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Modifications to a pistol to allow blank firing? Answered

 What  modifications are needed to allow a semi-automatic pistol to fire blank ammo? The reason I ask is that on various film prop sites I have come across a photo of a gun, ( for an example see accompanying image), and the phrase,  "Note how the gun has clearly been blank converted." I can guess at the reasons but does anyone know? (Don't even bother trying to google this.. .you will get thousands of pages on how to convert a blank gun to fire real ammo.) This is from the film, Heat. Thank you.   

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were do you get a good velocity measuring device? Answered

I need something to find the velocity from all of the guns i make does any where find one for relatively cheap?

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has anyone got a diablo or a pro diablo catapult?i want to know is the stabilizers on the pro removable?

I might be getting one but cant decide i like the pro diablo but if the stabilizers arent reomoveable i wont get one please help

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Do bigger rods make better ammo? Answered

Some guys here on Ibles told me that green rods make the best ammo for Knex guns, because they fly faster. Since then I always used green rods above blue or yellow ones. Others said that grey and red rods were way better because they hit harder. Which one is the best and why?

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what ammo do people like the most for knex guns?

I would like to know what ammo people like because I would like to make guns that use the most popular ammo here is a list of examples of different knex ammo blue rods yellow rods green rods grey rods grey connectors grey and orange connector joined (like in my m110)

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What combinations of ammo go the furthest and with how heavy a firing pin?

What combination of Ross go furthest e.g. Oodammo, Oodammo with a blue rod instead of white, Oodammo with a yellow rod etc. and which pure knex ammo goes the furthest.  I would also like to know how heavy a firing pin I should use for different sizes of ammo e.g. Should a red rod have a heavier pin to fire it further? Or should all ammos have the 'standard pin' (black rod with tan clip and orange connecter all taped up)?

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Power of a ramrod

Hello guys, I'm working on a knex gun now, but I have a question about how to get the max. power out of a ramrod. So when does the ramrod give the most power: • 1: The ramrod hits the ammo and doesn't go further • 2: The ramrod hits the ammo and still goes (a couple of centimeters) further Thanks in advance, Bobbienator

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How many of you have played around with something dangerous and want to share about it?

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Is a different barrel needed for buckshot than birdshot? Answered

I have a Remington 870 20-gauge with the factory barrel and choke installed. So far it has been shooting birdshot just fine, my question is, is a different barrel needed for buckshot? I know a different one is needed for slugs, but is the same true for buckshot?

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What size is the cartrige of .32 ammo?

Does anyone know what is the diameter (in millimeters) and length(once again in millimeters) .32 ammo catriges are? How about the bullets?What is its composition? What size is the rim?What is the percussion cap made of and how it is set or made?

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How to get ammo in infected on mw3?

I was playing mw3 with some friends the other day and I started the match I was the host. I made sure the infected person did not have ammo. During playing one of the infected people was shooting at me I think it was a glitch or a hack. Can someone tell me how to do that I would really like to know?

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ammo can speaker amp problem

I have a 5v amplifier to a set of speakers mounted in an ammo can. usually it works fine but when i plug the audio jack into my phone(s) it sounds like there is no amp, very quiet. the cord has 2 micro usb outputs (meant for two amps but i only have 1) a audio jack, and a usb plug for charging. the sound works fine when i plug the usb and audio jack into my laptop but just the audio jack into my phone doesnt work. the power comes from a rechargeable battery connected onto the amp. if i was unclear about anything please tell me

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potato gun ammo (1",1.5" and 2")

I made a potato gun and i need ideas for ammo, plz not that shelled golfball thing. thx in advance

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Knex Gun Range

Which knex gun gives me the best range with rubber bands as ammo: rods as ammo:

Topic by shahrukh1  


This is a new knex round. It is pretty heavy, so it really packs a punch. So far I have not made a mag fed gun for it so I'm reaching out to you guys. The round is called pain ammo. It's main component are these things, ICU or  Inventory Control Unit, they keep merchandise at the front of the racks. Here is the link click me or you can pick them up off the floor in stores. I get them from REI. I like to use these rounds for target pratice because of their sheer knock back power. When useing these rounds it has a feel able but minamile reciol when it is fired form my moded  Seleziona's Break Action Rifle (link is  original's link is So if you make a mag for these rounds mention pain round in it somewhere or pm me.

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Knex gun calibre!

For a while people have been calling their guns white rod shooting guns, blue rod shooting guns ect...  Which in my opinion sounds rather poor so I am starting a calibre system. Here it is...                                                                        Green rods= 1cal             White rods= 3cal             Blue rods= 6cal             Yellow rods= 12cal             Red rods= 24cal             Grey rods= 48cal                    The calibre is based on how many connectors the rods can hold.                    If this has been made before I apologise. Please tell me and I will remove it.

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