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anyone there

Is this gruopstill alive i loved speed challenges they were so much fun

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Wikitag Anyone?

Wikitag is a good game to play when you are bored and have some free time, rather it be at home, school, or the library. For those of you who never heard of Wikitag, here are the simple rules. Go to Wikipedia, and press the random button Click a link on the page, thus leading to a different page. The link must redirect you to another article on Wikipedia, not another website. Keep on clicking links until you arrive to your desired Article. To make the game more interesting, I like to start on one article in an attempt to go to another article that is completely different. (For example, Computer to Water.) So, is anyone interesting, because if enough people were, I am planning to start up a contest of Wikitag. Thanks.

Topic by Rock Soldier    |  last reply

Has anyone?

Has anyone actually built one of my ibles? any of them?

Topic by Bartboy    |  last reply

Anyone in SC?

Okay, I'm gonna be moving in a couple of months. I'm moving to Belton, Sc. Anyone live around there?

Topic by ninjaman    |  last reply

Muffins, anyone? Answered

Hi I am wondering if anyone could post a tiny picture of a muffin. I am writing a html document. dont ask what of. remember tiny picture, not tiny muffin. thanks and if anyone could post as soon as possible that would be nice.

Question by account3r2    |  last reply

It is not letting anyone in!

Only 1 entry is in the contest, and mine isn't going in!

Topic by theburn7    |  last reply

Is anyone catalogging these? Answered

It would be awesome to have all the Intructables in "The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Handbook"-type thing.

Question by pneu6    |  last reply

Anyone notice?

A lot of links not showing up. Click on a link just takes you back to the top of the page.

Topic by Tripmine56    |  last reply

Macquarium anyone?

Has anyone out there built a macquarium from an imac? I have an imac shell, but all the instructions for macquariums I can find are for the old Macintosh. There isn't even an instructable for those, so I'm going to set one up, but if anyone has done this before, I'd love to collaborate on an instructable for them.

Topic by fortneja    |  last reply

Juno Anyone?

Has anyone seen the movie Juno yet? lol I thought it was a nice little movie, but i found it over-hyped! There wasn't much of Michael Cera, ( which i found was a dissopointment ), and I didn't think it was a "comedy" more of a , little [touching] story. The burger phone was awsome lol. Anyways there's my rant.... How did you guys find it ?

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Battleknight, anyone?

Anyone play Battleknight?I am on server 4, known as Jamalam. I am the founder and owner of the successful order "Ultimate Weapons". At the time of writing, it is 4th in the game.It is a fun game, you all should try it. Do you play already? Join Ultimate weapons :Dclicky

Topic by The Jamalam    |  last reply

Supercharger anyone?

Has anyone built or knw how to build a small efficient supercharger for a car. It has to be engine driven and not electric. I do not want complexities like electromagnetic clutch for the supercharger if its ok to have some boost at idle speeds. I am looking to supercharge an 800cc Suzuki engine for betr performance.

Question by sankyp    |  last reply

deviantART anyone?

So, who here has a deviant ART account and/or browses on there?I was simply inquiring to plug for more reviews see some of my fellow Iblians' works..

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply

Results, anyone?

So deadline was the 9th. We have over 150 entries, I know, and it takes time to judge them all. But could you throw us a bone and give us an estimation to when you'll announce the winners?

Topic by Wolf Seril    |  last reply

Lancer Anyone?

Do you like it? I'm not exactly sure why it looks a bit funny, so please give suggestions on how to make it better. First off I think the back end is a bit short. The chainsaw works, but there isn't an actual gun on this yet.

Topic by bakenbitz    |  last reply

Is anyone into GeoCaching?

Something I have had fun with and opportunity, when the cache is large enough, and that is circulating tiny instructable bits at cache sites. Next, I want to attach a tracker tag so as to see how far the thing has traveled and where. Any others have an interest? Especially in the Arizona area where I have relocated to.

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Anyone remember this?

Hey there everyone! I was just going through some of my old stuff (trying to find loot for new projects), and I came across this gem. I got this for Christmas 25 years ago and I have held onto it for some reason. It wasn't until I started poking around this site and building again, that I realized why i have kept it. This it what got me interested in electronics.....well not really, I believe this was given to me to curb my random destruction of electronics around our house ;). So I want to say thank you to my dad, whom at the time saw an interest and tried to encourage it. So let me know if you remember this and if anyone still has one!

Topic by designforhire    |  last reply

Lockpicking, anyone?

Why the tools section? Because it's a tool for me and not for you (joke joke of course it's a tool for you). I am trying out lockpicking since recently but I am having difficulties. First off, my pick sucks like hell. I can't just go out and buy a hacksaw blade and file it down accordingly. Second, I can't find a suitable torsion wrench for my handiwork. Third, I am trying out the single-pin technique, and that involves feeling all the individual pins to know which is the binding pin, which I can't feel in the first place because my pick is too thick for the lock.  Any idea how to: Make a DIY pick Make a tension wrench without sacrificing my precious tools Feel those annoying to reach pins (Must not involve paper clips in any way imaginable) Yes, I am aware of raking/scrubbing and that all too useful snap gun. Which reminds me also how to make a snap gun without those window wiper inserts or paper clips (tried paper clips already).  Heads up on my economy: I have no bench grinders, angle grinders, or any other power tools available. I either have to do it manually with hammers, pliers, or files, or I have to make my own tools, which usually fail miserably. I have stuff that's sitting around here like a tank of acetylene (I don't know if it still is pressurized or not, either way I don't want to know), some copper pipes (don't make me file those down), a few C-clamps, random soldering equipment, and limited access to the hardware store which my mom owns (limited being no power tools or major stuff I couldn't even use like sheet metal, fiberglass and other stuff). In case you're wondering, that door to my bedroom is somehow always locked and I couldn't get in, hence my motivation to pick my way into the room.

Question by nutsandbolts_64    |  last reply

anyone remember me?

Just came back from like 2 years, i see kiteman is still here. anyone recognise me?

Topic by J_SCAP    |  last reply

Anyone got Skype?

Anyone got Skype? If so, can you PM me your name on it? You dont have to give me it if you dont want. But if you do.... GIZ ME IT NAO! :))

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Anyone from the UK. - near Bedford even better

Hi - just like it says - anyone around from the UK, I live in Bedford (not that that matters too much). I am looking to get in touch with some like minded folks to chat, swap ideas etc. I am on Facebook and always around sometime in the day. Cheers for now.

Topic by darrenhall    |  last reply

I want a pro membership.

Can someone purchase a pro membership for me so I could download pdf files? I am always on the go and currently to young to get a job. :P

Topic by nequeac    |  last reply

Anyone need a hand?

I dont know why I did the title, but please ignore this topic if you are not Lowney, or spam this top all you want if you feel like it :-)

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Is anyone else homeschooled?

I am a homeschooler, and i was wondering if anyone else on this site is homeschooled, too. (open disscusion of homeschooling is welcomed)

Topic by w00ty32    |  last reply

Binary clock, anyone?

Hi, anyone knows how to do something like:

Topic by leech    |  last reply

Storm Drains Anyone?

I think that Storm Drains make some pretty awesome bunkers, anyone else agree?

Topic by Wasagi    |  last reply

Adjustable sights anyone?

Is this the first knex adjustable sights?

Topic by Katarukito    |  last reply

Anyone Know This Minifigure? Answered

I have this figure but I don't know what its called and from what sets he comes from. If anyone knows anything please tell!

Question by iproberry1    |  last reply

Anyone recognize this emblem? Answered

I found this metal plate and I've searched everywhere and can't find it.

Question by professor2005    |  last reply

is anyone gonna enter?

the deadline's coming up and there is still no entries... possible explanations?

Topic by GianniMora    |  last reply

Anyone From India

Hi I would like to know who of fellow mates are from India, I 

Topic by geekrex    |  last reply

Has anyone succeeded ? Answered

I do not see how to join the legs to body ?

Question by iceng    |  last reply

Anyone have this song?

I'm looking for Black Bear Caller Herrin, a scotish song, anyone have it by chance? It seems that the "p2p" community thinks that the scots consist of drunken scotsmen that have no other song but amazing grace to toot on their pipes. -Punk

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

trouble signing in anyone?

I have to click "forgot password" and get a new authentication code ever time I log in

Topic by phill_up    |  last reply

Anyone know leathercraft?

'Twould make a keen 'able, don'cha think? Anyway, does anyone know anything about working leather? I'm wanting to make some arm bracers, and after thinking it over, have decided I don't know much about how to do that.

Topic by 8bit    |  last reply

Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

Topic by KeanWei  

Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

Topic by KeanWei    |  last reply

Anyone for homemade snow?


Topic by SteveG31530    |  last reply

Anyone made an Mbira?

I've been wanting some advice on how to go about making my own Mbira. Any ideas?

Question by telecaster86    |  last reply

Rocket engines, anyone?

 How can you make a simple rocket fuel with only materials that you could get from your local hardware store.

Question by 2tautges    |  last reply


As a nice I believe  member since 2006   I wonder if anyone else is taken back by their avatar and We have a "be nice" comment policy Every where you may comment, now staring you in the face ? Or maybe, I said something and it's ONLY ME ?

Topic by iceng    |  last reply

Anyone know this series?

Its on youtube and its like: super mario 64 search for luigi part 1,2,3,4 and it cuts between sm64 and ssbN64 when he jumps into the sky PLEASE HELP!!!!!! btw does anyone have any wood gun tutorials(pistols)?

Question by builderkidj  

betavoltaic cell anyone?

Has anyone built a betavoltaic cell? Tell us about it! I could imagine someone collecting the isotopes from old smoke detectors,painting them onto an old solar cell and making electricity in the dark. I'd try it myself if I wasn't such a lazy old fart.

Topic by etimm    |  last reply

floating shoes? anyone?

Shoes that are wearable in public, but allow you to stand on a calm body of water. Can this be done by DIY means?

Question by Divendren    |  last reply

Gears guns, anyone?

Okay, we need from Gears of War still: Boltok Lancer A SMALLER Snub Hammerburst MULCHER Mortar Try them out, guys.

Topic by DrWeird117    |  last reply

Anyone Interested in Blowguns?

Hey, I haven't been on Instructables in a while... anyways I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an 'ible about buying, using, cleaning and maintaining a blowgun? I haven't gotten an Instructable featured in quite some time, so I'm only going to do it if I see some interest. Thanks! --popewill

Topic by popewill    |  last reply

Airsoft props anyone?

Anyone have any smple airsoft props that can be made from things around the house? I made this last year:;=Picture131.jpgYou can lock out the timer which makes for some interesting scenerios. (Locate the player with the key)

Topic by wraith39  

Safety Tips, anyone?

Ok, obviously, "don't drop hot steel on your feets" is the first safety thing we need to think about, but what abut others? Any chemical hazards or others people'd like to share?

Topic by Vendigroth    |  last reply

Peep Show anyone?

So has anyone seen the brilliantly funny ( but very underrated) Peep show?It is extremely funny, and very witty in it's humour. It is a British comedy and has made 4 series and is going on for 5! Yay!It uses the first person veiw in its shows and does it very well. ( you can hear the duos secret thoughts! lol!)It is by far my favourite comedy!How did you get into / come across it?Favourite character (s) ?Best episode?Funniest moment?Your welcome to share your news and comment here!-- Peep Show is AWSOME! --

Topic by Baron A    |  last reply

A Capella Skrillex anyone !?

Stumble across this pretty amazing A Capella + video editing work - "in his free time" guy pieces together Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Wow! Imagination + skillz. A Capella Original

Topic by CrLz    |  last reply