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Instructable appearance

My Lego Lunar Module is not appearing when I search for it. This means I don't get many views, which means no favorites, which means no popularity. HELP ME!

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Guide not appearing in . . .

The guide I published on Friday night/Saturday morning ( shows up on my member page, but it doesn't show up either in search results or on the recent guides page.  What gives?  I know stuff can get stuck in the filters, but it's been quite a while and there seems to be no change.

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Comment didn't appear

I posted a comment and photos of my version of a project by clicking the add comment icon. The original author responded and I can see my comment/photos through my profile, however, my comment doesn't appear when viewing the site without logging in. Is this normal?       

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My question doesn't appear...

I submitted a question about 2 hours ago, but when I try to look for it under recent questions, it doesn't appear.  Did they change answers to not show questions you asked? Is this a bug, or am I being impatient? (Or both?)

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When do instructables appear in the search results

How long does it take for instructables to appear in the search results? Also how often are the 'views' calculated?

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My instructable doesn't appear in the list, I added it yesterday

Hello, Yesterday I published an instructable, and I found it weird that there are still 0 views. So I searched for my instructable in the correct page, and sorted them by Recent and it doesn't seem to be there. This is not the first instructable I publish here, the others are working perfectly, and they do appear in the 'recent' list. What could be wrong? I also tried unpublishing ad re-publishing the instructable but that also didn't help. (link: click) Thanks in advance, Electorials

Topic by DELETED_Electorials  

When does my contest entry show on the contest page? Answered

I entered a contest but it is not showing up on the list.

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Image not appearing in Slideshow

Https:// are supposed to be 4 images in this slideshow. But only three appear. In edit mode there are four. But only three appear in the slideshow after repeatedly saving and publishing. The image here is the one that won't appear. It's from Flickr

Topic by fossilfool  

Instructable text not appearing

I've just noticed - after someone commented - that bits of the text on my instructable aren't there any more. Steps 1 and 2 were pretty wordy but now nothing? Actually a number of other steps aren't appearing either... this is a big problem! It's still there clearly because if you hover over a step icon it appears - and it's visible from the edit panel.

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forum post not appearing

I posted a forum post two days ago from an imac using google chrome.  I have been looking to no avail for it in the forums and I am concerned it will not come in.  It violates no instructible rules and should not have been caught in a filter however it seems like the only reasonable explanation. 

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Ratings Stars not appearing

I have discovered that while viewing Instructables, I cannot rate them because no stars appear in the box to the right. I see the current rating and number of views but no stars. I did discover that by passing my cursor above the rating that the value of the stars appears to the right of the current rating in blue. I am able now to rate the Instructable. However, it begs the question: if this bug is keeping many people from rating projects since they do not see the stars.

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symbols appearing as boxes

Hello , when i post the symbol for ohms (Ω) it brings up a box as you can see, i dont suppose there is anyway around this

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No achievement for appearing in the newsletter? Answered

Hey guys, I was wondering... Don't you get an achievement anymore for appearing in the newsletter? Because I was featured with my ible "how to make a ping pong ball gun" in yesterdays newsletter and haven't received any achievement for it. It always looked cool to have one of those achievements on my profile so that's why I ask. Regards, Michel

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Instructibles not appearing and other

Hi, its pucksurfer, lately I've had a couple of instructibles that have not appeared in the recent section. I publish them and then they only appear in my profile page but not in the recent section. My last one didn't even after I waited like 6 hours and I knew it was published because I had 3 views when I looked at from my profile. I cant even search it. I think that I had the same problem with my most popular car manufacturer instructible. If you could it would be great to fix that, or tell me how to fix it. I've been jointly using the app on my ipod 4 which has iOS 6.1.6 and my acer chromebook w/ chrome OS 34.0.1847.134 and typing and adding about half the pics from the chromebook and about half of the pics and a little bit of typing on my ipod. I've had this glitch on now two or three instructibes. Also, I tried emailing the support team at (which I found on the contacts page) from my gmail account but it wouldn't go through and google sent me an email that said that the message failed permanently and that google tried to deliver the message but it was rejected by the domain  I've also found that sometimes on the website when I search something in the search bar on the top then it will just direct me to the featured page and then I have to re-search that and then it will go to the right search page. Thanks, Pucksurfer

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Forum topics not appearing.

Over the last month, I have noticed that my forum topics do not show until a few days after posting. By this time they have sunken three pages in.One of my previous topics, did not show until Kiteman commented in it. I'm not sure how he found it.I have just posted another topic, which still hasn't shown up after a day.This has only occured of late as previous topics showed within 5 min.Thermo electric generatorand my recent topicSia preforms still MIAAny ideas?

Topic by Lftndbt    |  last reply

Instructable published but not appearing anywhere

Hi, I posted my instructable this morning and it hasn't appeared yet in recent or when you search for it. I guess it could just be stuck in the filters maybe. It does appear in my published list but no where else.

Topic by ChrysN    |  last reply

Make writing appear on a wall

We are having a party and I would love to make writing appear on a wall. Any suggestions? One thought is to have invisible UV paint and shine a black light on it.

Topic by abugslife99    |  last reply

comments capchita won't appear? Answered

When i attempt to reply to comments and click "post" it says please enter the capchita thingy it still doesn't appear though even after refreshing!! irritating! 

Question by Tv one5    |  last reply

Published Instructable doesn't appear

Help, I posted my instructable last night but it hasn't appeared yet in the recent feed.  Is it  stuck in the filters? i can't imagine why.

Topic by ChrysN    |  last reply

Instructabes contest entry not appearing?

I entered my instructable in the arduino contest but I cant my entry on the entries page when I try t reload the page still no improvement I am using winXP with google chrome

Topic by Bot1398    |  last reply

Sildeshow Images Do Not Appear

I published a slideshow and the images do not appear when I view it. I took a screenshot, and have attached it. The slideshow is "Simple Flyback Driver Gives Powerful Arcs"

Topic by Xellers    |  last reply

Published Instructable Not Appearing in 'Recent"

Instrutable published 6 hours ago (just before site update?) is not present under 'recent'.

Topic by annahowardshaw    |  last reply

Images Appearing in the Wrong Order

Hi there, I noticed that my Instructable is not displaying images in the correct order: It all goes wrong in Step 7 where the images for that particular step fail to load. The order of the remaining images is wrong as a result of this. If you take a look at the screenshot attached you can see what images should be appearing for steps 7, 8 & 9. What actually appears is very different. I have tested it in several browsers it happens in all of them so it doesn't appear to be browser specific. I have tried removing the images, saving the Instructable then putting the images back in and it still displays in the wrong order. Is anyone else seeing this elsewhere on Instructables? Thanks!

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Q&A not appearing in recent list.

I posted a Q&A; question 20 hours ago. The URL is When I go to the Recent Q&A; section at;=RECENT, it doesn't appear. Is there a step that I'm missing when I submit the question?

Topic by yoyology    |  last reply

Newly Published Instructables not Appearing

Not sure if this is a bug or it now normal for new Instructables to take hours to show up on the site after being published?  The last one took a few hours and currently one I published 6+ hours ago is still not visible on the site.  Previously, after I hit 'Publish' it only took a couple minutes for an Instructable to become public.  Thanks!

Topic by annahowardshaw    |  last reply

Embedding Videos Appears To Be Broken

I can't get videos to embed for this page: I've embedded videos before and I've tried several different links and two formattings of the iframe tag without success. Simply copying and pasting the embed link from youtube doesn't work.

Topic by yardleydobon    |  last reply

Large pictures appear fuzzy

I've noticed that a lot of my pictures in my instructables appear fuzzy, blurry, or just plain compressed.  I suppose that's because they are.  I like to upload large images (720x1280, for example), but it would seem that when they get shrunken down to fit the instructable, a lot of the quality is lost.  In fact, a 300x500 pixel image ends up looking better! So what can be done about this?  I could definitely upload smaller pictures, but I really would like to have the large ones there for people to see should they want to.  I suppose the root of the matter is that I don't want people to think I'm posting lousy pictures when it's just the jpeg compression working against me.

Topic by jeff-o    |  last reply

No images appearing on pages - FIXED

EDIT: I fixed it. I discovered that for some reason the bookmark I use for Instructables was, which got me through the site okay, but with no pictures. But whenever I clicked a link someone else gave me, the pictures showed up. Anywho, I've edited my bookmark and everything's fine now.Hello.Every time i try to open an instructables page lately, I receive one error message for every image on the page, and the images never show up. Videos still appear on the pages, though.The instructables didn't use to do this, and I'm not sure what's wrong.I'm including a screencap of the error message below.Any help would be great!(I am also receiving the error for the screencap I just included - I'm not sure if anyone else can see it)

Topic by ScruffyRasputin    |  last reply

Instructables appearing on other websites? Answered

Recently I have found my instructables, and those of many others, on a couple different web sites:  and I couldn't figure out exactly what those web sites are supposed to be.  They would have  a portion of the first part of an instructable, along with a  link to it on the actual instructables web site.  Both of these sites kind of looked like they might be some kind of collection of DIY type material from Instructables and other similar sites.  Does anyone know what these sites are?  It just made me curious when I came across them while Googling stuff.

Question by LargeMouthBass    |  last reply

Launch Stats appear to have stopped ?

My launch stats appear to have stopped working. All I get is a white rectangle with a spinner. Does any one else have this problem? Screen shot attached.If it helps there is no URL when you hover over the launch button.

Question by lingib    |  last reply

Published Instructable Does Not Appear On Site

I published a new instructable today (url =, but it fails to appear in the list of recently published instructables and I can't find it when I search for it. How long does the publishing process usually take? If I recall correctly, my previous instructables appeared on the site immediately after I published them.

Topic by Xellers    |  last reply

Submissions Appearing Slowly and Incongruously in Categories

I just published 3 Instructables about 2 hours ago, and they have not appeared in their categories (Food and Offbeat).  I'm also noticing an incongruity between the main category page and the "view all -> recent" page, and the site is loading abnormally slow.  

Topic by AngryRedhead    |  last reply

Newsletter appears as boxes with red X's??

Hi all:  hope someone can help with a problem i have with the instructable newsletter.  I just got a new computor (Windows 7, & Windows Live Mail) and when i receive an instructable newsletter the content or images of the projects appear as rectangular blank boxes with a red X.  Now other newsletters from other sites does the same thing but there is a header at the top of the page asking "to see content select show images" and then the content images appear.  But with the instructables newsletter that comment or selection does not appear at the top of the page??? and I am not able to view the project images?? I'm sure its something simple but I can't find out what it is???? Sure would appreciate any help.

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After Delecting files, they re-appear....

I have a 1.0 GB SD card and im trying to delete the files off of it. When i "delete" them, and plug it into the same thing or something else, their still there. The lock on the card isn't on The files are maked as read-only, so i turn it off, but they go back to read-only any ideas? also: Tried to format it (with windows right-click format), at the end of the formatting it says unable to format

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None of the Instructable links appear to be working

Every instuctable link I select redirects me to a "Sorry, we just can't find that one! - We're sorry, the URL xxxxxxxxxxxx  is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below." And when I click on one of those I get the same message.

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Interesting,every comment appears to be flagged

Whoa,the deleting system's gone berserk,it shows all deleted comments as (deleted by community request),even the ones that the user deleted by themselvesWHAT THE @$½{½[{[$$#½$#½½£$[{½#][{½{½{$[[{}]½£½{{]]]}}$$€{{£æß[]¨[i{i¨][IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?,,]

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Instructable won't appear in search engine?

I posted my instructable last night, and it shows up under the posts for my user name, but it isn't in the Launch It! group display (or any group for that matter) and doesn't show up under keyword searches. Is there some kind of system lag I am not aware of?Colossal Cannon: Building a behemoth piston-valved pneumatic

Topic by DeusXMachina    |  last reply

Why is my published ible not appearing?

I published an Intructable several days ago but it's only visible via my personal page - not in the "Technology" or "Electronics" categories which I chose. (I realise this question has been asked here before but all the topics are years old.)Have I tripped the filters or has it fallen through the cracks?The title is "Oscilloscope in a Matchbox" but it's not found by a search for "Oscilloscope"..All the best,Peter

Question by Peter Balch    |  last reply

My instructable does not appear to be published.

I've created an Instructable at Everything seems to be fine but it's not showing up on any of the "recent" lists and it's not getting any views, even if I send the direct link to other people to open.  Normally I wouldn't care much but it's been submitted to a few contests.  Does anybody have any ideas on what could be going wrong?

Topic by Deeg    |  last reply

Any ideas for achieving a Bakelite appearance?

Hey guys. So I'm in love with Bakelite, but not with the price of the raw material. I also want to form my own projects with a Bakelite aesthetic and don't want to deal with shaping such a fragile material. My question is: does anybody know of a recipe for making Bakelite? I also don't have much in the way of workspace or tools, which I'm guessing makes the manufacture of real Bakelite rather difficult. Because of this I'm willing to settle for something that isn't Bakelite but has a similar appearance. Any ideas about how this can be achieved? I've thought of maybe adding sawdust, dye, and finely ground plastic into clear resin, but I'm not sure if that would really look like what I want. What do you guys think?

Question by rozmusway    |  last reply

ads appearing in pro version. AGAIN

Ads pop up when using the embedded link to jump from the instructable email to any particular instructable shown in the email. My avatar is up, showing that I am logged in, yet the ads are still there. In fact, the whole experience is very non-Pro: won't show all steps at once and ads are all over the place. Logging out and logging back in doesn't help because finding the particular instructable becomes difficult. Logging in and then switching back to the email to click the particular instructable used to be the work around, but now it just opens a new window as if I am not logged in. Help a brother out? macbook pro, Safari 9.1.2, OS X 10.9.5 Thanks

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Why do the voting stars not appear under Firefox or Chrome, but they do appear under IE? Answered

Some time ago, I got into the habit of using Firefox to use because the layout worked better there than in IE. I went away from the site for awhile, then came back, and I thought you had gotten rid of the 5-star voting system. Then I viewed the page in IE while logged in, and I discovered that the stars are there. The attached image shows screenshots of the same URL ( viewed in three different browsers.

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Instructables appear multiple times in new layout

Not sure it's a bug, they might have intended this. Instructables often appear twice on the main page like this :

Topic by scraptopower    |  last reply

Why wont my instructable appear on the site?

I Published my instructable a couple weeks ago and it hasn't appeared on the site when i search my name or the name of the instructable itself.

Question by Tabbies101    |  last reply

Rush's First TV Appearance in 30 Years!

It was on the Colbert Report on July 16th.Pardon the lack of quality, and poor audio quality (turn up your speakers)

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Posting bug appeared with the update, and disappeared again

Did anyone else notice the loss of "posting" for the last 8 hours ? It seems to have come back again at last, but what happened to testing ?

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Instructable doesnt appear, only error messages

I just published my new instructable, but it doesnt shows, only gives some error messages (see image).

Topic by mischka    |  last reply

Instructable was featured but never appeared on the home page

I published an instructable yesterday ( and received an email saying that it had been featured. It has the little "featured!" Banner over the icon, too. But it never appeared on the home page. I checked "explore --> featured", and found five or so instructables that were featured around the time mine was that never appeared on the home page, either.  I don't know if is is an actual bug, or if things are just done differently now. I just thought I would mention it. :p

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