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Jack Daniels Independence Contest

Hi, I am sorry if this question is repetitive, and I figure who ever is approving videos for The Jack Daniels Contest is overloaded today, but I am just worried that my video submission is somehow void for some reason. Matter uploading my submission on Friday, I received the email stating: "If after two business days or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project." So I will not receive an email stating if I have done anything wrong, which I have not, because the email also says: "Requirements: - Video of one minute or less explaining what you would do with $25,000 prize - Date of birth in the text part of the entry - Entrant is 21 years or older at time of entry" And I meet all of the requirements: Should I be worried? I do to miss out on this opportunity due to a technicality. Thanks!

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Question on contest entry! Answered

It has been 5 days since I entered my instructable in the Launch it Contest, but it still says pending moderator approval? Is there something wrong or will it just take some more time The instructable is

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Instructable contest entry? Answered

I published my instructable and entered it in the robot contest 30 mins before the contest ended and after the contest has ended it is moderated approval.So can it get approved after the contest has ended as I posted it before the contest had ended.

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How long a instructable be approved

I just want to know how long a instructable be approved. 

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Modifying after contest approval? Answered

I wanted to know if an applicant submits an instructable to a contest and it gets approved, will the applicant be able to modify their entry before the deadline? For instance, if someone asks a question and you realized you weren't clear enough in your instructions, or if an applicant wanted to provide more pictures.

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Approval for Furniture Contest...delayed?

I submitted my instructable "Folding Bed Bench (Hidden Cot)" last week but it is still "Pending Approval". But it seems as though its still pending approval, what I can't tell is if the fact that it was submitted Thursday/Friday if it still requires the business days to be accepted or not. The reason I am concerned is the fact that the contest closes today and I don't know if I need to modify my instructable to comply with contest rules or if it just simply hasn't been reviewed yet.  I've noticed that not very many entries have been added to the contest in the last few days. So maybe it's a delay in approval process?

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Is it legal to record books in the form of audiobooks?

I'm trying to do a project benefitting a local library in reading children's books and having them recorded onto CD's as audiobooks. Is it legal to record an audiobook yourself? Do I need to obtain the permission of the writers to do this? If you could cite your sources (just a link) that would be great because I have to submit this to the County Board for approval.

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How long does a instructable take to get approved for a contest? Answered

I posted two instructables for the duct tape contest last night around 10 p.m. and the deadline is today. I was just wondering will it be approved in time or if it gets approved tommorow will it still count?

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Are the Instructables being approved before being published?

I published a new instructable. It shows up as 'Published" , posted on 21st June, but never shows up as an Instructable to others or even to me, if I look for it in the Explore --> Recent tab. Are the instructables now being approved before being made public?

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Help I wan't to add knexsuperbulderfreak to my group but it just reads "error on page" please help!

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I'D First like to say hello to you all. So- HELLO!! Secondly  I just bought a pro membership for 1 yr. I'd like administration to know that I had to re-enter my info 3 times before it was accepted and giving public notice that I hope I will only be charged once on my bill for the card. Thank you. Also, Browsing thru the forums I see so many having trouble with the PDF service that we are entitled to. I hope this is all resolved and I didn't make a bad choice. Hope fully looking ahead to learn and share.  Thanks,  TOMMY TFP....??////&%

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How long on contest response?

When I entered a contest I received the automated email, but it's been two days (like that email says) and I've neither seen it approved nor received any email as to why not. Is there just a back-log? Do I have a bad expectation that both approvals and denials get an email? Thanks! -Zac

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Last minute entry to Jack Daniels contest

Hi, I entered my video last night an hour or two before the deadline, but no moderator has addressed it for approval.  Voting however has already started.  I read the rules closely, and I'm fairly certain I met the criteria.  I got an email telling me to wait a day or two for approval, but by then, the voting will be over.  Should I expect my video to be considered?  If not, what rule did I violate? Very truly yours, emcelhannon Ernie McElhannon

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I was dating this girl whom i really love and her dad forced her to break up with me because he doesnt like me but i dont get why he doesnt like me he has never even met me. im all about respect and this is the first time this has happened to me i just need some ideas on what i can do to get her back in my life PLEASE HELP ME??????

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Contest Entry

Uh, Hello. I tried to enter my instructable into the game life contest and it has been pending moderator approval for about 2 weeks now. I also entered it into Make It Real contest and it was entered the next day. Why is it taking so long?  P.S. The first time I tried to enter, it didn't work for some reason. I tried re-entering and it had been under approval for 2 weeks.

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newly created Instructable not showing up in Recent section or search results

I recently posted this Instructable ( However, it seems to have been caught in the filters like many others before it (I'm thinking the word "Communism" set off the alarms). I have looked over several other threads concerning this issue and all seem to have been handled. I figured I'd ask anyway because I have a few questions: How long does it typically take for a filtered Instructable to be manually approved? Will this affect the Instructable's approval for a contest that closes today? Will the Instructable appear at the top of the Recent section when it is approved or will it be offset? Thanks!

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Can't enter in contest I accidentely left

Hi, I had joint the First Time Author Contest, and I got accepted. Then, as the contest wasn't showing on my instructable page, I left the contest to enter again. When I try to enter again, it tells me "pending approval" but I don't receive any email confirmation, and when I click on contest again, it says "add" again, and not "pending approval". Is this normal? Can't we enter again after leaving a contest? Thanks

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Cannot enter my instructable in Circuits contest 2016

I'm trying to Enter my instructable to circuits contest 2016 but when i click "add".. it says "pending approval"   but i didn't received a confirmation message for the same.... i also added my instructable to the LED contest and i immediately got a confirmation email that my instructable is pending approval but i can't enter the circuits contest.

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Minor bug - re-entering contest if entry hasn't been approved yet

This is just a minor bug report: if you've already entered a contest but your entry hasn't been moderator-approved yet, then the option to enter the contest is still available and it will let you repeat the entry; as opposed to giving you some message like "Your entry in this contest has already been received and is awaiting moderator approval". I entered a handful of contests over the weekend (Raspbery Pi, Make it Glow, and Hardware Hacking) and received the usual emails that my entries had been received and were awaiting moderator approval. Today, in a moment of absentmindedness, I clicked "Add to Contests" under "Author Options" on one of my Instructables (to  "Make It Glow", which I'd already entered over the weekend). Instead of getting a message that I'd already entered, I got a confirmation on-screen and a short time later received another confirmation email. So, I realize at the end of the day I won't actually wind up with duplicate entries in the contest - this just seems like it would create slightly more work for the Instructables staff if they have to wade through accidental duplicate entries (hopefully nobody would intentionally take advantage of this to spam-enter your own entry 100 times to draw attention from the mods...which seems like a great way to be rejected from the contest). System info: Windows Vista 64-bit (embarassing, I know) Firefox 25.0.1 Duplicate entries occurred with this URL:

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To all newly approved people's, sorry for the long wait. No, i wasn't doing it nerfhaven style, my account is broken and i just found out that it works on my phone.

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Why isn't my instructable in the April fools contest?? Answered

I entered my instructable for the April fools contest 2 weeks ago and why hasn't it been approved yet?!?!

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Contests and Getting Featured....

I don't know what to think of this, but there has to be a better way.... My instructable ( was featured. That's great! I got over 1,700 views!  Unfortunately, I hadn't been "approved" for the 3 contests that I entered it in, so of all those potential votes, I got none. Naturally, my 'ible is no longer on the home page. There has got to be a better way.  Perhaps allowing people to vote, but caching the votes until the Instructable is approved?  What are your thoughts?

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Epilog Laser Contest - Urgent

I have my Instructable here: and I tried to enter it into the contest, but it doesn't show up under recent entries, and when I go to the contest page itself and click "How to Enter" it says "Your Instructables that are already entered in this contest pending moderator approval."  How long does it normally take to get approved? Am I missing something here? I really want to enter this, and with the deadline less than 4 days away, I need help :-) Thanks, GoDoggie

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my own contest?

I've had the notion of hosting my own contest for a while. I've seen people do it in the form of an instructable. Do I need some sort of approval first? Thank you?

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Need better UX for group membership management

The UI for approving or denying group membership is really clunky.    I dont manage it regularly and get a fair number of Add Requests so when I go to look at them there are dozens ... hundreds even.  Ctrl-Clicking on the user name to open their profile in a new tab is ok... but then to have to go thru individually and click APPROVE, then dismiss the notification box, is annoying. Annoying to the point that I dont add people. How about check boxes and then a APPLY TO ALL SELECTED? Look at the Google Docs UX for some samples. thanks!

Topic by MauiJerry  

My entry

I entered my instructable into the burning questions round 7 contest and it has not been approved yet, but other peoples instructables have just been added after i entered mine. I am a bit confused?? :@

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sharing draft Instructable?

Hey - I "shared" a draft Instructable for others to review and comment.  But how would they reply to me with any revisions/approvals?  I tested by sending email to self but that did not appear to work well.  Suggestions welcomed.

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Krylon project not showing up either

I posted it, i entered it, it cleared mod approval, but it won't show up on the list of projects. i really don't wanna get no votes due to an issue tbh. Thanks for any help!

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Adding an instructable to the Deconstruction Group

Hi folks - The Rabbit Hole team here from the Deconstruction... We uploaded an instructable for the Deconstruction group from the Rabbit Hole team - rather than do this a million times (and not see it in the group), is it awaiting moderator approval?

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Contest entry

Hello everyone, I just want to know what is happening with my contest entry, I applied to a "build my lab" contest about three or four days ago and I still waiting for approval. Thank you in advance for all answers

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My Instructable is in posting limbo

I put up my Instructable yesterday morning. Maybe I've always been lucky, but my instructables usually only take an hour or so to go on the site. Is this instructable in limbo, or does it usually take a day to get approved?

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halloween photo editing contest

Hi there I entered my instructable into the halloween photo editing contest  over the weekend and it said needs to be moderator approved i am just worried it will not get moderated and added to the contest in time as the deadline tonight. Many thanks. 

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Launch it Contest

Hey, Anyone know why it is taking so long for my entry to get into the Launch-it Contest. Voting ends tomorrow and no moderater has approved my instructable! I entered it in time! Confused?

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hey guys whats up! srry havent been on in a while

Hey guys just wanted to say srry for not being on that much. im going to figure out a couple admins so they can approve and deny and all that stuff lol. if you are interested in admining, then message me or post it here.

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Forbes Contest- trouble having my entry accepted.

Hello, I've to entered one of my videos three times in the last month but after sitting in the "pending moderators approval section" it is always returned. It seems to fit all the criteria i.e. length and logo. Is anyone else having problems?

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Published instructable is not viewable

Hello, I published my instructable, however i can only view it when logged in. Please let me know what the problem is. There is no indication in the interface that it required approval. it said "published successfully" -Nick

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Valentine's Day Contest Submission Help

Hi. I entered an instructable in the Valentine's Day contest days ago and it says it's still pending approval. Anything wrong? Thanks for any help you can provide, as this is both my first instructable and my first contest entry.

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March is Craft Month. How does a month get a special designation?

Is there a government office in charge of approving and denying special themes for months? Who is in charge here? Is March Craft month just because someone repeated "march is craft month" until it became true?

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Gift contest thingy

My skills include: Props, delicate work What I'd like to make for someone: Iron man phone(already made), you can see it here and it will be sent to someone I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone: small, medium I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: small, medium What I like: anything? What I don't like: nothing? I absolutely can't have: nothing? Type of thing I'd love to receive: anything Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Yes m that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian? Yes, I have approval

Topic by makerboy112  

Check It Out NOW

Zak inspired KILLERK approved! basically Mepain's Trigger Zaks idea my redesign super strong super comfortable handle with an unbreakable trigger whats not to like?

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How do I add more pictures to a slide show I already made? Did I actually add to it and am I waiting for approval?

I added pictures to a slide show but they are not showing up in the slide show. Do I need to delete the slide show and start over? 

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Colossal (to me, anyway) Compost Kerfuffle

[warning: contains some rant-like content]I am so angry that I can't see straight. My apartment building has a Community Garden, which is good. Our rules and guidelines which are especially emphatic about keeping the gardens all natural and organic, and chemical and pesticide-free. To this end, there is an "Approved Garden Products" list specifying the chemicals and fertilizers that may be used in the gardens. The list includes "Walt's" brand organic fertilizer, "Cedar Grove" compost, and six product made by Miracle-Gro.I had two 4' x 5' plots in the Community Gardens last year, which I heavily amended with the compost from my worm bins. I submitted a request to have an organic fertilizer mix that I have on hand added to the approved list, but the only response I received was another employee telling me: "I emailed Jane (not her real name) about it, and she emailed back to tell to you that Walt's is the best one to use." I should have followed up on this, but was too angry and aghast to speak to Jane about it immediately, and later never did get around to grasping that particular nettle.This year I'm doing just one 4' x 5' plot. I dug in some compost on Sunday, and on Tuesday I received the following letter (all names have been changed for internet purposes):Dear Ms. Gorfram,I wanted to follow up with you regarding an email I received about "homemade" compost that you may be using in your garden.The garden agreement has specific items that can be used in the garden, unless you are using a combination of those ingredients, your "homemade" compost hasn't been approved yet. If you would like to submit the ingredients of your compost for review we can take a look at it and try to get it on the list as well. In the mean time please use only the Cedar Grove compost or any other product on the approved list.We appreciate you help in this matter.Sincerely,Jane Doe,Property Manager(Spelling and punctuation very much hers, very much verbatim)She insulted my compost. She accused me of violating the gardening agreement. She is demanding that I list every last darned thing that I ever put into my compost and submit it to her for approval. She appears to be confusing my compost with the fertilizer that I asked to have added to the approved list. She either does not necessarily believe that I do make my own compost, or she is misusing quotation marks to indicate emphasis. ...She insulted my compost!Not wanting to alienate the manager of my apartment building by telling her that she is a slavering ignoramus who does not know the difference between compost and fertilizer, I responded with the following:In re: your letter of June 9, 2009Dear Ms. Doe,Perhaps there is some misunderstanding about my use of soil amendments in my Community Garden plot.The compost that I use in my garden plot contains no chemicals or pesticides. It is made entirely from vegetable waste from my kitchen and garden, to which I add water and locally native earthworms. It is my understanding that this sort of bulk organic matter does not need to be reviewed for the Approved Garden Products list. In answer to a related question asked at the July 15, 2008, Community Gardener's Meeting, John Galt (n.b. Jane Doe's boss) said, "As long as it doesn't contain pesticides or chemicals, you don't need to tell us about it."The email your letter refers to may have been in regard to my August, 2008 request to have "Dr. Earth Organic 7" fertilizer added to the Approved Gardening Products list. For your convenience, I have attached a new copy of the information about "Dr. Earth Organic 7" and its ingredients that I submitted with my request. I look forward to receiving approval of "Dr. Earth Organic 7" for use in the Community Gardens, or a statement of your reasons for denying this request, soon.Thank you,Evelyn Q. GorframAm I nuts? Should I be this mad? Should I tell her to take her 20 square feet of soil and suggest where she might put them? Should I demand that we duel at dawn unless she publicly retracts her dread insults to my compost?

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Accidentally Re-publishing Instructable

I accidentally republished my Instructable inside the Android app when I removed a picture. Is this going to be a problem in any way or will the Instructable proceed as is, but just needs to be re-approved? I noticed my view count and favorites were not reset, but my comments were. The Instructable was also resubmitted to a contest that I had already entered.

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Fungus Giftus

My skills include: Balancing on my head What I'd like to make for someone: A sign I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): S & M, yay! I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Preferably smaller. Not much room in my house. What I like: Cats, other fluffy things. What I don't like: I'm picky, I admit it, but it's hard to put it into words. Stuff that is crudely made, how about that? I absolutely can't have: nothing Type of thing I'd love to receive: Something that can be held by one hand. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Sure Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: I approve myself

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Entering a draft in a contest

I noticed that, when viewing a draft, the "add instructable to contest" button is active. Could you use this button to wait out the moderation and publish after it has been accepted into the contest or would the moderator not approve an unpublished ibble? It's always sad when you've been knocked off the front page before being accepted into a contest. 

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BUG: 500 servlet exception errors when moderating group members

I formed a new group last night and attempted to moderate the members (to approve join requests I knew were pending) but was unable to do so. I get 500 servlet exceptions every time. I gave it overnight but it's still not working today.

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Slideshow still not showing up

So, it's been over a day and I'm still not seeing my slideshow. It's not my cache. My question is, how long does this normally take? I was hoping it would be up by the time it was approved, but obviously it wasn't. I've had over 500 views but I'm afraid none have actually seen anything.

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Giant Ad

There's a huge National Geographic ad on just about every topic that takes up the whole page. So much that I have to scroll down just to see a title. Can we get this removed? I know it'll probably be gone after the premiere anyway, so I'd also like to suggest not approving these kinds of ads in the future.

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