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Archos 5

Well basiclly this is for all archso 5 fans and people who want the archos to come and read reviews by other people. I have posted an instructable on the archos 5 but want people to review the archos 5 share their thoughts hacks mods and anything about it you want you can even talk new archos a5. I dont really careyou can talk about any archos but try to talk about the archos 5 thanx.. :)

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Is Archos a good brand? Answered

Hi,  I was looking into brands on mp3 players also able to surf the web. I came across a brand I've never heard about called Archos. Particularly, I was looking at the Archo 43. Any comments? Is this a good brand? Is it reliable? Thanks!

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"Hack" An Archos 704?

My aunt has recently gave me this Mobile DVR player that was from another friend. I guess at some point it was a Herts thing for a rental. But anyways, she gave tie to me to try and find a way to put movie's on it. On the Archos site, it has a pick where its a blue screen with movies as one of the options. But as you can see from the pics, its like some Nickeloadeon thingy... Theres also a way to hook it up to a computer, but I'd like to know if I were to get one, could I put the regular "software" on it? Here are some pictures.

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Archos 70 250Gb - poor review

I bought the Archos 70 as a replacement for my very reliable (but full) Archos AV700TV. I needed a decent memory that I could use both as back-up storage to my PC, and to show images portably - with nearly 50,000 digital images, this was the 70's "killer app" for me. Web browsing etc was just icing on the cake. As a web browser, it's fine - for ease of use it sits squarely between the iPod and the iPad, and is cheaper than either. The screen is a nice size. However, on it's "killer app", it FAILS. I uploaded my images (9 years' worth) in folders by year, and sub-folders by month. Easy. When I came to use the gallery function, though, it would only show me the first five years' worth. Nearly half my images simply did not appear in the gallery. Going through the "file" tab, I confirmed they were all there. I could even look at a few, but then it would kick me back to the Gallery function, and the images would become invisible to me again. I emailed Archos customer services several times, and got no reply beyond an automatic promise to respond within 2 days. A promise they never kept. On the website, the phone number for tech support is a premium-rate number. Eventually, I had to threaten the marketing department with a poor review, just to get a normal number for tech support. (By the way, that number is 0207 949 0115, and is charged at your normal (UK) landline rates) In the mean time, the gallery function failed completely, and I got alerts telling me the bluetooth function wasn't working (I hadn't switched it on), and that the device is running out of memory (there are currently 230Gb free). When I eventually spoke to a human being, he was as helpful as he could be (no problem with the call-centre's work, it's the higher-ups via email that are a waste of space), except that the firmware version installed on the device (2.3.6) is apparently one that has never been installed on Archos 70s (it should be 2.4.19), so he could offer no help over the phone, except try and update the firmware, and if that doesn't work, re-format the hard drive and start again from scratch. Now, after three attempts the correct firmware is now apparently installed, but the faults all remain. I am reduced to formatting the whole thing and starting from scratch and if this re-install doesn't work, I shall be demanding a refund.

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Is it possable to increase the hard drive space on an archos 104? Answered

I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my 4gb archos 104 to 8gb.

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Photo-storage device recommendations? Answered

I have an Archos AV700TV that I use as a backup for my digital photos as well as a photo album. Unfortunately, its 40GB memory is full. Any recommendations for a replacement device?  What I need is 100GB+, reasonably pocket-sized (the Archos is about 4.5 inches wide in its case), USB connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a screen (it doesn't have to be an Archos, but I'd prefer a known brand). The ability to play videos is a plus, but not a must. It doesn't have to be new tech or the latest model. UPSHOT: I bought an Archos 7, 250Gig.  Yummy.

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Android Question? Answered

I have an Archos 5 tablet, which is not Google certified, so I can't get market place on it.  Does anyone know how I could watch netflix streaming on it without installing it through market place?  Thanks!

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Hi i want to make a Midi pad similar to this and i have this device which i don't use anymore , has anyone tried it before with an mp3 player ?

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what type of screen can i use as the monitor for an auto back up camera?

I have the camera , which is a nice unit that works at night. i know i could use my archos, since it has audio-visual inputs.

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What are some media players other than Windows Media Player, that are free and register mp3 players? Answered

I have an Archos 105, and I am tired of Windows Media Player freezing up whenever I plug in my mp3 or rip a cd. I downloaded VLC Media Player, but it doesn't register when I plug in my mp3.

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arduino and android tablet question

 i want to buy a tablet, was on the verge of the ipad 2''i ,but saw that android is making nice with arduino. costco has the xoom wifi at a decent price, any suggestions or should i just get tthe ipad2 for now and maybe a cheap archos android 2.1 for arduino projects, or unlocked android on t mobile freqs, now that i think they have  data prepay cards. ideas.

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Micro USB Serial connection to arduino?

I was planning on getting an Android tablet (Archos 70) and connecting it to an arduino to make a telepresence robot like shown here. I was wondering how i would make a Serial connection from the tablet to the arduino. I know there is an audio serial output, but then i can't have audio for the robot operator. And bluetooth has been ruled out as to expensive. The cellbots that are currently used are connected by usb mini, but the tablet uses micro.  Thanks a Bunch!

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some help with android please...?

Just got myself an 8" Archos arnova 8 tablet with Android 2.1. Purpose is mainly reading PDFs, Office documents, viewing pictures, listening to MP3s en doing some light internet, all for travel.  The user manual was very brief. I need some simple apps: PDF and office reader. Nowhere is says how to install. Some sites like appslib and android market want me to have a paypal account, even though I will only need a few free apps. I might use my 8Gb micro SD card to get it via my computer, but really have no idea what I'm doing. Someone knows a nice tutorial for people totally stuck in the Windows/desktop age?

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We DIDN'T get flooded!

You may be aware of a tidal surge in the North Sea in the last 24 hours - a three-metre high bulge of water headed down the East Coast of Britain, flooding stuff as it went.I live ten miles from the sea, but at midnight last night the police pushed a note through our door telling us to prepare to "defend life and property". Since they didn't supply sandbags, I was crawling around the house in the wee small hours duct-taping up air-bricks, door frames, the cat-flap etc, just in case. We moved the PC upstairs, and all our clothes and made a special effort to set my archos high-and-dry, since it contains our only irreplaceable possessions - about 25000 photos.The tide rose, towns flooded ( ), the local quay filled up and overflowed, but the flood never quite got to us.Ah well, all the excitement and none of the danger (except for crossing the bridge that was the only way out of the town I work in just as the river lapped against it). Colleagues from school got evacuated at 3am, and so many got cut off by the floods that we had to close school, so an extra day off for free.Has anybody else narrowly avoided being a news headline?

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UK Government Wants to Build a Database of Every Phone Call and Email

This just crossed my News ticker this morning: 10:20 AM on Tue May 20 2008By Adam Frucci The plans for the new database are currently being drafted up and may be proposed for inclusion in the draft Communications Bill later this year. While many of the types of politicians you'd expect are behind it, a number of others are, thankfully, vehemently against it. They're against it not because of the basic violation of citizens' privacy that would come from such an action, however. Instead, they point to the UK government's lousy track record with data security as a security threat great than whatever threats they'd be stopping by being able to look up those emails of you flirting with the girl you met at the office Christmas party. It's another really strong argument against giving governments overreaching powers to spy on their citizens.Hopefully, the people of England will get properly angry and vocal against this plan, keeping it from ever becoming a reality. The next step, after all, will be the thought police, and at that point it's really too late. {BBC via Boing Boing }Big Brother IS watching, everywhere......"If you wanted a sure sign that the Orwell-ization of Great Britain is underway, then look no further than this. Lollipop ladies, those kindly old women who man the main roads next to school, similar to the US crossing guard, have been issued with video cameras to record lollipop rage as school-side road rage is known.The cameras, which record traffic coming from both the front and the back, mounted on the lollipop lady's cap, and attached to an Archos portable DVR, have been developed by a British firm, Routesafe. Several local authorities have invested in the technology to counter the increasingly aggressive behavior on British roads."CCTV cameras everywhere

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Upgrade of Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper, MKB v20 included, GPU Transcoder

Upgrade of Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper, MKB v20 included, GPU Transcoder What's New: Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper Version 1. Added the support for AACS MKB v20 discs. 2. Fixed the bug for those BD+ discs collapsed when conversion Key Features Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper supports Full Disk Copy function, which can help you remove copy protections from your commercial Blu-ray discs or DVD discs, and back up the Blu-ray or DVD movie files to your hard drive or other removable mediums with the Blu-ray or DVD’s original structures easily and fastly. It can convert Blu-ray/DVD disc to a wide range of output files, like MPG, MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, AVI, MP3, AC3, and other HD or SD video/audio formats for playing on iPad, iPhone 4, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus S, Archos, BlackBerry, Zune, Creative Zen, WDTV, and more at 5x faster speed without quality loss based on the latest NVIDIA CUDA technology. The Blu-ray conversion displays Blu-ray and DVD files in two mode, Title Mode and File mode. In the Title Mode, you could view the specific titles and chapters of the Blu-ray and DVD disc files, and choose those Blu-ray or DVD content you would like to convert according to the titles. Moreover, it can keep the ripped or converted Blu-ray/DVD files without video/audio sync problems for its perfect video and audio sync technology. Ripping Blu-ray and DVD disc with the selected subtitle or audio line is available. Even you are able to convert Blu-ray or DVD movies with the forced subtitles if you like. Batch BD/DVD conversion is also supported. For those users who prefer to edit Blu-ray and DVD movies, you could do some editing jobs by using its editor function. For instance, you can specify the video length of your Blu-ray and DVD file or cut off those unwanted areas and black edges of the Blu-ray/DVD movies to convert. Even you are able to add company logo, text/image/video watermarks and effects on your Blu-ray and DVD files. Another key feature of Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper is to support adjusting video/audio parameters of the output format to get the better video quality you perfer. For example, you could set to rip Blu-ray/DVD disc movie with 5.1 surround sound. To set the wanted aspect ratio is available as well. Version History Foxreal Blu-Ray Ripper V1.0.1.0 (December 7, 2010) 1. Foxreal announces the release of Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper. 2. Able to remove copy protection, region code, AACS and MKB V19 from Blu-ray and DVD discs to make Full Blu-ray or DVD disc (1:1) copy and backup to hard drive. 3. Adopt perfect video and audio sync technology to help you rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD files without video/audio sync problems. 4. Support NVIDIA CUDA acceleration technology which makes the ripping speed 5X faster. 5. Rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD disc to all popular video and audio formats like MPG, MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, AVI, MP3, AC3, and other HD or SD formats. 6. Rip Blu-ray movie for playback on various devices like iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, Apple TV, WD TV, PS3, Xbox/Xbox 360, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Droid X, Droid Pro, Nokia N8, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Nexus One, Zune, and more. 7. Convert Blu-ray/DVD file for editing on Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, iMoive, Pinnacle Studio, etc. 8. Allow to perfect and optimize the output with powerful editing function including trimming, cropping, watermark/effect, deinterlacing, audio replace, etc. Official Web: Discount Page: Facebook: Twitter: Free Download:

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