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Hello sir, i am stuck with my arduino uno. in the manage driver list i cant see arduino uno's name so what to do please tell

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I want to buy an arduino either a uno or mega which ine should i buy i want the prices of both. my focus will be on robotics projects as well as light effects

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I have these products (High Speed Closed Loop Stepper Motor + HBS57 Stepper Driver) and i think i will need arduino panel (i dont know how they call it). Can you help me ?

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arduino? Answered

Hello everyone. i am really intrested in electronics so i am looking forward to buy arduino . so my question is which one to buy? i really like UNO because its cheap and most of projects that i saw here are using uno.

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Arduino? Answered

I want to learn about arduino. All I know about them is that they are open source micro-controllers on  which you can write programs. I want to learn all about them how to program them, how to use the analog and digital pins, whats the difference between different types of arduino etc. Any eBook, website or youtube channel?

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Looking for someone to write an arduino sketch for a stepper motor driven XY table Only looking for a basic, simple code Willing to pay but willing to accept volunteers also :)  Thanks!

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Hi,    iam using the arduino uno in my project.The project is to display the temperature and humidity in lcd and ethernet and stored in the sd card in every 1 minute ,using the dht 22 sensor.But the lcd display is not working simultaneously with the sd .Hereby i am attaching the code.pls hlp me to trobleshoot the problem.

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is this a arduino ?

Hi everybody , im a new explorer of the big arduino programing world , last week i was searching about tutorials of arduino , i found a lot of results , but most of them need a arduino to learn , so i remembered that i got a DLINK wireless internet transmiter , so can i use it , or use some of it as an arduino???? if not what can i use it for?  here are some photos

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Hi, I want to get into microcontrollers and stuff. Doo you think that an Arduino is the best way to get into this stuff. I live in the UK and I've been looking at this. I need something that interfaces via USB or serial ( via a usb to serial adater) and this looks ideal. What do you think about these? Are they any good?BTW: Does anyone know a place (other than ebay to get these in the UK?)-josh

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Can any body make some sort of arduino device that shoots something at and intruder crossing a tripwire. I know you get those fairly simple set ups which consists of LED, a laser, buzzer and photosensitive sensor, but this would be interesting. Thank You Super Me

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Hi guys, I simply want to use my arduino to controll a servo by using a ir remote. Ive got all the parts as a ir reciver and also the remote. Does anyone know a good tutorial based on the ir system and program?

Topic by Kamokaki  


Can you help me I have a problem, this program :/*Blink *The basic Arduino example. Turns on an LED on for one second,then off for one second, and so on... We use pin 13 because,depending on your Arduino board, it has either a built-in LEDor a built-in resistor so that you need only an LED. * */int ledPin = 13; // LED connected to digital pin 13void setup() // run once, when the sketch starts{ pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // sets the digital pin as output}void loop() // run over and over again{ digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // sets the LED on delay(1000); // waits for a second digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // sets the LED off delay(1000); // waits for a second}it says that the input pin is 13, ok, but I don't see the output pin, WHERE IS THE OUT PUT PIN???Lets say, I connect the positive(longer ) wire of the LED to pin 13(the input pin), and the negative (shorter) wire to what pin, what output pin???Thanks!

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I want to know how to make an algorithm to save in memory. help!

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I want to construct a motor drive to run a cycle . i have arduino and hbridge with but i require a circuit diagram to connect and control it?.i wat to know the working , connecting and controlling conceots of it

Question by Aniesh T M    |  last reply


Hello, I have these products (High Speed Closed Loop Stepper Motor + HBS57 Stepper Driver) and i think i will need arduino panel (i dont know how they call it).Can you help me ?

Topic by TheDevilOfHeaven  


Hello. I saw certain Arduino Tank projects like the A.A.T. in particular... I saw a maker using an SN754410NE Motor Driver, which got me confused. Im a beginner Arduino user, so i dont know very much about it, but I am wondering why did he use the SN754410NE Motor Driver  and not a motor shield? Thanks

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I would like to meet how integrated the fuctions interrupts in the encoder for increase the count in the car What am I doing. help!

Topic by gabon    |  last reply


I am making a micromouse and want integrate the encoders using the fuction interrupt with the Arduino UNO. The encoders are from parallax; Boe-Bot Digital Encoder Kit. Know how programed using instruction of interrup.

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I am new in the programming stuff and i have, un familiar error problem. I hope you guys cold help me. thank for all the answers!!

Topic by ברקו    |  last reply

Burn Arduino Bootloader to Arduino, from Arduino

I want to burn the Arduino bootloader to an Arduino from an Arduino. I have an Arduino Duemilanove, and I want to take the chip(ATMega328) off, and use it in a circuit, without having to connect the whole Arduino to the circuit. However, I then have an Arduino with no chip. So, Can I just put a regular ATMega328(I know I can just buy one with the bootloader already on it, but I would rather do itmyself.) into the Arduino, connect it to the computer, and use the Arduino IDE(I'm using 0021- the most up to date one) to burn the bootloader to it? If so, how? If I cant, is there any way to easily do it with only another Arduino with the bootloader on it?

Topic by metrogdor22    |  last reply

Arduino to arduino via bluetooth?

I want to link three arduino's via bluetooth.  One will listen for the other two.  If it receives signal it will set a pin high.  If it doesn't it will set the pin low. Two of the arduino's will be powered off most of the time.  If they power up I need it to link to the other one. So the two will need to power up, link to the one, and start sending signal. The one is just going to power up a light and maybe later also report to the web. The two are just signal generators to let the one know to turn the light on. If I can't link three, I will buy 4 and just make two pairs. Thanks for any answers.

Question by Rednecknerd    |  last reply

what is arduino? Answered

Im new to this, and was wondering what it is and what it does?

Question by That One Eegit    |  last reply

What is the Arduino? Answered

What is the arduino actually? I know it has something to do with computers, but where is it for? What does it do? And why is everyone on instructables talking about it?

Question by TigerNod    |  last reply

Arduino Beginner

I'm gonna start with arduino, I'll buy the arduino uno board, any suggestions for courses or books that can teach me how to program and work with arduino? Thanks in advance! :)

Topic by Kolnorp    |  last reply

Arduino Shield? Answered

What exactly is a Arduino Shield? Can I make one myself?

Question by artworker    |  last reply

Arduino help?

Wod any of you guys know how use Arduino with wii. ideas? Innnstructables?

Question by vodo    |  last reply

Help with Arduino

I've posted the entire message on the arduino forums, but i know there is people that use it here.It's a circuit to allow arduino run with battery and at the same time, to allow charging without disconecting it.So I ask you the same question, will it work? Right now it's only a design.

Topic by Tigrezno  

What is Arduino?

Hey all you people on Instructables I had a quick question. WHAT THE HECK IS ARDUINO!!!!!?????!!!!! Can someone please tell me. I love the idea of working with techno-ish stuff and circuit boards. I need some place to start. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Topic by Adum24    |  last reply

what is arduino Answered

I know im going to sound stupied but what is arduino exactly like i know its a micro controller but what is it for i am a techy person but always have to build chipless boards trying to expand my creation skills thanks all

Question by theexpert    |  last reply

What is an Arduino?

I've been looking around and found many instructables about it, but I've been wondering, what exactly does it do? Is a controller or is it a support device to help something happen?

Question by Drakeler    |  last reply

Arduino Hardware

Hi, I have found these folks selling hardware for the Arduino, Laters!

Topic by davidbraith  

arduino Questions

Silly question. Trying to build something that requires an arduino to take a temperature measurement, and pwm an Item dependant on that temp reading. so the question is how many reads and adjustments per second can I aim for? I was hoping to get the 1 MHz area but am assuming less than that at this time

Topic by plucas1    |  last reply

Arduino for the beginner

I would like to get into arduino as a hobby, I have some experience in understanding the C language. I was at a website like trying to understand and slowly catching up, where is some material I can read to get into the hobby?  And how do the pinholes on a breadboard work? How do you know which hole to insert the wire/pin through? 

Topic by bprins    |  last reply

Arduino question? Answered

I got the adruino uno recently and i am still learning how to use it. I was wondering if anyone could show how to program it to send a pulse out at the highest voltage and 1Khz continuosly.

Question by jbaker22    |  last reply

arduino or AVR

Hey!! any one plz tell me which one is better either AVR or arduino .... i wanted to buy arduino i found one with just 6 pin inputs on stores ,,,i was seeking to make  LED cube of 16 x 16 ... sory have added two questions......plz response

Topic by feebo    |  last reply

Arduino Relay?

I'm working on a UPS of sorts for an arduino project of mine. Basically if the pwoer goes out I want the arduino to switch to a 9v battery backup. I was wondering what sort of relay I should use and if a transformer would be needed. Ideally I'd like to use a simple power supply with a transformer built in and then have that feed into the relay, but I'm not sure if the 7-12v from a normal arduino power supply would then be enough to switch the relay (normally closed).

Question by DELETED_maboy    |  last reply

bluetooth for arduino?

I want to connect arduino uno to my android phone. can i use regular bluetooth  or i need to use some special?

Question by tealk    |  last reply

Arduino Basics Answered

I am a beginner to the Arduino field can you please help me with these questions ?  How many smartphones can communicate with a single Arduino at a time? How many Arduino a single smartphone can communicate with at a time? How many devices such as AC TV and lights can be connected to a single Arduino? Is voice/noise isolation room affects Bluetooth transmission (if my phone connected to the Arduino using bluetooth)? In case of smartphone outside the room containing the Arduino. please if you have any references or links that might help with understanding the main concepts please help..

Question by maryamCS    |  last reply

Arduino And Servo

Hi..  i want a motor which can drive my robot at humans normal walking speed.. and also whose speed can be controlled dynamically.. Can anyone plz suggest me such servo or any dc motor.. motor should be compatible with arduino uno..?? 

Topic by amolamol    |  last reply

arduino uno

Good morning I am getting the arduino uno with the monitor. Want to have 5 booton and clicking individually to my display a MESSAGE on the screen when the potato and when let off. these be in the second row while the first shows to permanently temperature from someone sensor someone can help. thanks

Topic by ssakiss1    |  last reply

Arduino and esp8266

Hi, I am new to arduino and creating project where i connected arduino uno and esp8266 as follows: UNO --- ESP8266 RX ----- RX TX ----- TX GND --- GND 3.3V --- VCC 3.3V --- CH_PD I power arduino uno and it is working fine. i checked by uploading blink program. when i connect esp8266 to arduino uno and open serial monitor i am getting some garbage text which is shown in below screen shot. also when i connect esp8266 to uno the orange light is continuously blinking. no action on entering AT command in serial monitor. some one please let me know how to get it work.

Topic by sayedfar    |  last reply

On the subject of Arduino

I am trying to remember, did someone give me this link,  or did I find it on my own?   If I found it,  have any of you 'users" visited?  What do you think?

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

problem with arduino?

I have some questions about Arduino Uno. I connect my board and within 5 minutes (no code is running or anything), the chip becomes hot. Plus, none of the IDE is recognizing my board. I'm always getting the error "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00". Can someone help me with these issues? 

Question by sgupta95    |  last reply

Arduino & Matlab

Hi, I'm working on a project  the ball - on - plate, and I have a problem in controlling the model of the MATLAB eg PID parameter . Please Help

Topic by aljaur  

what is an arduino? Answered

What is an arduino? i hear people talking about it all the time, and i have not found out as to what it does, and how it functions

Question by ashannon1    |  last reply

arduino help

Im needing some help with a project that im working on. Im needing info on what parts I would need to use arduino uno to power a hair drier and small fans on a 12v dc power?  and I need some help wrighting the code if any one can help that would be sweet ? im using windows 7. thank you for your time.

Topic by traviscall    |  last reply

Is Arduino the tool for this?

     Hello, I have a question. I'm currently working on a project where data is transferred via radio at a frequency of 916.5 MHz. I need to receive this data, and then send a new signal containing the data out via Bluetooth. I have programming experience, and know C++ fairly well, but have never used Arduino or other microcontrollers. I have looked around, and could not find an answer anywhere else. Can Arduino do this? If so, could you point me in the direction of the radio receiver that can pick up that frequency and Bluetooth transmitter modules (is this the correct word?) that would work for me, as well as what type of Arduino board you would recommend? Thank you! -S

Topic by thesab    |  last reply

Arduino Drone?

Hi, I would like to make an Arduino- based drone, but don't know where to start.  I would like it to be a quadrotor, but still have the ability to carry out automated tasks, and have a long-range (1-2 miles) communication system that I can control from my PC.  I can program Arduino, and C# proficiently any help?  Thanks.

Question by pianoman99a    |  last reply

Help with arduino!

Hi , i was looking for someone to write some code for my arduino. im having issues and would like to see where im wrong. I have an adafruit motor controller and a moisture sensor. i would like the motor controller to turn motor4 on when my sensor reads a certain variable and off again when it reads another . that is all please let me know thanks 

Topic by DylanM40  

Arduino + Stepper

Hi! I have an Arduino nano and a Minebea PM55L stepper motor and I have to connect these two together. I read the Arduino tutorials, and got a ULN2003 chip. The thing I am unsure of is the power supply and which wires of the motor do what or should be connected to what. There's 6 of them and I really don't want to fry anything if at all possible. Could somebody help out, please?

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