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Burning dummies for New Year in La Plata, Argentina.

Https://;=utf-8&oe;=utf-8&rls;=org.mozilla:es-AR:official&client;=firefox-a&gws;_rd=cr&ei;=VWnFUt2CA83ksASqzIGIDQ There you can see the dummies made in La Plata, BsAs Argentina big area, during December 2013 to throw out the year. The dummies are full of fireworks, and went lit on at 1 or 2 am on the first day of January. Here is midsummer, with great heat. Burning New Year dolls is a tradition that has decades in the city. Almost every neighborhood makes its dummy, some very good, some acceptable, others ugly, but the task helps the boys (and many adults) to experience the problems of organization, design, implementation, coexistence, getting resources, etc. This country and its people deserve a better government that it has today. Another years:;=isch&tbs;=qdr:w&cad;=h

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Contests are worldwide ? Answered

I live in Argentina and I want to participate in the contest , can I get in from here ?

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Urban soccer, tips, and tricks from all the way from Argentina.

I there guys, well, have 18yrs I played for all my life soccer (here is called Fùtbol), Almost get to the 1rst divison , but i got this lession and now am unable fro a year. Anyway, if you have any question, about this, make now. In this week im going to uplod my videos

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Enrering a contest

Why can't I participate in a contest if I'm from Argentina?

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Free Volunteering

Volunteer south america for free- Participate in a GIC Volunteering in Argentina program and make your time in South America an unforgettable experience! Free Volunteering

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Big game hunting

Anone out there interested in hunting? I have traveled to Argentina many times. They have great hunting there. you can see photos at

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How to do the "talking lights" of the "Night Rider"? i think the real name is "vumeter"

Well, i don't understand the diagrams, i'd like some pictures or a "step by step" guide. Sorry for my english, I'm from Argentina. Thanks in advance

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What can (should) I do with this turbine and fan motors?

I have this industrial turbines and fan motors. They are 3 phase (I have 3 phase), 3/4hp and 1,5 hp respectively. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! I'm new to the forum, I'm from Argentina and work doing industrial installations. Love metal and woodworking.

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Hi, I have a notebook display works well,can i enter video signal in some way to display without the motherboard? Answered

Hi, I have a notebook display (Compaq R3000) works well, the rest of the laptop fail, my question is this: can i enter video signal in some way to display without the motherboard? if I can not, what would you do? Greetings from Argentina.

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is posible to input video in to a 2.5-inch lcd?

hello, my question is this: I have a 2.5 inch LCD screen, a console "microboy" Specifications: Console - display my question is: I can input video in any way? ( video out jack is broke) thanks I have also a "ipaq" poket pc without battery and peripherals expansion, only sync dock and charger. thanks again and greetings from Argentina

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Man turns himself into a puddle to protest climate change

In order to protest global climate change, this man from Red Cross Argentina turned himself into a puddle and handed out information on ways to protect the planet from imminent climate disaster such as reusing plastic bags, conserving water, and buying energy efficient cars and appliances. We just wonder how long it took him to get out of there.but you got to give him propsmain story

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The world cup-2010

Who's gonna win the world cup? Put your vote down in a comment if yur right at that team wins you get a sub! mm8 bye

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Where U At?

I know that the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are all represented on Instructables. What other countries are represented? Are we in all seven continents? (give or take Antarctica, since only scientists and penguins live there). How many of the states of the USA are here? What's our membership by country? Is our membership only limited to earthbound beings, or do we have any astronauts or other in the ranks? Are all of our members even human? You have answers, post 'em. Just put something like "Texas, USA, here", or "Gusev Crater, Mars, here".That way we know where we're at After that, plot your location on the membership map.

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Thank you 4 the Halloween Greeting Card!

Hi all! I want to end my procastination of thanking you for the unexpected Halloween Greeting Card that arrived some days before Halloween. I am having a very busy schedule, so I only remember that I should publish something the day that I return for a while to the site. But, I know that for many people, receiving this greeting card is going to encourage them a lot to collaborate with the site. And even to post an instructable. Since, the card reminds you that you are important, and that there is a community that cares for you. I appreciate the good work that this administration is doing. How could someone achieve this level of contience? Is there an instructable to learn how to get there? Thank you, very much! (And sorry for the delay, but the greeting card arrived on time, even to this country, Argentina, in South America) Alberto love

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Contest not for Poles?

Hi I think this is a question for administrators/organisers the Deceptive Desserts Contest but if anyone knows the answer please let me know: Why residents of Poland are excluded from taking part in this contest? I am Pole and I would like take part in the competition, apparently I can't, just don't understand why. Are there some legal regulations? Or maybe I am misunderstanding below?? THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE, WHO ARE AT LEAST THIRTEEN (13) YEARS OLD (FIFTEEN [15] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY AND EIGHTEEN [18] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF GERMANY), AND NOT RESIDENTS OF ANY COUNTRY SUBJECT TO A US TRADE EMBARGO (AS OF APRIL 2014 NORTH KOREA, SYRIA, SUDAN, CUBA AND IRAN) AS WELL AS: BRAZIL, ITALY, ARGENTINA, TURKEY, ROMANIA, POLAND, OR THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA. Thank you in advance, Marta

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How do you think this awesome light installation achieved this effect?

So I'm recounting this from memory. I was in Argentina several years ago in a nightclub and there were these bars of light on the wall. I can't remember exactly what they looked like but it was a vertical bar of light, maybe 3 feet tall, very thin. When one whipped their head back and forth while dancing, a full size image outline (appearing 4 feet wide) of in this case the Camel cigarette logo would whip out in the direction of your rotation. So basically this full width image was stored in a tiny space, and when you rapidly rotated your head, the full image would emerge in the direction of your rotation. You went left, the camel would emerge following the bar (on the right) and it would face the left, whereas if you went right, the camel of course emerges following the bar on the left and it would face right. Woa! Any ideas?

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Anti-fog Mirror System

First of all, thanks to this comunity and all the DIY it has. Its a great group and has many interesting ideas. This is my first post, after one week reading all the projects, so hello to everyone. I want to make an anti-fog system for my bathroom mirror, because every time I bath it creates fog and makes difucult to shave after. I know about anti-fog sprays and DIY detergent solutions but there is also an electrical solution. The one I have in mind is a wire attach to the back of the mirror and conected to the electricity, so it generates the hot enough to avoid the fog. I saw one that also covered the zigzag wire behind with aluminium foil to (I thinkk) spread the heat more uniformly. What for sure I don't know, is about anything I should put to transform the electricity and resistance or whatever, because I thinks I can just conect the wires alone behind it. Can anyone help me with this? Two more things, in my country (Argentina) we use 220 voltage current instead of 110 like USA. Second, excuse my english and mistakes as it is not my native language. Thanks in advance to all the comunity !!!!

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FIFA Day 2 Group B results

Another day of good matches at the 2010 FIFA world cup. The group B games were as good as the first games here are the results. Game 1 Korea republic 2- Greece 0 LEE Jung Soo 7th minute Park Ji Sung 52nd minute Game 2 Argentina 1- Nigeria 0 Heinze 6th minute Personal thoughts on game 1: I didn't get to see the two goals but I foud it an amazing coincidence that they were both scored 7 minutes into each half. Maybe the coach had planned this. If that is true I really want to see Korea's next match. It seemed to me that Greece wasn't playing very nicely as they constantly kept shouting at each other. I personally think this is why they lost. Good luck to both teams and I hope Greece plays nicer next time. Personal thoughts on game 2: This game i was able to watch except for the first few minutes. I missied the goal but I saw it in the Highlights. I found this game much more enthusiastic than the last one. Mainly because every time Aregentina commited a foul they apollagized to the Player. This is something that is needed in a lot of games. It's a great sign of good sportsman ship. Nigeria had an amazing defense. It will be hard to score when playing against them. I think all these teams still have a chance to enter the finals. Good luck to you all. Amazing games! Please Comment on the teams and games.   

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Update on International Entries in Instructables Contests

We have greatly expanded the list of eligible countries that can participate in our contests!! To find all the eligible countries see below (Eligibility as of 11/16/2015). A small percentage of our contests will be limited to 14 countries (Limited Contests) so make sure to check the rules before entering. Contests rules will not retroactively be changed. Eligibility as of 11/16/2015 THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE, WHO ARE AT LEAST THIRTEEN (13) YEARS OLD (FIFTEEN [15] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY AND EIGHTEEN [18] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF GERMANY), AND NOT RESIDENTS OF ANY COUNTRY SUBJECT TO A US TRADE EMBARGO (AS OF APRIL 2014 NORTH KOREA, SYRIA, SUDAN, CUBA AND IRAN) AS WELL AS: BRAZIL, ITALY, ARGENTINA, TURKEY, ROMANIA, POLAND, OR THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA. Limited Contests: Eligible countries include: US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada (excluding Quebec), China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland. ___________________________________________________ UPDATE 7/25/2012: Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland are now eligible for all contests!  We've updated the rules to make this clear.  More countries coming as fast as we can. --Christy Broadly, there are two types of contests: games of skill and games of chance. Most of our contests are games of skill because they are judged, but we have occasionally run games of chance (random winner in a contest, random commenter wins a prize, etc..). Both types are regulated, sometimes stringently, across the world. As an independent entity, we may have been violating the contest and gaming laws in every country on the planet except the US. While ignorance of the law isn't an acceptable reason to violate it, I did not spend the time to understand and comply with every country's contest laws. Without locations across the world, the potential for enforcement of laws I didn't know about was low. We are now part of an international company, and the potential for enforcement is real. Complying with laws is not a drag! It's what sustainable businesses that expect to be around for a long time do! If you are upset about this, before you complain here, please write or call your representative, member of parliament, or dictator and ask them to simplify contest law in your country. The easier to understand your country's contest laws, the faster we can open our contests to you, and comply with your country's laws. Remember, obeying the law is what good websites do! Autodesk is not trying to destroy the Instructables community by reducing the number of entrants to our contests; in fact, they're very concerned about the issue. We are trying to make sure we obey all the laws of all the countries where we operate. We are simultaneously working to understand the laws of more countries so we can legally run contests in more areas. The terms and conditions of our contests are now in full compliance with the requirements of the US and Canada, except Quebec. Doing so required many hours of me talking to lawyers, and very large costs. I have sorted the countries we will work on next by where our traffic comes from, and where past winners and entrants have come from. For reference: Top 10 Countries by traffic: US - open UK - open Canada - open (minus Quebec) Australia - open India - open Germany - open Philippines Brazil Mexico France Top 10 Countries by winners and entrants: US - open Canada - open UK - open Australia - open Netherlands - open Germany - open New Zealand - open Argentina Colombia - open India - open The rules for games of skill and games of chance are drastically different. I foresee a situation where there are countries in which we can run one type of contest, but not the other. Since we don't collect your country of residence during registration, our method of determining who is eligible is based on where a winner wants us to ship a prize. Obeying laws is not a drag, but this is a tricky situation. I'll concede that you might view this as a bait and switch: we should have fully understood the contest laws of any country where we wanted to encourage DIY through our contests before allowing entrants from those countries. Instead, we allowed everyone, and now have to pause until I can talk to more lawyers. For that I apologize. Fixing this is one of our top priorities.  Even yesterday, I discussed how to get the UK and Australia added to the approved list, and we'll work from there.

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Vé máy bay đi Malaysia giá rẻ có khuyến mãi lớn

Vé máy bay Ä‘i Malaysia giá cá»±c rẻ, cá»±c sá»Â‘c, có Æ°u Ä‘ãi và giảm giá Malaysia không chá»Â‰ ná»Â•i tiếng vá»Â›i những tòa tháp nguy nga, những thánh Ä‘ưá»Âng Há»Â“i giáo tôn nghiêm mà còn bá»ÂŸi tòa tháp Ä‘ôi Petronas Towers tại thủ Ä‘ô Kuala Lumpur. Công trình này do kiến trúc sÆ° ngÆ°á»Âi Argentina, César Pelli, thiết kế và Ä‘ược hoàn thành vào năm 1998. Dù Ä‘ã gần 10 năm tuá»Â•i, Petronas Towers vẫn chÆ°a bao giá»Â cÅ©… Đá»Âƒ Ä‘áp ứng nhu cầu Ä‘i lại bằng Ä‘ưá»Âng hàng không ngày càng cao của khách hàng, ngành công nghiá»Â‡p hàng không Ä‘ã không ngừng phát triá»Âƒn cả vá»Â chất lượng lẫn sá»Â‘ lượng nhằm Ä‘áp ứng nhu cầu ngày càng cao của Quý khách hàng. Vá»Â›i tình hình biến Ä‘á»Â™ng giá trên thá»Â‹ trÆ°á»Âng hiá»Â‡n nay, má»Â—i nÆ¡i, má»Â—i phòng vé Ä‘á»Âu báo cho bạn mức giá khác nhau. Vậy thì nÆ¡i nào sẽ cho Quý khách giá rẻ nhất, hành trình bay ngắn nhất và Ä‘ảm bảo chuyến bay tá»Â‘t Ä‘ẹp nhất. Đến vá»Â›i Há»Â“ng Nhung Booking quý khách sẽ tìm kiếm Ä‘ược vé máy bay Ä‘i Malaysia giá rẻ nhất, hợp lý nhất, hãng vận chuyá»Âƒn, thá»Âi gian bay, thá»Âi gian Ä‘ến của tất cả các hãng hàng không. Há»Â“ng Nhung Booking là má»Â™t trong những Ä‘ại lý chính thức của Hàng không Viá»Â‡t nam nhÆ° : Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjetair và má»Â™t sá»Â‘ hãng Hàng không quá»Â‘c tế khác nhÆ°: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Korean Air....v.v.... Chúng tôi cung cấp vé máy bay Ä‘i Malaysia của tất cả các hãng hàng không trong nÆ°á»Â›c cÅ©ng và trên thế giá»Â›i. Các Ä‘ưá»Âng bay thẳng và bay vòng khác nhau: Chi tiết các chuyến bay Ä‘i Malaysia nhÆ° sau: vé máy bay từ Hà Ná»Â™i Ä‘i Kuala Lumpur, vé máy bay Ä‘i Kuala Lumpur, vé máy bay Kuala Lumpur giá rẻ . Liên há»Â‡ vá»Â›i chúng tôi Ä‘á»Âƒ Ä‘ặt vé máy bay Ä‘i Malaysia giá rẻ nhất ! Há»Â“ng Nhung Booking Hotline: 090 - 698 - 6515 Điá»Â‡n thoại: (043) 999 8718 - (043) 995 7275 Email: Đá»Â‹a chá»Â‰: 522 Trần Khát Trân – Hai Bà TrÆ°ng – Hà Ná»Â™i

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Build Night FAQ

General Resources What is the Build Night program? Instructables sponsors monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month we partner with a different company to send you materials and/or tools to run a workshop at your space. In return your space posts Instructables from your build night. How can my makerspace get a group on Instructables? Check out this forum post that list the guidelines for getting a group on Instructables. Build Night Guidelines + Best Practices What are the requirements for signing up? Your makerspace must post at least 1 Instructable to sign up for a build night. We look at project quality when deciding on what spaces to accept. I suggest writing a feature worthy project. Check out the feature guidelines. What does the process look like for signing up for an event? Signing up is a 2-step process. You must complete both to fully sign up. Fill out the google form at the bottom of the event announcement. You will then receive a private message in your Instructables inbox by a specified date asking for your shipping information. You cannot receive the materials without completing this step. What is the selection process for picking makerspaces to participate in each build night? It is not first come first serve. We look at past build night participation, past project quality, and project proposals for the current build night. If you haven't participated in a build night OR haven't submitted Instructables for build night program we suggest your space create Instructables over the next few months and submit them on future applications. Do build nights have to happen at night? No! The only requirement is that you host 1 event with the materials provided during the month of the build night. This can be on a weekend, at night, during the day….literally anytime! You can also host multiple build nights during the month. What happens if you don’t submit Instructables by the given date? Not posting Instructables by the deadline will affect your chances of participating in future build nights. We keep very thorough records of who does and does not submit. It is VERY important to let me know if you are not able to submit a project by the deadline. I am much more understanding and willing to waive a missed deadline if I am given a reason. What are the best practices for writing high-quality Instructables? We want to see feature worthy projects! Check out this forum post with tips on how to create great tutorials. As the event organizer the responsibility falls on me to post all Instructables. How do I motivate my community to help? Check out this forum post with tips on how to motivate members of your community to get more involved. How can we get more visibility for our build night event? Use social media! Tweet at us. Mention us on Facebook. Share pictures of events on Instagram. Sponsors love it and will be excited to share your posts! So be sure to use #buildnight. How can we hear about upcoming build night events? If you are interested in being directly notified about future build nights fill out this form to join our mailing list. You will receive an e-mail when new events are announced. Please only sign up if you are not already on the mailing list. Other Build Night Details How many makerspaces participate in the build night program? We have over 350 makerspaces, hackerspaces, fabrication labs, student groups, libraries, etc… subscribed to our mailing list. Each month we decide how many spaces will be able to participate. This depends on the sponsor and materials provided. How many countries participate in build nights? There are 45 countries represented in our makerspaces mailing list. Check them out: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, S. Korea, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Zambia. By what criteria does Instructables measure the worth and success of Build Nights? There are 3 parties involved with every build night: Instructables, makerspaces, and the sponsors. When evaluating the success of a build night I try to consider everyones experience. For Instructables, we're mostly looking at the number of Instructables we get in and the quality (feature rate, topic, pictures, etc…). We also look at the number of new authors and community involvement. Makerspaces that are heavily involved on Instructables have their own group page. The sponsors are looking for brand engagement and authentic examples of their products being used. Sugru was thrilled to see lots of people talking on Twitter and Facebook about their build night experience. Voltaic Systems wanted a lower number of high quality projects made with their solar panels -- so we only accepted 15 spaces and made the acceptance process more difficult. Its not always easy to know the success level for the makerspace because I can't attend the events. From what I've gathered these are the goals of the makerspaces: connect with other makerspaces, learn new subjects, attract new members, free tools/materials, and create more opportunities for their members. In general, how successful have the Build Nights been? (Answered from the Instructables perspective) Most build nights have a 50-70% project return rate. The feature rate has been all over the board. The 2013 sugru feature rate was around 20% (we received 250 Instructables) and the Voltaic Systems feature rate was around 90% (we received 9 Instructables). The more build nights we run the higher I hope to get the project return rate because I'm excluding spaces that don't have a good posting record. In every event announcement I say "Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights" and I'm serious about it. I have a very detailed spreadsheet where I keep track of who has and has not posted. When it comes time to selecting spaces to participate I cross check my spreadsheet. That being said, every build night I give spaces a chance to explain why they weren’t able to post in the past. I completely understand life happens and I like to give out second chances! ================================================================ SUGGESTION BOX: Have questions to add to this FAQ? Have suggestions for ways to improve the build night program or new features to add? Submit them to our suggestion box. ================================================================

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