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Assault Rifles

A forum about WW2 Assault Rifles...

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Assault Rifle

Hey its me again! I have asked in the past what pistol would be good to shoot my 7 year old brother with. I built trauts side arm. I guess I wont shoot him though. I wanted to ask: What assault rifle would be the best for me to build. Here are my requirements: -Low Piece Ammount - No ball joints - Shoots white, blue or yellow rods - Can decrease power by subtracting rubber bands - Parts list??

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The Assault Umbrella

This umbrella is so tough you can stand on it, destroy scary watermelons with it and even use it in a bit of self-defense. Apparently these are used in the Philippine Secret Service who are happy with their $180 umbrellas.Gotta love the video, though. Seeing this guy take out the watermelon in what seems like a serious parody of Gallagher is awesome. Link

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Dutchj's assault rifle

This is my assault rifle. It was built with comfort being the top priority. It's already posted on KI, and if you want me to, I will post it here too. Specs are as follows: Comfortable stock, handle and foregrip. Strong, true trigger. Firing pin attached to a rail for stability. Removable magazine without pusher sticking out at the bottom Capacity: 15 Working sights.

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Assault rifle contest!

The assault rifle competition winner will get a 5 star rating on any 5 instructables/forum topics/groups. (in that order, can mix). the 3 runners up will recieve a 5 star rating to an instructable of their choice.There will be categories, and everyone can vote for one gun in each category. i am only accepting assault rifles - must have a working mag, be the size of a rifle and fire.A voter may only vote up to two of their guns into any of the categories, and must vote something for every category. You may only vote onceCategoriesBest looking assault rifle1.Banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle2.-3.-Most innovative assault rifle1.Storm 2232.-3.-Most powerful assault rifle1.Storm 2232.-3.-Most reliable assault rifle1.The Burrito Master's Scar 11.012.-3.-Highest power:pieces ratio (ie. the more power per piece = better)1.Crestind's AST rifle2.-3.-Best overall assault rifle(cannot enter in this category, the guns with the top 3 ammounts of votes in any category will earn a place here)1.Storm 2232.Banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle/Crestind's AST rifle/Burrito's Scar 11.013.

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G33 Assault Rifle

This is an old gun I was about to take apart to make my M4, but I thought maybe someone wanted to make this. If I get enough positive feedback and enough people ask me to make instructions, I will. It features: Non-removable 10+ shot magazine New-Style Floating trigger mechanism/string (ask for details) foward handle(optional) stock (crap, but could always be modded) Specs: Range 60 feet Accuracy: Up to 25 feet Reliability: Medium/High (never jams) Modifiable: Yes If I do eventually post this gun, I will also post the other interchangeable parts (actual magnifying scope, longer barrel, telescoping stock) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: I destroyed the gun but it is probably easy to make from the pictures if you want, and if you still need any help, you can ask me.

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knex assault rifle

This is my new assault rifle. I made two different types of magazines for it, a 12 round detacheble mag for white rods, and a 20 round detacheble mag for green rods. Should i make an instructable or not?

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DragonflY Assault Crossbow

Pictures have been taken, Instructable will have the Y-shaped bow and a normal shaped one. Stock and scope will be optional. And uh...yes these things actually hurt...I shot a few arrows into my own leg..just so I could feel how much it would hurt xD Instructable will up soon, need to find some time to write it.

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New Assault Rifle will not be posted.

My new assault rifle, seen as a slideshow, will not be posted. I have plans to make it a lot better. Currently, I rather dislike it's looks and I plan to remodel and make a new a version of it. If that version is sufficient, I will post the new version.

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Best knex assault rifle

What is the best all around knex assualt rifle? I only have enough peices to make a Z35, so I need a gun with around that peice count.

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Oodammo Light Assault Weapon

Well I built this one in a couple hours, i tried making a reliable Oodammo assault weapon that would use a minimum of pieces, because I am starting to run out, and I need a good assault weapon. It uses a slightly modified version of s0lekill3er's Oodammo Shotbow's magazine, so the mag is horizontal,I tried making it vertical, but it wouldn't work with the amount of ammo and the style I wanted in it. It gets decent range, I got it to shoot Oodammo about 25-30 feet, and it is very accurate. The magazine is removable, it isn't all that practical, but it will come off in a few seconds. The standard magazine capacity is 15, but that can we made bigger or smaller by replacing a few rods. Any criticism is appreciated and wanted, as long as it is constructive, I just tried making a small assault weapon, using Oodammo as a primary form of ammunition, and without using any black rods. The stock was thrown together rather quickly, and is only there for the firing pin guide

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My new assault rifle

This is my new assault rifle and is officially the first gun I made without instructions. It uses shells to shoot, has a mag and a true trigger, also a sleek design and collapsible bipod. I was wondering what should I name it?

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knex assault rifle contest

 I'm posting a knex assault rifle contest there will be one round the winner will get a sub picture of a cookie and favorites  Rules: must work  reliable must have a slide show or a few pics  true trigger Score chart: realism: up to 10 points piece efficient: up to 10 points mag: up to 5 points  range: up to 15 points if you make instructions or followable picture on how to build thats and extra 20points TOTAL POINTS UP TO: 50   

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Bakenbitzes Knex Assault Rifle

This is my newest gun, my assault rifle. It shoots dark gray connectors with Y connectors on them. It has good range and power. I might post.EDIT: The gun is now posted

Topic by bakenbitz    |  last reply

What is a good assault rifle?

I have already built the z35 and i liked it, but i was wondering if there is a better good assault rifle

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Steampunk Nerf Assault Rifle

This Nerf gun gets the steampunk treatment and put up for sale on eBay. Foam bullets sadly not propelled by steam. Link

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Z35 Assault Rifle Review

Ok so I built the Z35 assault rifle to day and I thought why not make a review for it. Link- -Comfort 6/10(the handle was really flimsy) -Range 9/10(I got around 65-70 ft flat with 2 strands of 32's tied together) -Power 8/10(when I shot my hand it really didn't hurt to much) -Accuracy 8/10(the gun is kinda accurate) -Reliability 9/10(the gun is really reliable) -Body Weight/Balance 8/10(the gun is kinda heavy it helps if you include the carrying strap) -Magazine 9/10(never jammed for me) So I would recommend this to anyone who wanted a blue rod mag fed gun or just an assault rifle.=)

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NERF Halo assault rifle

Over at the 405th, user Moz has modified his NERF rifle to fit right in to the Halo universe. Fortunately, he posted a few photos of the process so you can see how everything got hacked and modified and painted for the final result. He even put up a nice little video to show how it works. Nice one! Nerf Ma5B via gizmodo

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My new assault rifle

Well, Hello. This is my new assault rifle. I made this in about 3 hours. It turned out much much better than I expected. It shoots about 40ft but it has a very good strong trigger so maybe 50ft. The trigger block in the barrel works like the way Pooplord's Lever action pistol does. It requires no cut pieces although, my one has some on it. The mag is removable but its a little bit hard to do so.  I might post it, might not. Sorry for the bad(ish) picture but I was using my phone. Adiós Amigos.

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JAR - Jollex's (Knex) Assault Rifle

 This is a really powerful single shot assault rifle I made recently.  I was going to post instructions on ibles but the instructable maker thing kept screwing up so I'll just link you guys to the instructions on KI:

Topic by jollex    |  last reply

Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow: Review

Here is the review for the Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow by Wicky.I used the y-bow for the review, the same one in the picture.What to expect: Innovation: 9/10 I think shaping the bow in a y form was innovative and added more power with a shorter arm.Strength: 7/10 the arm is kind of weak. But the overall thing is good.Range: 9/10 shot very far and is powerful but not that accurate. It broke a red connector and two gray clipsLooks: 8/10 has a unique look but I like it.Parts: 8/10 fairly low on parts but uses more whites than most have.Handle: 7/10 not that comfortable but again uniqueStock: 9/10 nice and sturdy. I like it.Barrel: 8/10 the barrel is kind of flimsy but okay.At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.Here is the link to the gun. for reading.

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New Group! K'nex Assault Team!

Check out the group I made. It dosn't have many members, but still, check it out! Look up K'nex Assault Team!

Topic by KamikazeSniper360    |  last reply

Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle: Review

Here is the review for the Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle by Oblivitus.What to expect:Innovation: 9/10 Very innovative loading system. It also has a new trigger system. Strength: 9/10 Very strong. The one weak part is the handle, the connection to the body is weak.Range: 8/10 The range is good for a mag gun, about 40-45 feet.Looks: 9/10 One of the better looking guns on this site. The one thing that could make it look better is using less blue rods.Parts: 9/10 Uses quite a few parts, But it's worth it. Handle: 7/10 The handle is good but the connection is weak.Stock: 9/10 very sturdy Barrel: 10/10 Innovative slide mech. Trigger is very innovative as well. Magazine: 9/10 New and doesn't use cut parts.Extras. Bipod:8/10 not the best but it holds up the gun.At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.Here is the link to the gun. for reading.Killer~SafeCracker

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true mag shot assault rifle

Hello everyone I would like to tell you about my new weapon system. That uses a easy load mag like Ironman69's. It will come in 4 slightly different versions that will include. The standard version that will have a full stock, hand grip, and iron sights. Then there is the para-trooper version that will have a twiggy stock and will be a little smaller and it will have vertical fore grip and iron sights just like the standard version. Then there will be compact version that will just have a shorter barrel than the para-trooper. Then there is a special forces edition that will have a mock silencer, a longer fore grip with side rails for flash lights and laser pens,and will come with a mock scope. At the moment I do not have a date of release.

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What features must a knex assault rifle have? Answered

 I want to make a knex assault rifle for myself, but don't really know what makes a gun an assault rifle. What features must be included in this type?

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The Best Mid-Sized K'nex Assault Weapon? Answered

I'm looking for a mag-fed mid-sized k'nex assault weapon and I can't decide on one, so please suggest some k'nex gun like that.

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M81 Assault Pistol-Knex Trigger System

M81 Assault PistolThis gun was a project of mine...its a true trigger (obviously)'The Knex trigger system'Its not like a normal pull back tigger, you pull down...

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Can anybody make the halo 1 assault rifle and magnum?

I was wondering if anybody could make the halo 1 assault rifle and magnum out of knex. i know there alredy is an asault rifle, but im looking for new ideas. here is a couple of pictures: (1+2) assault rifle (3+4) magnum

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

Are there any good assault rifles with not a lot of green rods? Answered

 I can't figure out how to make more than one good gun at a time for all the green rods everyone uses. Are there any decent guns I could use as a primary that use a limited amount?

Question by MechanicalCreationMaster    |  last reply

Assault rifle you would like to see made with knex? Answered

Hey guys, I'm thinking about making a replica (shooting, obviously) of a modern assault rifle, do any of you have any ideas of what I should make? I want to make something no one has before.

Question by Torpe    |  last reply

TAR v1

This is my TAR v1, or, Trauts Assault Rifle v1. If I do continue making knex stuff, i'll hopefully continue this series of assault rifles. This was made last night mostly for the tvikt tournament. I took TheDunkis shell ejection system, slightly modded it, and basically added a good strong structure and nice trigger.

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New K'nex Gun: The KAR-1

Introducing  a new K'nex gun for a future Instructable. The K'nex Assault Rifle Model 1 is in the final stages of development and is currently being field tested for quality and reliability. the KAR-1 is a traditional pull-back ram driven K'nex gun fed by a self contained magazine firing blue K'nex rods or 2.25 x 1/4" metal or wood rods. The KAR was developed in an effort to produce a rugged and reliable K'nex gun for the K'nex gun enthusiast. No gimmicks or odd attachments; only pure functionality. Current performance shows signs of promise. Trigger pull is smooth yet yields consistant distances between 25 to 35 feet for blue and wood rods respectively. There is no set due date for the instructions as of yet; however updates will come as progress is made.

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Anyone ever heard of Monkey Byte's "Zulu Assault"? Answered

I am trying to find the full version of an old game called "Zulu Assault", by eGames, Monkey Byte, and Arrowhead Interactive, for Windows 98/95. Unfortunately, I can't find it on, Monkey Byte now makes a bunch of weird educational games, and I can't even find Arrowhead... in short, no results. If anyone knows of a possible place where I could find this, please post it.

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what are the best weapons in these groups: assault rifle, pistol, close quarters? Answered

I want to make a group of weapons with different uses, eg; assault rifle, pistol, a tazer, knife, close quarters. so what are the best weapons in these groups? thanx guys

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Basic Assault Weapon *updated with inside pictures for building*

Maybe some of you saw my video on youtube. I decided I'd mod the gun a little and maybe think about posting it if you guys think it's post-worthy. And by post-worthy I mean would you build it? Anyways on to the details. This is a basic weapon that is mostly compact and pretty reliable. There are no big special features other than the magazine which is obviously removable and has an internal pusher, a roof, and it can be top loaded. With a quick change of pieces you could technically top load the magazine while it is in the gun though it may be a little tricky. The magazines slide right in and should stay put. I shaked it my hardest and it wouldn't fall out. Removing it is pretty simple. You just need to pop both sides individually. As you can see I ran low on pieces so I just used red rods for the stock. You can store an extra magazine in it like in the picture. Of course I put in a pin guide. The handle is average. I wasn't too concerned with it as people can mod it freely. The trigger was made to block farther back so that the gun wouldn't have to be a unit longer to get max power. Ranges with the rubber bands placed as shown were about 9 meters or 27 feet with the mag full. I suspect increased ranges as the magazine empties. It doesn't have a turret, bolt, or shells so I don't know if you consider that good enough or not.

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What is the best all purpose knex assault rifle?

I know that a lot of you will suggest the storm 223, however I really dislike the instructions. Any other suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you.

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TAR [Unfinished]

Yoow, this is my assault rifle.. I never finished it coz I wanted to built some other guns:( But anyway, here are sum pics so you can make it and complete it.. You don't have to ask it Actually I've no idea why I'm posting this.. But I haven't posted anything for a long time so.. yeah.. Just look at the pictures:)

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E.A.P Review

So i recently built the E.A.P by Killer~SafeCracker. It's... Reliability-10/10-Never jammed. Never. Trigger always locks. Always. Never breaks. Never. Looks 8/10-I could stare at this all day. Comfort. 8/10-Some bad points but, IT HAS BLACK WHEELS! Strength 10/10-Never breaks. Never. Mag capacity 8/10-17, not bad. Range 7/10-2 #64s = 40 ft flat, 70 ft angled. Power 9/10-Paper=dead. Overall it's ( no really, i did the math) is 8.57143. Or, for you lazy people, 9. So I recommend it!

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what should my new knex assault rifle have

Choose from the list of things that my new gun should have on it or with it. pick 1 from each section apart from the 1st one because I could try and put all those things in. some kind of rails like Ironman's (ill try and make my own) adjustable stock adjustable cheek rest fake charging handle if you can think of other things please say! what ammo should it use rods yellow blue white green grey red black connectors grey orange grey and orange joined together (like my m110 and scar) what should the gun look like M4 m16 scar Xm8 m468 hk416

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I would like to make an assault boat like what the SEAL's use but I'm on a tight budget... duct tape? ... any ideas? Answered

My title kind of explains it but I would like to make an Assault Raft like what the SEAL's use. To buy one runs about 200 grand... ridiculous if you ask me but that's the way it is... I have been thinking of using duct tape and PVC, kinda following the Myth Busters template. Awesome episode I just saw! Anyways, if anyone in the Vancouver, WA area who would like to help is welcome to... other than that I could just use some help on the brainstorming. THANKS!

Question by Blacksmith Spader    |  last reply

how to choose a good beginner airsoft aeg assault rifle and a gas 1911?

I need good idea's for good beginner/intermediate airsoft aeg assault rifle such as a famas,ak-47,m4,etc. and metal internals and good upgrade ability and around $150 and a good gas 1911 for around $100  and what to get after this? m14,p90,mp5,l85,shotgun,etc too many choice's, for example: also I will be doing cqc and woodland

Question by weaponkid  

Anyone know of a cool Knex M16 I can build? Answered

Looking for an M16 to make. I'm an M16 freak ;)

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knex sidearm contest

Ok everyone. post your best sidearm or build one! you can enter every sidearm you want : a glock, oodammo, single shots as long it is an sidearm. if you can please make a vid you win: a 5* on all your ibles+sub the deadline is: 1 july so please enter YOUR sidearm current entrys: thedunkis oodassault 3.6 and 3.7 djradio's jackal v4 knex gun builder's halo magnum   dsman195276's sidearm selonzia's pp2000 and the winner is... THE DUNKIS!! congratulations!

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What is your favorite primary weapon to use in a knex war?

I don't care if it is a sniper, crossbow, shotgun, assault rifle, or whatever... If you also go onto feel free to use examples from there.

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rating knex guns and fsastr pics

One thing I really dont get is people just rating knex guns by looks or because they like the user who posted it, personally I only rate guns that I have built, and the only gun on this site I have completely built was shadowninjas assault magnum. oh heres pics of the fsastr (firestorm assault rifle) sorry there is no full pictures I haven't loaded hem up yet its a true trigger assault rifle removable yellow rod mag attatchable oodammo grenade launcher with top railspicture notes1-the mag2-looks a bit like a halo battle rifle attatchments are foregrip and carry handle/sight3-assault configuration short sight and oodammo grenade launcher4-oodammo in launcher5 grenade launcher

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Which guns do you like.i personaly like the assault rifle.i also like the brute plazma rifle.

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