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Atmel 532

Ok so I know this going to sound really dumb but what is an Atmel 532 chip good for?? I tried to google it but none of the results told what it is and what I could do with it? Can anyone here shed some light on it for me?

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Atmel ICE basic?

Hey I got Atmel ICE basic, 6 pin wire and atmega1248. I try to sent  program code, but there comes error message. How I should connect  pins?

Question by mattilaniko    |  last reply

How to program ATMEL AT89S52 chip?

Hello. I'm new in forum. I buy a DIY Kit Secohmmeter Capacitance Meter Inductance Meter Frequency Meter, but the chip have no code. The vendor send me a link to download the schematic and the code in C and inn hexadecimal. But I don't know how to code the chip, the board have UAB_ASP connection. If anyone already use that kit and know how to code that, can explain how to code the chip? I attach foto and the code.  Thank's Miguel Rodrigues 

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How to construct a programmer for Atmel AT89S52 microcontroller? Answered

I have been trying to construct a ISP Programmer for AT89S52 microcontroller and my previous attempts were not fruitful... So please help me..

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How do I connect an ATMEL AT89S8252 to a computer? Answered


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RKAT40 Prototype PCB for Sanguino & ATMEL - Help Needed

Hi, I would like someone to test the following PCB for me please, you will obviously be able to keep the board If you are interested please contact me directly Thanks, David

Topic by davidbraith  

Atmel 89 series programmer, (

Has anyone made it work? can u help me? and also can it be connected via usb? coz i'm really having a hard time making it.

Question by No-Shi-De    |  last reply

Atmel AVR IDE/assembler won't run (Windows 8)

I'm trying to write some code for my AVR in assembly, but I cannot get either the Atmel studio 6.0 (with or without sp1) or AVR32 studio 2.6 to run. Studio 6.0 with the service pack states that it will work on windows 8 but consistently gives the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)". AVR32 generates a Java error. This is consistent across all compatability settings and running as administrator. This is on a pretty much clean install of windows 8 pro x64, with all updates and the latest release of both 32 and 64 bit Java. All other software has installed and run without issues, including the equivalent software for microchips microcontrollers. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to get this software to run, or any alternatives that may work. Thanks in advance for any help.

Question by The Skinnerz  

what does this chip do? Answered

I have a atmlh812 smd chip here, but i cant find any datasheets on it. it also says 02B(or 8) 1 (.)Z8F1056C is it made by atmel? can someone help me find a datasheet for it?

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How to upload to another arduino without removing the atmel chip? Answered

I bought a arduino uno  and i got the smd edition i want to upload sketches to my arduino pro mini with the smd version any luck??

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Somebody Tell me How to program A Atmel Microcontroller 8052 with C Language?

Somebody Tell me How to program A Atmel Microcontroller 8052 with C++   Language? I want to design a Circuit with this that relays operate by PC

Question by tali123    |  last reply

i found an atmel atmega8535, what do i need to program it? Answered

Ive found the IDE for programming the atmega8535, but im wondering what external components are needed to program it? thanks in advance.

Question by zack247    |  last reply

How many AVR projects have there been on Instructables since its inception?

How many of the projects on instructables have used an Atmel AVR microprocessor?

Question by sylviebarak    |  last reply

Does anyone know any good PWM tutorials for the AtMega32 and AtMega168 chips. These are not arduinos. Answered

Does anyone know any good PWM tutorials for the AtMega32 and AtMega168 chips. These are not arduinos. I am looking specifically for servo and DC Motor control but any tutorial on PWM should give me the base I need to move forward.

Question by TheTrustedOne    |  last reply

I need a mini-arduino! Help with finding one!

Hey guys! I had a question! I got several ATtiny85s and they were great! I was able to use my Arduino Sketches and my use Arduino to upload the code to them. But now I have a new project and I need more then 2 outputs! I need another microcontroller just like the Attiny85 but with say 4-10 outputs. Any sugggestions? Oh, I have to be able to use my Arduino sketches with it, so I can't use things like the picaxe thingy. I also don't want to buy a miniduino or microduino. Thanks!

Topic by HavocRC    |  last reply

Attiny84 is not working and frezes

Hallo,i have uploaded the program for several Attiny84, some of them working perfectly and the rest are not sending any signals. i checked the Fuse sitting, it is right because i compared with the other working attiny. i tried to upload the program by Atmel studio 7 much times but it is not working. i can see from atmel studio that the program uploaded and the fuse sitting is right my experience in AVR is not really good. could i someone help methanks in Advance

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AVR development

Looking to get into programming AtMel AVRs and i would like to know if anyone can suggest a development board that ain't Arduino for getting started with. I've heard good things bout the STK500, but can't find one to buy anywhere. Also I've added some pics, answers to those questions would be brilliant.

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My POV Toy!

Woot!I finally finished my version of ladyada's miniPOV.I just made it a bit smaller and used a header for programming rather than attaching the 25 pin D connector directly to the board. Oh - and almost all of my supplies (except for the board) were free =DD.-->Check it!-T3h_Muff

Topic by T3h_Muffinator    |  last reply

Should i buy the AT89c51?

So i was thinking about buying a micro-controller for a while and i found this in the local shop It doesn't come with a development board and i have no idea how to program it. So can anyone help me get started and make a Dev board? P.S Sorry if my English is bad. I am a Pakistani.

Question by Hafiz Mohammad Shayan Tariq    |  last reply

3 wire interface (GND, VCC, DATA)? Answered

Hi guys,   I'm trying to reverse the communications on a project I have at the moment which seems to be using a 3 wire serial interface (GND, VCC, DATA).  My goal would be to replicate the communications with an arduino or similar, however i'm not 100% sure what serial protocol it's using.   The device is using an Atmel ATMEGA168 and the pcb is covered in conformal coating, so I haven't had a whole lot of luck tracing the pins. I'm not overly aware of many one-wire communications protocols.  The datasheet says the ATMEGA supports various peripheral features, including SPI, USART, 2-wire serial (Philips I2C) (among others), however the GND, VCC, DATA configuration doesn't seem to fit with any of the supported protocols (i.e. there's no clock line and only a single data line).   The captures i'm getting seem to indicate that it's an 8-bit binary protocol.  I was going to try to decode it manually and attempt to reproduce it, however would be grateful if someone recognizes it and can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know any protocols / configurations this could be?  Example screenshot attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Question by ikarus6    |  last reply

Very small microcontroller Arduino rogrammable?

Hey all! I really need some help! Ok, so I want to make a very small circuit and put it in my watch, but I don't have any microcontollers small enough tor with enough pins. I want around 16-20 I/O pins but I want it to be in a very small package. Like the flat square ones with 10 pins, or the long thin rectangular ones. It also has to be able to be programmed using my Arduino. Several suggestions and help on how to find my own would be a great help! ~AJ

Topic by HavocRC    |  last reply

Plans for AVR LCD display, need some help..

I've just ordered at ATMEGA644 after running out of space on my ATTINY2313 too easy. Along with that, i got a 20X4 LCD screen, character one that displays letters, and the cursors are 5X7 matrix.How does one write to a LCD screen? like is there a good place for a tutorial? maybe a simple sample code of HELLO WORLD? I know in DOS you need stlib or w/e, and you do printf("HELLO WORLD\n"); does it work similar to displaying on a 20X4 character screen? I'm a ok C programmer, knowing the basics to create little games with 3X3 leds and speakers. I've got a C programming book to help along with it. So feel free to explain, or just give code samples. i can figure it.

Topic by Killa-X    |  last reply

ATMEGA328 V/S at89c2051?


Question by yhdesai    |  last reply

help with (possibly) programmable chips? Answered

Hey eveyone, i want help figuring out if  can use either of these 2 chips for programming. the datasheets are below: atmel at29c512-90jc  \/ or mosel vitelic v29c51002t   \/' any help is appreciated

Question by zack247    |  last reply

Does anyone have a pcb design for making an attiny13 programming cradle?

I am looking for a pcb design for an attiny13 programming cradle, preferably an eagle file (.brd) but a pdf or picture file is okay to.

Question by tjmortenson    |  last reply

Why is the ATtiny85 more expensive than the ATmega328? What? Answered

I only need 2 I/O pins, but if I can get it cheaper with the 328 then why not?  Can anyone find the tiny for under 5 bucks with shipping?

Question by Spaceman Spiff    |  last reply

Where can I get a cheap AVR programmer

Hi, I'm working on a project and am wondering: Where can I get a cheap AVR programmer compatible with Atmega chips? Specifically the ATmega32U4. It does not need to have a socket for the chip, I'll be doing in circuit programming. Please help.

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

How do I choose an optocoupler/transistor? Answered

There are 2 circuits,one is a clap switch which provides output to ground voltage as 12 volts,and with a resistor,I managed to get an led to turn on each time I clap.I wanted to interface it with a clock which shows time when a button is pressed,but the problem is the button(marked as "show") isn't connected from microcontrollers  pin to vcc but from micro's pin to gnd (find attachment for reference).so I wanted to chose an optocoupler or transistor,but being a school student,I haven't  learnt about them,though I know how to connect them. also,please suggest some method (transistors or optocoupler & which one) to increase the number of output leds without overloading the micro Please help

Question by Suraj Grewal    |  last reply

Want to move "tv b gone" project from Arduino(Atmega328P) to Atmega8A

Hello. I found "Tv b gone" project which i can write to my arduino. It worls perfectly. I want to make it smaller but i don't want to waste my arduino board and Atmega328P which sits inside of an arduino. Here is a video on YouTube Works on one IR diode (would be glad if can do the same on atmega8a) There is a link to download the code for arduino: Project page (guy changed the code to working on arduino) Original project page where originally everything is working on ATtiny85. If needed I've got Arduino UNO, USBasp (can burn program with USBasp using Eclipse C/C++ or ArduinoIDE) I want to know if i could make it work on Atmega8 (internal oscilator/external crystal?) (got many of these, don't want to buy new microcontroller) without any effort? I would appreciate if someone help me. Sorry for my English. I'm from Europe.

Topic by DELETED_AndrzejŁ    |  last reply

How to move project to work on Atmega8a?

Hello. I found "Tv b gone" project which i can write to my arduino. It worls perfectly. I want to make it smaller but i don't want to waste my arduino board and Atmega328P which sits inside of an arduino. Here is a video on YouTube Works on one IR diode (would be glad if can do the same on atmega8a) There is a link to download the code for arduino: Project page (guy changed the code to working on arduino) Original project page where originally everything is working on ATtiny85. If needed I've got Arduino UNO, USBasp (can burn program with USBasp using Eclipse C/C++ or ArduinoIDE) I want to know if i could make it work on Atmega8 (internal oscilator/external crystal?) (got many of these, don't want to buy new microcontroller) without any effort? I would appreciate if someone help me. I found also something like this. but I need EU codes Sorry for my English. I'm from Europe.

Question by DELETED_AndrzejŁ  

pulse nublers on arduino?

Hpw would you use an arduino to read a number from 1-10 (read which is high) on 10 pins then when another pin is high do the relevent humber of pulsces on another pin????

Question by jcbed    |  last reply

atmega32u4 vs atmega328?

How am I limited (or not limited) by using ATMega32u4 instead of ATMega328 with my Arduino? I want my sketch to perform a simple "echo" of a code it receives, does ATMega32u4 allow me to do this? Here is the datesheet of ATMega32u4:

Question by DELETED_MakiY2  

Free IC Samples: Good or Bad

Every now and then I order a sample of an integrated circuit from companies such as TI, Atmel, or Microchip. But can I get too many. If I order too many do you think they will catch on to my using of their free samples for hobby use and not research? I stopped ordering because I am afraid they might start charging me for all the chips I ordered. What's your opinion?

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

Arduino bootloader for Atmega 32?

I have an Atmega 32 based board. I wish to use it with Arduino. Is there any Arduino Bootloader for Atmega 32 (40-pin) microcontroller?

Question by sarveshk    |  last reply

How do you install AVRdude on Ubuntu 9.04 through Synaptic Package manager?

I have installed all the recommended packages through synaptic package manager and I cannot find the program on here.I also tried to install it through terminal and I had some errors I couldn't figure out .Any help would be much appreciated.

Question by klarkg    |  last reply


I'm very new world microcontroller. I am very interested with microcontroller because I thought, I'll be able to do something big with a very small and affordable prices. I had a problem with my knowledge of how to enter the program to the microcontroller. I am very interested in creating a tool to set up the system to light up a stage and I discovered a site through google ( I plan to create a dmx driver by using ftdi breakout and some components are simple and easy to come by (from dfrrobot + max485 ftdibreakout + resistor 100 ohms) and the tool may suggest I make. Then I was stringing a series of electronics like the one in with the main components of an atmega 8515-16 PU as his driver. Maybe anyone can give me a clue in full, how do I get into the program to enter the mine by using atmega8515 avrstudio 4.18 and avrisp mk II. A tool that has been in my possession:   1. dmx Series with atmega 8515 ( which I will use as the recipient of your dmx signal dmx-made me. 2. AVRISPMKII (USB) CLONE with reference to NUE-125 programmers. 3. PC Windows XP who have already installed the avrstudio 4.18 therein. 4. a laptop windows 7 64 bits.   Thank you for any help from you.

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Can this microcontroller be used for ARDUINO ???

Hi ... can this microcontroller be used to create "ARDUINO" ??? There seems to be a small difference in the pins in compare to  - that's what's making me confused. Thank you in advance for your answers. Zholy

Question by zholy    |  last reply

Programming eeprom

I have been trying to program an atmel 25040 eeprom with a superpro3000, it accepts the program,but when I click on the verfy option an error message appears. Can any one please help?

Topic by jimenazo    |  last reply

how to compile and program usbtiny firmware, and using what (software)?

I want to make an usbtiny v1.0, but how to program the firmware ? 

Question by Rendydevara    |  last reply

Help programming a 8 pin eeprom

Hi, can any one help on programming a atmel 25040 eeprom? I have a superpro3000. This chip accepts the program, but when i verify it a error message appears.

Topic by jimenazo    |  last reply

Arduino Hardware

Hi, I have found these folks selling hardware for the Arduino, Laters!

Topic by davidbraith  

MCP2210 Questions?

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln Such wise words I should have heeded.  Anyhow I have my MCP2210 wired up correctly now, the computer recognizes it, configured using the MCP2210 Utility and the GPIO pins have been tested and work through the SPI Terminal that I downloaded for another product related to this from Microchip. The question I have now is how much farther can I take this?  I started with this IC because I know (some) Arduinos use an FT232 USB to UART chip to connect USB to the Atmel chip they use.  I recall most Atmel MCUs can be programmed using SPI, so I figured I would try this out.  I also hoped this would delve into software so I could teach myself a bit about that as I am more familiar with hardware and building circuits.  If everything worked out I wanted to use these with an MCU so I could make myself custom small USB programmable boards for projects.  So would it be possible to program an ATTiny or ATMega through this using Atmel Studio 7.0?  What am I missing if it can be done?  What should I be researching next?  Anything to point me in the right direction is appreciated.  If this is not feasible, alright, what other applications would these chips as I have a few more of them?

Question by Electric Spectre1  

FatFs Library

Hello everyone, I have recently been working on porting the FatFs Generic FAT File System library to an Atmega328p for use with a project I'm working on and I'm really having some issues with it.  I've tried a couple of different tutorials and walkthroughs and in the end I either get odd errors that seems will be an incredible hassle to correct, or my program compiles but the actual program won't work correctly (none of the open, write, etc functions actually work) I am writing this in Atmel Studio 6 (AVR Studio) If anyone can please help me out, or if you have ported this for the atmel mega series before and can provide your files that would be awesome Thank you

Topic by BooRan  

Can i use an avr microprocessor to output a specific current?

If anyone has some arduino code or something for an attiny 13 it would help alot!

Question by DELETED_cdousley    |  last reply

Can i use this to make a robot?

Can i use this to make a robot? it says: modes: Funwafer THT 1.4 Wp AVR Wp AVR 8MHz and it has an atmel AT90S8515 8AI 0202 and its programer

Topic by silva_p    |  last reply

AVR debugger

I'm looking for a DIY debugger for atmel AVR microcontroller (ATMega644 to be exact but any other avr will do). that have step-by-step debug capabilities. DIY means i preferred making the circuit at home rater then buying some kit. thanks.

Question by axodus    |  last reply

How can i put arduino bootloader on an atmega 168? Answered

I know i could buy one but i'd rather do it myself

Question by DELETED_cdousley    |  last reply

USB adafruit trinklet mini > AC voltage regulator ~5W/230v motor?

​ hi folks.. i have this little project running..   what i have: adafruit trinklet mini with 5v ATMEL microcontroller   what i want/need: REGUALTE a small 5w MOTOR using 230v ! (i already have a mechanical potentiometer at 30k ohm attached directly AC.. BUT..)   i know so far with the atmel i can f.ex. control a digital potentimeter 50k ohm, at 5v.. -> only DC no AC (+ i wont get a 1Ampere on 5V working) ------> my little MOTOR uses ~ 22mA on 230V = 5W    and what ive learned so far is that i might need one or two TRIAC or DAC combined with a POTENTIOMETER.. to control AC voltage and/ or an OPTO-ISOLATOR --never heared of that before..   but i have no idea how i should solder that together or will i need some extra RESITORS or CAPACITORS for it?   -> FINALLY i want to flash the ATMEL with a small arduino code and use a USB connection (+own software) pushing the potenial (resistance in the curciut) from 0 to 50k ohm into AC !

Question by sblocc10    |  last reply

Anyone ever build a computer from scratch?

Has anyone ever done it? I'm building a micro linux computer that should be able to fit in an altoids box. It's going to be running an Atmel ARM chip at 400mhz. If anyone has done anything similar, suggestions are appreciated!

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply