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atx power supply? Answered

I 'accidentally' loaded the atx power supply with 10 amps. It is requires 4 amps to work, I am worried that the protection circuits will be blown. Would it be safe to use now with a 4 amp supply now? I live in the U.K.

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Monitor powered by ATX

I searched for hours with varying keywords and can't find too much information...  12v to pin 1 and GND to pin 2 but what do I do about the neutral? I read a xbox 360 laptop mod but it involves the 5v too, and connects it to the power brick. I'm trying to do something different. Trying to make a lunchbox out of a macpro 1.1 case. 1 wire to plug into an outlet is better than needing two. Before I get into this project im trying to understand what I need to buy and feel kinda silly asking such a question which should be extremely simple but I want to be safe and dont want to fry anything. For those that are actually interested in what I'm doing, I kept staring at the case thinking "what can I make with this, and the items I have laying around?" I thought I'd 1-up the basic hackintosh build and go against the grain of using the case how it's intended. I flipped it so the side with the I/O ports were sitting flat, measured the inside which gave me 7" of workable space with 0.4" wiggle room which made perfect for an mini ITX to be laying flat down instead of against the wall. I thought I could take my dremel and cut out an area for a LCD monitor. I have enough DVD drives laying around as well that I could make a "push tray to eject keyboard" sort of slide out keyboard upgrading the rails, using an ultra thin keyboard with a track pad and top it off with sound activated lights and my 1.5 TB HD that's almost full of music. I realize I can do this with a laptop and pocket usb speaker/light effects, but it wouldn't be as cool and I wouldn't get to reuse these items I have sitting around.

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Atx power supply Answered

20pi old atx power supply whith foppy drive connection and reg.hard dive and ribon connections no switches for power 1 plug for ac 1 led green 1 120/220 switch led on when plugs in but no out put power I cross green and black wires led gos out still no out put help please

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Visiting the ATX Hackerspace

I decided to visit austin, TX on my most recent vacation. While i was there i decided to drop in on the ATX hackerspace. The hackerspace is just over a year old but already has a large community. The space is located in an office park which makes it almost hidden if it weren't for the wicked bat logo As i came into the space, they were holding their weekly meeting, Once the meeting was over the crowd of about 30 people broke into a cacophony of geeky projects. A few people bent over a mysterious box trying to determine it's purpose. Another used the industrial sewing machine to create professional looking leatherwork. There were many other "newbies" to the space, who were given the low down by the night's host, Martin. The space is impressive given they have been at the current location for only 2 months. It has a lot of potential to be a powerhouse of awesome projects. What is interesting, is that the hackerspace (unlike most) is a for profit. That means it can bring in money and make money. This means if they want to build kits and sell them to benefit the space, its perfectly fine under the law. I work a lot with non-profit entities so its interesting to see this model I must say though, ATX hackerspace has one of the coolest logos i've seen. Thanks ATX for your hospitality and showing me around! Hope you enjoyed the stickers! Go visit! Tuesday nights at 7:30 is the open house time. 1601 Rutherford Ln, Suite A200 Here is a time laspe movie of their mural being painted:

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Atx supply possible Wattages

Hi there community, i have a very certain question.I recently modified an atx supply of 420W. Some of its features are :5V 32 A 12V 14A3.3V 22A-12V 0,5ALets say i connect one end to 5v and the other to -12v, what wattage will this give me ? Probbaly not 17x32=544 Is bridging possible? What are the possible wattages ?Thank you for your time :)

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ATX PSUI shorting out

​Hi everyone, I hope I did this well, first time on this site, this is a question. I want to make my own soldering iron/heating element, I know I can buy them but it is a project of mine and I just want to know how it works and make it. I used to power a copper wire with a 5V ATX PSU at 16Amps, the psu shorted out and stopped. I read somewhere that you can prevent the PSU from shorting out when there is enough resistance on the wire so the current is not too high for the PSU. (Total nitwit on electronics btw) I was wondering if this is true, and how can I build a succesful soldering iron with a PSU, what transistor or what modifications to make. Also, would a longer wire/rod produce more heat than a shorter? red hot would be nice. Thanks in advance!

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ATX Power Supply Help!

I have this power supply. is it an atx supply? because i want to turn it into a bench top power supply but i can only use an atx. it has a 20 pin connector. i heard that if its not an atx, it wont work for some of the ibles on here. thanks.

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ATX Power Supply Conversion

Hi Again, My question is when building an ATX power supply, Can you join the 12 volt leads with the 5 volts leads to make 17 volts? If not how can I get lets say 20 volts. I am going to use a DC to DC converter to make a variable power supply. I would like at least 20V in then I can adjust from 1.2 to 60 volts out. I use it now running directly off battery but would like to add it to the ATX build case. Thanks for any help again.

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ATX Variable power supply. Answered

In the various instructables on this subject, all the component values aren"t given. such as the  120ohm resistor required but no watt value is given. can anyone give me a detailed parts list so I can buy the components needed for this project?

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ATX power supply conversion

I know this is a long passed DIY. But while building a ATX Power supply I separated all the wires as stated. I then put the green and a black wire to a switch and added the 3 brown leads to the orange leads. When I plug in the unit the supply light comes on, but when I turn the green wire switch the main power LED goes out and no fan comes on. It acts like the switch is shutting the unit off.  Can anyone help. I am 60 years old and just getting into doing some bench work to pass the time. Thanks for any help.

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Adjustable Voltage on PSU ATX

I have an old Rockford P450.4 amplifier that I salvaged an LM317T and LM337T from. It also had some two (2) potentiometers that I salvages as well. I have a 400W Coolamx PSU ATX that I turned into a bench supply. I have read that people have been using these two (2) IC's to maintain a constant voltage through variable adjustment. I have seen several tutorials on instructables, but that all lack clarity, instruction and do not provide enough detail. I could really use a good tutorial, but have failed to find one of great interest.

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Capasitive start and run.?

I have build this circuit and works great for a 12v pc fan on the bench for PWM. When i hooked this into my ATX power supply to regulate the fan speed the fan doesn't like to run unless i touch some portion of the pcb i build the circuit on. I spliced the wires from the ATX power supply into the PWM circuit, then out of the PWM circuit back to the fan. I guess its a  capactive issue. What could be the fix for this? The other An EE suggested i add several diodes inline to slow the fan down....hhmm maybe

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atx power supply wrong voltages

I've done some experimenting with an ATX power supply, trying to turn it into a bench top, and I've come close.  I have 1 more problem, the voltages are off.  Instead of 5v I'm getting 5.25, instead of 12 I get 11.4 and most dramatically of all instead of 3V I get 4V. Has anyone had this problem before and learned to solve it? 

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Turn an ATX Power Supply in to a Welder? Answered

I was wondering if I can turn an ATX power supply in to a welder: Before I write down the specs/amps of the power supply, I want to say that I have no experience in welding, I'm wondering if it's posssible to make a small welder out of an ATX power supply. Is there some kind of minimum current that you have to pass to start welding (softer?) metals? The lower the voltage the better right? I didn't give a lot of information, Because I don't know what to ask... Thanks :)

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High current variable voltage from an atx psu

What would be the most simplistic way to draw up to 10a on an atx PSU using variable voltage controlled by a potentiometer? I've looked at a few diagrams using the LM317 but it is limited to 1.5a. The only other VVR I can find is the LM350 but is still limited to 3a. Any ideas? I was thinking of stacking an arrey of LM350s in parallel but this doesn't seem like a viable answer.

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Converting a Dell ATX to a hobby power supply?

I have a Dell computer ATX power supply which I want to convert to a hobby power supply providing +12volts and +5volts. The Dell power supply does not have a switch which I do not require anyways. When I examined the wiring in the power supply I noticed there is no "green" wire that is used by the computer to turn the power supply on. In your conversion this green wire is connected to the a black ground to wire fire up the power supply. My question: What wire in the Dell power supply is used to fire up the power supply since there is no "green" wire? Is there any special wiring procedures particular to Dell that is different than the standard power supply?

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How do you convert an ATX power supply for car use?

I want to use an ATX or AT 120V computer power supply in my vehicle.  I assume one can just put the 12V supply to the section of the power supply after it has been converted (120v to 12v) and rectified (AC to DC).  From there the circuit can supply 12v or 5v but I'm more interested in the 5v but would also like to run a computer occasionally or permanently (further down the to speak).

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Bench power supply build from ATX power supply acceptable voltage

Hi, I built a bench  power supply from an ATX power supply and I am not sure if the voltage is correct. I am getting 5.74 volts off of the 5 volt supply and 12.7 volts from the 12 volt supply. Is that too high to use or should I try to bring it down a little? When I built the supply I didn't have a 10 ohm power resistor so I used a 6 ohm 10 watt resistor. Could this be the reason for the higher voltage? Thanks for any help you can give me. Dan

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continuity between 3.33v and gnd on atx psu?

Im converting my atx into a bench psu. I was checking the continuity between 5v and gnd that i connected to the LTC3780 and i got a beep (one short beep). So i checked the rest of the lines and 5v and 12v also 1 short beep. However on the 3.3v. i get  a long continuous beep. Is this behaviour to be expected?  thank you in advance.

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ATX power supply to run a raspberry pi

Has anyone used a ATX power supply to run a raspberry pi with peripherals such as hdd's and dvd drives. If you have what considerations should I take into account, I found this howto here but it's for making a lab power supply so not exactly what I need. Thanks

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Atx power supply problem pleas help.

I am wanting to turn atx psu into power supply, connected up to check. all wiring is correct added a 10 ohm 5 watt load resistor standby comes on connect green and ground to switch on. fan starts to spin then stops , any ideas anyone

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Does 5V in a ATX PSU give 2A?

Looking for a power supply for my USB Hub, and I think I might found it. My PSU in my computer has 5V and 2A for VSB and another one with 5V and 25A. So my question is: does a Molex or floppy connector give 5V and 2A? Any power issues connecting this to my hub?

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ATX Variable power supply circuit problems? Answered

I finished putting together the variable power curcuit board I had asked about earlier. I am getting 0-18volts with no load applied just my meter. When I try to connect a small dc motor or anything to it , my voltage goes to 0. I used a 5k linear taper potentiometer and didn't notice untill after assembling that it is only rated for .5 watts. Could this be the problem? I also used a salvaged ceramic cap, and a salvaged 1uf cap, but dont know how to test them with a regular fluke multimeter. Could somebody please help! I'm a newbee, so I appologize for my electronics ignorance, but we all got to start somewhere.

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What voltages i can obtain from ATX by combine the outputs? Answered

I have not opened an atx, to measure the outputs to understand. I google it and i find like -12 with +12 you get 24V, -5v and +5V you get 10V but no one say all the outputs. What happens if i connect +12V with -3,3V, or others.

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Do ATX Power supplies convert AC to DC power?

Hello all, I am sure this is a silly question for the experienced, but seeing as I'm just starting to really get into this stuff, any help would be appreciated. I am writing to get a bit of consensus to assure myself the a ATX power supply will convert AC power in to DC power out.  I would like to save myself the hassle of taking apart a computer if this is not the case.  In the event I'm wrong, what does convert AC to DC power? Just to give you an idea of what I need this for, this power supply will be used to run the electrolytic etching process for use with copper in a copper sulfate bath.  I'll be using the etch process to etch through copper plates (saves a lot of money compared to ferric chloride) The last question I had is if anyone knows how to discharge any residual energy within the ATX system.  I have an instructable on converting the ATX into a power supply, but I feel like I read the residual power in the system can be quite nasty if it shocks you, so I'd like to avoid that.  In fact, any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks! Andrew

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Modifying ATX Power Supply for 12v Power - Easiest Method?

I'm building a small box with toggle switches on it. I want each toggle switches to turn on something simple (mostly just LED lights). I was trying to think of how to power the box, and I thought about using an old atx case power supply since I've got an old computer I could pull it out of. I'm seeking advice because I have no experience with wiring at all.. and I don't want to burn the house down. :) If I jump the green and black wires on the motherboard plug so that I can turn on the supply, couldn't I just buy a simple molex Y-splitter and plug it into an available molex plug, and then cut the yellow and black wires and use those for the power and ground? Here are the Y-splitters I'm referring to: Cut off the plugs from the Y, and run the yellow and black wires to my switch and then run a power wire from the switch to the LED light or case fan or whatever I'm powering off of that switch. The switches I'm using are 12v automotive toggle switches. Would this provide the power I need? Would it be too much power? Should I put in an inline fuse or a ohm resistor or something to make it safer? I appreciate any opinions.. I'm curious if anyone has ever used a molex plug in this kind of way and how it worked. :)

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Broken PSU? Answered

 I recently seen an instructable on converting an old computer PSU into a lab power supply. I followed it correctly, connecting the orange wire to the brown, the green to black and a 10W Wirebound resistor across red and black. The PSU turns on and all of the voltage rails work (although some are out by +-.75V sometimes), but I can hear a faint screeching noise and the fan doesn't spin.  I though the screeching may be normal because all I normally hear is the fan, is this okay. The fan is rated at 12V 0.3A, but when I measured the voltage over it, it was only 3.4V, why is this and how do I fix it. Any help appreciated, Thanks. 

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Convert an ATX power supply into a regular DC power supply

I did this project just today, but all the results came out negative voltage (e.g. -11,45 on the 12v) on the multimeter. Did I do something wrong or is it supposed to be like that?

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is there some combination of voltage rails on an ATX power supply that could be utilized to provide 28VDC @ 8.3A?

I'm trying to find an inexpensive power supply solution for a LUXIM Li-Fi Plasma Lighting source. The RF generator requires 28VDC at 250W is there some combination of voltage rails on an ATX power supply that could be utilized to provide 28VDC @ 8.3A? is there a way that the voltage could be slightly boosted or cut by a couple of volts?

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Current limiting for around 10 amps at 12 volts for electrolysis cell? Answered

I am running an electrolysis cell off a modified ATX computer power supply. If I run the cell of 12 volts it will draw around 20 amps which is more than the power supply can handle and causes it to shut down after a few seconds. If I run the cell off the 5 volt port it only runs at around 2 amps, well below what I was hoping to get the cell to run at. Does anyone have suggestions to limit the power to around 100 watts (8-10 amps at 12 volts)?

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Are high power resistors really neccessary on a benchtop PSU conversion?

Was looking through the site and I was just wondering--why all the huge resistors on the bench-top power supply conversions of PC Power supplies? From personal experience this seems like a waste of perfectly good electricity.I know that they require some current to just stay on however in designing a project for my school's Engineering Technology department I found that the heat generated by such a small resistance (Around 10 ohms) was unacceptably high. Originally I was looking at Instructables and this sitethis site for inspiration but all the cooling measures taken to prevent the high power resistor from becoming a hazard seemed rather silly. A few calculations and experiments later with the 250 watt power supply and I determined that 160 ohm1 watt resistors and 1K 1/2 watt resistors were perfectly acceptable for the purpose of keeping the PSU awake and functioning. I connected one of each between each voltage and ground. According to calculations I can get away with dissipating a grand total of two watts or less spread across multiple resistors.The current divider rule dictates that if you add resistances in parallel, the resulting resistance will be smaller meaning more current will flow through the overall circuit. However this increased current will divide itself across the parallel resistances according to the rule Ix= RtIT/(Rx+Rt). The current through and power dissipated by the resistor you've soldered into the PSU will not change enough to be significant no matter how large or small a resistance you attach in parallel with it--with the exception of an effective short and what in God's name are you doing intentionally shorting the terminals of your bench-top PSU? Now several months later, the PSU is still operating happily and powering multiple micro-controller projects on a display board. Therefore I can reliably conclude that the high-power 10 ohm resistors in many computer power supply conversions are probably a gratuitous waste of wattage. You can get away with using a higher resistance and a resistor that dissipates much less current.

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Adapt a computer ATX power supply to add a single 2 wire 12V connector

 I need to replace a 350W power supply that supplies a computer setup and LCD screen in an all in one computer. The failing power supply has one single 2 wire(one black, one white) connector powering a power board that supplys the power to the LCD screen. Can I use any ATX power supply that has the same or more amps on each of the 12V 5V and 3.3V and........ Can I adapt the spare 4 pin molex connectors to make a 2 wire single connector? I can take photos if necessary. hi, thank you

Topic by NickEloFun_1  

running vacuum tube filaments on dc and getting 10 volts from 2 5 volt wires from a atx? Answered

I am going to run a 10 volt filament on the +5 volt and +5 volt to get a combined power of 10 volts. First of all will running the filament on dc hurt it? Also the tube takes 10 amps, so will the +5 and +5 power supply be able to cope with it? ( it is a atx power supply) also how do you wire 2 +5 volt wires with a common ground to get 10 volts

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psu 6+2 connector? Answered

Does a 6+2 connector on a psu do the same jobs as an 8-pin connector? thanks for anwering!

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Is a Wooden Enclosure for Electronics a Good Idea? Answered

I am in the process of converting my ATX power supply into a bench power supply. My PSU's standard case is made from 1mm steel with various ventilation holes, there is also a 120*120mm fan.  However, the circuit board is strangely positioned within the case and there isn't enough space for what I want to add.   I would like to take all of the electronics and rehouse them in a home-made wooden case. My question is; Is this a sensible thing to do? I plan to use 5mm pine stripwood to remake the box, but slightly bigger and better arranged. I would still fit the fan and drill plenty of ventilation holes.  Do I need to take any extra precautions if using wood, or is it just a really bad idea. Thanks in advance. 

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What t is the difference between the -12v and +12v, -5v and a computer power supply? Answered

 I am building an AC to DC power supply based on several Ibles and I am not sure I understand what the 2 different voltages are (-12v, +12v; -5v, +5v ....) Thank You!

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How does one convert an ATX mains powered power supply into one powered by 12V DC (DC-to-DC power conversion)?

How does one convert an ATX mains powered power supply into one powered by 12V DC? This should be a pure DC-to-DC power conversion and should remove and replace the AC transformers stage thus in no way introducing any form of mains equivalent AC.

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on a 185w max computer atx, what would be the best resitor to use? (for lab power) Answered

I have a 185w max output computer atx, i have wired it up and followed directions. but im not sure of what resitor to use. also when i plug it up it comes on, but then when i put a load on it (like red to black) it shuts down and i have to reset. still works, just need to know what im not doing right

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Can I get 12vdc 30 amps out of an atx power supply? Answered

The amps is the most important part, And is there a way to control the amps?

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ATX PSU to Multi-Volt power supply and I have PROBLEMS! Chirping/cicking and jumping voltage.

Clicking from voltage regulator, jumping voltage, I'm stumped! Heres a video of the problem, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

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Need to find the standy by or PS on line in an ATX variant power supply Answered

Need to find the standby line on a power supply for a motorola dcx3400 cable box to run an original Xbox I had purchased the box from a resale shop to use for parts. It occurred to me that I could use the PSU to power my blown xbox. Both are manufactured by Delta. So I used my multimeter (first time using one) to get a pin out of the psu at the connector. 16 pins from top to bottom as shown. I know i rounded off these values and I can go back and use the slight variations in readings to find "rails."(?)My issue is as far as I can tell, all of the pins are powered when the psu is plugged in, and I cannot tell which is the standby if there is one. What test can I do to find it? And if there is no standby or ps on, can I safely use this to power an xbox? thanks for your time, -sk8er6

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i want to power a 3 raspbery pi zero from ATX power supply can i ?

Hello guys, i hope everyone doing good, I have this question, i want to power up a raspberry pi zero from ATX power supply (standerd power supply for computer) i have search online for answer but, i don't have clear vision, someone told me to power the raspberry from the purple wire (5V 2A) but i want to power more than one pi, so should i go with red wire ? red wire (5v 30amps), will the 30 amps kill my raspberry ? or the pi will just take 1 or 2 amps from the 30amps ? what should i do ? and sorry for my poor english, god bless you all.

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Built ATX PSU to Multi-Volt power supply. Voltage drops when applying load, what may be wrong?

I converted my 500w PSU following instructions in here. The PSU boasts 480w real power on with 20amps on the 12v rail. I thought I had done everything correctly, and the Power supply gives correct voltage on all binding posts when there is no load, but when I connect a simple 5w lightbulb to the 12v the fan spins down and the light is not as bright as I would expect. Also when measuring the output voltage it now is down to 8,30 volts. Measuring the amp shows 0,33A. When trying out a 21w lightbulb the problem gets more visible, as the light flickers and there is a ticking sound from the PSU. The voltage now travels between 8,10 and 8,16 volts, the amp showing 1,31 amps. I tried grounding directly to the PSU chassis, I cut the wires to the 5v USB ports (these did not work anyway, perhaps because I have no sandbar resistor?) and also tried to give power from the wires only related to the 24 PIN molex connector or only from the 4 pin connectors, all with the same symptoms. Anyone have any clue as to what may cause this anomaly? My plan was to use the power supply as a substitute for a battery to run power in my caravan, converting straight from the 220v. There are only a set of lights and a small water pump running on the circuit, adding up to approximately 200 watts if everything is turned  on. I figured the PSU would be sufficient to do this, but maybe I am mistaken?

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Amps and Volts? Answered

So i have a atx pc power supply and i am going to use a pci cable to draw power from it for a led lighting system and the led light system can only take up to 12 v at 2 a, will that destroy the led light system or will it be fine? (also i cant open up the box that controls the light system to fix the blown fuse)

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