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Audacity: to download or not?

I am looking to record music on a piece of free software, and export to CDs so I can make a sample tape, and also I would like to have something to record a backing track for my guitar solo competition. I am interested in making podcasts too, and this looks like a good program for it. Would you recommend Audacity? I've used it before at school for podcasts, and I have heard excellent things about it. I am 95% sure, but is there any free audio editing software that you would reccomend over audacity? I am using windows vista home premium by the way.

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help using audacity!

I need help to strip the words of a song so i just have a beat. can anybody help me out plz. 

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How do I get rid of this "pop" at the beginning of my MP3 in Audacity? Answered

So, I've recorded this sound from my PSP using a stereo cable and Audacity. I cut the audio to the certain length that I want it and go to "file" and "export as MP3". When I open up the MP3 to listen to it it has this pop in audio at the beginning. (The picture is the "pop" in audio). So, I open up the MP3 I just exported and cut out the "pop" and export a new one. But, it just does it again. Any ideas what is going on?

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Getting all notes from a soundfont - Audacity?

  What I'm trying to do is to generate a set of MP3 files for various instruments (including synthesized sounds)  at each key of the chromatic scale over 2 octaves.    The brute-force method is to dig out the cheap old midi keyboard from the loft, put it through a software synth and record, note by note.  However,  I've just discovered Soundfonts which are a packaged set of samples at some (but not all) notes in the octave  for an instrument which are used to generate a full sample set for a synth.  This would appear to be a method which will give a better result for less effort.  Audacity apparently can do things with soundfonts, but will it allow me to generate a full scale?  Is there other (Windows) software available which will do what I'm after?

Topic by AndyGadget  

How can i record better quality music with Audacity? Answered

I recently recorded some music through Audacity, but i am not satisfied with the quality. I don't see why Audacity would have bad quality. I'm thinking it is because i am using a oldish computer. Is that most likely the problem? Also, i am having trouble attaching my guitar to my camera. I still can't get clear sound from it either. Is it the camera?

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How to make a robotic voice?

I'm looking for a (free) way to make a robotic voice. I know its a bit silly, but this was the only voice I could think of that sounded like what I'm looking for.I would prefer if someone cold tell me of a way to make this with Speakonia or Audacity.So, any ideas?

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How can I get Audacity to record computer output more clearly? Answered

A while ago, on my older computer I used audacity to record music and other things from the audio output from my computer without losing quality.  I've recently decided to try doing this again on my new computer, however when I record, its very quiet in comparison to the output and it almost sounds like it is being recorded from an outside source, like holding up a microphone to a low-quality speaker. I've tested if it was just recording from the microphone on my headset, but it was not. Is there any way I could record the output at the same volume that it is played at and at the same quality?  I'm currently on the Beta version of audacity because the older version does not support Windows 7, I think that may be a factor in why this is happening.

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Why my servo doesn´t work?

Hi, I have tried this project : , about controlling servo with headphone´s jack, I just bought 2 servos TowerPro SG90 and when I tried both, none worked. Firstly I tried it with a 3,7V battery, then with a USB (5V), later with a 5.2V battery and finally I put the same as the tutorial (9V) but it didn´t work. I tried with the audios provided in the tutorial and I did new ones with audacity, with 1000hz frec 1ms duration (clockwise) and 500hz 2ms duration(counterclockwise), coping and paste every 20ms until completing 2 sec, but it didnt do anything. I want to know if I am doing something wrong or the servos are just broken (newly purchased).I edit, I just realized that if I apply 5V on the signal wire, it moves, is that because it is broken?Thanks for the help!

Question by pacomurso  

Should i just use the audacity software to record as is or do i need preamps and other stuff? Answered

( I recently bought an iphono vinyl record player/turntable system which has a usb output for pc recording which is why I am asking this question) Also, how do you separate it into music tracks?

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Easiest way to download albums to my pc?

I have been totally confused by audacity, is there an easier way to achive what I wish to do

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I made an animation would you look?

Https://  This is my first "Actually planned" animation.  I used Toon Boom Animate for the video.  My best friend uses audacity for the audio.  Any opinions?

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Music Mashup: Anyone else looking to deconstruct songs layers they can mix and mash?

Hello All. I am new to Instructables and would like to hear some feedback on my topic. With all the technologies available today does anyone know of an all encompassing program that can break down (deconstruct) songs into layers? As in break back down into the layers used to make the master recordings. So you can create your own mash ups? Say I want the guitar riff from AC/DC and a trumpet "layer" from Dizzy Gillespie and some singing from Madonna. Slow them or speed them up till it works for me. Not trying to steal others people stuff and publish it/ sell it, just mix and share for personal.  Please reply with your work if its in a studio, engineer, singer, label or software developer etc. Much Appreciated,  CoolKat AKA Yellowshades (Entertainment Marketing)

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Digital editing: How do I best combine two songs into one, basically alternating between the two?

They are in the same time signature, but one is in E major and the other is in d minor. I was guessing that would clash too much (?). I found the change pitch took in Audacity and thought that would be good. Should I change the dminor one to e minor or c? I don't know too much about sound editing. I only have Audacity, but perhaps my university has more I could use. Also, other than fade in/out, are there any other good tricks to use? I want it to sound like a real song, not a poorly chopped together thing.

Question by wearingpink  

Is there any way to replace a preamp electronically? Answered

I have a record player and some records I want to convert to Mp3's but have no money to buy a preamp. Is there any way to change the settings on Audacity and avoid having to buy a preamp? Or is there any other program that allows you to change its settings and eliminate the preamp?

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How to record from a separate computer's Line-out? Answered

I have a bunch of midi files on an old Windows machine and I would like to make mp3 recordings of them playing on the machine's old soundcard.  I have an old version of Audacity on the computer, but the machine isn't powerful enough to make a good recording of the sound sent to the machine's Line-out while playing a midi. I would like to connect the Line-out to another computer's microphone port and record using a modern version of Audacity on a modern computer.  When I connect a double-headed headphone cord into both the Line-out of the old machine and the microphone port of the new machine, the new computer reads the microphone as being unplugged (it thinks there's nothing plugged into the port even though the male headphone jack is in). The old computer is a Dell with Windows 98.  The new one is a Lenovo Thinkpad T520 running both Linux Mint 18 and Windows 10 (both systems show the microphone port as being unplugged with the double-male cable but read a microphone).  I have an adapter for the dual-output/input port on the Thinkpad, and I know the microphone port works fine with an actual microphone.  Does anyone know why my computer will register input from a microphone but not from the other computer's Line-out and how I might get it to receive input from the old computer?

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How can I make my own ringtones for a motorola ve 240 ?

I have a cricket wireless motorola ve240 and I wanna make my own ringtones. I tried with audacity but can't get the ringtone into the ringtone section of the phone. Will mp3 work in this case or does it need to be in midi file ???? Any help would surely be appreciated.

Question by hispanickausinpanik  

Static Sound On Electric Acoustic?

I have a rather old guitar (ibanez jx70tbs1301) and i have connected it to a computer via 4 inch to 3.5 adapter to record in audacity. I get a static sound and if i touch the right side of the pickup or press on a key on a key board it gets louder or annoying. I tried dryer sheets. Im confused. Would it be the patch cord?

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How does it work when you update a sound card and graphics card? Answered

I have an Asus k55a laptop and i'm really satisfied with it. It's everything i could have hoped for for the price but i have recently become extremely interested in recording music and i'm finding my sound card is not quite all i thought it was. I'm also into filmmaking and the graphics are not the best when i put it under such large tasks. I don't think i will get a new audio or graphics card but i'm wondering how they work. I've heard alot about being able to download different drivers onto sound cards. Does that improve the quality? Could someone please explain the process of updating to me? Thanks.

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Where is the static comming from? Answered

I recently began experimenting with recording my guitar. I've tried plugging my guitar straight into the line in port of my laptop via a 1/4" cable and 1/4-1/8 adapter. I then record it in audacity with no added effects or gain or whatever. I liked it but it did not seem as good as it should have been. I tried connecting my guitar to my amplifier and connecting my amplifier via the headphone port and a 1/8" cable to the line in port. It sounded PERFECT except that there was a constant anoying string of static being recorded. I turned down the gain on my amp but then my laptop would not get a signal. I experimented with a bunch of different combonations of gain and volume but i cannot get rid of the static. I expect it's because my amp does not have any output other than the speakers or headphones. I'm just wondering if there is anything i can do other than get or borrow an amp with lower noise.

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DVD Audio Amplification Software Resources?

Hi All, I'm working on my kids' Holiday Play that I recorded on a mini-dvd camcorder (it's Februaray already !!??!?). The sound is pretty weak. I have edited the dvd to cut out the crap and have vob files, etc. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on how to pull the audio so I can amp it up a little in audacity? I would need to know how to separate it from the vob files and then combine it again hopefully without having to re-master the dvd. Windows or Linux software is fine - I run both. Thanks!

Topic by homba  

Use Output as Input

Hi ! I have this program, Finale 2005b. I've searched everywhere, and I cannot find any way to export the music I produce in there as a real audio file (NOT a midi). So, to achieve this, I have decided to record the output as the input... using Audacity , actually. To do so, I used a simple mono cable to go from my headphone to mic plugs, and set the volume to the minimum... to avoid too much amplitude going in. Now, for the use I want it, this method is way too dodgy (plenty of interference, specially each time I move the cable 1 mm...) I'm pretty sure there is some program or solution to directly map the stream around... I don't have much funds, so free would be good, and btw I work on Win32. Thanks

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Please help me produce my music show using my Dell Optiplex 755 multimedia desk top.

 I want to be able to plug my CD player,Cassette Deck and Turntable into the computer and have it all act as a radio station where I can introduce them...and have everything end up in an editing program for final easy finishing.  I currently use 'Audacity' for my editing, but it doesn't handle more then one sound source at a time, so if i'm talking into the mic. I can't simultaneously play a song along with it.  This makes it very hard to produce my 30 minute show because it takes about 3 hours to get it the way I want. Can anyone help me?...Thank you.

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Separate speakers different outputs from one computer

Hello everyone. I'm working on a project right now that requires me to send 3 individual tones to 3 individual speakers without any overlap. I had decided that I was going to use the program audacity, as it can generate the tones and frequencies that I need, and a 6 channel amplifier connected to the 3 speakers I'm using. However, after I played around with it, I found that I could only generate 2 tones at a time, and could only get them to play out of the individual speakers I wanted by adjusting the L/R balance on the individual settings for each tone, but I can't create more than 2 without getting overlap. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plug-in that would solve the problem that I'm having. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Question by Guccisgizmos  

3 Separate speakers 3 separate outputs from 1 sound card

Hello everyone. I'm working on a project right now that requires me to send 3 individual tones to 3 individual speakers without any overlap. I had decided that I was going to use the program audacity, as it can generate the tones and frequencies that I need, and a 6 channel amplifier connected to the 3 speakers I'm using. However, after I played around with it, I found that I could only generate 2 tones at a time, and could only get them to play out of the individual speakers I wanted by adjusting the L/R balance on the individual settings for each tone, but I can't create more than 2 without getting overlap. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plug-in that would solve the problem that I'm having. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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How do I rip sounds from older games? Answered

I'm attempting to create a content pack for a Minecraft mod, and need old gun sounds. Anyway, I remembered an older game (not DOS era) game, Oregon Trail, and thought I could rip the sounds out of it, since it had some nice gun sounds from the hunting sections. Anyway, usually this wouldn't be a problem, but that's only if the sound files are either .wav or .raw (which I can expand using audacity), but ... well... as you can see, I don't have anything to work with here. If someone can point me to the proper file, I can probably extract the sounds from there (I have another windows PC I can use if necessary)  Note that the folder labeled "CD" is a direct copy of the game CD. Cheers! ~Alt

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How can I stop Windows/WMP from messing with my MP3 metadata?

I generally set the ID3 metadata manually (in Windows Explorer Properties or when encoding in Audacity). Then I go to play it back a day later, and something has messed with it without asking me... It'll change from the original album name to some greatest hits anthology, or make up some band name, then tell me a Lennon song was recorded in 1994. Kind of annoying when I'm trying to organize my library. I originally thought it was Windows Media Player, but it happens even when I've never opened WMP. Seems to happen on both XP and Win7, but more often in Win7, though it's hard to tell because I move files between the two so often. Are there any options I can disable that I don't know about? All I can find online is people who somehow want this to happen, or want to strip the ID3 entirely.

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Digital noise in battery powered system Answered

Hello, while building a Bluetooth speaker based on this instructable, I ran into some problems regarding noise. There already exists a question regarding this problem here, but it is a few years old, and it gave me no solution. The power source for this project is a self constructed battery pack consisting of 4 18650 battery's soldered to a battery protection circuit (just like in the instructable). The PAM8610 (black version) amplifier board, however, can't take 16.8 volts so a voltage regulator is placed in between set to 12 volts. Same story for the Bluetooth receiver board (KRC-86B V4.0), but with a voltage of 5 volts. All fine and dandy till there. The KRC-86B has an input for a 3.5mm jack connection and an output. The output is a pass-trough of the 3.5mm input unless a Bluetooth connection is present, then the Bluetooth signal will overwrite. Here's the problem: whilst the connection using the 3.5mm jack works fine, creating a Bluetooth connection results in a very annoying digital noise. This noise is there instantaneously and is the same on all volumes of the host/transmitter. If no music is being played by the host for around 15-20 seconds the device seems to enter a power saving mode and the noise changes to a regular beep. This is way less bad, but of no use because it is replaced again by the bad noise when the music starts again. I have tried a diversity of things, listed here with their effects: Action: wrap the Bluetooth receiver in electrical tape and aluminium foil. Result: nothing much, it didn't even block the music. Signal was only blocked by three layers, a few meters distance and my body in between my phone and the receiver. Action: lift ground in signal between Bluetooth receiver and amplifier. Result: noise gets slightly worse, no change in tone, only amplitude. Action: moved away from my computer, as to avoid interference. Result: nothing at all. Action: tried another Bluetooth transmitter, PC instead of phone. Result: - Action: broke the previous board at the start of this project by heating it too much in the attempt to change a wire. Result: noise was also present at the first board which I did test by hooking it up to the line-in of my computer. Though that could also have been by the ghetto set up I used. The 3.5mm cable was poorly connected, trough a breadboard. Taking my multimeter and measuring the difference between negative of the battery and GND of the voltage regulator for the amp gave a 6.0 mV reading. The same result is achieved when measuring between battery and GND of the regulator for the KRC-86B. The potential between GND of the signal and the GND of one of the regulators was 0.1 mV. I understand that you might want to hear the noise, so I recorded it: link. It is very soft, but audacity doesn't read .m4a files, and turning up the volume works just as well. Please let me know if you have any idea's on what could solve it and/or if you need more info. Thanks in advance.

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