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How does this mysterious noise work?

There’s an elementary school on the next block about 100 feet away from our house. Everyday from monday until friday, the noise coming from this school wakes me up about 6.30 am. What puzzles me is how could the noise reach me when our house is inside our block and the school isn’t even facing our block! -also how the noise could be ignored by the school’s nearest neighbors when it’s so loud at 100 feet away. Another thing is the voices I hear are too big and loud for elementary age students but I don’t see any high-school aged teeners at the school. And the greatest mystery is that I only hear the noise inside my room -never outisde! I know there’s a scientific or audiological explanation for this but I also know that getting the answer would take a lot of time and I just don’t have that. Can anyone give me the explanation for this?

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Need help on a circuit design and picking out components for a high output LED bicycle light!

I am building a high powered LED bicycle light using two 7V 5W LEDs (P/N: VL-H01W60005 from here: ) and I am unsure what other components I should use.  I was considering using a bunch of 9v batteries in a series & parallel configuration to achieve 18v and a higher amp-hour output.  Also, could I implement the use of a Joule Thief in my circuit to get more out of my power source?  Does anyone have any suggestions on a different power source as well?  Many thanks!

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What parts are needed to build a sensitive, push-plate activated, solenoid valve to act as a cat water fountain?

Hello Instructables Community! I am on a mission to water my cats! I have two cats that prefer to drink straight from a running water tap than from their bowl. I don't know if it is a freshness thing, or if it is just their odd nature, but they will always go for running water over a clean bowl of water any day! Also, they tend to drag their bowl of water around and it gets everywhere and is ruining my hardwood floors. So, I would like to accomplish the following: Build a push-plate activated water fountain that has flow controlled by a solenoid valve. I hope to train the cats to push on the plate in order to activate the water so that they can drink. I am hoping that the community may point me in the right direction to find the parts I may need for this project. I am hoping that the plate will be something small and relatively flat so that it does not stick up from the side of the bathroom sink too much. Many thanks!?

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