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An Aussie has discovered a sonic non invasive cure for Alzheimer's Disease. It is a physical solution that sonic waves dislodge brain plaque and cause T-cell to remove the material in 85% of subject lab animals !! Another Aussie who distinguished himself by proving stomach ulcers can be cured with a special course of antibiotic.  When no one would believe him, he infected himself with a incurable ulcer case and then later cured himself to prove the assertion. A good people, if you know some.

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UK and Australia WOOHOO!

I would just like to say good job to instructables for including the UK and Australia in the recent Halloween contests!

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any knexers live in australia?

I live in australia and there are "no" knexers i know around me.i was wondering if anyone on instructables lived in australia?i need someone to talk about knex to, everyone else doesnt seem to like it =/

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Regulations on a ground effect vehicle (Australia)? Answered

A while ago, I came across the work of guy in New Zealand who had made a hovercraft that could also fly like a ground effect vehicle. (See it here) And it got me wondering..... What kind of regulations are placed on a vehicle like this? Say I (while in Australia) built a similar craft to his, only smaller, lighter, and a single seater. Well, firstly, I'd like to know if it's legal or not. I'm assuming it would be, but with certain conditions, so; What licensing (if any) would be needed for it/me? And what regulations must it/I follow? Here's what I've taken in so far, although I don't know for sure that it's accurate/true: It's legal, as long as it does not exceed a certain weight, number of occupants, noise level, etc  I'm allowed to fly it as long as it is not able to get over a certain height (a couple of metres) It's a wing in ground vehicle, so it falls under the same category as boats, so the same regulations apply. Does that mean I'm not allowed to use it over land....? It'd be helpful if you could just point me in the direction of answers somewhere else, even Thanks 

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Where can SCR's be found in Australia?

I'm looking for some scr's (silicon controlled rectifiers) in australia but have so far been unable to locate any local suppliers. I'm using them *naturally* to switch the power for a multistage coilgun. So far i have been using high rated microswitches, but they are constantly failing and i've heard scr's provide the power quicker and more efficently.Thanks :)

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Contest update: UK and Australia added!!!

Great news - Australia and UK authors are now eligible to enter all open contests! And it's just in time to enter our two biggest contests: the Epilog Challenge and the Halloween Contest.  Get to work, folks, and make something awesome.  We'll be excited to send you prizes!  It's always fun to ship ipads and laser cutters overseas. I'm working on adding more countries as fast as we can: check out Eric's post for more details on the target country list.  It's a matter of checking with individual countries to make sure we're in line with all sorts of (weird, idiosyncratic) local contest rules, so this is a much slower process than I'd like. And if you're not in the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, check out my post about how you can pick up some awesome non-contest rewards for posting a great project. More updates when there's news to report. :)

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Did you see Instructables in the Australian press on March 24?

On March 24th, we had a huge increase in direct traffic to the homepage from Australia and New Zealand. Was Instructables mentioned on Australian television or a print publication? I haven't been able to figure it out.

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Ausfailia, where buy Capacitor

Hi, so I'm building a coil gun; as I'm sure many physics students do. I have blueprints set out and I have some circuit diagrams going, but I live in Ausfailia so I'm not entirely sure it's possible to buy remotely dangerous electrical equipment, such as a 450v capacitor, over the counter. Every common retailer only has shit-house miniscule ones for small circuits. Can someone who's overcoem this problem help me out?

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is it legal to sell potassium chlorate and perchlorate in Australia?

Hello i am starting up an online store, and two of the products which i wish to sell , are potassium chlorate and perchlorate, however, i do not know, nor know where to find out, what the restrictions are on selling perchlorate, and what licensing ill need  to ship potassium perchlorate, by courier. i have already checked, and i am allowed to ship them, however im not sure about the restrictions on selling them and if i need permits for them, since they can be used for rather naughty things! also, what restrictions apply to iodine crystals, as i plan on selling it too, or must i just report every sale to the proper authorities?

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LED car headlights colour temperature (Australia)? Answered

I was looking to replace the headlights on my car to LED ones, but I'm kinda conscious about the legal requirements I contacted the Licensing and Vehicle centre/department/whatever to ask about the max colour temperature, but the best they gave me was what was in the pic below. Does anyone know how to convert that or something into colour temperature? I know they sell 5000K lamps at a nearby automotive shop, but they also sell a few more... questionable accessories. I really don't want to have to drag my car in and have to pay several hundreds over just a few headlights; might as well just take the ticket if I ever got one. Other than that, they should have the same brightness, throw, etc. Thanks

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Does anyone know where I can find an electronics store that sells relatively cheap, in Australia? Answered

I live in the Bankstown area, but I wouldn't mind going into the city.

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Humans vs. Machines: Foosball

First, Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov; now, computer dominance has extended beyond chess to the world of foosball. Students from University of Adelaide in Australia created this autonomous foosball table that seems capable of beating human challengers. Of course, if any of the engineers want a break to play a game of foosball, they're going to lose to their own creation.Link via GizmodoAlso check out Gizmodo's gallery of other foosball creations.

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Who else is from AUS??? Answered

It seems like everyone here is either US or UK??? Anyone else apart from me and Dusk Shadows?

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Australians Need Help!!!

Http:// Need our Help! Soon Their Internet will be censored! Spread the Video

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Australian members. Are there any?

Just interested to know if there are any other Aussie Instructible members? Haven't managed to spot many yet, but am interested to know how many we are. seems to be becoming very popular over here, with several of my work collegues frequenting the site.

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T-Rex visits Australian School

I found this link today on Twitter (RE-tweeted by @Mr_Wallace)  <br /> youtubelink I love this, I think if I was in this school I would have S**t my pants Baby t-rex or not! I hope the rest of the school budget is spent on therapy

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Stop the Kangaroo Killing! (Updated)

Stop the kangaroo killing!Please help, Forward it to everyone in your contact book and spread the word!!Keep kangaroos out of the endangered list!!!This video will keep you off roo bugers for your entire life! If it doesent, I don't know what will. Please sign the petitionRead the petition here and the sign button is down the bottom

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Do crystal radio's work when 'digital radio' has taken over?

For the past couple of days I have been interested and reading about crytsal radios. Having many issues recently, I do know that our radio stations here in Australia went to 'digital' and they removed analog T.V, but I never heard anything about radio. I can still pick up AM radio stations on the radio or in the car, but are these signals sent differently that a crystal cannot pick up? I attempted 2 versions of a foxhole radio, no luck at all there. So I went to Jaycar and bought this: This proper PCB, with a galena diode still does not work. It also doesnt use a ground. Unless my aerial needs to be bigger which I doubt! I am using a 30ft spreader aerial. Later today I will stand NEXT to a radio station building which is only 2km from here, if it does not work, then no crytal radio works over here anymore which would really suck! How could they remove it!? And if I am wrong about the crystal stuff, then im still mad that the analogue technology has been removed anyway. It should sit there for anyone to explore.

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Where can I buy Titanium metal in Australia?

And where can I get it milled? I need two ~5 inch bars, about 1/2 inch thick. Thanks

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Contests only open to US, UK, Canada and Australia?? Answered

I've been looking at the contests, and lately the contest in wich I can participate in has dropped to zero because of location. I live in Denmark and would really like the chance to participate and win, but for some reason all the contests are now limited to the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Is there any special reason for this, or are will there be coming new open for all contests??

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Where do you get KNO3 in Western Australia?

I am in Perth so  i don't want end up near Darwin!

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were can i buy crystal iodine in australia?

I have been looking for some crystal iodine suppliers in australia for quite some time now, but the only ones i can find sell it by the metric ton! there used to be a site called auschem or chemsupply . au that sold it but now i cant find it anymore, and when i search it, al they ever have is car washing stuff or products that you cant buy, i know for a fact there was a site that sold chemicals (othe rthan bargainmart) withoin australia, although with ridiculously high shipping, does anyine know where the site is now? or if theres another site that sells iodine crystals, or at leats potasium iodine cheaply?

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Want to have an instructables hook-up in brisbane, Australia?

So i was wondering how many instructables memebers are in Brisbane? Would you like to meet up some time, somewhere like Brisbane Square library? it would be a gtreat way to me interesting people and share ideas for projects, etc.

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Calling for volunteers and help for a food bank in Victoria, Australia

I hope it is ok to post this, is not please delete it. I am a volunteer for Northpoint Church Tullamarine in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia. Before becoming jobless I had no idea about food banks at all and I was sent there by my job agency to "work for the dole". What I soon realised is that a food bank is not just a place handing out food.... We have people from all sorts of social background coming every week to get help in the form of basic foods, fruits, vegetables and baby food. They all have one thing in common: Not enough money to feed the family or themself. When I started I only saw it as a "must do to make the job agent and gouvernment happy" thing, but after a few days I realised it is so much more. The gratitude people show for giving them things we otherwise might take for granted is sometimes hard to ignore and their stories can make your eyes run like a waterfall. Unlike food services run by councils or other organisations we don't judge! This means you can come every week with your "Healthcare Card" and get some food withoug someone asking questions or judging. I could not get any up to date videos but here is a short video showing the services provided and how we all work together: If you have some spare time and like to help other people in need please contact Northpoint using their website:!contact/c24vq Pastor Loren Pratt will welcome anyone with a good heart :) People with office skills, good organistional talents highly welcome. If you have a small van and would be willing to transport the food parcels from the headquarter to one of the outlets it would be fantastic! Commercial size fridges and freezers are thing in great demand with our client base growing faster every month, if you have some to spare we would be happy to use them if they are in a good and clean condition. All the food we can provide is either paid by members of the church through donations or provided by bakeries, supermarkets and state wide food services. If you run a food business and can provide vegetables, fruits or eggs it would be great if you could join us. Having a financial sponsor would also be great as the entire system only works through volunteers and donations, bills build up and costs are rising, so every dollar counts. Northpoint is a non profit organisation backed by the Northpoint Church and entirely run by volunteers. If you have questions and would like to get more information feel free to contact Northpoint through the above link or send me a PM.

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katoomba high school

Anyone go to katoomba high school?

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Can someone tell me the price of 1 x 1 timber at Bunning's Warehouse? Answered

Well, I making one of these and I need 1" x 1" timber, I can't get there until the weekend, but I'd like to get a price so I can give my friend an estimate on how much the sculpture will cost. Thanks

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Where can I get high voltage capacitors in Australia? Answered

I need some high voltage and capacitance capacitors for a coil gun I'm building. I'd like them to be around the 400+volt and at least 1500uF. I'd prefer it if i could buy them instead of salvaging them from other used equipment. (not that i don't do like getting free stuff, (I usually create projects from scraps and only buy what i need) but i would prefer it if i could buy these).Thanks : D

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can someone help me implement the Australia Post DRC postage calculator into my website?

Hello, i am starting up an online store , on behalf of , where i or rather "we", will sell things to raise money for the community vault! so far ive had no issues with building my the store into my website, however, now that i am up to writting up the listings, i need a template to copy off which each listing for each item will reside. each items page must show the price of the product, and the shipping cost . now heres where the problem starts i have no idea on how to implement the postage calculator from australia post, into the template, so that all items pages display the shipping cost depending on thebuyers location, so that anyone anywhere can buy from the site, and not just people within australia, and areas i need to pre-research the shipping price for, which will become inconvenient as the site grows. there are instructions for doing this on this link however, i dont know how to put this into my website, or how it works, as it requires a substantial amount of coding. what i need to know, is how to , using the provided code ,set the variable which is being set as the value of a text box within a form, to the shipping price of that area, when i click a button, also in that form, but not have it leave the page. although, i dont want some variables to be accessable by the person browsing the page, such as the weight, which i want to be able to alter within the source code of my hmtl file. all i want the buyer to be able to do is select their location, press a button, and have the shipping rates to that place appear in the text box. the shipping calculator is the only thing missing from my website. whoever can solve my problem will get a best answer from me!

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Does anyone know where I can find cheap custom mixed paint in Sydney?

I know Bunnings will mix up a sample pot for about $8, but I was wondering if there was somewhere cheaper, I live in the Western Sydney area. (Yes, I know it's really cheap to mix my own colours using the primary colours, but I'm lazy. =P)

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What's a good job for a 13 (almost 14) year old kid? Answered

I just got my tax file number, so I'm eligible to work. Any ideas? I'm living in Canberra, the capital of Australia, so it's a fair sized city. I also forgot to mention, BUT, say you suggest making things and selling them online, how do I sell them online, and how do I advertise? Or say you suggest odd jobs such as lawn mowing and cutting down small trees, how would I tell people about my service, and what if I'm only available Saturday or Sunday? I just need info like that, because even if I choose something, I probably wouldn't know how to start.

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how can i get away with stab proof armor in Australia

Long story short, in melbourne australia i have organised a group called citizen patrol group we basically patrol trains, buses, streets etc and help people in need and remove the trouble makers we do this in super hero costumes (not as silly as it sounds we are creating a character worth looking up to and bringing innocence back to children through good old fashioned super heroes) my problem is we are aware it can be dangerous but commercially made ballistic vests are illegal in my country i want the best protection for my team mates and am looking for GOOD QUALITY methods of creating one or if there is a legal loop hole that will allow us our right to protect our bodies.

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Can I find airsoft bb's in Australia (never played airsoft before)

I want to start playing airsoft, moving on from nerf modding. (also I'd like to make pen guns) Yet my friend could only find bb's when he went on a holiday around Europe. Are there any stores or online shops that sell these liitle plastic balls of awesomeness in the land down under?

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Looking for standard knex (no bricks).

I am looking for standard knex (preferably no bricks). I live in Perth, Australia and I am looking for a NEW (not e-bay, used amazon stuff etc.) set with a motor in hope of creating a ball machine and other things. I have already looked in Big W and Target. Please give suggestions to sites or stores, and if someone can give a good average price for a certain amount of bricks, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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who wants learn Chinese? If you are living in Chirstchurch it will be better.

Hi, I am Mei. I am a Chinese lady. I can speak Putonghua and Cantonese, I have come to Chirstchurch  1 year.  I would like to learn more English I think it will help me to know about the life of value. And I will share the good things to my Chinese friends about the western life style in Chinese. For me It is one part of my dream.   If some one interesting in the exchange the language . Please contact with me.  Nice to meet you here!

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what is liquid castle soap or equivalent?

We don't get it in Australia so if someone knows of an alternative?

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Does anyone know why there are no more international contests ? (all contests are limitied to entries from the US, Canada, UK and Australia)  what happened ?

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eligibility in the jack Daniels independence contest? Answered

I live in australia and i was wondering if its for u.s.a. only,thanks

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Speaking of a boat made from recycled bottles.....

Here is an article and a video about a couple that wishes to sail their boat made of plastic bottles, from San Francisco to Australia. David de Rothschild is preparing to sail from San Francisco to Australia in a raft made of 12,000 recycled bottles. Among other things, he is hoping to convince the world to take better care of its waste.The Link and video are here

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Where Can I Find Robot Matierials

Where can i find matierials in Australia to build robots

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What's your favorite brand of instant noodles?

Mine is IndoMie, an Indonesian instant noodle that you can buy in Indonesia (duh) and Australia.

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Are there any competitions available to me in New Zealand?

If they are available to Australia can I assume i can enter? Or only on the competitions where no county requirements are listed?

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555 timers?

I was wondering if there is a difference between a ne555p timer chip and a ne555d timer chip, and if there is then what is it? if there is a difference between them, then where can i buy a ne555p timer in australia? :)

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How do you make fireworks/ pop pop snappers?

Also how do you get potassium nitrate in Canberra/ACT australia...

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'Most X on record' climate list?

Does anyone know if there's a list/graph of the 'Most -whatever- on record' for the world, season by season? What I mean is, countries recording their hottest summer, wettest winter, worst drought, etc. I ask because it would give a pretty striking visual for climate change. It seems everywhere I spend any time it's the most something season on record, or at least for 40-50 years. Here's a little list I compiled a couple years ago, from where I'd been: 2002 - summer - New Zealand - worst drought on record          - summer - Western Australia - worst drought on record          - spring - Malaysia - hottest on record          - winter - Ireland - wettest on record          - autumn - Ireland - mildest 2003 - summer - Australia - worst drought          - summer - United Kingdom - hottest summer, hottest day          - summer - New Zealand - highest UV index 2004 - summer - British Columbia - longest          - summer and autumn - British Columbia - worst fire season 2005 - winter and spring - Victoria, Australia- wettest          - summer - Australian east coast - hottest          - summer - Western Australia - coolest Since then it's been worst droughts, floods, cyclones, wettest summers, and now snow. If it hasn't been graphed, it should be.

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I am in Australia and I wish to wire in an exhaust fan to my fluro light operated by the one switch. Answered

The switch has a red wire and a white wire leading to the fluro light. The fluro has twin and earth (red, black and green) leading from a previous light in another room and another exiting to the next light in the house. The fan has two wires, a brown and a blue. I attempted to parallel the wiring by connecting the blue to red and brown to white. Once the fuse was turned on, the fan operated automatically and the light flickered without the switch being turned on. I reversed the wiring (brown to red and blue to white) with the same result. Logic failed me. Given that it is two wires on the fan (pos and neg I assume) I figure I am better parelleling to one of the twin and earths, but which one? Electricians charge a minimum of $240 per hour here, with a minimum of 1 hour charge, regardless of it being a 2 minute job. All connections are 240V. Wire joins will be completed using BP connectors.

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