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I am making an autorun file but I can't get it to work right, I need to get it to open sketchup -OR- view files,  I am using this page  HELP!

Question by furrysalamander  

autorun file

Wat does the autorun file of our drive contain i want the whole code,....bcz mine is modified by some means

Question by DNR  

How to autorun a cd? Answered

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Virtual keyboard autorun?

Currently, I am working on a project to convert an old windows laptop running windows 98, into a modern tablet multi-media center running Xubuntu. Without a keyboard, I will need a virtual keyboard. I am thinking of using Klavier for this. I need Klavier to start up immediate upon startup but I have no clue how to make it open upon startup. Any ideas? Also, Is it possible to make it appear on the login screen?

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Trying to make a special autorun file. Answered

I want to put sketchup on a flash drive along with other files, then I want to have autorun give me start sketchup as an option.  I do have a lot of batch programming and a little autorun experience.  I already tried here; - but it won't work.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, HELP! 

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flash drive autorun for vista and xp to launch app of choice? Answered

I currently run one app that is launched from a flash drive by an autorun.inf file. It works great for vista because it launches the task menu and I just launch the program. What I am trying to accomplish is create a simplistic program or group of programs using either the autorun inf or a .bat file to give me the option to launch the app of choice, needs to work on both vista and xp any help coding would be greatly appreciated.P.S. this is the code that Im currently using[Autorun]Open=apps\(insert application here).exe

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How can i create a script or whatever that automatically copies a file to the USB drives i insert(like the virus does)?? Answered

What i am trying to do is this:all the new viruses are coming through Flash USB drives!they have a file called autorun.inf that makes ur double click on the drive start the visrus..and when its in it will copy iself to all the new drivres u insert..i want to use the same technique to outsmart them!i want a program or script that starts with windows and like these viruses it automatically copies a file called autorun.inf to any newly inserted drive..yet this autorun is a file created by me and its empty..copying this file to the new drives will overwrite the infectious autorun.inf...this way no virus will infect my PC!!!Pls help,thx in prior

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Hey i was wondering is there a way to make a USB memory stick print when inserted or from autorun menu?

Hey i was wondering is there a way to make a USB memory stick print when inserted or from autorun menu, as in a .txt document i know the command (notepad /p NAME.txt) but i dont quite know how to put it in to a autorun file, also whats the difference between .ini and .inf?

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Why isn't my flashdrive displaying an icon? Answered

I wanted to make my flashdrive display an icon and a label, so I created an autorun file to do so. The label is being displayed, but the icon is not displaying at all. I hope I didn't add too many pictures.

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Copy a file tree of all files on a hard drive? Answered

I am looking for a batch command that saves a file tree of all files on a hard drive to a .txt document. I am going to put it on the autorun file so whenever I plug the usb drive in a list of all the files on a hard drive will copy.

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batch file reg?

I have a software that extracts data from  a hardware located in a different location. so my problem is to get that data i have to run the software all the time. so i want to make that software autorun itself when i switch on my PC/Laptop and also i want those data to be stored in one location in a suitable format. please help me out. further i also want the system to extract the data at  particular interval of time(say every ten minutes).

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USB drive virus, scan through, restart with external harddrive in

Hey! So last night I started scanning through my computers, scanned the whole computer with MSE, MBAM, PANDA ONLINE and superantispyware and it was clean. Then I plugged in my external harddrive to scan, I scanned that one with MSE and then with superantispuyware and then MBAM. It didn't find anything. Then I scanned the whole computer AND the external harddrive. First with MSE, it came up clean. Then with superantispyware, it was also clean, but it found som tracking cookies on the pc, and I had to restart the pc. But heres the problem, I forgot to take the external harddrive out of the pc while restarting... Can this (if there is a virus) have made it boot into the computer, so AV's can't find it anymore? (I had autoplay turned off through "control panel" - "hardware and sound" and "autoplay") Lets say that there is a virus and it did do this, will reinstalling and formatting get rid of it anyways? Is this tool to be trusted? Does it work? : please say if you know of any better ways to detect this. *More backround info in my last topic here (including list of viruses that could have something to do with it. 

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Simple Computer Based Project Time Log

Recently I've been playing around with BASH and terminal in linux more. I've also been trying to become more organized and use my time more efficiently. Since I'm not studying CS or working with computers for a living these two things usually work against each other. It's winter break for me now though, so I can play around as much as I want, and in doing so I've come up with a basic way to track time spent working on each project for my next semester. How it works: I plug in a 1GB USB drive (smallest I have) which is labeled "Time Card". Time Card has an autorun script on it. Linux prevents this from actually running automatically, but tells me it's there with the option to run it. The autorun script launches a script from my computer which asks me which project I'm working on. The script logs the 'Time In' and, once the "Time Card" USB is removed, logs the 'Time Out' and 'Total Time Spent' in minutes, to a text file with the name of the project. It's nothing special, but I'm a little excited about it and wanted to share. I've attached slightly modified copies as text files for anyone interested. Edit: I've also uploaded a sample output file (project.txt)

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USB drive virus? Do I have it? What should I do?

So a time ago I got an worm on a laptop, when I looked up this worms spesifications on, it said that it automaticly copies itself to external drives connected with USB, through autorun. (I also got a couple of trojans etc). And I used an external harddrive, a memory card in a usb slot and an ipod 5g, before I discovered it. I freaked out of the viruses and reinstalled and formated the computer. Recently I have also scanned all three computers that could get infected, with MBAM and combofix (someone checked my logs) and all three computers were clean. ps. MSE and MBAM didn't fing anything on the drives, when scanning through them. my questions: -how can the worm not have spread itself to them? (is that even possbile?) -lets say that I have that worm on a drive, will it spread itself if I turn off autorun, plug in the drive and drag one file at the time over to for example dropbox and then format the drives? -can I be completely sure it isn't a virus there, the AV's didn't find anyting..... If you have any better ways to check it or something like that please let me know. because I cant reformat and all that jazz with the ipod 5g.  ps. here (see pictures) is one way I tried to check if there was any viruses there, although I don't know if it works (?)  (the drives in the pictues are an external harddrive and an ipod 5g)

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