usb to aux cable?

I am planning to make wireless headphones. The only way I see it working is that I need a usb bluetooth thing connected to an aux cable which is connected to tiny earbuds.

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DIY AUX unit with steering wheel controls

On my previous car, I hacked together an aux input with two CD-ROM plugs as described in many places on the Internet (here's one). I was really happy with it, and fully intend to do the same on my new (?) second-hand car, which also has CD-changer support, but no AUX. (Neither car had a CD changer installed, because I couldn't be bothered). The new car has steering wheel controls though, and I thought this could be a nice upgrade, but I'm really not sure how to do it. The pin-out diagrams for the CD changer plug (which I stole from here) for the CN702 12 pin connector shows lines 9 and 10 as TX signal lines. Since there are track (and disc) up and down buttons on the radio, I assume this is how the commands get through to the CD changer. And the phone obviously has support for headsets with track skip buttons. So the stars seem to align. Except for the details.  First, a normal audio cable only has three wires and one with headset controls have four: Ground, left, right and comms. I think I can connect the following pins on the 12 pin connector to ground: 6, 7 and 9 and then 1, 2 and 10 get connected to the correct wires. Is this correct? Second, I have no idea if the actual signals sent to TX for a CD changer bear any resemblance to what the phone expects from a headset. Does anyone know? I can probably hack a test using a bread board. I think. Third: I really only dabble in these things. Did I miss anything really important?

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how to install aux input in my ford laser car?

I have a ford laser. i want to instal aux input into it so as to listen to mp3 and i-pod. can you please advice the instructions and the wiring diagram.

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USB to 3.5mm Aux Cable?

I am planning to make a tiny bluetooth earbud and the only way I see that I can make it is that if I can connect a USB Bluetooth plug thing into an aux cable and connecting it to tiny speakers.

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Aux or usb laptop speaker

How to make internal laptop speaker aux or usb output please help me

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Aux only DIY Car stereo

Hi I bought an old car recently. But came with bad stereo head and perfectly working speakers. Now I figured out that all I need in my stereo in aux input which I can connect to my mobile device. Is there any way to make an aux input port without using any radio head, ie, the direct connections with AUX. also please explain wiring layout of head.

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How do I replace a mic with an aux input? Answered

I just bought a small Fm transmitter kit that doesn't come with an aux input. Is there an easy way to replace the mic with an aux input or an aux wire? Thanks a lot!

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Turn laptop speakers into aux speakers

My laptop just died and I took it apart. The speakers have a 4-pin connector, which I would like to splice into aux and power to make an aux enabled speaker I can use. How do I do this? Pics: Thanks and RIP laptop. A little eulogy, because why not: Dear laptop, you will be missed. I had you for 5 years and you were a great machine. I took you apart and put you back together. We had a great time together and you lived a long life. I hope you have a great afterlife as a set of speakers, external monitor, hand warmer, and many more projects. You will be missed.

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Stereo Stolen!

My car stereo was recently stolen.. Bummer. Here is my idea; I am tired of putting stereos in my car only to have them stolen. I don't want to buy another CD player w/ an aux in input for my mp3 player, since I don't really play cd's anyways. What I want to do is install just an aux input line to my car speakers and mount that easily in the empty hole. Is that possible? Do you somehow need to power the speakers? How do you go about doing that w/out buying a new stereo? My main goal is 1)to put something there that will run the sound from the MP3 player 2)not need a stereo to do it. 3)do this so no one would think it is something they could steal and profit from. HELP! :)

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Aux Input 2002 Nissan Xterra...HELP!?

How to I get my stereo to display AUX? (like this:  I have that exact same stereo. Is there some button combination or something? (<-- Please be something like this. =P) I know in the guide he uses a switch on the aux cable to turn it on, but I really dont want to (and can't really) do that I'm thinking of buying this, but I'm pretty sure that I need to turn aux on for it to play.  (or will the cable below work without a switch?);=mtr&hash;=item2eb0da0add#ht_1869wt_1165

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adding aux line in directly to boombox ampli

Hi guys i am Ramanta from Indonesia i have an old boombox, Sony CFS-1110s (similar mechanism with CFS-1100s) what i want to do is add an aux input to them. I have seen a lot of instrucrables about it, but nothing about this model. I find a similar unit here the aux in is conected directly to the IC Amps pin. I have the IC diagram, what i dont understand is this model have a dual IC8207k. One for each channel. TA8207K is a stereo IC, so how do i do the wiring? For single IC its just INPUT1-INPUT2-GND. In dual setting they have 4 input and 2 ground. I dont want to use any tape adapter since its sound terrible here i attach the complete diagram and schematic in PDF please give some tutorial, im a beginner in this kind of thing) hehe my email sorry for the bad english :D

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Make easy portable speakers with battery and aux cord/port

Long story short, I want to make a costume for a LARP with built-in speakers. I am both a busy and a lazy man, so I want to find the simplest way possible to make this happen.  The idea is to connect my two 4Ω, 5W speakers together with a battery and a aux port. What I need to know is what kind of battery (preferably rechargeable) is best suited for this endeavour, how to connect it properly with the essential components and how to connect an aux port/cable, making it possible to connect any audio device of my choosing. 

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Automobile cd player aux. port installation.

I drive a 1999 Chevy Tracker, same as the Vitara.  I'd like to play my mp3 through the OE cd player.  Any hints in installing an aux port as there isn't one on this older player?

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How can I connect my old stereo speakers to a computer/iPod? Answered

I own an old Panasonic "CD Stereo System SA PM-21". I got it a few years ago, so it is not the newest, and unfortunately I can only listen to CDs, cassettes, or the radio. The speakers are really good however, so I'm not ready to simply give the whole stereo away. So my question is, how can I connect a computer or iPod to these speakers? They have two pairs of cables each as you can see below. Somebody already suggested using an FM transmitter or cassette tape adapter, but those options would probably give me much less quality than I would get if I connected directly. Would I need some sort of amplifier or converter? Is it possible? Thanks in advance for any help.

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'02 Prius: Create AUX audio input

My Prius is still cruising along fine. But, I tire of messing around with FM transmitters to get my audio into the radio/audio system. I purchased mine with a 6 CD changer, so I know there's a way to add audio in. [The changer died after 2.5 years: Toyota said $300 to send it off to CA and get someone else's refurbished device back. No thanks.]I see all the newer cars with an AUX audio input jack. I'd like to put in such and/or a Bluetooth input.I went to a local car audio store and they said $450 to add it in. Bleah!Anyone done this or know how? [This is the original body style, not the newer, fastback style.]

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whats the best add an aux input to a 1998 ford taurus?

It has the tape deck also, i really dont wanna spend much money as i have a a fair amount of experience with electronics and i have oodles of components laying around

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Use a Prius as Aux. A/C Power Generator

We saw a story about someone that claims to have hooked up their Prius' electric motor batteries, through a AC Converter of some type, that converts the 200+ DC volts in the Prius main batteries into 240 (or 110?) AC power that can be feed into your house. See the following URL: it here vs. having someone really "tell all" about doing this for real, including the sources for the converters, etc. is what is missing. We have occasional power outages and our house gets cold in Washington State. Using our Prius' ability to self-regulate it's batteries seems like a great idea on getting more value out of this car.Come on your tinkering experts.... show us how to really do this.Rick

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Anyone got any insights on this for a DIY car bluetooth system?

Hello, I'm hoping to build a DIY bluetooth music adapter with the ability to also answer calls and provide a microphone on board instead of using the phone. I found this:;=282112739276#ht_10252wt_1397 It looks like it would meet all the requirements I need - It has AUX in for non bluetooth devices, bluetooth for phone calls and streaming, A microphone, Media controls and even an amp and should be able to be wired in to the cars' 12v power output. I am concerned that I am overlooking something obvious... I know that the the media controls might only work over bluetooth and not over AUX...but thats not too much of an issue is suppose...Does anyone have any more information on it? Cheers and happy building

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Can I add aux input into my portable bluetooth speaker? if possible how.

​hi my name is anirban and I am from India i purchased a bluetooth speaker(got it in a very cheap price ) but it doesnt have any aux input but when i press its different mode it says aux inputmode on .Can u help me add a aux input feature in my bluetooth speaker so that  i can also play it with my pc or anything else and i also want to create an easy function by which i can switch off using its own battery and play it by direct connecting it to adapter(basicmobilephoneadapter) so that my battery stays ok for long time. I have added the image of the circuit also.

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Need advice for adding aux-in/line-in to Philips AE2160/00-A AM/MW/LW portable radio

Hey there, this is my first post! :) I'm from Germany, so please excuse my grammar! :D The reason why I'm opening up this new topic is, I didn't find any instructable or guide on how to add an aux-in/line-in to my simple mono AM/MW/LW radio Philips AE2160/00-A. There's not much to find out about the technical specifications besides the standard product information: Tuner • Analogue tuning • Wave ranges FM 87.5 - 108 MHz MW 525 - 1606.5 kHz /04 LW 150 -255 kHz /00c FM/MW /04 FM/MW/LW /05 FM/MW/LW • Ferroceptor for MW (and LW) • Telescopic aerial for FM (and SW) Amplifier • Max. output power 300 mW RMS • Tone control Music /News Sound system • Loud speaker 100 mm • Metal grill Power supply • External supply /00c, /04 230V /05 240V AC • Batteries 2 x 1.5V , type R20/D cell/UM1 Connections • Headphone socket 3.5mm General • Material Polystyrene, metal grill • Weight (g) 520 • Dimensions (mm) 210 W x 150H Here's a link to a photo of the device:;=2000&$jpglarge$ I didn't even find schematics/circuit diagrams for this or a similar device. There are lots of tutorials on how to add such an input to a car radio or a boombox/stereo cassette player a.s.o., but not for a simple AM/MW/LW radio. My questions are: 1.) Are there any similar hack projects here in the step-by-step or forum section? 2.) How do I find the right connector or place to solder a 2-way-switch between the sections (tuner, amp, speaker)? After the hacking job, it should be possible to switch between normal radio listening mode and aux-in/line-in mode from an external mp3 player, notebook, a.s.o.. 3.) Is there anything else to know for this project? Yesterday I've opened up the case for the first time and looked over the circuit board and the connections. I had no cam to take pictures, but I try to take some mobile phone cam pictures of the circuitry and parts at the next opportunity! Cheers, arok1

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What could be wrong with my led light box? Answered

Hey you guys I did everything correctly but its still not working. Here's a pic of mine. I know its not the leds because they light up when I plug them up to a 12v source.Also thats a brand new tip31 and im using 8 Triple A batteries?

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Can i make my car stereo a AUX only setup?

I have a purpose built street legal race car with all the stereo gear (Wire, speakers, etc) still installed but missing a head unit. I'd like to just add an aux imput to the current wiring instead of buying a head unit. Is there some product that allows me to do this? What do i need to know? Thanks

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Will a 50 watt speaker be able to connect to an ipod using an aux cable directly from the speaker?

I was about to throw away a soround sound system that no longer worked but, I wanted to use the spekers individually and connect an aux cable to it... What I'm trying to create is a portible speker for my ipod. The speaker is 50 watts can this be done and how? Thanks for any info you give.....?

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can i a made 1/8" to 1/8 Mini Aux cable from a mic and headphones ?or...(i want this to connect my mp3 with my radio cd)

I dont have any audio shop near my place ... but i have a lot of headphones and mics ... i try to connect the jack of a mic and the jack of a headphone but it didnt work ... :P ...

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Either fix, or buy new one? Answered

Hello! Just a regular question or help passing by. So i have this set of wireless headphones, for two years or so. ( Philips shc8535/10 ) and few months ago, one side of the heaphones stoped working. i jus thear some rambling, and screatching noises. I took them apart (Warranty is obviuosly gone), and found out that the Auxillary plug ( IN ) has it's contacts bent. You could probbably tell by the pictures i'll attach somehow. Sadly, the part doesn't have any index number on it or anything, so i can't just order it 1-2-3.  Question is, can i fix it? i mean, i can't easily take it apart, it's plastic, and it's probbably molded in it ( the contacts), i've tried bending them, but all i get is either more or less rambling noise. And other part of the question - order it online, is that possible?

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Trying to create my own car head unit.. Sorta.

So i enjoy electronics, so i thought of an idea that would really benefit my life. I enjoy listening to music in the car. Like really enjoy it. Currently i have the original head unit that came with the ford focus mk1. Its terrible, and the speakers distort at loud volumes. Plus there is no way currently for me to listen to my own music apart from a CD. Which come on.. no one uses anymore.So here's my idea that im finding difficult to bring to light. I was hoping i could create some sort of botch head unit. But i want to create this using components that are not end products. So no i do not want a £100+ amp that does this for me without the DIY. It should be a lot cheaper to do this DIY.So my idea was 1 amplifier circuit board, which is difficult to find to power 4, 4 Ohm speakers. So my idea was to have 4 separate amplifiers for each speaker. I can't find a single channel amplifier to power a 4 Ohm speaker however. The signal the amplifiers would receive would be through an auxiliary cable or bluetooth reciever.Any ideas to point me in the right direction would be awesome. If there's a loophole in my idea then please let me know. Still a lot to learn, but that's what were here for right.Thanks in advance.

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is there any way that i can have an aux. power supply triggered by a signal from a hub to power servos?????

I have a remote control hub that doesnt have enought juice to power all of the nessisary servos. does anyone have any way to maybe rig a solenoid or something like it to connect a power supply and a servo.

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How do I add an iPod/mp3 player jack (aux) to my CD/radio stereo shelf system?

We have a stereo shelf system and want to plug the iPod Touch into it, so we can make use of the speakers. We also want to play our CDs and use the radio.

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Record old electric organ into computer

Hello everyone, There is this old Farfisa electric organ lying around in my grandma's house, its probably from the late 1980s early 1990s. I've always liked playing around with it and especially with the cool drum machine is has. I want to find a way to record it not with a microphone but by plugging it somehow directly into a sound card. There is no midi or aux out on the organ as it has its own incorporated amplifier inside the body. Is this even possible, if so how? Thank you !

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How would I go about building a portable battery power boom box with 2 tweeters and one large woofer.

Over the Christmas holiday I would like to utilize two tweeters that I obtained from computer speakers and a subwoofer that I obtained from a surround sound system to use in a portable battery powered boom box.  The goal is to makee the whole setup rechargeable (thought about solar panels also, but baby steps) with a usb slot (power only) to charge ipods/iphones and a single aux cable.  I have been experimenting with each of the speakers and I have an idea of what size of box I am going to have to produce the best sound, tips on this would be welcomed as well.  Strong deep bass is a major goal of the boom box as well.  Physical volume controls are not need.  The only button I assume would be for the power. Any tips or suggestions are welcomed.

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Modding a radio?

Hey im trying to modify my cars radio to have an aux input using the CD players audio hookup to the main  IC.  i cant find any datasheets on any of these ic's if i had them i would be just fine.  are the black wires that come from the CD player the audio signal wires? if they are could i easily just splice into that circuit?

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I'm modding an old tape player aux amp (5w) for guitar. I'm having trouble with understanding basic tube circuitry.

Should the signal go from input to 12ax7 grid1(pin 2), then plate/cathode1(pin 8) to gain pot back to grid 2(pin 7) and then output from plate2(pin 3) to Volume,tone control stage then on to grid1 of el84 power tube? Thanks in advance, Terry

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How do I turn my CD changer input on my head unit into an Aux input for my iPod?

I have a Nissan Maxima with the Bose system, and it has a CD changer input that is not being used . . . since I don't have a CD Changer. I have read that there are products that can convert this connection into an auxilary input for my head unit . . . any idea how to wire this up?

Question by Larzdj323 

Supply sources

I want to build my own small "boom box". I want to be able to use it play CD's, usb thumb drives, mini plug aux in etc. Can anyone suggest a source for the components for such a project?

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50W amp 60W speakers? Answered

Ive got a 50w dual output Bluetooth only amp, I've also got Two 60w speakers would putting the max volume into the speakers damage them if played for a while. The speakers are 4" and slightly distort at max , could be from slight under power , the amp is rated at 8v to 24v and I am using a 19 v 3.16 amp laptop power supply Speakers 8ohm 60w  Amp dual output Bluetooth only 50w x2 Amp power 8v to 24v

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Hacking a cassette tape adapter?

Hey everyone!  I was wondering, would it be possible to use the head in one of those cassette-to-AUX adapters as a tape reading head? Finding a new magnetic tape head is like hunting for hen's teeth, so it'd be nice if that were an option.  Many thanks!

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Music media center

Okay since I have very little free time right now I was wondering if it is possible to build a wifi radio that would be able to connect with an ipod, usb, aux, or cd, with a lcd screen and controls. keep in mind that all this would be interconnected in the same device

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I have a record player with a broken cassette deck, I want to add an aux port. Answered

I have an older Prolectrix record player with CD and cassette. The amp itself seems to incorporate the cd and radio. The cassette seems to cut into the amplifier circuit when one is inserted into the deck via a micro switch.   I have managed to remove the cassette module with all it's wiring, it was plugged straight into the board via a header plug. I was considering using a module such as this, as it would fit in the existing hole quite nicely. I haven't tested voltages as yet. 3.5mm is fine, or stereo phono is also usable. I need some advice as to which wires I can use as an input. Obviously there are two power wires to the motor. The microswitch has 3 wires, red, black and yellow, then you have the three more going to the play head. Any ideas please? My electronics knowledge is quite basic. Here's a picture of the turntable in case you know it.

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I am building a huge boom box but i am a little confused on how everything is going to wire together?

Hey, could i use this amp;=320-307&scqty;=1, to power 4-6 speakers. Then also this for the sound controls, i would then be hooking up my ipod with an aux cable. I am going to power it with a power cable, maybe a battery. My other question is can i hook up a more powerful 600W x 1 channel amp to a sub and have both amps play off the same aux cord? I haven't really worked much yet with home audio, just in my car but thanks for the help.

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cmoy feedback "synth"

This isn't a question, just an interesting discovery that I didn't think warranted an entire instructable Decided to convert my old cmoy amp into a portable speaker, so I found some little drivers and soldered them to the pins of the output jack, tested it, worked fine, then I got bored and decided to connect the input jack to the output jack with an aux cable:

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Multi Hook Ups for DJ purposes

I do a alot of garage party djing with my old stereo system, with a plug in through the AUX ports, from my Ipod, and I was wondering, could I split this cord so i have to sets of banana plugs, so that I could plug it into my stereo system and my guitar amp? And would this affect the sound quality much? Thanks

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Splitter Box

Does anyone know of a splitter box of any sort that would split the signal from the output of a minidisc player? At present my band plays gigs with the use of a backing track with keyboards and bass on. Is there any way the Minidisc outputs could feed my onstage monitor and the P.A. mixer simultaneously? The small mixer that the MD goes into hasnt any aux channels or monitor sends with which to use. Thanks.

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'Car FM transmitter to spy bug'

Hello, i am looking for some tips on how to transform an FM mp3 transmitter to a spy bug.. i have that transmitter you plug into the lighter in your car, put an aux cable or an usb in it, and it then trasmits to a set frequency so you can tune in with your radio.. i was wondering would it be possible to just get rid of the jack, and solder a microphone instead? If not, how would I go around that?

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Generic MP3 player connected to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player (not an iPod) to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit (Son-Aux) that Sony sells and/or buy the antiquated changer.

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need to replace dash cam camera switch so that it will auto turn on with ignition

, as it is now it gets power but i need to push the on button to start the camera . i would also like to have it turn off auto, with a bypass, in case i want to keep the camera running with the ignition off ,but key in aux,, like a radio.. it has a battery that last about 15 minutes..

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Ipod/Iphone to older stero ?

I have a older sony stero that doesn't have a line out/AUX jack. It has the bare wire speakers. What would be the best way to set it up ? I just want to use the stero so I can play my ipod. I don't need a docking station or charger set up. Maybe a mini amp from some computer speakers ??? Thanks for the help !!

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Guitar amp doesnt play sound in headphones when pluged in.

Hello, so I have a Orange amp, the crush 20 rt model and it plays just fine. When i want to play the sound to the headbphones it doesn't play. There is amp amp plug and the headphones plug, next to the headphones is the aux where i plug my headphones, but when i play, the sound doesn't go to the headphones. Any solutions? Also sorry if there are any mistakes in my engrish.

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