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Naruto rocks. its about time the is a group over his great name.

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Its my 16th birthday! And it just snowed yesterday! (born in december, lived 15.5 years in Minnesota, guess what season I love!) And now because new mexicans are pussies they delayed school 2 hours. So I had time to fix my brakes on my bike (being 16 isn't all that exciting if you don't have a license), check out instructables and post this topic! (Its 8:37am). I love biking in snow! Today is a happy day! So, what are you getting me for my birthday? Hey robot, guess who is on my cake! (maybe I should post an instructable..)

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awesome comix are awesome

Did u no... awesome comix are awesoem? whoops spelt it ring! haha

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how awesome is the word awesome? Answered

Ok, I was bored, and this question poped into my head.. if things can be awesome, whaty about the wrod awesome? is it awesome, or is it not?

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Rate my awesome dog of awesomely awesome cuteness!

So, here's my dog. She's a pure-bred Maltese named Snowy. She's a real bundle of joy, I'll give you that!

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Photoshop is Awesome

My friend has Photoshop, and he is awesome with it. Here is a picture of what he did. That is me on the bike.

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The AWESOME Button

Matt Richardson over at Make made an awesome button from the Staples Easy Button. When pushed, the reprogrammed button randomly selects a synonym to the word 'awesome', perfect for thinking of new (awesome?) words to include in a description when writing. As an added bonus, Instructables' own Scoochmaroo is (sorta) referenced briefly @0:20 Check out the video and make one yourself: via: MakeMagazine YouTube Chanel

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Awesome site

If you are a member of this group you will probably find this link quite interesting...

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Mac is awesome

Theres a new group on Instrucables if you love Apple.

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Video, Awesome

Check Out my sweet Video.;=user&fmt;=6

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Awesome animation

A great idea for animation, doing everything in a room and letting the drawings interact with reality. Enough words... just watch.

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Awesome Embroidery

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of embellishment to take something from plain and everyday to something of a conversation starter. This is an excellent example and I think the simplicity in it is inspiring. Crafty Embroidery

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An awesome title

My skills include: Making small circuits, photography, computers What I'd like to make for someone: Anything I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): (S,M,L) Small and Medium I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Sure What I like: I like computers, photography, robots, electronics, movies What I don't like: reality tv, pink, analogue I absolutely can't have: (due to allergies, pets, etc) N/A Type of thing I'd love to receive: Really anything Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? I would prefer not to, but I am not against it. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Confirmed

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People are awesome videos

Hi everyone, i would like to ask you if you like people are awesome videos? I recently made one and i would be glad to tell me your opinion about it. If you like the video join us on facebook and subscribe. thanks!! Here is the link of the video

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Eric's Awesome Office

Thanks to the Robot Art Contest Winners my previously boring office is now awesome! Everyone who comes in is literally taken aback at all the robots, each of them ready to back me up in any tough decisions. Check it out! Come visit, and bring more art!

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awesome! but can I...

Is it allowed to build one of the things they sell there? like building a pocket laser show (just an example)

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Awesome Fan Art!

We checked the mail today and found a few envelopes waiting for us. Since they were addressed to Eric's Boring Wall we gave them to Eric to open and enjoy.One envelope came from Budapest, another from Adrian Monk, and another envelope came from Butte, Montana with a whole pile of colored robots! We were pretty amazed by all the cool stuff.P.S. Adrian, thanks for the cookies. I kept them all to myself.

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Awesome New Group!

Hey everyone, I think that Nerf Fanatics is an awesome new Nerf group! Please join! If enough people join maybe we'll be featured!

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Awesome led cube

I'm contemplating selling LED cubes (better quality than the one in my instructable, of course) but I would like to know how much people are willing to pay for them, and what types they would like before I do.Could those interested in purchasing a cube please tell me how much they would pay, and what they would like it to look like (color, size, etc)?Instructable, for those who do not know.I apologize if this is in the wrong category.

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Awesome Guns on Youtube

Not SEMI but cool"Spiff"MepainsWhat do you think?Awesome trigger

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Why are you awesome?

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Richard Feynman is awesome!

I finally got a better icon. I went with a picture of one of my favorite people, Richard Feynman. Does anyone else think Feynman is one awesome dude?

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Awesome drum bot

Anyone know how to make it?*Cough cough*

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Link to an awesome site

I figured this would be a good place to place this link... in the Guns and Weaponry group.

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My awesome rifle!

Here is my awesome rifle, i need to know that 10 people want this before I post it. I is still a working progress so let me here ideas!

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OE-Cake = Awesome

Hey you should check this out. h Here are a few videos for OE cake

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Awesome bookshelving system

I'm racking my brain on how to make something like this: Anyone got any ideas?

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Awesome Youtube channel

Hey guys do you like awesome arduino projects? coding tutorials etc? well come check out my channel! whatch some videos leave alike or two and mabye even subscribe! (sorry for the annyoying channel advertisment XD)

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Awesome new contest!!!

This contest looks great. May the best man/woman win...GO!!! Go ahead and post you 'ibles. (I might join in XD)

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Awesome Laser Camera

Another innovation from the folks at MIT! This camera can see around corners!  Via BBC news

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My Awesome Transformer

I made a transformer after seeing mepain's. Its probably not as good as his, but i still thought i would share it with you. The last Pic is the open guns.

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awesome mario bookmark!

Well this took a very very long time to make! It was mainly because of the blue background. This will be the one and only bookmark I EVER make =) enjoy the pics and remember it took me a MONTH to finish!!!

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Lego Printer == Awesome

The last Lego forum thread I started went down a storm so when I saw this Lego printer online at BoingBoing today I HAD to post it too. YouTube user Horseattack posted this video a few days ago of a printer that he made using Lego to move a felt tip pen across the page. He doesn't give much detail about how it was made or any instructions on how to do it, but the video is pure awesome. Here's what he had to say about it in the video description: "Lego felt tip 110" printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not a kit you can buy and does not use mindstorms. I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a "wiring" board.

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Awesome art prints

I was doing some holiday shopping online, and I found Veramar Naval Products... They are offering free shipping for the holidays on orders over $40. I found that pretty easy to do since they now have the work of Nate Ostrow, who is just incredible. They also have another site entirely devoted to music and pop culture art prints in addition to the military and naval artwork. They have like Hendrix and Hepburn and all sorts of cool stuff that's worth checking out. I thought this was quite the find and figured I would pass it along - happy holidays!

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Why Is So Awesome?

Why Is So Awesome?

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Make a super awesome collaboration!!!

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?

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Awesome Things to do in Halo

Hi there, fellow halunatics. In this forum, you can post awesome things that you have done/seen done in any of the Halo games. Other games are not welcome. Anyway, here I'm going to list some things that are just downright awesome to do. Keep in mind that over the course of time I will continue to add to this forum. - Facial grenades. When you go up to an enemy and stick a plasma grenade on their face. This practice is funniest with a Grunt as the victim. - Headshots. Especially badmirable when they're moving and/or you hit your foe in the face, as this is just awesome, and it usually makes flop around in a comical manner. - Keeping the energy sword after you run out of charge so that you can punch people. Hilarious with Grunts, as their faces are just at the right level for your fist to pound on them. What a happy coincidence >:D - Bullfighting/toying with Hunters. Safest in Halo 1;  Hunters can't swing behind them. - Playing on Legendary without dying a lot. If you can do this, then congratulations, you are good at Halo. - Killing a Grunt/Elite just as he's about to throw a grenade so that it lands next to him and blows up his friends. A real Master Chief moment. - Not dying. Life is regarded by most people as a healthy practice.  - Ninja Mode. Sneaking around an area (possibly with the help of active camouflage), killing your foes without firing a single shot. Extremely awesome if an entire area can be successfully cleared in this manner. - Energy sword/gravity hammer kills. 'Cause they're just awesome. - Splatter kills. Shows that a) you know how to handle a vehicle well, and b) you are confident enough to get that close to your enemy to kill them instead of shooting them from a distance. - Boarding. Can't do it in Halo 1, but its still awesome.

Topic by Plo Koon  

awesome scientific method project?

I need an awesome project (around 8th grade level) that uses the scientific method. making something glow? making my own keyboard? help?

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Awesome Halo Like Guns!!!

Have you ever ivent a nerfgun that looks like a gun from the Halo series. Well, if you have then please show me. I love Halo and nerfguns so...I would love to mix those loves together!

Topic by lil larry  

More Awesome Fan Art

A little while ago we received a series of letters in the mail. Not regular letters that are written on paper, but big letters like "R" and "T" and so son. Finally, the explanation was posted and we put it all together. Sadly, some of the letters never did make it to the office and we're a little short, but we really did appreciate the sentiment. It made us all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.Here are the much-belated pics of what we received.

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why is so awesome?

Why is it so awesome?

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Just an awesome little website

It's the NASA Technical Reports Server. It's like geek heaven

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BucketHead = Awesome. (not you, Gorillazmiko)

BucketHead - Jordan = Awesome!Check out 1:30!Also, for those of you who don't know - his name's Brian CarrollSo, uh...I dunno..tlak bout buckets and heads and bucketheads

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Awesome abandoned russian cannons

Abandoned Russian coastline defensesI'd love to go exploring one of those places (not so urban exploration)

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Robot T-shirts are Awesome!

We just got the test shirts back from the printer and ran outside to take some snapshots- aren't they awesome? The women's shirts are navy blue, the regular/men's shirts are steel blue. The rest of the batch should be in shortly, and we'll be mailing them out to the Valentine's contest winners ASAP. Thanks for the patience- I hope they're worth the wait!

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Awesome webcam music video

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out this crazy webcam collaboration video. It's absolutely worth watching the whole way through. After the first 50 seconds it starts to get much more interesting.via Gizmodo

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Awesome box of junk idea

Who would be interested in starting one of these? box of junkhow many people here live in the united states ?if you are interested pm me and if I have enough people I will start it off :P ~Matt

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Awesome Rings - must reproduce

Http:// RingsI'd love to see if anyone could recreate these rings in something a lot cheaper...or give a good method on how to do it....or if someone could make me just the asian pagoda one i'll buy it for a reasonable price

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Wireless doorbell + ipod = awesome

I have a wireless doorbell kit (plugs in to a 120v outlet) from Home Depot and an old 4th gen ipod (ipod photo).  Does anyone have any ideas how to wire these two items together so it they could play custom noises when the button is pressed?

Topic by ayhindot