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Sick Axolotl

We have a white Axolotl with pink eyes .. we recently went on a weeks holiday found our Axolotl on the floor not sure how long he has been there, he was still moist and alive so put him back in his tank. He will not eat... Last night he started shedding his skin. This morning he was floating on his side and you could see pink veins all over him. I took him out of the tank and put in a Tupperware container ...Now he has started to get white patches under his mouth, on his tail and side and on his foot ... please help .... what can we do as we don't want him to die???

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Is my axolotl sick?

I'm new with axolotl so I'm wondering if my axolotl sick or is he a golden albino axolotl. The spots aren't fluffy it is like the skin of a frog I don't think he is sick but just for sure if anyone could tell me is he fine. p/s: I know gravel aren't good for axolotl i just bought him so I'm changing the to bigger stones soon. I bought him because he was kept in a poor condition in the store so I want to give him a better home

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Is my axolotl sick or hurt? Answered

Hello there, I have had a axolotl for a few months now and i have noticed he has a white patch on his side and on his head its white and sort of fluffy looking and i don't  know if something is wrong or is just color on his skin? I have added a photo of him (but its not to clear because i didn't use a camera flash on it) he is a Wild type i think and he lives in a 2 foot tank  on his own with heating around 20'c-18'c and a filter and i clean it all out very often and he eats things like worms, shrimp pellets, pieces of fresh beef or snails ( all of these i make sure are fine and healthy for him to eat) The only thing strange about him is that he has a few extra fingers on one hand (but he had that  when i got him). It would be great if anyone could help me with this question and could tell me if he's o.k and/or if you know what to to do. Thank you from, CrazyBassFisherWoman and Norbert the axolotl,

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How to care for an injured axolotl?

I have an axolotl (Milton) in a community tank with some gold fish, and a Gourami. They all lived happily in my 75 gallon tank for several months. Today I get home after work to find my Gourami nipping at Milton's gills. It must have been happening all day because his gills are much less fluffy than they were before. I instantly removed him from the tank and put him in my 15 gallon tank upstairs with a few goldfish. He keeps going up for air and is currently perched lazily on some plants in the newly filled tank upstairs. Without most of his gills, is he going to suffocate? What special care will he need to insure he survives?  Please help! I am really worried about him.     PS: I would post pictures but he has moved while I was writing this and is now hiding in his cave.

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My axolotl is gray with a fungus

I put him in the fridge last night and I'm making salt water for a 10 min bath but I'm not to sure what to do other than that. Please tell me if there's something I can do or if he's dead.

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What's wrong with my Axolotl?

I got a Axolotl today (I named it Neptune). I don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. I don't know why but at first Neptune wasn't moving around as much but it might be from just being in a new environment. What my question is I went to check on Neptune and noticed it had white spots all over it. Neptune has white spots on it's body, mostly it's sides. I pictures I attached aren't very good I know but my room isn't lit really bright and I don't know if you can really see Neptune. I'm really worried, I don't want Neptune to die in a few days from when I got it. Does anyone know why Neptune has spots on it? Or what I could do? It's a brand new tank, I boiled all the planets so there's nothing on it, and the water has been cycling for 4 days. It's 20 gallons and the person at the pet store who carries them said it should cycle for at least 24 hours. I'm really worried, please help.

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Axolotl been sick Please help?

Hi my axolotl was sick these last couple of days due to high amounts of ammonia in his water. So we changed it he was very close to dying but survived the night he used to be so active when he was a baby axolotl now he is lazy is this because he was because he was sick or because of his age (hes 2) He is starting to eat again which is good im just worried.

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My Axolotls have really bad markings on their skin, what's wrong with them???

Two of my Axolotls have some kind of open wound sores on their backs. One also has it on his tail. I have isolated them into the fridge in there own waters to help the healing process. The third axolotl that I have is still in the 30 gallon tank. She appears to have a sore forming also on the side of her. I am watching it very closely to see if it may be the water that's doing this to them. I tested the water for the temp. which is at 70 F this is a little higher than normal and as I have researched could also be a factor. have had them for about 4-5 months. We have recently moved changing the tank took about 3-4hrs to it moved and set back up. I kept 1/3 of the water to keep the bacteria. I honestly don't know what else to do. if anyone has any suggestions or knows what exactly is going on re-guarding my axolotls, ANYTHING please email me at Thank You for the Support.

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