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I just published my instructable 1 day ago, but it is not showing up when I search for it, PLZ help Answered

Sorry, I just joined and I am an instructables n00b

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What is the best glue for attaching wood to metal?

The metal is a brushed copper pipe that will be fitted into a 15 inch groove in a poplar 2 by 6.

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What (do you think) is The Best Rock Song Ever

I Know that this has nothing to do with making, but, I was wondering what everyone in the 'ibles community thought. Please state the name of the song, and than the name of the group/artist beneath it Ex. Don't Trust Me 3OH!3 BTW, I think it is Let It Rock Kevin Rudolph Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth

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K'nex: The bane of modern DIY

Okay, We all know that K'nex is fun, and nearly everyone remembers playing with them when they were young. BUT, I have found that nearly every time that I try to find an Instructable on ANYTHING half or more of the title results come up as something like this "Seuper-Ultra Awsum L33T K'nex thing". We all know that K'nex is fun, but is it really necessary, that every time that your 8 year old son, (or, 8 year old self for that matter) builds something out of K'nex that looks remotely like ANYTHING you go post an Instructable on it. Now, I am not trying to bash on K'nex here, in fact, I love them, but I hate when people think in is necessary to torment the rest of the world with their primitive creations. Then again, this is just my opinion, please post your own. Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth

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how do you start a group? Answered

I just wanted 2 start 1

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How do you clean the glue off of a 2 litire soda bottle? Answered

I want to make the "Victorian Domed Glass Display Case" from, but am unable to clean the glue off of my 2 litre bottle, Please help.

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Pride and Prejudice.............and Zombies?

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is the pinnacle of Jane Austen's work, a multilayered comedy about a class controlled society, and slaying zombies. This book is really quite amazing, it is nearly impossible to distinguish Jane Austens writing, from that from quirk books. People having read the "real " Pride and Prejudice tell me that the book is hilarious, and "really kind of weird, " but if, like me you just picked up the book and decided to read it, you will find and epic rivaling "Z war" in hilarity and zombie mayhem. Please, but and read this book! And after you do, give it a rating here, 1 to 10.(1=epic fail, 10= MADE OF WIN) And don't forget to purchase the sequel on September 15th, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

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