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New Background?

That background photo is loading very slowly in Firefox. I think it is distracting and totally unnecessary.

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PSP Backgrounds

Anybody have any cool PSP backgrounds they've made or want to share? Here's one of mine (It's one for gmod):

Topic by Rockerx  

Cycling Desktop Backgrounds

I would like to be able to have an automatically cycling desktop background, like the option on Mac OS X. I'm running Windows XP. Are there any utilities or something available to do this? No, I don't want to create a GIF file of the different wallpapers, that would be enormous.

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Lighting a background surface

 Hello everyone,  I've been looking for options to light a surface for a garment.  I would like to obtain some sort of EL panel effect with something simpler.  I have never worked with EL panels, and they seem really complicated to use for me. Is there anything I can use to make a surface lit?  Is it possible to have a surface of 10 x 15 inches lit, that's portable without huge amounts of power? Thank you for your help. All the best,  Jen.

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Doodle with Pattern Background

So I had a problem choosing a pattern that I was going to decorate a notebook with. I looked up patterns and designs on Google images, but most were either all too complicated or just not appealing to me. So I decided to create my own design. I had a few guidelines for the design: 1. It had to reflect my personality somehow. 2. It can't be too complicated 3. I had to like it, of course. I looked around for inspiration on Google and Ikea, and found this design where it was a feather with stripes surrounded by lines, circles, and curves. And it hit me, a picture surrounded by different patterns. Since I'm Asian, I immediately thought of a cute panda. Then, I google searched a tutorial for a panda, drew it, and behold, a panda! After that, I thought that it needed more, so I started drawing random ovals behind it. The ovals looked too plain so I thought about adding more, with patterns! I drew a variety of patterns in the ovals/circles and the picture is my result. If you look close enough you can see my other attempted patterns on the back of the paper, including feathers and toast. I'm just random like that. Pip pip toodley doo!

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What's a better background for pictures?

What does every body think about different background colors for picture taking? I made up a black one but I'm thinking about a white / cream one as well. Pictures are of a bottle with a jug knot tied (great instructable, look it up) while the other is from jessyratfink's Instructable "Sew a Where Things are Hat + Pattern!" with a white backdrop. What do you prefer? By the way, the black back drop is mine, I have it hung up on a curtain rod with a stool in front with the cloth draping over, then with the item placed on top. Still new at photography but I think it's an ok picture.

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K'nex Instructable Background Hint

Have you had trouble making a good k'nex instructable because of the background? Use poster-board to make a good, monochromatic background which can make seeing details easier.

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YouTube Background -Get Creative-

Hey! I'm running a little competition. I want you to create a youtube background for me. Winner will get a subscription and 5* on 10 of the selected 'Ibles. What it needs: 1. To be like a grass background with a ball on it, 2. To be not taken with a digital camera, 3. Look professional, 4.Have my name (TomBuckey) in white running down the left edge. The reason I'm asking you to make one is simply, I can't.

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I want the background noise!

I have a recording of a conference call I have to transcribe. Unfortunately the recorder was placed near a noisy co-worker, who has become the main sound during the recording. Is there some way to pull out and enhance what is now the background noise, my important call?

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Instructables Cursors/Pointers

I have made a pack of Instructables robot cursors/pointers. I have also included an Instructables background. If you have any comments, or suggestions for improvement, post them below.A thanks goes to n8man for the Instructables Link Select cursor/pointer.

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Whats with the lame turquoise background on the front page?

I check instructables literaly 10 times a day and the turquoise is hurting my eyes!  DO NOT WANT!  Make it go away please!

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What is going on here?!

The background on the homepage is suddenly covered with norton adverts for some reason. The orange is gone. And, the post maker has a white background with no orange top. Is this a glitch, or purposeful.

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More Extensive Profile Customization

I think it would be fun to be able to personalize our public profile pages. Uploading custom images to use as backgrounds adds so much personality to a profile. Changing the "color theme" lets users put out clear messages like "I'm professional", "I'm cool", or "I love colors so much omg". All of those are valid messages. Thoughts? Might this be possible? UPDATE: Kiteman has pointed out that choosing which six projects show up on our overview pages would be awesome.

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changes with background on a windows 7 starter

I tried the whole My Colors thing and i thought it had work but it didnt i applied the theme then i applied the wallpaper that i wanted and the wallpaper came up then it went bck to the theme can sumbody help me please!!!!!!!!

Question by shanta2010  

does anyone have a background in computers?

For some reason, my speakers stopped working partially. All of the sudden they just stopped letting me hear sounds when im in firefox, and im not sure why. There used to be a little speaker icon on my taskbar, now there isnt one and when i go start, all programs, accessories, entertainment, volume control, it gives me this message;There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices go to control panel and click printers and other hardware, then add new hardware.I did that, and it didnt work. I have speakers from Labtec, and my windows media player works fine, but if i go onto youtube, or google videos, or anywhere with a video there is no sound. Its really bothering me, and any help is appreciated. Thanks ! =]

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Well as of a couple days ago no pictures on instructables will show. Not even the orange background. Only text and ads Answered

Well as of a couple days ago no pictures on instructables will show. Not even the orange background. Only text and ads. Any help?

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Free GFX, Youtube backgrounds, avatars, Youtube intros + More!

Hey guys. I know you havent seen me around here lately and that is mostly due to me losing motivation for knex, which is basically all I did on this site, and decided to give up on it. So anyway, you're probably here because you read the title. Well for a few weeks I will be doing free GFX, YT Background, Avatars and Mor for all you 'Iblers! So anyway, there is a catch :P All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel. It only opened a few days ago and I need some subs to at least start off. So all yopu need to do is sub to me on youtube and comment below telling me what you want, and what your youtube username is, so I know its you. PS. If its a YT Background or an YT intro, it wont be amazing (but it will still be good) as alot more work goes into that than lets say, an avatar. My youtube! So anyway thats about it. Hiyadudez, out. The picture below is just something I made for my friend!

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Should I put sound deadening/dampening material in my car?

I've just spend a little over a grand and blown the majority of my budget on new speakers amp wiring and a headunit for my car. I haven't bought any subwoofers. I'm happy to go over this budget if sound deadening will make a large difference. Anyway, I was just wondering- road noise and all of that aside, will sound deadening make my stereo sound noticeably better? As in, sound quality alone Should point out that the speakers are 300 watts rms all up. 6.5" "woofer" 4" midrange and a tweeter that's under an inch each side. Thanks heaps!

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Waterproof background material for photographing marine specimens?

A bit of background: I'm working on improving the quality of photos that get passed my way.  A little bit of effort on the part of the photographers could save me countless photoshop hours on my end and likely preserve more useful information in the process!  I'm hoping the DIY photographers out there might have some advice. The details: Photos are of marine creatures (therefore the subjects are necessarily wet and probably muddy!), taken at-sea (so the material needs to be fairly easy to pack up).  Can anyone suggest a material/product that is waterproof (gets wiped/cleaned between specimens) and is flat (not shiny)?  Both black and white will be needed.  I've used plexiglass but get a lot of glare, and one cruise used a piece of black cloth with the kind of result you see in the photo.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Windows 9x Clouds Remake

After searching and searching the internet, I could not find one single remake of Microsoft's signature wallpaper, "Clouds". So I set off to make one. The original picture was a 1024x768 grainy JPEG file. It was included in both Windows 95 and Windows 98 as selectable wallpapers, and it was the background found in the cover art of both releases of Windows 9x. My remake is a 1680x1050 PNG which I made fully from scratch, using Microsoft's Clouds.jpg as reference. Here on Instructables I have included my remake, as well as Microsoft's original. Deviant Art My Blog

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How makey "wrap around" bg/banner in blogger? Answered

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to do an awesome background/header in Blogger that rolls beyond the width of the columns and doesn't get off-center/out-of-line with the blog content when the browser is resized.  You can see the problem here: The blog isn't done or anything.  It's just an example of what happens the browser is resized, and it bothers me a lot. I don't know if the column code needs to be adjust or the background code needs to be changed or what.  I'm not good at CSS, and I don't know JavaScript, which blogger allows. I'm attaching a rough idea of what I'd like to be able to do.  Les sigh.

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How can I split background noise and hiss from voice recording?

Taperecorded voice. Lots of background like aeroplane- and car noise, hissing when volume openened up. Only the speech needed.

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What transparent spray-on material darkens it's background?

Im looking for a way to evenly darken an area of a wall, while keeping the 'background' visible. The effect Im aiming at is that of a shadow cast on the wall, sharply distinguished from the lighter surroundings but still showing the texture and perhaps images underneath. I am specifically looking for a material that can be sprayed, for example with a air pump spray but a spray can would perhaps even be better. I bought a transparent lacquer in a spray can, but it turned out to be too transparent. Another option could perhaps be to dilute black paint? A few conderations: I prefer to spray it (fast and evenly) Background to 'paint' on will be brick and wood Preferably non drip (or not too much at least) I want to cover a small area several times and will use a stencil template. How would you go about doing this? Do you know of ready made materials in spray cans that do the trick? If you know of a specific liquid, where could I buy it? Many thanks in advance!

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What is the Instructable behind the Wedding Contest Background Picture? Answered

I am desperately looking for the instructable of beforementioned Picture.  The Pic shows wooden blocks with a back&white; picture .. probably laser cut onto it. Any Help appreciated, title of the instructable or the link to it would be awesome ! Thank you in advance

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What the F?

My background for instructables is displaying the background as an annoying flash file for norton anti-virus.

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Reducing the influence of low temperature objects on PIR sensors?

​Hello, can anybody please help me with this? I was wondering if there was some sort of filter/material that I could place in front of a pir module, that would filter out any low temperature objects and only allow high amounts of infrared radiation to pass through and trigger the sensor (body heat). I plan to mount the sensor on a rotating turret, and when it spins I don't want the sensors to be triggered by the moving background (walls, bookshelves, etc.) thanks.

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Chance to Win a Seamless Paper Backdrop by 10/31/10

Https:// Ok, so I am applying for a chance to win a Free Seamless Paper Background from and one of the requirements is for me to post onto a forum.  I thought I would share with everyone on here about it! I hope I win!  I could really use this Seamless Paper for all my product line shoots.

Topic by JadynT  

Does anyone know a cool CMD console that the background gives a view of the hardware?

The program would be a command prompt and the background of the command prompt would be as if you computer had a glass casing so you could see all the wires and connections and stuff. I don't know if it exists but it would be pretty cool. Or even other cool CMD prompt backgrounds

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How to kill Windows XP background process from DOS' ?

Question by Hrituraj    |  last reply

Dropbox application in background process on OpenWRT processor of my Arduino Yun.

Hello everybody, Simple question: does the Arduino YUN support the same DROPBOX functionalities as my laptop? Basically, I need to download data from the SD card of my Arduino Yun to my application server. But the internet connection of my Arduino is not very stable. How I want it to work: 1.    I have a sketch that writes data on a TXT file to my SD card every 10 minutes 2.    I want to install Dropbox on my Arduino Yun 3.    Then, whenever the Yun is connected, it will synchronize all the files from the SD Card with my Dropbox folder on my server. That would happen (I guess) in the background, without my Arduino needing to run a sketch. To do that, I think I need drobox to run ‘in the background’ on my Arduino microprocessor. Did anyone do this before? Thanks. What does NOT work: Initially, I used the "LogToDropbox" sketch inserted in the "Datalogging to Dropbox with Arduino Yun" tutorial at the following link: in order to ‘actively’ upload files to my Dropbox app console from my SD card with an internet connection. But if , my Arduino Yun is losing the internet connection, it is impossible to upload the files created during the downtime to my Dropbox app console. These files are stored on the SD card plugged on the Yun during this time interval, but not synchronized.

Topic by DELETED_jay97430  

Instructables Desktop

A desktop background that I put together real quick and I thought I should share it.=)

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How can I compose midi music for a video game of mine?

I recently started a video game company to my some money and have a reason to design video games. I've used the resources that came with the creation program, but there is only one background music file. The program uses midi files background music, and I can't find a FREE midi composition program. Anyone have some recomendations. By the way the software I use is GameMaker 8.

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Underwater, Ambient, Aquarium Lighting

I am building a DIY foam/crete background for my cichlid tank and would like to run LEDs underwater as ambient lighting under ledges etc. I want to run lines with single lights placed strategically in the background. Any thoughts on how I might approach this inexpensively?

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jet engines

Um yeah just like that guys picture but without the weird background or the guy on the board

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how do i create a shortcut to a wiimote from a different room (can i make a background connection)

How could i (if this is possiable) make a second background feed for a wii remote system (meaning i want a second way to play the wii in a different room i already have video working)?

Question by northernmagnet  

HTML help?

Hey, i'm currently working on redoing my website, and i've got a problem. I'm using tables to separate a background the main body, but when I add the text, it backs right up to the edges of the border. Does anybody know how to push the text in some, without using CSS? Using the tables won't work, it messes up my background.

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BPLED - The Energy Saving Search

BPLED - The Energy Saving Search> http://www.bpled.comSave Energy using a dark background

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dancing konta download help?

I was wondering where i could download the dancing konta in the background of this image.

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Which is the better picture to use for a title image?

I have a new instructable in the works after a long hiatus :) I have some options for the title image for my next instructable and I don't know which one to choose.  So picture 1 (jar with green napkin), picture 2 (jar with wooden background), picture 3 (close up), or picture 4 (jar with green background)?

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Can a felon be a gunsmith? Answered

Can a person with a felonious background become a gunsmith?  They do not have to own guns, nor possess, just repair.

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I made a vbscript. how do i get music to play in the background when you open the program?

its a vbscript program. it uses sapi voice and u can type anything that you want in and your computer will use the source to speak it the best that it can. i want like an opening background song when u open the program.

Question by Bert99  

Name this movie.

The first person to name the movie in the background of this picture will receive a 1 year pro membership code.  Show me how well you know your sci-fi.

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Instructables Website

Now this may be a stupid question, but I was wondering how the animated portion of the homepage was made.  It is very eye catching and I was just wondering how it was done.

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Why won't themes work in the Cydia app?

Hi, i have a jailbroken ipod touch 2g (MC) jailbroken with a userland jailbreak (JailbreakMe 2.0).  I have some themes that work perfectly on my ipod, except in the actual cydia app.  The "loading data" spinner is still the standard apple one, not the themed one.  Also, the background is just the standard apple gray stripe background.  Does anyone know how to make the themes work in cydia? thanks.

Question by budabob07  

LED Eyes while still maintaining visibility?

I'm modding an Optimus Prime voice changer helmet for halloween. I'd like to have eyes that are lit up, but I still need to see through them. Any ideas how I could accomplish this?  My idea is something like a car headlight. Have the LED off to the side, and have a reflective background (tinfoil?) so it lights up bright. Then have an eye hole in the middle of the background to see through. Thoughts? 

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What Mods are there for Ipod Nano Chromatic?

For example changing the menu background or other firmwares. I am very confused about it , so help is appreciated ! = )

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