Backlighting a Keyboard

So a while back i purchased a keyboard that uses blue EL Wire to backlight the keys.  I like the blue, but i'd like to add some variety to it.  i'd like to add more different colors and a switch that toggles between the different colors (so i can change from blue to say red or green etc..) are there different voltages/currents for the wire that i should be concerned about? any other help/advice would be appreciated too.. thanks ahead of time!

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lcd backlight? Answered

I have two broken lcd screen and salvaged only the backlight panel, power supply, and sreen display circuitry i it to light up all the time and not only 2 secs after you light it up without pluging any computer in the video ports. HOW? Thanks to all of you:)

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Backlight problems? Answered

The backlight on my computer monitor turns off 2 seconds after turning on the monitor.

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LCD loosing backlight.

My backlights fail only when I input a viveo source of any kind. If I power up in RGB with a composite video source pluged in its fine until I switch the source to composite(video1). this is true for any source. they include S-video, RGB, composite, VGA and tuner. its run on 12V, pretty much Identical to a computer monitor except more inputs. thinking maybe the inverter, any other ideas will be helpful???

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laptop backlight question? Answered

Long story short.  Room mate got bleach on his Toshiba laptop.  It spilled into the port of the usb area, hdmi, network cable side and he said it instantly cut off. He tried turning it on and the power light would just flick off. (he also borrowed my movie that i rented from the library)  After drying it all day we took it apart and noticed the bleach had corroded the usb port. I remembered in my college days that shorting a usb port will cause power supply to cut off. So i said lets get some CRC QD cleaner and just clean the corrosion and it should work. I couldn't get any electric cleaner but the people who work across the street had some non chlorinated break cleaner.  We used that to clean as much of the corrosion as possible off the usb and noticed some on two of the chips on the motherboard had corrosion.  Spent about 20 min cleaning each pin on the chips to separate them and tried powering it again.  (at this point the laptop is mostly apart and just got bare essentials put together).  It worked, fans started spinning and screen flashed its toshiba windows didnt shutdown logo. I begin to assemble it as much as possible without putting any screws in. I got the keyboard in and every electrical component.  i mashed the power button and the backlight on the screen wont come on.  I can see the text on the screen change but no light. Take the keyboard out and it works normally.  Can someone help me, or got any pointers?  I'm away from home so I dont have access to fancy equipment like tooth brushes or contact cleaner.

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Problem with LCD backlight

Hello everybody,  I'm here to ask a question I'm not able to solve on my own. I'm not good at programming, so it may be a silly question, but I can't find a solution. I'm building an Arduino based humidity and temperature monitoring system, with three DHT-11 sensors and a display to show readings from them. I'd like to be able to toggle LCD's backlight on with a pushbutton and have the code switch it off after a while. I can't  figure out how to make Arduino do it. All I could make till now is Arduino switching backlight ON at the beginning of the code regardless of the buton being pressed or not.  Here is the code I wrote, I bolded the part relative to the pushbutton. Can anyone help me, please? #include "DHT.h"                    // include DHT sensor library code #include           // include lcd display library code LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);     // Initialize lcd on these pins #define DHTPIN A0          // sensor1 1 #define DHTPIN2 A1         // sensor 2 #define DHTPIN3 A2         // sensor 3 // Uncomment whatever sensor type you're using! #define DHTTYPE DHT11   // DHT 11 //#define DHTTYPE DHT22   // DHT 22  (AM2302) //#define DHTTYPE DHT21   // DHT 21 (AM2301) // Initialize DHT sensor for normal 16mhz Arduino DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); DHT dht2(DHTPIN2, DHTTYPE); DHT dht3(DHTPIN3, DHTTYPE); #define light_button 8 #define backlight_pin 13 int val; int state; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   lcd.begin(16, 2); // set up the LCD's number of columns and rows:   dht.begin(); // enable DHT sensors   pinMode(light_button, INPUT);   pinMode(backlight_pin, OUTPUT);   state = 0; } void loop() {   val = digitalRead(light_button);     Serial.println(val);        if(light_button != state){       digitalWrite (backlight_pin, HIGH);     }     else {       digitalWrite (backlight_pin, LOW);     }         // READING SENSOR 1   // Reading temperature or humidity takes about 250 milliseconds!   // Sensor readings may also be up to 2 seconds 'old' (its a very slow sensor)   float h1 = dht.readHumidity();   float t1 = dht.readTemperature(); // Read temperature as Celsius   float hi = dht.computeHeatIndex(t1, h1); // Compute heat index lcd.setCursor(5, 0);           // Print values from sensor 1 on lcd   lcd.print("Teca 1"); lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print("Umidita': ");   lcd.print(h1);   lcd.print("%"); delay(3000);                 // Show humidity value for 3 seconds lcd.setCursor(0,1);          // Switch to temperature visualization   lcd.print("Temperat: ");   lcd.print(t1);   lcd.print("C"); delay(3000);                // Show temperature value for 3 seconds // READING SENSOR 2   float h2 = dht2.readHumidity();      // Read humidity   float t2 = dht2.readTemperature();   // Read temperature as Celsius     float hi2 = dht.computeHeatIndex(t2, h2);  // Compute heat index   lcd.setCursor(5, 0);            // Print values from sensor 2 on lcd   lcd.print("Teca 2");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print("Umidita': ");   lcd.print(h2);   lcd.print("%"); delay(3000);                      // Show humidity value for 3 seconds lcd.setCursor(0,1);              // Switch to temperature visualization   lcd.print("Temperat: ");   lcd.print(t2);   lcd.print("C"); delay(3000);                    // Show temperature value for 3 seconds // READING SENSOR 3     float h3 = dht3.readHumidity();   float t3 = dht3.readTemperature();      // Read temperature as Celsius     float hi3 = dht.computeHeatIndex(t3, h3);    // Compute heat index     lcd.setCursor(5, 0);                      // Print values from sensor 3 on lcd   lcd.print("Teca 3");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print("Umidita': ");   lcd.print(h3);   lcd.print("%"); delay(3000);                      // Show humidity value for 3 seconds lcd.setCursor(0,1);                // Switch to temperature visualization   lcd.print("Temperat: ");   lcd.print(t3);   lcd.print("C"); delay(3000);                      // Show temperature value for 3 seconds }

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Backlighting Metal Wall Art

Anyone know how to backlight metal wall art? thanks

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Backlighting Metal Wall Art

Does anyone know how to backlight metal silhouette wall art? Thanks

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MY Tablets backlight went out!

My tablets backlight just went out i have a stylistic st5020d , does anyone know how i oculd fix it? im out of ideas

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How do watch glow backlights work???

I recently took apart a digital watch that had a green glow type of backlight. Looks like there was a backplate, behind the LCD screen, with what seems two contacts on opposite ends. No matter how I hook up these contacts to a 1.5V battery, I can't get it to glow. Any ideas????

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How do LEDs evenly backlight an LCD screen?

Perhaps I'm not entering the right search parameters into Google. I'd love to know how LEDs are used to evenly backlight LCD screens, like those used in computer monitors and TVs. How do they achieve even brightness over such a large area? Are the screens edge-lit or lit from behind? Are special lenses required?

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How can I make a LED backlight for my laptop screen?

I want to replace the CFL backlight on my laptop with a LED backlight. Anyone know how to go about doing this. I have some electronics and soldering experience.

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Has anyone modified an lcd display to use sun light for the backlight?

I'd like to use a 4" lcd display outdoors. Would it work to remove the backlight and use a mirror to direct sunlight to the back of the lcd (in conjunction with a shade for the front)? Would a sheet of white plastic work for a diffuser?Something similar to this old pocket tv system: in advance for comments and suggestions.-Bob

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iPhone 6 with damaged backlight

I have an iPhone 6 with a backlight problem. The screen turns on with no light (I can barely see whats on the screen with bright light shined on it) but everything else still works on the phone. The touch screen works, apps work, it’s just the screen that’s really dim is what the problem is. Is this a filter that blew or is it the entire system? I have found a nice recorded solution: but I would like to be sure that this is the correct issue. Anyone perform the repair which is shown on the video?

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How to backlight your keyboard? Answered

Light up from behind the keys with leds. look at these examples

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Toggling LCD Backlight with arduino ?

Hey, I'm working on a project where I need my LCD to toggle between On/Off.  By default, the LCD is OFF showing nothing. When button is pressed, LCD should be ON. When the button is pressed again, the LCD will display a “shutdown” warning message at which the user can confirm or cancel. Right now, I just need the ON/OFF function to work (without warning message). This is the code I have been trying, but it doesn't work properly. #include #include const int Temp = 0; const int Press = 1;      const int Noise = 2;          const int Settings = 3; const int ON_OFF = 8; const int LCD_LIGHT = A4; int buttonState0 = 0; int buttonState1 = 0; int buttonState2 = 0; int buttonState3 = 0; int buttonState4 = 0; bool isLcdOn = false; LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 4, 5, 6, 7); void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   lcd.begin(16, 2);   lcd.noDisplay();   pinMode(Settings, INPUT);   pinMode(Temp, INPUT);   pinMode(Press, INPUT);   pinMode(Noise, INPUT);   pinMode(ON_OFF, INPUT);   pinMode (LCD_LIGHT, OUTPUT);     } void loop() {   buttonState4 = digitalRead(ON_OFF);   if (buttonState4 == LOW)   {     isLcdOn = !isLcdOn;     if(isLcdOn){       lcd.clear();       lcd.setCursor(4, 0);       lcd.print("WELCOME");       lcd.display();       digitalWrite(LCD_LIGHT, HIGH);           }   }     else{       lcd.noDisplay();       digitalWrite(LCD_LIGHT, LOW);     } delay(2000);   }

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Replace backlight in LCD monitor?

I have an LCD monitor that I need to get the backlight working.  I was told that this is the place to be to get advice.

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old backlights from laptops

 anyone know how to salvage the backlights in laptops for other uses? how do you power them? and what might a person use them for? I'd like to include them in kinetic sculptures. yeah, I know, another 'artist'. Any help at all would be appreciated. 

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LCD Monitor Backlight projects

Has anyone found a way to power the backlights from an LCD monitor? We have a bunch of monitors at work that are dead and I'm pulling parts from (the plexy-glass is a very nice score). I'm getting a few of the mini backlighting tubes, along with the power supplys, but can't seem to trick the power supply to come on. I thought of a few good projects but can't figure out just how to get the tubes lit (without blowing them up )....anyone out there have any input? (sorry for the pun)Scott

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Laptop lcd backlight not working

I have an hp g70 laptop. one day I got on it and the screen couldn't be seen except if I pointed a flashlight at it. I thought the backlight had failed. I replaced the backlight but the problem still persists. any help would be much appreciated since this is my family laptop and I really don't want to spend $50 on a replacement screen assembly. thanks

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Help: LCD backlight EL

I have a cracked nokia 6280 lcd screen lying around. The backlight still works. I would like to see if I can get it powered up with a power supply. Is there anyone out there who could point me in the right direction? How can I figure out what voltage/frequency it needs? Thanks.

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Old LCD Backlight...What to do...

I have a typical CCFL-lit LCD backlight that I tore out of an ancient, dying laptop with an ancient, dying screen. The backlight is roughly 25.5cm x 19 cm (9 7/8" x 7 1/2") and about .5cm (1/4") thick. When around 18VDC is applied to the inverter, the whole rectangle lights up with a perfectly even, white, light. I've been trying to come up with something cool to do with it. So far, these ideas have included: -With a piece of protective plastic, a small lightbox for tracing or viewing negatives/slides -Mounted over a desk for a really cool lamp -Illuminated sign Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for what to build with this? A project worthy of the geekiness or the materials?

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Things to do with LCD backlight guide plate and polarisation films?

I received about 15 damaged laptop screens and took them apart to get the CCFLs and inverters which I'll combine into a modest spotlight for video recording. From each laptop I also gained some films and the light guide panel. I believe one of the films from each is just a simple diffuser whilst the other two appear to also be blurry polarisers. Finally, each screen has an acrylic light guide which refracts the light 90° and does so evenly by having some kind of bumps or dots spaced out according to the "diffusion equation" so there are more further away from the source of light (which comes from the side).  Any ideas for what I might use these films and plates? I do have a lamp project for which I can use the diffusion film but the polarising films would probably absorb too much of the light.

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How to Replace PC Monitor LED Backlight with RGB LED Backlight?

Hello, Does anyone know how I can replace my monitor's LED Backlight to an RGB LED Backlight? RGB (Red Green Blue) LED Backlighting is superior to W-LED (White LED, which is just Blue LED without Green and Red). I don't even know why the mainstream LCD makers are trying so hard for superior picture quality, when CRT & Plasmas all used RGB light. It's not rocket science: they should just switch to RGB backlights, and replace them when they decay at their different rates. Anyway, does anyone know where I can find RGB LED Backlights for my PC Monitor? I know how to open up my PC Monitor's LCD panel, and remove the LED Backlight, but where can I buy RGB LED Backlights? Does anyone know where I can buy RGB LED Backlights?

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i have a tv that doesnt light the backlights, how should i go about fixing it?

Its a 40" Haier LCD TV, me and my dad picked it up at a disposal place, when we brought it home and tested it we figured the tv had some issues with th screen, we feared it might be like the 26" tv we got that just turns on and shuts off. luckily, it does not have such a issue, i checked and it is just the backlight that has a problem. and, from further investigation, it appears the ccfl's are not getting any power from the inverter board. the inverter is split into two parts it seems, there is a lrge inverter looking component on the power board which has two wires that connect to the board the ccfls connect to, which has numerous smaller inverters on it. a interesting discovery was that the to wires from the larger inverter piece get bridged when they reach the sub-board. im assuming its the board with several smaller inverters, because it is getting -12v of power, im not sure if thats normal but ive never seen a inverter setup like this before so its hard to tell. my camera battery is dead at the time of this post but i wil get pictures put up so people can see what im dealing with. the tv was made april 27th 2009. it has 8 CCFL's in it, which seems like a lot but im not exactly sure. so i was wondering what the most efficient way of repairing it would be: -replace possibly damaged inverter board with a new one -replace CCFL's with a LED light strip (im leaning toward this) -replace bad inverter board with a set of replacement inverters (8 in this case) what do you guys think?

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How do you fix an LCD monitor that appears to be fine when you turn it on but then turns black after about ten seconds?

The monitor shows picture when you first turn it on, but their is a weird buzzing sound in the back. After a few seconds the screen goes black and the sound goes away, but the green light stays on. It may be the backlight, but I have not been able to take the cover off (unscrewed all the screws but the case will not come apart, neither does the base come off). Any advice ("good advice") would be helpful. Monitor: HP L1706

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Backlit Keyboard Mod Request

I really want to see a backlit keyboard instructable, hopefully better than this one: like these would be sweet.

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does anyone know which brands of laptops used LED backlighting?

By the way, LED backlighting, Is NOT LCD backlighting.

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Adding backlighting to an Ultraflat Logitech Keyboard.? Answered

I would like to add backlighting to my Ultraflat Logitech Keyboard but don't know how to do this properly, any help will be appreciated. Additional Details: USB powered, Author doesn't properly understand circuit diagrams.

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travelmate 2350 lcd backlight trouble

The lcd screen looses the backlight (inverter replaced) right afer boot-up (dos screen barely visible). If it is visible then only for a second or so and then with some magenta shade instead of black and white. Before replacing the entire lcd I'd like to rule out anything else that may cause this problem. The external video works fine. One other finding: When depressing the hybernation switch ever so slightly (without actually activating it) the lcd jumps back to live if only for a split second. Anybody have any ideas?

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How to make a power supply for an LCD backlight?

I have a piece of crap LCD monitor that I tore apart to build a projector, and I've been intrigued by the backlight ever since... I was thinking it'd make a cool light for a workbench or a lightbox for tracing, but I have no idea how to power it. It came out of a Starlogic 17" monitor, model number M17ANA. I've got the inverter still attached to the backlight, I just have no idea what the pinout is. If anyone has any ideas they're welcome.

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How to keep backlights on from a vizio e3d320vx?

Hello all, So heres the deal, i found someone trowing out a vizio smart 3d tv and i think to myself surely i can salvage something. One of the thing i want is the cfl tubing back light. When i plug it in the back light will flash but not stay on and im pretty sure this is due to the control board needing to tell it to stay on, seeing as how this isn't working i was looking for another way to power the back light purely from the power supply. Is there anyone that cold please help me? 

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Display buzzer

I am not good at designing electronics. Could someone point me in the direction of a suitable circuit to do this... I have a device with a backlight on an led display, the backlight is normally on but can be switched off sometimes the backlight flashes to alert the user. on for 1 sec, off for 1 sec approx. I want to add a circuit to it without changing the existing circuitry when the backlight comes on I want a buzzer to sound for 1/2 sec if the backlight is on then nothing happens, nor should it buzz when the light goes off. So: 1. switch on device, backlight comes on, Buzz 2. backlight is on for length of time but no buzzing 3. backlight starts flashing 4. goes off, No buzz 5. goes on, Buzz 6. repeat from 4 until the backlight stays on this circuit and buzzer is going to have to be very compact to fit in the device. I might substitute a phone vibrate for the buzzer. Any suggestions ?

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How to EVENLY backlight a sign using LEDs? (similar to a lightbox)

I have a circular sign that is 24" diameter. It is 3" thick and the face has glass with a printed vinyl graphic on the inside. I need the graphics to be nice and evenly bright in the dark, similar to those movie posters, or even a lightbox. I want to use LEDs because I don't want heat and also there's going to be some devices inside so there isn't much room for flourescent or neon. I've done research and found several flavors of led strips but not sure what will be best. What's the best way to back light it nice and evenly? I don't want spotting to occur wherever the LEDs are. I would really appreciate as much detail as possible because I don't know anything about electronics and what components I would need. Thanks alot!

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Box light from broken monitor

Hi, this is my first DIY project! I'm trying to convert a broken monitor into a panel light. I've successfully taken it apart, removed the LCD portion and retained only the backlight (with diffuser), which works fine. However, I have no idea how to keep the backlight on without a signal on the DVI/VGA ports, which the monitor's circuits clearly expect. When I press the power button, the backlight switches on, stays on for about 30 seconds and then switches off, presumably because there's no signal from the VGA/DVI ports.Model: T215HVN01.0Data sheet: do I need to do to keep the backlight on as soon as the power is on? I have all the necessary tools (wires, breadboard, assorted resistors and capacitors, soldering iron, etc.). Do I need to have all the circuit boards that came with the monitor, or can I somehow make do with just the yellow board which takes care of the current and voltage to the backlight LEDs?I'm putting some pictures of the circuits here for reference... If I need to zoom in/focus on any specific part of the circuit boards, please let me know. Hoping someone can guide this electronics noob. :)

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install a switch to control or disable the lighting of an LCD display but leave it otherwise functional? Answered

I have a CD player with a really bright LCD screen that gets even brighter when it is turned on. Is it possible to disable the backlight or install a switch on it while leaving it otherwise functional? My first choice would be a switch of some kind but if that isn't possible I'd rather have no backlight but I still want to be able to read it when light shines on it. Some of these pictures were taken in the afternoon with the sun coming in the window to give you an idea of how bright it is. The others were taken at night so you can see how bright it seems at night.

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does iphone 3g use the same coil (backlight) as the iphone 3gs?

Hey guys i have an iphone that i droped in water then the backlight died. i heard of this coil or known as backlight. i heard u need to buy a new one then take the broken one out and solder a new one. and i was wonderin if u can use a iphone 3g on the 3gs's? if u have any idea please comment or know a better way to fix the phone kk

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How to backlight outdoor metal wall art? Answered

My friend is buying a piece of wall art (around 1.2m x .8m) which is an image of a bird (I have not seen it yet, but lets say it looked like the attached image, it is metal, flat. It is going to be hung outside and they would like it to be backlit, so it is visible at night.  They were quoted $130 for a perspex sheet with LED lighting, which seems steep to me, there should be a cheaper way to do it DIY. Any suggestions. Scott

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LCD screen backlight works for 2 seconds only... what would cause that? Answered

I have a ProView LCD screen that has it's backlight on for 2 seconds only, then it stops lighting. The LCD panel itself still works, but with no backlight. I opened the screen and I can't see anything burnt. Every time I switch the screen on, all 4 CCFLs light up just fine, but only for 2 seconds, then they turn off again.  What would cause this?  Should I bother with trying to fix it, or is it too much of a hassle? Thanks!

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USB Cold Cathode?

Hi, I have been wondering about creating an ambient glow around the back of my iMac with a usb powered cold cathode light or led strip, could anyone help me with this? i would prefer a prefab solution that doesn't involve much soldering or modification of hardware but that stuff is not necessarily beyond my skill level. (and sorry if this is in the wrong place, its my first post :P )

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Can we separate a mobile phone LCD from backlight assembly?

Hello all, Is it possible to separate the backlight from a Mobile phone or MP4 Player LCD without damaging the function of  the LCD, In the way we can do  with  Monitor LCDs? Thanks in advance for all your answers.

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lcd power? Answered

Does anyone know the average power impute on a LCD display i need to test its backlight

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Anyway to add a backlight to the GBA? i need this done. Answered

Please help, but I do not want to buy a Halo for it or the AfterBurner kit. I'd rather install the light in myself.

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Help with Apple aluminum keyboard mod.

Ok so i need help with this new idea i had. i wanna mod the new imac keyboard. all aluminum n white keys so they are backlit almost like a MBP since they dont make/sell them anywhere or for that instance make them anywhere online i've checked other mod sites and no one knows how to go at this. anyway i was thinking it'd be cool to use the style they got on the caps lock and put lights where the letters would go. anyone up for this? if so please email me/pm me. thanks.

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How do I just power the backlighting on a broken lcd tv?

I have a busted lcd tv that the backlighting still works but i would like to get rid of stock power supply and input box. In essence make it into a light table. The plug that powers the inverter for the CFLs has 9 wires 5 red 4 black and is marked 24v. now here comes the crazy question can i wire in a 24v adapter with a simple on/off switch. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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I need someone to make an ambient tv backlight

Hello, well first off im not above getting my hands dirty by any means lol but i didnt think this would be a good first time ever messing with leds project for me. mostly because i want it to look nice and neat on my tv. i am looking for ambient tv back lighting for a 60" dlp tv. i want it to change colors with the screen colors? or to just the sound. whatever you think is best. i have an 120 volt outlet close by or the tv also has a usb that can be used as well. i just want it to look nice and bright and work properly. it doesnt have to have a remote control or anything. but i am open to ideas and help. i cant wait to hear what you guys come up with. please feel free to reply to this help wanted ad i guess this is the first time i have asked for help on a project so i am kinda new to this. thank you so much for reading my ad and hopefully helping me out. 

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