how do I learn the bagpipes?

I want to learn to play scottish bagpipes. I have found this site: What else do I need?

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Electronic bagpipes! Any ideas about how to make one?

I've tried making electronic bagpipes by gutting a cheap electronic keyboard, but it really doesn't seem to do the job. I only need a one octave scale (in the key of C the notes would be C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) plus one or two drone notes tuned to C preferably one and/or two octaves lower than the first note of the "chanter". I even have a small keyboard with a bagpipe setting that might sound pretty good if I could figure out a way to set it up. If using the keyboard is not feasible, is there any other way to come up with what I'm looking for? My electronics skills are next to nil, but I'm willing to learn.

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Does anybody play bagpipes?

If anyone plays the Great Highland Bagpipes, i was wondering if you could possibly measure your drone reeds and post the measurements, because I've been searching and searching and cannot figure out the lengths or diameters of the bass and tenor drone reeds. So, Bass Reed length Tenor Reed Length And the length of the tongues on each of those as well. If anybody could do that i would be really thankful! Thanks! Luc

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Anyone have this song?

I'm looking for Black Bear Caller Herrin, a scotish song, anyone have it by chance? It seems that the "p2p" community thinks that the scots consist of drunken scotsmen that have no other song but amazing grace to toot on their pipes. -Punk

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