search bar

Hello could you have a search bar for just your website so if i need a "walking stick make " i can search it out

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Instructables bar

Hey Look  what I found! In my neigborhood (on Barcelona, Spain) are the instructables preferred bar... Nice! PS. I promise I have no stock option of this bar!

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Bar Stuff

Includes the tips, tricks, do's, and dont's of being/working at/in a bar.

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Knex not in _ bar?

Why is knex not in the bar that has the things like "kids, Green, ride, music" It doesn't make sense...

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search bar

Seaarch bar appears to be missaligned and doenst work when i hit enter

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Milkshake Bars

My dad keeps telling me about these candy bars that used to be made called Milkshake Bars.'ve never had them before, but they are apparently not made anymore.Basically, I was wondering if anyone would know how to make one. If so, could you list it as an instructable so that I might make one for my Dad. I think he'd really love to have one.Thanks.

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Moving orange bar

When viewing pages in "How to make Instructables," the lower orange bar will intermittantly move to cover the "previous to next" area of the page when changing to another page. You must then refresh the page to move it and be able to select another page of instructables. Very annoying. Also the preview bar wouldn't work the first time I tried it.

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Thats a huge change. Oh yeah, i made a new instructable

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Where is the search bar???

Well, instructables just changed about a week ago, and they added and changed some things. But there is one problem I have. It's that I can't find the search bar. I've been looking for it for a while, and I'm really starting to get frustrated, so I asked a question. Can you guys help me? I want to be able to search for stuff!

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Bike/bar details?

Does anyone have plans or drawings for a bike/bar (pic below)? My friend and I helped load one of these onto a trailer the other day and I have been wanting one ever since. It has a bar in the middle and 10-16 seats (depending on the model) lining the sides where people sit and pedal and drink. The one we saw had a steering wheel in the middle for the bartender. I have not researched the legality of such a vehicle in my area. I have not been able to find anything online thus far. My friends and I are proficient at machining and welding, I would just need some general dimensions and plans to get started. Can anyone help me out?

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Progress Bar in C#?

I am making a C# program that loads a web page.  I would like to make a progress bar on the status bar to tell the web page's loading progress.  Any Help? Thanks in advance.

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Bar by peoples name? Answered

Everyone has this bar where their profile picture is Its in 3 different colours (Green,red and orange) What does it mean?

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sensor bar pinout? Answered

Hey is anyone in the possesion or knows the wii sensorbar pinout? im attempting to make a usb adaptor for it, but i dont want to cut the cord to splice

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What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Although this is more of a summer question i didn't thick I'd remember when June came around. so... what is the craziest thing you would do for a Klondike Bar.

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I am looking for plans to build a 6' home bar with a back bar. Does anyone have a set of plans? Thank you!

I have some limited wood working skills. Looking for something that looks good but is easy to build.

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how to join used soap bars?

Can I microwave them?

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lesteryoder -How to build a tiki bar ?

Https:// Looks like a very simple build and affordable any more info on dimensions framing cuts etc Thanx

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blasted "loading bar" right in the middle of photos

Thanks to the people who suggested fire fox- I'm instructed to not fiddle with the computer since it is shared.  some times the "loading bar" appears, and sometimes it doesn't.  My husband does clear out the cashe, and we have the latest Norton anti virus program installed (sadly we have a PC) I would like to have an apple.  any other suggestions?  Thanks :0)

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Instructables AddOn

Hi all, I'm currently thinking about making a Instructables toolbar/addOn for fire fox and was wondering what the community thought.  Some ideas would be great.  Like if you prefer a tool bar or an extra option at the top of the browser(file,edit,ext).

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Another Search Bar Question

My search bar keeps covering thumbnails. It seems to move up and down the page at will. During all of this, the search bar at the top of the page remains. The 'moving' bar also works for searching. Have to reload page to clear. Annoying! Any ideas? Thanks, Phil

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Another Search Bar Question

My search bar keeps covering thumbnails. It seems to move up and down the page at will. During all of this, the search bar at the top of the page remains. The 'moving' bar also wowrks for searching. Have to reload page to clear. Annoying! Any ideas? Thanks, Phil

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Bass Guitar Whammy Bar

Does anyone have any good information on how to get a whammy bar retro-fitted onto a 4-string bass? or at least where to get a bridge/bar? help much appreciated!

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LED light bar installation?

Would placing it on the back bottom of an iron railing that outlines a rooftop bar be ok? how far does it beam up? We were hoping people from the street (15 stories down) could see it, and would it be too bright for those standing close or obstruct the view of the city? Thanks so much!!

Question by megsuberant 

Home Page Search Bar

The new search bar on the home page won't let you enter a search until after it's done typing out the project in the picture. Being able to delete while it's typing so you can enter a search would be ideal. It's "bugging" me. 

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Grey bar at the top of the page...

Today was for first time this happened to me (note:  at this machine, the OS is WinXP, and so the browser being MSIE can not be upgraded higher than 7). the grey bar near the top of the page  (where  SIGN IN is slightly higher in the right hand corner), prevented me from signing in.   The drop down box slid behind the grey line.  I only managed to get a sign on screen by trying to post here (and then it of course, prompts you to sign in or join).

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bar code or qr code?

I am trying to develop an automation project that requires the use of an identification code. i'll be using a application made on delphi, running in a regular PC and the delphi program must read the code and give an order to the electric motor. i want some advice on this matter, like, which code should i use (qr or bar code) and the hardware and software required for this, so tha the delphi program can read it. please help! ps: sorry for any english errors

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Multiple LED Bar Scoreboard

Hi everyone, Me and a friend of mine would to make a scoreboard which can display the score of around 70 different people. The way we would like to do this is by making 70 individual led strips which represents a person. Each strip has to contain about 100 leds (so the maximum score is 100). We would like to be able to set each persons score individually from anywhere between 0-100. Preferably with as little knobs as possible.  What do you guys think is the easiest and cheapest way of doing this?  We were thinking about a system with a arduino or some kind of controller and a chain of LED Bar Graphs as shown in the link below. We are not that experienced with electrical components so we would like to have some help with that!   Looking forward to hear some of your ideas! 

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Homemade Pull-Up Bar?

Of course, Burning Questions! Im not sure how to make this, perhaps 2 strong metal tubes, a large and strong spring, and set this between a door? Thanks in advanced! -PKT

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Where'd the contest bars go?

I noticed a lack of the recent header bars for contest entries... Have they been removed altogether or are they simply hiding from me, I know the code was updated so maybe they have just disappeared while being worked on, not sure how long they've been gone for...

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Enclosure for LED bar graph

I just bought an LED bar graph for my project. I'm looking for an enclosure that I can install this bar graph. Are there any vendors or services where you can specify precut holes or am I restricted to a DIY with saws and drills?;=item2a3c83885e

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Soldering Copper Round Bar

I plan on making a backdrop (pictured) out of copper. I have a little bit of experience soldering copper pipe. I have an idea of how to build the backdrop but would appreciate some feedback/tips.Dimensions:- 5' W x 7' H x 3' DMaterials: - Diagonal members: 0.1875" round bar- Circular votive holders: 0.125" round bar- Rectangular border, kickers, and base: 1/4" x 1" rectangular barI'm thinking that I will solder the diagonal members at each intersection and where the ends meet the rectangular bar frame. The base will be a 3' rectangular bar on the left and on the right. There will be a kicker on each side, connected to the base and about halfway up the vertical members of the frame.Does this seem feasible? Will the structure be stable? How can I form the circular votive holders?

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bar fridge and footstool in one?

My husband really really wants a footstool for his potato couching comfort. He has also always joked about wanting a bar fridge in the lounge for keeping his beer in close proximity to the TV. (he's a lovely but lazy lazy man). I am NOT the 'handy' type, but I do know one end of a screwdriver from the other (just). My first thought was just to tip a bar fridge on it's back and cover it with fabric so that iyou would lift the 'top' to get to the fridge part, but the 'what-cha-ma-callit' at the back of the fridge (the coil looking bit) would be on the ground.. now I am a natural blonde but even I know this is not a good idea! If anyone has ANY ideas on how to go about combining the 2 I would be very very grateful, and my husband would have the best christmas present ever! I am especially looking for any ideas using the KISS principal. thanks!

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Horizontal scroll bar issue

When arriving at a page such as There's a horizontal scrollbar. To remove it, find this rule div#omni in your CSS files. Either: - Remove: border: 1px solid rgba(119,130,135,.4) - Add: box-sizing: border-box; Either one should fix your problem.

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The search bar does not work!

From the explore page ( I tried to use the search bubble at the top right. I typed USB charger for example, and it takes me to a search page (;=usb+charger) but that page only has a grey bar with the words "Let's make 'USB charger' with an option to choose different categories, e.g. everything, technology, etc... That page doesn't show any search results. It appears to be the main search page, because it has a little magnifying glass button after the text, but when I click it, it just returns me back to the "Explore" page cited above. I can't figure out how to search the site.  Also I tried to attach a screenshot but neither the new uploader nor the "old" uploader are responding to my clicks.

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Motorcycle LED headlight bar

Wanted to make my own battery powered headlight for my dirtbike, I want to keep it in the 15x4 dimension. I would like to make it as bright as humanly possible in that dimension. Cost isnt that big of a deal just dont want to drop $300 on a pre fabbed one if I can make one for much less. A list would be nice, primarily LED's to use, battery, heat sink issues. Again I would like to build one that is really bright right in front and carries for a good distance. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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What is the "other" bar in itunes?

 I recently got a new iPod touch 3g 8gb and I u[loaded 30 games and 40 songs because most of my songs are still pending. I noticed when I uploaded a video, updated apps and songs that there was this huge chunk of "other" in the itunes page. There is a photo down there. I have also read about it that I should get rid of contacts (which I have), notes ( which I have) Calender notes ( which I have) and album art ( which I also have). Recently when I synced it the songs were copying form my music into the Ipod for no reason. I have also read about "ghost data" which comprises of songs which do not show but are there... Help me please

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Right bar in answers loads homepage

When viewing an "Answer" the right hand side of the page loads the main page twice, the last time containing a java error as follows: ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/pages/forum/forum_layout.jspx': ServletException in '/pages/answer/answer_rightbar.jsp': java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Browser, Firefox 3, Windows Vista.

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Input on building a TARDIS Console bar would be appreciated

My boyfriend and I want to have a Who-themed room party at a sci-fi/linux convention in our area.  We've bounced around the idea of having a TARDIS console bar set up in a corner of the room, so I'd really appreciate ideas for the console that could easily be set up and broken down, as this is  going in a room we only have for a weekend. Ideas for random gadgets and doo-hickeys, places to have alcohol and the like would be greatly appreciated as well.  So far we know we want to have a quarter or half keg in the center of the console, located behind us. Leaning towards 10th's design, but might be willing to go for the 11th's more steam punk look. Also, decorating tips for the room as a whole would be good.  So for we want to make roundels out of foam and stick them to the wall with tack to imitate the 10ths 'desktop theme' and to print a door sized TARDIS door to tack to the door to the hotel room. The idea behind the party is that the hotel room and the TARDIS have merged, ala Time Crash.

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Star Trek Phaser, power bar LED sequencer circuit?

Hello to all,  I am currently re-building a Star Trek type 2 phaser, if that means anything to anyone. I would like to know how to create a circuit that does the following: There are 16 LEDs in two rows of 8. I would like to cycle through them one after another with 2 button switches. ie press a button on the left and the first LED comes on. Press it again and the next LED comes on. Press it a third time and the third LED comes on. and so on. At his point there should be 3 LEDs on. Then, press the right button and that third LED goes off. Press again and the second goes off and so on.  Hope this isn't to long winded. Below is the link to a vid of what I am trying, not very well, to describe.  I would be grateful if anyone could help me out on this. I have searched the web with no luck so I thought I would sign up to my favourite electronics website and ask.    Thanks,

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Please help with repairing my LED light bar there are a total of 60 1w leds but 2 sets of 3 LEDs are dimmed.

I was wandering if you could give me a bit of advice on repairing my LED roof light bar, there is issue with 2 sets of 3 LEDs. there are a total of 60 3w leds and for some reason (probably condensation) 2 sets of 3 LEDs (one in the middle and one in the end) get dimmed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Will a 9v wall wart get real hot if i plug it to a lot of leds for 6 or more hours? Answered

I have this weird LED bar with the contacts soldered to the ends of an OLD 9v wall wart. its like 100 leds with some ICs and resistors connected to the power brick. The bar came from an old photocopier, i think its the part that illuminates the paper

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can anyone tell me a simple mechanism for holding an inch rod?

It should be replaced in a bot.

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Ible frustration.

I went through the "food" category of Instructables and I stopped around 60 or so. Now I find I have to click forever to get to the point I left off. I am so frustrated I simply quit looking. Why can't you put a box near the number bar at the bottom of a page so you can type in a number such as (60) and jump to it? I simply won't keep clicking anymore and a number of authors will have to suffer from someone not being exposed to their ideas.

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How do I post comments?

I just build a new bar for an American Legion Post. The bar top now is 3/8" red oak flooring with 3 coat of polyurethane.It also has a rail around it 3/4" high. All the veterans here, men and women, want to donate their metals, ribbons and Patches; and embed them in a resin coating. This coat needs to be close to 1/2 " thick. This will be REALLY COOL. Now, I need to know or talk to someone who has worked with resin for advice. Like, can this be done in one pour or 2 or 3 pours? I am prepping everything floatable (ribbons, wood plaques, patches), I am sealing these items with poly to prevent air problems and will be gluing them down. We will only get ONE shot at this; so I would like some advice or help from someone who has worked with this medium. A representative on site would be cool! Thanks. I can be reached by e-mail or cell: 419-699-5546.?

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Does anyone remember Texan bars that were made by Nestle?

Texan bars were made probably 30 years ago and then brought back around 2005 for a very short time. Chewy, chocolate covered bars. Does anyone have a recipe or any suggestions as to how I might go about reproducing them? They were very popular back in the day - and I loved them when they came back. Now they are probably gone forever!

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Help for making an Arduino powered Nixie Bar music visualizer

Hello everyone! I would like to make a nixie bargraph music visualizer which is controlled using an arduino. The problem is i can find guides on making one without the arduino, or with the arduino but without the nixie bars. How do i combine these two together and what about the code?  Are there some kind people on this forum who will assist me accomplish this goal? :) <- Arduino <- Nixies

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Web Page Problem - Search bar covers page navigation buttons

To whom it may concern, For some reason, the search bar that appears at the bottom of your pages often covers the page navigation buttons.  Other times, it appears above the page navigation buttons.  However, if I refresh the web page, it usually corrects itself (at least enough that I can click the "Next" button).  Maybe there's something not working quite right in your web page code? Thanks.

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I am designing a product and am looking for some circuit help for a audio vu Meter using bar graph LEDs.

The final design needs to be reproducible  and to be build for as far under 40 dollars as possible.   Basically it needs have an audio input and an audio output that feeds a 2x6 red green array of bar graph LEDs  . That means 6 columns and two rows. I want it to work like an audio vu meter as in green shows levels and one red shows the height.  Anyone seen a circuit like that I can work with or anyone have any ideas about I can occomplish this 

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What driver would I need to run 36 Cree xm-l leds for an offroad light bar?

I'm new to diy led and would like to know where I can find a driver suitable to run 36 xm-l leds.  I would assume that my Voltage could spike up to 16V on the charging system.  I would like a simple on/off as I have a svt raptor with factory upfitter switches. 

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