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An Indistructable Basket!

Hi guys, I have a habit of destroying my washing baskets, they're either too fragile and crack or bend or tear under the weight of the wet clothes, or they're too small to use. On top of that it has to be able to fold down either small, or preferably flat, and be able to stand on its own. It's an engineering challenge! At the moment, I'm thinking maybe wood, but it might be a bit thick, but I also had the idea of making a weave basket out of that thin metal cord that you can buy at B&Q, do you guys have any idea what methods/conepts/materials i can use to make something like this? Thanks, ParadoxDetected :)

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Would anyone have a Basket liner pattern that I may use? I have a large picnic basket with two flap openings at the top and would dearly like to line it so I can use it as a sewing basket. If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Or if you have any other ideas of how to pretty it up that would be great too. Thanks for your time, Judy

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baby type basket

I am looking for directions for a baby basket like a moses basket but without the basket. it is self contained and I have only scene one the sides are foam and the bottom a piece of plastic or wood I think. It has a hood like a bassinet for the head. The lady said she bought it at a craft shop somewhere. The instructions for use say it can be used for putting the baby in your bed to keep from rolling over on it or while on a trip at the hotel etc. It is adorable!! I would like to make one but have hunted everywhere for a pattern. PLeeeeeeease help Cindy

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folding basket panniers

Anyway of making folding panniers for a bicycle like the one pictured? (Panniers are saddlebags for those of you who might not know) The material to make it out of would preferably be the metal-basket thingy, but if someone wants to try their hand at a wooden one or something else, that'd be cool to see :) I'm currently limited on resources and funds, but when I can I plan at trying my hand at the same project, so lets compare the results then! Cheers! -Derrick

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how to decorate a flower girl basket?

I have 2 plain baskets and want to decorate it for the flower girls in my daughters wedding. Do anybody have any tutorials or videos that can help me?


how to decorate a flower girl basket?

I have 2 plain baskets and want to decorate it for the flower girls in my daughters wedding. Do anybody have any tutorials or videos that can help me?


can you help me start a hanging basket from seeds?

I have some seeds and want to start a hanging tomato basket and don't know how to sart it with the seeds.   PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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where can I find instructions for decorating an edible flower basket cake?

I need to see how to make the basket pattern and form the flowers. Thanks :)

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bending wood for bike basket

So I've found this bike basket ( I really like but I don't feel like spending 100$ on it.  I was thinking about building it myself but I have no idea how to bend wood like that in two directions Any idea on how to bend wood like that would be appreciated ;)

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Basket / Bowl making help

Hya. I want to make my own bread proofing basket (Brotform or Banneton). I've had a look on google but can't find any instructions or guides. I wonder does anyone have experience of basket making that could help? It would you start with a wooden mould. You then take softened reeds or canes and create the basket in what looks like one long coil. The ridges leave marks in the finished bread. I need to know what materials to use (I'm thinking probably peeled rattan) and where to get it in the UK, ideally Manchester. I've been googling away but only seem to find cane furniture sites. I don't think any adhesive is used, I think you just pin the cane into place every few inches. Here's an image of the type of thing I'm after: Thanks.

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Folding Bike Basket Reinforcing?

I have two rear mounted bike baskets that fold inward for storage.  The joints are horrible, like .25 by .75 inch rectangles of sheet metal.  they are failing, unbending and opening. How should I fix it?      I thought about using heavy wire, wrapped tight, but I want other ideas....

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How do I weave this kind of basket? Answered

What kind of basket is this, and how do I weave it? I'm interested because it seems like it would be an excellent outdoors skill! There are two photos of what I think is the same basket weave style, but I may be wrong.

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Does anybody know how to replace fabric on a sewing basket/box?

I want a really pretty sewing BASKET (I could do a plastic box kind too). ....but I really don't like the lame fabric prints on them...except one at walmart that has peacock feathers ...its ok...but it's defective. I would really like to know how to take one apart and replace the fabric. I would just buy one and try it but I dont have the money to buy one and possibly mess it up or not be able to put it back together. Right now because of my budget Im not able to do that. Thank you for time. Leah :)

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Somebody please do this one. How to replace fabric on a sewing basket/box.

I want a really pretty sewing BASKET (I could do a plastic box kind too). ....but I really don't like the lame fabric prints on them...except one at walmart that has peacock feathers ...its ok...but it's defective. I would really like to know how to take one apart and replace the fabric. I would just buy one and try it but I dont have the money to buy one and possibly mess it up or not be able to put it back together. Right now because of my budget Im not able to do that. Thank you for time. Leah :)

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I have been having trouble trying to make a basket from reused paper bags... Any others have a better way?

 ...had been following (or trying to) instructions on mother earth news' website but I keep wrecking it. Video or more images appreciated!

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ETSY Shop - Crochet Washcloths and Baskets

Http:// Organic, cotton, and bamboo. My washcloths and baskets are all handmade by me, Annabelle. "Not Your Grandma's Washcloths" - That's right!  My washcloths are full of color and texture. :) Annabelle

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Looking for a wire chandelier jig - or a wire basket jig

I'm interested in making an outdoor solar chandelier and I'm trying to find out how to make it?  I want to make it out of wire.  As I look through ebay and search here I can't find any info on how to make a jig or even any info on buying a jig (other than jewelry and fishing lures).   Could someone point me in the right direction as far as making my own jig or a photo of a jig maybe you made?  What kind of wire to buy for the rustic look?  Things like that.  Thanks. 

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I would like to know how to make newspaper coils which can then be crafted into baskets, trivets and the like?

I have seen baskets and trivets, placemats etc made from coiled newspaper. I don't know how they are kept together or how to weave them once they're made

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embedding walint slices in acrylic?

I make pine needle baskets and use walnut slices for centers.  I've seen the nut slices embedded in clear acrylic, as well as shells, but haven't figured out how to do this.

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What to do with blown speaker/sub baskets?

I picked up some cheap PA cabs all with blown no name speakers, well i have since replaced them and I was wondering what to do with all these baskets?!  i think i may make 2 or 3 lights like this but what else should I do?

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how do you download games on your psp?

Games like basket ball

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Does Chromesteel disolve during copper-electrlysis with Coppersulfate?

Hi I want to refine some copper and change it to copper-dust-particles by means of copper-electrolsis in a bath of disolved coppersulfate. Since my copper is in smaller bits id like to have some sort of etallic basket to hold the scraps. I think i would like to go with a chromesteel-mesh i connect to the power. The mesh/basket contains my scrap-copper and the anode-sludge can pass thru the basket... The basket (anode) and the copper-cathode are connected to the powersupply. Now my question: I think the chromesteel shouldnt get disolved as long as i dont crank up the voltage too high or let it run without sacrificial copper at the cathode. If i would do that, it would start to split the water used in the solution and produce H and O. Bad. Also would slowly eat away the metals too. Bad^2 But as long as i have copper to be disolved at the cathode, it shouldnt do anything to my chrome-steel-basket, right? Thanks for inputs from someone who knows it better than i do :)

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how would you build it? Answered

How would you make a base and basket in front of the armfor an armatron  robot arm out of knex

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Is there any way people could send me free rubberbands because ...

I want to make a rubberband ball big as a basket ball.

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DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Crochet Washcloths, Bath Puffs, Etc. Most are on Instructables too

Feel free to use any of the tutorials on my blog - most are on instructables too! Reusable Crochet Washcloths: Reusable Crochet Coasters: Reusable Rag Baskets: Good luck! Annabelle

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Does wicker need to be weather treated?

I bought a wicker basket to put on my bike, but I'm not 100% sure if I need to treat it with something for the rain/snow/whatever else Ontario weather plans to throw at me.

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Has anyone built a four wheel PPV out of two bikes? With a bench seat and two sets of pedals, maybe a basket on back.

I have always wanted to take a couple of bikes and use the wheels from these. Build a tube frame like a Go-cart that sat down between the wheels. Which would give you a good balance. Make a bench seat with two sets of pedals so one person didn't get ALL the excercise. Maybe put a basket on the back so you could bring home the groceries. With gasoline prices going up again, this could come in handy around town. I was wondering if anyone here had made something like it.

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Help! I know that someone knows how to do this!!

Hi all,  I am a home brewer and I have attempted several times, time with no success, to do what I'm trying to do. I have a turkey fryer(A.) that I boil my brew in. In the large stock pot I have a perforated basket(B.) that fits inside and essentially I am trying to create a rigid wire mesh screen(C.) the same size as the basket. Kida like this(D.) so that after I boil my wort, I can pull out the basket and let the grains drain and avoid all of the grain in  the finish product. Does that make sense? The problem is forming the screen and stitching it together.I know that there is a specific way to form and fold the wire mesh and stitch it together so that there will be no gaps and have a strong bond but I haven't figured it out. This isn't brain surgery but I'm not doing something right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A. B. C. D.∶=144&produkt;_id=249477

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where to get fiber optic scraps for art project

Where can I get fiber optic scraps, 1-2mm glass for an art/tech project? 2-5 ft long about a laundry basket  to small truck bed full.        Houston TX

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How do I make bike panniers?

Im struggling in the heat to wear my rucksack whilst cycling. Ist it possible to MAKE panniers or should I just shell out and buy them? The alternative is a big ole creaky wicker basket stuck on the front...Any ideas?

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Is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher?

Hi, everyone!A cutlery basket in my dishwasher got broken. I want to repair it with 3D printed parts. Does anybody know is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher? I mean that there are hot temperature, steam, and chemicals inside and it will connect with dishes. Thanks in advance!

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Shopping Cart Furniture

This set of furniture made from a shopping cart by Ramon Coronado is pretty sweet. There's a table, a chair, a lamp, and even a swing, all made from a shopping cart with a plastic basket. It's a lot like Tim Anderson's Shopping Cart Chair, but with the extra option of bending the plastic with the help of a heat gun. MERCADO NEGRO via MAKE

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one way air valves (like on a football,basketball etc)

Looking for valves see photo (ok don't uploader not working) Well a valve that you stick an inflator needle into like on a soccer ball, basket ball etc. Need 12-50 or so. Anyone have a source? I've searched but no luck, it might be I just haven't phrased it right but... TIA Danneauxs

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Coffee Filter Dispenser

Awhile back I bought a box of basket coffee filters that the top had a tab with some kind of sticky tape on it that when you pushed it against the filters it would pull one filter out at a time.  Cannot find these boxed filters anymore and mine has worn out.  Anyone have an idea on how to make one of these or something like it. Thanks

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Gift Exchange Entry

My skills include:Chainmail, simple latex clothing/accessories, basket weaving, seatmaking, modular origami, electronics What I'd like to make for someone: Stretch/simple Chainmail (bracelets, necklace, anklets), latex face mask (think respirator/goth), a basket, raffia foot stool, sonobe structure, five interlocking tetrahedrons. I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): Any size I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Sure What I like: blue, green, origami, wood, electronics What I don't like: crochet I absolutely can't have: None Type of thing I'd love to receive: Wooden Pen, any kind of wood woorking/carving Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Sure Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Born Dec. 28, 1980

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How much is a New Jersey Devils hockey puck signed by Turner Stevenson worth? Answered

I got this in a basket raffle in 2002. It is in perfect condition and was never used. It has the signature on the face and they used a label maker to print out Turner Stevenson and put it on the side. If anyone can give me and estimate on how much it is worth, that would be great. Thanks!

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How do I build a plywood box to raise my HE Washer & Dryer?

I would like to build a simple sturdy box to place under my washer and dryer. Something that can withstand the weight and build out of 3/4 " plywood. Any resources or ideas. I'm thinking of raising it 12". Possible room for storage baskets underneath it.

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Build your own Skateboard, Get a Free Yacht, Bike Painting Tips

  Build your own Skateboard The Free Yacht Saga Bike Painting Tips Camping Guide Clean and Wax a Surfboard Tetrahedral Kite Kite-Powered Land Proa Find a Local Bouldering Spot Sailboat in a Closet DIY Prescription Swimming Goggles Bike Guide Make a Disc Golf Basket Predict the Weather with Clouds Useful Knots Set Up a Slackline

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How do I replant tomatoes without killing them? Answered

The instructions that came with the tomato kit said to plant *all* of the seeds, so I did.  I didn't expect all of them to grow.  So now I have a basket that's now overflowing with cherry tomato sprouts, and I'm worried they're too crammed in there. I'm also worried that if I try to transplant them to another container, they'll die! What do I do?

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Homemade Water Fountain Help

Homemade Water Fountain Help So I am doing a project for my fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, here at Ohio University. I have $150 and an awesome idea, but I am not sure how to approach it. I received this picture my dad found on the internet and I want to replicate it because it'll be cheap and fairly easy: As you can see in the pic, it is a 3 tier water fountain made of kitty pools and I would like to say laundry baskets. I love the idea of the water draining into the bottom pools and that is pretty starightforward - drill holes in the top pools. However, like any other fountain, you need a pump to bring the cold water back to the top. Again, my entire budget is $150. So the pools will be like $10-20 each, and same with two baskets. I'm pretty good with tools, so if construction of any sort needs to be done, by all means. Again, I'm not familiar with pumps, but I don't need anything extravagant. Also, our fraternity colors are gold, purple, and green. It would be sick to paint the water fountain with some cheap, waterproof paint. I can go over $150 a little if need be, but my budget is very limited - which is half the fun with this! Final thing, this needs to be able to be taken down and stored away when we're not using it. So nothing can be permanently attached. I assume then we'd have to cut holes in the middle of the pools and laundry baskets for the pump to go to the top. But then we would need some sort of sealant on the insides of the pool to keep the water in. Thanks for any and all help. I'm new to the website, and I look forward to using it more often as I see some other cool things on here!!

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What is this item?

A friend gave this to me, wanted me to find out what it is. I have no idea, she was a bit creeped out by it. It's small, as you can see, sitting on counter in front of coffee pot. When it sits right side up, it looks like a goats head, and upside down it looks like an old man with beard. Someone suggested to me that it could be an end to a samurai sword, however I think that is incorrect. What do you guys think?

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Knex ball machine: Bounce

Dysprosium is almost finished and will be posted within 2 weeks. I am currently planning another ball machine named Bounce. It will be around 3 feet tall with 2 paths. The lift system going to be a chain lift. The first path will go onto a trampoline, bounce onto another, and another, than land in a basket. I don't know what the second path will be so please leave a comment with ideas. There aren't any pictures yet.

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How would I build a two tiered cart for taking to the markets?

I have seen trolleys that have two wire baskets but they are over $100AUD and the reason I go to the markets is that I want to save money. Ideally it would fold up to go in the boot of the car. Even a one tier cart would be good. I don't like the "granny" cart style as everything gets piled in a deep narrow fashion squashing everything below.

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has anyone made Gabion style garden containers?

I would like to make my own large outdoor planters, they dont need to move position, and I thought I could make baskets about 5cm wide from wire mesh of some sort,and fill with spare stone chippings. Any advice or thoughts much appreciated. In an ideal world i would recycle something instead of stone chippings, but thats too much to start with! Thanks.

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DIY mobility scooter? Out of pocket expense is too great for one of these anyone know how to make a safe one?? Answered

It must be able to carry 250 lbs.; battery charge of 6-8 miles; turning radius of 30 inches or be able to swivel through a door way from a hallway; be able to go up a 30 degree slope occasionally; have a basket to hold things in, and weigh less than 60 pounds.

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Any ideas on making a tricycle? They're impossible/expensive to buy in Ireland and I wobble with shopping on my bike!

I don't do many miles in my car and hate using it for the four mile round trip to the village shop for green reasons but I'm in a very hilly area of South Co. Sligo (north-west part of the Republic of Ireland) and even using baskets on the front and back of my bike, it's positively scarey! Any ideas on, for instance, using two old bikes to make one tricycle? Thanks!

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DIY Blog: Lots of Craft DIY Tutorials (Most are on Instructables too)

Feel free to check out several free tutorials I have on my blog: How to Make a Rag Basket: How to Make Crochet Washcloths: How to Make Crochet Crochet Coasters: Good luck! Annabelle

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