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It rocks!!!!

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Serious Bass

It's finally time for me to give something back to you guys with me always asking questions ans all, I give to you the loss of hearing for 24 hours, enjoy.

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

Killswitch on a bass

I've been considering equipping a killswitch to my bass guitar. Think it would be worth it? And could it simply be installed by hooking a button switch to the pickup wires?

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New to bass?

Ok. I play guitar and I really want to learn bass. My mind thinks more (rythmically) like a bass. I want to learn bass badly. I am probably going to get the Fender Squier J Bass, as it sells new for only $180 at guitar center, and i really like fenders guitars. Anything I should know? I need all the help I can get. Thanks, freeza36 (soon to be bassist)

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Custom Bass

If you could have a custom bass (or have one) what would it be like? If i had one, it would have the cutaway style of a Music man bongo, with tribunal flame bridge. the end of the body would have a sort of curved flying v style to it. The finish would be a sort of metallic blue and black flame. KIllswitch, and a couple of built in effects, couple gaine and tone knobs. 5 string, with the usual music man head. Maybe a bit different though, all thats just off the top of my head.

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Bass Help? Answered

I am going to purchase my first bass soon, and I need to know which is better, a Fender P (precision) bass or a Fender J (jazz) bass. At my local guitar center they are both sold in a box set (they sell squiers, not the more expensive "true" [or standard] fenders) that includes a bass amp. Guitar Center also sells a Dean box set with a bass and an amp for $200. Which is the best bass for a beginner, who already plays guitar? And can a bass be played on a guitar amp?  (any bass I would get is 4 stringed) Thanks, freeza36

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Electric Bass

Hello, I have an electric bass .. I broke the two wires that is connected to the battery connector a couple of months ago.. I had it professionally soldered. All of a sudden, today, it started to static every time I played a string.  I switched amps to make sure isn't wasn't any of amps. But it started to static on every one.. Could it be that the battery is going dead??? Please help!!!!! I have a gig this weekend!!

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What Kind of Bass This? Answered

Unmarked bass guitar. Circa 1970'. Made in Japan (says neck plate).

Question by Clayton H.    |  last reply

cigar box bass

I'm making a cigar box bass and have all the parts but i have one concer that needs some opinion. What wood sould i use for the neck? The bass is going to be a through body not a bolt on. please help.

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bass tube overdrive?

I would like to build a simple valve overdrive, will the valvelitzer do or will it need some mods?NO FUZZ plz, im looking for a nice warm creamy valve overdrive.gmoon can you help a clueless lad like me?

Question by wynand van reenen    |  last reply

Broken bass amplifier

Hey, I have this 10w bass amplifier for home practice. Problem is that it gives no sound through the speaker, but it works fine through the headphone output. I have Checked the fuse, which was ok. I have also connected other speakers to the amplifier to see if it is the speaker itself that is broken, it seems like it is not. Seems like quite a curious problem, but can it be fixed? It sure would be nice to play without headphones again.

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sync bass with subwoofer

Hello, I thing this is the right /r/ to ask this. I have a HTiB and I want to make 2 led strips with ~6 meters blink with bass. I have done some tests with my old subwoofer (logitech z5500) and I noticed that as the bass goes deeper, I got distorsions... I have read that we can use an amp to store energy (? :S) but it could start a fire due the heat. Can someone help me? Obviously I can use the leds directly conected to the subwoofer and dont turn the subwoofer volume to high and everything will be ok, but I really want to make something cool and safe. The HTiB this an Onkyo HT-S9700THX, and the subwoofer is powered directly to current, the amp just pass signals. I thing this is called a pre-amp subwoofer, correct if Im wrong please. Regards and thanks!

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Billy Bass DIY

I have scoured the internet for an Arduino-based Billy Bass tutorial that would allow me to drive the motor using custom wavs or mp3's. I am very much a noob. I have disconnected the main circuit board in the fish and wish to attach an Arduino nano or Uno. I have isolated the 6 wires to the motor for Head, mouth and tail. I have an Adafruit motor shield (if I need one), microsd card adapter for storing wavs or mp3's on a card. I would like to use the motion sensor that comes with the fish. I am fairly sure I can sync beeps up to a wav or mp3 file to que the mouth to move but no understanding of the code that would allow this with the created sound file. I guess this project was popular quite awhile back. The only tutorials I have seen require mbed programming. I want to use the Arduino. If someone out there knows how to put a tutorial together for a customized fish I would make it and be very grateful for the instruction. Because I am a noob I would need to see the wiring detail step by step and also from a Fritzing photo. I think if I could just get the project out of the way my confidence and understanding of some things would lead to other projects. Has anyone ever made one with an Arduino? Can I just come off of the board it came with and bypass the original sound circuit to incorporate my own? If so, how? Thank you.

Topic by 5856jh  

I want a bass guitar

Hey everybody, I was considering a bass but I don't have a whole lot of money. Is there anything I can get that's around $350 orso?

Topic by heavy.metal.nguyen    |  last reply

Mono Bass in Stereo System

Hello Everyone I'm building a portable amp system running in stereo, but I only have one Bass speaker. Each Speaker (5, left/right tops, left/right mids and the bass) has its own amp. How can I connect the input on the bass speaker to the (stereo) input while keeping the channels separate? Thanks. 

Topic by IronCake  

Bass(think outside the box)

Hehehehe BASS!!!!!!!!! whats your favorite lure? favorite reel? favorite rod??? even favorite color hook(if applicable) and if you are that "unexperienced" as to have no idea what i am talking about, Bass is a type of freshwater fish. probably the most sought after too. google "large mouth bass" if you are still lost....

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If there is 1 bass in a pond is there more? Answered

I have a pond that is 1 and 1/2 arcrs. And has 5% weeds. Yesterday i caught a 3lb bass on a 4in charcuse banjo minnow. So is there more bass.

Question by jbend    |  last reply

A good cheap bass guitar?

I play guitar, and (try to) play ukulele. I have wanted to play bass for a while now, and I now have a guitar center giftcard. I think I may get a squier j bass, but im not sure. What brand is good, but cheap? It cannot be over 200 dollars. New or used is ok. I just want to know what bass is good to learn on and is cheap. Below is a metallic red Squier j bass.

Question by freeza36    |  last reply

Nickname for my bass guitar

I have decided to name my bass guitar (like you hear all the famous musicians do), and i want some help brainstorming. Details about my bass: Really low action, Jay Turser imitation of a Music Man Stingray, 4 string, dark blue to the point of almost being black, wide neck, just generally awesome. Oh, and anyone else have a name for their instrument?

Topic by wingman246    |  last reply

Choosing a good bass amp

I need suggestions for a good bass guitar amp. One I have in mind is a Behringer Ultrabass BA115 600 Watt 1x15 Bass Cabinet. I'm looking for something good at around $150 USD. Any advice for choosing one would be nice too.

Topic by wingman246    |  last reply

Bass Guitar Whammy Bar

Does anyone have any good information on how to get a whammy bar retro-fitted onto a 4-string bass? or at least where to get a bridge/bar? help much appreciated!

Topic by rawrwar    |  last reply

Need help buying a bass

I know their has to be some people on this site who play bass or have bass experience. I am looking to buy a beginner bass pack. I plan on playing for a while so quality is important. I am trying to stay under $300. The pack should have at least a guitar and an amp. If you have any suggestions please place links in your comments.I was thinking of these:Epiphone EB-0 Electric Bass/All-Access Bass PackSquier by Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing Affinity Precision Bass Pack With Fender Rumble 15 AmpPeavey Zodiac Bass Stage PackAnyone have experience with these or know if they're any good or worth the price?Thanks

Topic by sardines454    |  last reply

Bass Guitar shape suggestions

Hello there I am planing on making a bass guitar, it is going to be fret-less, most likely have 5-strings, and will probably have a partially hollow body for effect :). but anyway, I am wondering if anyone has a good body shape for it. to keep the results to somewhat my liking, I want you to know that I play a lot of jazz and the like, not any heavy metal, so before you come here and tell me to make it look like a warlock, that will most defiantly not happen ( not to down anyone who likes that kind of thing, its just not me) (note: The picture is not one of the ideas that I came up with, I found it on-line for an example photo. though, i do like it)

Question by meedeeleemee    |  last reply

Can I substitute a Standard Acoustic Guitar for an Acoustic Bass/Bass with Amp?

I may be playing an acoustic set with my band at a local concert/festival, I play Bass, and it being an acoustic set, I don't think I will have access to an amp, and I do not have access to an acoustic Bass. Would it be practical to play the root bass notes, as power chords on a standard Acoustic guitar? I understand that the question has a lot of variables, but does anyone have any experience of this type of situation?

Question by cosgrove    |  last reply

Star Wars intro by Saul Bass

What if one movie intro was reimagined in the style of another artist? In this case it's the style of the late great Saul Bass who did many amazing title sequences like Vertigo or The Man with the Golden Arm.This is cooler than Episodes I, II, and III combined.via Drawn! And then there's the deluxe remix version as well.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Problems when recording a bass guitar

 Hi, I have experienced some difficulties trying to record my bass with my computer. I get a okay result at first, but when after a while the sound gets more and more weak. It gets weaker, but still gives some peaks where the sound is stronger. Happens with every mic I've tried, even with straight input. Could it be the soundcard? Trying to upload a soundsample.

Topic by Henell    |  last reply

Pocket Bass Amp for headphone use? Answered

If i follow the ruby diagraham or any other guitar headphone amp schematic how would i make it sound better for my bass? I looked up the details on the guitar version guitar version question, and answer: schematic for that: how to add a headphone jack:

Question by Houdinipeter    |  last reply

How to fix up a bass guitar?

So my parents got me a bass guitar from an auction but it is in a terrible condition….I don't play bass and i have very little experience with guitars it has no strings and I'm wondering if there are any other things i need to do, i will upload a few pictures if it helps...

Question by Moli_Cook    |  last reply

Double slapping technique on bass guitar

Okay does anyone know how to do the double slap technique? Please let me know in written form (Because as i still have dial-up and can't get any better internet). also if anyone knows anyother cool techniques it would be cool if you shared those too.

Topic by wingman246  

Electric Bass/Guitar Tuning Pegs?

Can someone please help me? I have been wanting to make an electric stick bass for a while, but there's one problem, tuning pegs. I've heard of people using wing nuts, but it seems that I can't get the concept through my head. If someone could please help by giving me an explanation or a better example/instructions on how to make these, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Question by Hoboman    |  last reply

Self Playing Guitar/bass/BAND

Http:// I am thinking of doing one for a guitar, and after i have success with the guitar then one for a bass. and so on until i have a band. i would just need a guitar(which i have) and 144 push servos for the frets on the guitar(likely pneumatic or magnetic), 7 servos for strumming(1 per string then 1 to strum all the strings) 6 winders to go to the headstock for different tunings, 1 to flip the lead & rythm switch, enough servos for the volume and tone knobs(will vary depending on what guitar i use). I could then hook up the servos to a processor that will scan sheet music(likely a scanner optical) or listen to a program that will activate the servos. This is my new cool project. any advice is appriciated.

Topic by popeluciferthe666th  

need help with drum and bass songs!?

There are two songs i need help finding out abut, all help is appreciated. 1) in Courage the Cowardly Dog, there's a villain called katz., whenever he comes on a drum beat is playing, if anyone knows what it is please tell me. 2) in the movie the Underworld there's a dark and brisk song that plays when she walks in the underground station after the shootout.

Question by redsuit09    |  last reply

Baxxandal Tone Control (Bass and Treble)

Hi guys, got a problem here. I cannot get this circuit (baxxandall tone control circuit) working, can anyone help me out here?? When i follow his circuit i can only control the voluem. Please help me, thankss

Topic by iBenzzz  

What's Wrong? Electric Bass Feedback

I own a Ibanez Ergodyne EDA 900. When ever I touch the 3rd string (D string) Tuning knob, bridge, any metal touching it, I get feedback sounds to my amp. What's wrong with it. It's not the amp because I tested it with my friends bass. *** I Still don't know what happed but after i took it apart and checked all the conections (nothing wrong) I blasted all the dust out of it and IT WORKED FINE.

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Big Mouth Billy Bass Mod?

hey guys i just found an unused "Big Mouth Billy Bass" singing fish thing in my attic and i was just wondering if anyone has/knows how to mod it to possibly play a pre-recorded message, possibly off an mp3 player? i want to make like a security device out of it, utilizing its motion-sensitive singing i figured someone out there might know how to hack it to play something other than the horribly obnoxious music it comes programmed with. thanks in advance!

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Bass (guitar) signal spilt + combine

Hello I have been thinking about a project that I would like to try. The idea is that I would like to be able to take the signal from my bass guitar and split it in two (configurable how much signal in each, but the sum should be 100%), apply an effect to one of the lines and then combining the two signals again having only applied the effect to some of the signal while carrying the clean signal through. This way I could apply e.g. distortion to only 20% of the signal. I thought that I could control the volume simply by putting an resistor in the signal line, but this gave quite some noise. This is my first attempt at building electronics for instruments, but have some experience with electronics in general. Hope you can help me with a couple of questions: 1) Shouldn't you be able to lower the signal simply by resistors? Should you use any specific resistors for audio? 2) Is it possible to recombine two audio signals and can you just put the wires together? Kind Regards Brian

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any suggestions of how to fix my bass?

I used an adaptor of the input in my bass and its been stuck there ever since plus some of the wiring inside got disconnected

Question by cris101    |  last reply

Why is a bass sound so low? Can I use something like this for a science fair project?

My son has a bass that he loves. He has to do a science fair project for 5th grade. Any suggestion on how he can use his bass?

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How do you tune an acoustic bass? in an upright, or stand-up bass. 4 strings. This is for a beginner.

Question by Hopefulone    |  last reply

would ironwood and mesquite be good for building a bass?

I'm planning on building a six string fretless bass and the wood I'm planning on using would probably be mesquite and desert ironwood. obviously I live in the desert so find this wood wouldn't be a challenge but I'm not sure if its good tone wood. give out some tips also if you guys can what would be good for a fingerboard I was planning on using ebony if I find any in Las Vegas. I'm prefer using southwest desert wood since its easy to find out in the desert.

Question by capt. caveman    |  last reply

Help! Building an optical pickup for a bass guitar.

I am building a bass guitar and would love to have an optical pickup on it. I am a experienced with building circuits but i need help. This is what i know so far. There will be an ir led on one side of the string and a photo diode on the other. This will cast a shadow on the photo diode to make an analog signal. One led and one sensor for each individual string. Then I am lost, all I know is that it has to go though an oscillator of some sort to produce the sound. If anyone could give me a good schematic that would  be great.

Question by kyrisroy    |  last reply

cant find a song!?

I cant find this one band though, the main singer is a girl and i think they are drum and bass... they have one music video where it's them in a green box on a field and another on youtube thats a batman(cartoon) tribute anyone know who these guys are... i know there name is the lead singers name or something

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Who is the Best Bassist?

I'm swingin' twards Les Claypool. I mean the guys amazing and he taught himself. Who do you think?

Topic by Clayton H.    |  last reply

What does bass response mean in this schematic? Answered

Hello ! i'm making the MXR plus clone.In the schematic bellow R7=4k7,C7=0.047u ,but in other mod thay said change C7 with 0.1u for more bass response.I dont understand what "bass response" mean ??? just the signal will be clipped take effect  or all the signal run through the pedal ? Thanks for advance!

Question by login721    |  last reply

50 watt electric and bass guitar amp?

Good day to all, i'm new to this site hope i can gain more knowledge in electronics here, since i have been doing alot of programming lately.. i am planning to build my first higher wattage amplifier for both guitar and bass, i already have built smokey amp and its other cousins like the ruby amp and some guitar effects. i will build the two amps simultaneously and put  it in one housing.. the speakers will be separated and also the circuits and all.. does any one have schematics for this kind of amplifiers?? it should bea solid state amplifier, because its hard to find tubes here and also it is expensive.. correct me if i'm wrong 1. "instrument >>>preamp>>>poweramp>>>>speaker" ? 2. is it possible for example to use a smokey amp as the preamp section and connect it to a 50 watt power amp? 3. what type of speaker should i use for the guitar and for the bass? should it be a woofer or sub-woofer? coz i dont have a clue on speakers.. tanx in advance..

Question by VAustin89    |  last reply

how do you build a guitar/bass neck? I have been thinking of building a bass.

I have been thinking of building a bass but there are no neck instructables. Any advice?

Question by noahdsmith    |  last reply

My First instructable is live : ) a simple bass trap design

I just wanted to post up and say my first instructable is about making a DIY bass trap for home studios and the like. Hope it is of interest to you muso types. Bass trap instructable cheers and enjoy ------------------------ SafeandSound online mastering

Topic by DELETED_onlinemastering