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Beat this, K'NEXers!

A life-sized replica of the Bloodhound sonic car - the world's fastest vehicle- made entirely out of K'Nex building blocks - was on display at the entrance to the British Toy Fair. The Sonic Car replica was built by blind veterans from Royal British Legion Industries out of 388,000 pieces of K'Nex building blocks.

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Beat an RFID reader/lock?

Wondering if anyone knows a way to bead an RFID lock reader, like the ones found on many security doors at schools and stores. I thought maybe there would be a way to make a RFID from a credit card, DVD case, etc. into one which could be used to unlock these security locks.

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How to detect a heart beat or rythum in a room?

I have heard about the government and companies doing this kind of thing.  Does anyone know how or have an  idea of how, to detect a heart beat in a room or even multiple heart beats? Thanks in advance.

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Creating heart beat from mic input?

Hai guys.. I'm doing a project to get the heart beat through a mic... So I connected the top end of a stethoscope to a tube and the other on of the tube to mic (seal tight). The mic is an Arduino mic module. Using anlogread function I'm getting an input with lots of numbers and when plugged into to direct audio to my Mac I hear the heart beat. What I want is to see the bpm from the reading that I'm getting from the Arduino not just random numbers. Is there any way from doing this? Thank You in advance... 

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the untimate guide to beat the test system!

That is going to be my next Instructable. I wanted to get more ideas form other people here on Instructables , so I made this forum. if you have a idea you want me to put in there just leave a comment about it. I will give you full credit for anything you can think up.

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Sound wave heart beat detection

I love to graph things. Everything from outside temperature to server room temperature to the number of users on the network to my weight.I just read an article in Make magazine about DIY ECGs, and it got me thinking.. i want to graph more things about my body :)Would a microphone embedded in the bed be able to pick up the heart beats and calculate the BPM? This way I could graph development in resting heart rate over time. The microphone would pick up lots of noise from the person moving around etc.. but that doesn't mather. It only needs to get a few clean heart beats in order to calculate the bpm, right?What hardware and software would be suitable to create something like this?Any ideas?Yeah, of course there are other more traditional ways of measuring heart beat.. but I'm to lazy to do that.. I'd rather spend some time making a fully automagickal system.

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"I Beat You" K'nex Challenges!

Hey hey TheDunkis here! I want to introduce you guys to For those who don't know ibeatyou is a site for online competition. I made a Knexperts group for everyone on instructables. So hurry and sign up so I can get on with the first challenge. By the way I'm hoping to make most of my challenges with videos so it would help if you had a camcorder or better. I'll still have some picture competitions so you with normal dig. cams can still join. I also need a good knexpert here to be a captain in my group to help out. I was thinking this would be something fun to do because we would get to meet each other through videos and have some nice friendly comp...ah heck we're going to brag and smack talk at each other!! So remember sign up, join my group, and wait for our first challenge. Any ideas anyone? No I will not make any contest related to power...or large size.

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Help with beating heat science project

 Hey, I have this science project for school and I really really really need help... I need to do a real scale of a beating heart, and i need help with the pumping mechanism and with the materials I can use.. please someone help me! how can i create a machine that will make the heart beat, and how can i do a very realistic heart? Thanks!

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Chimp beats students at computer game

Young chimpanzee can recall number placement better than people can. particularly cunning seven-year-old chimp named Ayumu has bested university students at a game of memory. He and two other young chimps recalled the placement of numbers flashed onto a computer screen faster and more accurately than humans."It's a very simple fact: chimpanzees are better than us -- at this task," says Tetsuro Matsuzawa, a primatologist at Kyoto University in Japan who led the study.The work doesn't mean that chimps are 'smarter' than humans, but rather they seem to be better at memorizing a snapshot view of their surroundings -- whether that be numbers on a screen or ripe figs dangling from a tree. Humans may have lost this capacity in exchange for gaining the brainpower to understand language and complex symbols, says Matsuzawa.

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beat him or let him mercy? Answered

Ill start out saying that i can really pack a punch, when i was in 3rd grade these two kids were throwing rocks out me i charged at them planing to tackle him, the other one ran, but he held up fist so i lost control of myself so i just speared him them punched him 2 or 3 times in his solar plexus which he imddelyty was passed out so moved to his face and it took three or 4 techers to just get me off him, took 7 to calm me down, i promised never to do that to anyone ever again unless i was threatend, well these guys got me so angry that they even made other people, friends and other graders ignore me because the other people thinks its true, they did not threaten me fyi, so i dont know what to do they even made a person hit me  but me and him r kinda chill right now/ we keep r distance, but he was talking about my clothes and mocking me saying that i got from dollar general and then i said " well things all even out because you got your parents from ebay" then he said all no you did not just go there and he did cause it, but he turned AROUND TO EVEN MAKE SURE A TEACHER WAS NOT LOOKING AND PUNCHED MY RIGHT IN ME ADOMENAL i was getting ready to pounce back but remeberd my promise but didnt  but ill just get to the main point today coming back from the feild trip i had to use the restroom well the only one was the one on the bus, so i went there, not knowing i was being followed, and when i was their he/she blocked the door so i could get the door open so i was trapped there for (thankly to god) for only 10 minutes because the teacher came looking for me. but i think it was gage, who is APPERNLTY my friend and hes been really rude to me lately and to all my friends just because i dont just talk to him (i try to be nice to many people but they just talk smack about me sometime) so he even admitted and no i will not tell a teacher.

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So my dads girlfriends son thought he was all strong and big because he can pick on his sister and have her cry and whine so he picked on a kid smaller than him(i never thought that was possible, this kid is so small, he's 12 too, hes a brat) and that kid turned around(thank god) and punched him in the face he hit the ground and that kid just beat the Hell out of him, it was so kool! i hate that kid he's just a brat ALL the time and thinks he can fight! lmao! that kid showed him!

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I want to mod by headphones to be like beats Answered

I have a pair of skull candy headphones and the wire connecting that connects the headphones to my ipod ripped!!! Instead of buying a new pair of headphones I wanted to be able to use a line in kind of cable (like beats by Dr. Dre does) to connect it to my ipod. How can I mod the headphones so I will be able use a line in cable? please help!!!

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I forgot 2 tell u guys about sumthin

At about 2:07 P.M. today, I FINALLY DID WHAT I HAD WANTED TO DO SINCE DECEMBER 2003! I OFFICIALLY BEAT MY FIRST ZELDA GAME EVEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! the game was twilight princess, and i had to strain myself to rapidly press the a button as fast as i possibly could in order to throw Ganondorf onto the ground And deal, the, ENDING BLOW!!! and thru the whole week i am celebrating.

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Anyone have a good RGB LED Music Circuit?

I'm hoping to build a very large array of LEDs that will go along with the beat of whatever is playing on the PC. The goal is something like 200 RGB LEDs spread across the room (mainly in the separations of an IKEA Expedit). I have quite a few of these Expedits and wanted to create a circuit that would accomplish 2 things. First is a switch to control whether the LEDs cycle through colors, or go along with the music. If the switch is set for the music, the hope is to force the red channel to be a mid, blue as a low and green as a high pass. What would I need to accomplish this? Note: This is all going to be tied into an old 600w power supply I have laying around. It puts out 18A@12V on one rail and 15A@12V on the second rail, so power isnt an issue. The controller I want to use to run the RGB LEDs under normal circumstances is the one described here: ... Is there a way to add to this, bypassing the microcontroller and shifting to another method of controlling the LEDs when the switch is flipped?I'm not looking for a complete guide, or even a full circuit ... a rough outline and part list would be appreciated though. Thanks,--John

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I am SO tired....

I am just SO tired of not being able to be who I am.  If I am kind to children, I become a molester, if I let my feelings go with free reign, am outlandish if I don't let my feelings out, I am unfeeling, if I speak the truth, I am a heratic if I hold on to fantasy, I am bonkers. If I talk about who I am, what I am, people don't want to hear it, and eventually deny it altogether; so I can NEVER be who I am around most people... (obviously "around" means in person). I can't win. Also,  Can ANYONE on line truly know me, in any real capacity ?   Can anyone have experienced the tremendous struggles I have with sensory overload?  Can any of you REALLY know how much I struggle day in and day out to not become cynical like the tv character HOUSE ?  I mean,  really ? 

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Is it possible to make a wearable Heart Beat Sound amplifier?

This is for my final project for one of my university papers and what I want to do is to make a object that can amplify or create the sound of the heart and can either worn on the hand or the neck like a necklace, as a form of communication and/or self expression. Visual aesthetics are important for this one so ideally, if its possible Id like to make this wearable object portable and super simple since I'm an amateur when it comes to anything electrical like this! I did see another question on this site which was practically the same as mine, amplifying the sound of the heart beat for a project and one of the comments mentioned using piezoelectric elements to pick up the movement of the veins and therefore create a sound through an amp and a speaker. This would be perfect for my project even though its not the exact sound of the heart but its doable, except connecting it to an amp etc isn't exactly small or compact enough for it to be wearable.  (Here's the web address to the other question I mentioned above: there any other way to use piezoelectric elements to pick up the movement of the veins and output it somehow preferably through sound, but representing it visually through LED lights could also be an option, but again, how do you make this inexpensive, wearable and simple to make?? Any suggestions anyone?? Thanks :) 

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My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw

Has your hobby become mainstream when it's covered by the New York Times? Power Tool Drag Racing gets coverage in My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw:TEN feet short of the finish line, Barbie Airplane was stranded.A screaming speedster powered by a whirling circular saw flew from a wooden ramp at the recent Power Tool Drag Racing competition in Seattle.The cheerful contraption -- a Craftsman belt sander crowned with a powder-blue toy plane -- had been careening down the 75-foot racetrack moments earlier. Then the sander's rotating belt came undone, stopping it dead.In the neighboring lane, Heavy Metal Waste, a circular saw souped up with skateboard wheels and flaming antennas, had already rocketed past. Cheers of victory rang from the bleachers.along with a nod to our very own Power Tool Racer Instructable:If this kind of tinkering sounds tricky, there's no need to re-invent the wheel, or the saw blade, for that matter. A detailed tutorial at gives step-by-step directions for converting a circular saw into a racer, courtesy of Jeremy Franklin-Ross, co-founder of the Hazard Factory artists' collective in Seattle.More news and press about Instructables here.

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I have a paper model of "Sleeping Beauty Castle" of Disneyland. I got this model from and I need to make the lighting on the castle exactly or like the one at Disney during their firework shows.Now I'd like to place the LEDs around the perimeter of the inside of the castle. The perimeter meaning the space in between the castle and the pink top part of the castle. I want to know if you guys know how to program them to change color fade and do other effects and to synchronize the lights to music. And not just flashing or pulsing to music, but being part of it...just like the one at Disneyland. I'd also like to have a dimming effect on it too. And the LEDS will be 7 color changing ones. ANY help would be gladly appreciated. THANK YOU. Please let me know if you need anything on my end.

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How can i connect LED to my speakers, to beat with the music??? :)))?

What should i do?? I don't know which wire with which to connect?? :)) Can u tell me?? :))) Thanks :))

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Challenge: Can You Beat This Scary Turbine PumpkinCutter Halloween Project ?

This Halloween project is so scary that the inventor (myself) felt shock and awe at it. I was genuinely scared at the running of this machine...and rightly so! So I figured I would spread the scariness to all who see this machine, to set the mood for a DIY Halloween... The machine in question is what I have named the Tesla CD Turbine. The CD Turbine is magnetically-coupled to a Skilsaw blade. (What I teasingly call the PumpkinCutter Attachment). The Tesla CD Turbine uses recycled CD's and neodymium magnets for rotating parts...nothing else. It can rev up to thousands of rpm. It has no bearings or seals and is magnetically coupled to implements. It runs on either compressed air or water pressure. But hey, put on a magnetically-coupled Skilsaw blade, run it at thousands of rpm, and you have a very dangerous PumpkinCutter! (Instructable is ready...if you dare!) Beat that for a wild, scary, hi-tech, cheap and recycled Halloween project!!

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wall rust and peeling is the big problem in my house. How to beat it?

There is much more rust on our walls, especially drawing room walls are peeling, Any one plz inform me solution to hide it or remove it.

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Fading Led (leds) inside computer looking like heart beat.

Hi! First of all I want to apologize my English but its not my mothers language. So what I would like to do is add warm white led (leds) into my computer what would fade out and fade in like really slow pulse. How this could be done. I can do basic soldering and schematics but the easier the schematic is the better :) And as cheap as possible because I'm not that rich at the moment. I have googled this a bit but found so many different versions and also they all faded so fast and I want my led (leds) to fade slowly. And because the idea is to but them to my computer this project would be using either 5 or 12 volt source. Thanks for all who can help me! Make

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Is it possible to control a light system with a drum machine and MIDI?

I know this has to somehow be possible but I just haven't been able to find anything on it. It seems like such a basic idea for controlling lights especially for DJs.

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How do you beat the boss on Dark Cloud, the Play Station 2 version?

I have been trying to beat this thing for a half of a year. So if anyone will help me please do cause I'm not giving up any time soon!

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Can I make LEDs flash to the beat when my iPod plays to a speaker?

Can I make a circuit with 2 LEDs, a resistor, and a battery pack, and make the LEDs flash to the beat when my iPod plays to a speaker?  I'm making a mau5head (look it up) and aim to put LEDs in the eyes. I will play music, dance around, etc. I want the LED's to sync with the music.

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how do you beat the stage three beast in prince of persia the forgotten sands?

This is the third stage of fighting the beast and he is way to hard to kill with one life orb and i don't know how to get more from where i am

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LEDs Fade In/Out Circuit Problem and LED Sequencer Problem

I built this circuit from the led beating heart frame instructable. I can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas? I also built this led sequencer. It doesnt work either. please help.

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Who like how the ravens beat the 49ers

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Can anyone help me deal with a bully? **URGENT** (He wants to beat me up) Answered

I need help dealing with a bully, he is in my gym class.  Yesterday he "accidentally tackled me" in flag football.  The gym teacher wouldn't do anything about it (my dad says the gym teacher was a bully when he was a kid).  Today he said, "Should I accidentally trip on Mike?".  I asked him if I should accidentally blow my nose on him.  Well, needless to say, that made him really ticked and he shoved me the rest of the class period.  Later that day my friend overheard him saying he was going to beat me up if I didn't stop being cocky.  I fail to see why I should let him walk all over me.  Anyone have any ideas?

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What happened to not liable?

What happened to not liable????? whats off beat??? comon!

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Schematic for sound activated lights for drum kit?

Could anyone develop a schematic for this? A friend of mine plays drums, and would like to install lights inside his drumkit. Mainly the bass drum, but in each tom and the snare too, if possible. I'm thinking a mic'd light organ of some sort. When the drum beats, a light comes on in that drum, with variable intensity, depending intensity of the beat. (soft beat, low light; hard beat, bright light, etc) Does not respond to the beats of the other drums. (selective frequency/pitch or adjustable?) The light punches on, then fades out with approx 1 second duration, rather than just punching out. Uses cool-light, preferably colored, because I'm not sure how a hot light would affect the drums. Plugs in to standard 120v outlet. Anyone feeling creative, please offer a design!! It would be much appreciated. I have intermediate knowledge of circuits and soldering, just little knowledge when it comes to component selection.

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Best way to eradicate termites by DIY?

Beat way to eradicate termites by DIYf?

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My Grandpa has a Lincoln 225 Stick Welder but it is really beat up. Is it worth trying to fix? Answered

I mean it has bad cords and I don't even know if it is worth it. Is it possible to get shocked even though it is not plugged in if I open it up to look inside?  I could get new cords and stuff if the internals are working. I was going to hook it up to a power strip ( the one with a switch) so I could see if it works. But Im nervous, is it worth it?  If not i was just going to use the case for something, a refrigerator on the inside with all the inside stuff taken out of the welder itself.

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call of duty Ghost

I love this game it is awesome i already beat extinction all by myself

Topic by princessbaker16  

how to wire a stop light to work with a stereo?

I would liket to work with the beat

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Powering LEDs?

What I am trying to do is built a LED board that beats to music.  I have found many way to make it beat to the music, but my problem is I don't understand how to power the LEDs.  I am new to building electronics, and I am still learning.  Anyways, what my hope to do is use build a board 46in long running one LED per inch.  This will be dived up into smaller sections to run different beats off my home theater system.  I am trying to run all of this using  4 TIP31c, and I understand how to use them, I just am not sure how to power this.  Thank you!

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Share Your Sleepy Pet Pics

Because it's hard to beat the cuteness of really sleepy pets...    

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anyone know how to wire a stop light to work with a stereo?

I would like to make it blink with the beat. thanks

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Is there any way to get out of the original nazi zombie map for Xbox360?

The map you get for beating the game. NO MAP PACK MAP!!!!

Question by DontShoot262    |  last reply

hack old laptop 4 music making?

Hp pavillion ze44oo and other random oldskool parts. any suggestions just for beat making ect?

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Can an led brake light pulled from a spoiler be used inside my car and beat to the bass in my music?

So i pulled out an led brake light from an old nissan spoiler that has its own circuit and resistors on the board with only + and - wires coming out. Is there any way that i could hook it up to the headphone output that i have in my current car? I know that i have to use a tip31 transistor but i dont know how to wire it up. 

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How do I rig up small LED lights to my sound system to make them flash to the beat?

Do I connect them straight to the speaker cable? Please help, I'm on a low budget, want to make my hi-fi look cool but I'm completely clueless about electronics & stuff!

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Sound Activated LED's

Good Afternoon everyone, A friend of mine asked me to help him build something and I sort of hit a snag in the process. I know how to make LED's flash to the beat of music but what he wants is so that way when there are sounds around him the LED lights flash with the sounds around him (Such as if he was at a party, the LED lights would flash with the beat of the music even though they weren't connected to it.) Is this possible and if so what would I need to build or get? Thank you! Sincerely, Khris

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Ok So I tried to get into instructables today but instead got this crazy robot game. As you can see my high score is 0, 1 can you beat my score?

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help using audacity!

I need help to strip the words of a song so i just have a beat. can anybody help me out plz. 

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