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Any ideas for a bedroom?

I am a 16 year old who loves math,science,and electronics(and programming).I have to design my new room(a 14'x20' empty space right now) and am out of ideas.I tried searching the site for some cool ideas,but my searching skills are pretty bad and all I could find was some secret hidden compartments(which is more than cool btw),and a study table.My woodworking skills are not very good,but I can get almost anything done with a little help from my awesome neighbour,and I think my knowledge in electronics is decent enough for some basic home automation.Do you have any cool ideas i could work on?Any help would be really appreciated :D tl;dr  designing room,need ideas thanks

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Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom

Pirate ship bedroom? Shiver me timbers! Designer Steve Kuhl used 2x12 ribs to construct the hull of the ship, covering them with layers of 1/2 inch plywood to act as the planking. "But that's not all. The room is also decked out with a rope bridge that connects the pirate ship to the top of a jail cell, and a rope suspended from the ship's hull provides drop-in access to the closet. There's also a completely hidden spiral slide, that lets you travel downstairs in a more adventurous way." Check out this pirate ship bedroom, there's 14 pictures that show the bedroom from all angles and even a computer model that illustrates the spiral slide. via:

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need cool bedroom ideas!! Answered

 my room is very small but has lots of built-in shelves on one wall. Im looking for anything cool, creative, automatic and simple. trying to get to know this website better and would love some helpful tips. im not looking for furniture, just little things to make my room cooler and more fun to be in. thanks!

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Ideas for a Nature/Jungle style bedroom?

Hello everyone, I'm getting a new bedroom and i'm looking for ideas on how to decorate it. The walls are light green and i really like a Nature/Jungle type of style. I also like the use of bamboo, wood, and big natural rocks and stones. A bit like this: But with some more plants and green colours. I'd like ideas on wall decorations, lamps, desks, beds or anything else you can think of. I'm also a bit of a geek, so natural or jungle themed speakers, or other computer accessories would look awesome. It's not gonna be a kid's bedroom, so keep that in mind Let your mind go wild!

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hi im 13 and i find my room really boring, i need some cool craft ideas to put in and on my room. Answered

Cannot paint. im a teenager so nothing Childish. music is cool. my interests are anime music screamo naruto canada cooking. drawing

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i have a huge blank wall. what in the world could i do with it?

Something on the cheaper side would be great to fill it up. I don't really have any decorations in my room to be truthfull. I like my bed, that's the only thing I put care into. Lots of pillows. I also have two huge windows with long brown curtains if that helps. But the wall across from my bed is big and blank!

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how do i break into a bedroom door?

I am constantly locking my keys in my bedroom, and having to climb in through my window! how do i jimmy the door latch to get inside, so i don't have to go outdoors to get in? i know about the methods with credit cards, knives, screwdrivers, etc, but have NO clue what to do with them! and yes, i know the obvious answers are "don't lock yourself out" and keep a spare key somewhere" but neither method has worked, so i'm going to the next option! please help!

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how to make a wall stencil for my bedroom? Answered

I was looking to put a monster energy logo on my bedroom wall, and wanted to know the easiest way to do it.

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Little girl's bedroom with Hacked-Ikea bed

My two year old outgrew her "Princess Toddler bed" and it was time to move her to a regular bed. She has gone from Cradle, to interim playpen, to crib, to fire truck toddler bed (because it was the one with the highest sides we could find when she started jumping out of her crib at 10 months), then to princess bed.. Even though the rest of our house is decorated using modern decor, I really wanted to keep the "French" theme I did when I originally setup her nursery... Because this was her 6th bed, the thought of spending $899 and up for a bed in this category (and not even made out of wood) I got discouraged and decided to buy an inexpensive IKEA bed. When I arrived at IKEA and started looking through the options, again I decided to hold off and not buy anything. As I was leaving the store, I found various items on sale. One of the items was an unfinished bed, for $30!!!! The bed was low to the ground like we needed it. The unfinished wood was not something I wanted, but for $30 I could live with it. At home depot, I purchased decorative wood applique's for the headboard and the foot board ($12 for both). On my way to the cash register I discovered that home depot sells pre-fab unfinished table legs. These legs would make perfect posts for a bed!!! I glued the appliques, screwed and glued the legs in. Then I went online and ordered Milk Paint (non-toxic, no smell, natural paint) in cream and also in white... A few days later it arrived, and I was able to paint the entire bed in about 2 hours (with re-coats). I am very happy with the results. Her room is "a work in progress, her bed is done.

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Pimp My Room

Here's the deal:I'm moving.I have no furniture.I have a lot of stuff to store.I have no room.I want my new room to be an awesome sanctuary for rest and creativity. Help!I need your ideas to make my room the most efficient, effective, awesome place it can be, trick it out with lighting, stereo and unusual effects.Ideas?UPDATEHere's some stuff that's begun to inspire me, if it helps you get a better idea of what I have in mind.LIGHTING:Under-bed LightingSun Jarambient light systemand I want to hang a bunch of these from globes or something:Jar of FirefliesART, ETC.Vinyl Wall Art[ Audio-Visual Art]Poster Magnet Board

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Home theatre system for a small 1 bedroom apartment

What do i need to get to put a complete home theatre system together with surround? can i get a home theatre system together with surround with just a pair of headphones? and finally, what would i need to get real life sound from a set of speakers (sound at volumes as they are; for an example, an army tank as it comes towards you/by you/and goes away from you and it sounds like it is right there)? 

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Anyone got any good instructables?

Hi, I'm new to this group, and I was just wondering- I have a love for changing my bedroom and making things for my bedroom. Please, are there any good instructables/websites that would be sufficient for me to spend a whole day (or at least a few hours) doing something towards my bedroom? Thanks! Crzyns

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How to build a sleepbox?

Not sure how to call such things, but here link with images. there any tutorial how to build similar things? Sorry for my English.

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What is a way to make your room look really pretty? Answered

I have to clean it, but I'm tired of the same stuff. Are there any decoration ideas that could be used for organizing my bits and bobs? My room is violet, with green and white accents. Thanks!

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Making a 12v room lamp.

We have a quite a few 6v batteries here at work that we get rid of once their voltage drops below what our equipment is able to use.  Normally we recycle them but I was trying to see if there is a better way to get some use out of them on my own.  Ultimately, I'd like to try and eliminate the need for the plug in lamp I use to light my bedroom. I'm far from an electrical genius but I found some low wattage LED bulbs that looked like they might be usable.  What I was basically thinking of doing was hooking few of the old batteries together, regulating the output to 12v, and then wire up one of the low wattage bulbs.  I also have access to solar panels used to charge the same batteries so getting that added in to the mix would be my next step.

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hi could somebody plz tell me how to redecorate my bedroom

I moved into it about 5 years ago it was my sisters old bedroom I share it with my 17 year old brother its light purple none of the furniture needs to be replace but I'm thinking of making a cool loft bed and making a chill out zone underneath it so could anybody help plz drop me a comment

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bed frame around a bed? Answered

I have an old pine bed that I don't like so I want to make more modern by building a modern looking ikea bed around it or onto it would this be possable if so can you point me towards where I would find out how to or can you tell me.

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Any ideas for some cool, simple renovations/inventions for a bedroom?

Things to make life easier: light switch mods, desk drawer things...w/e

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Hi, Does anyone know how to make a star projector @ home?

Like this 1? am a novice so any small detail is appreciated :)Thanks!

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College Room Help

Hello. I've been sleeping in the same room for a while and I'm getting bored of it. I want to get a contemporary sofa bed because my room is kinda small and i think i can save some space by getting this instead of a bed. I would like to create/buy things to furnish my room that no one else has lol. I just want awesome DIY art and tech stuff that will make my room more personal and just feel like I made this room what it is. I want the theme to be like a urban/graffiti contemporary college dorm room type of feel. If anyone can help me out that would be super cool! -Rolling

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How best to circulate wood insert heat into the bedrooms at the end of the house?

We have a decent size wood insert with dual squirrel cage fans in the center of the house on the ground floor.  It does a good job of heating the room its in, however none of the satellite rooms nor the upstairs bedrooms get much heat.  We have central air,  would running the system on circulate help, or will that just pull the warmest air out of each room (the returns are up high)?  Ultimately, I'd love an air/water heat exchanger to plumb into our HVAC but that doesn't seem practical from a house layout, expense or cosmetic perspective.

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Where can I buy a couple simple pulleys that i can screw into the wall?

Online sites would be better, i already checked lowes, home depot, and local hardware stores but they dont have what im looking for

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Mancave help

Hey forums, im new to instructables. I really need some help and ideas for my mancave which I am going to build. It's going to be in my bedroom, which is now just a room with a bed and some desks, but it has the potential and largeness to become a nice chill loungy man cave. I'm going to get a bigger 2 person bed this summer, and i get a tv for my birthday ( I hope). basicly the biggest problem is the construction of the room. I have a big shelf on the wall but it is occupied by lots of books from my childhood and from my brother(who is moved out already) and my parents. It's really annoying since we rebuilt the house and I got that room with a brand new shelf but my parents filled it with their stuff already :P. The majority of this stuff is moving or thrown away so its not a big problem. I will provide a plan of my room now and how i plan to make it. Basicly the things i really want in my room are these 1. tv 2. couch 3.speakers ( i have them but i want marley bag of riddim) 4. coffee table 5. mini fridge 6. fan 7. ps3 8. hookah. I have most of this stuff (except for the mini fridge, fan and couch) but the main thing is the way they are put in the room. Again i will provide plans of the room. Sorry for bad English, i'm not from England or US :D Terribly sorry about the pictures being reverted, i dont know how to revert them, so you have to do it if you want to see it :((( so sorry

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what can you do when you are stuck in your bedroom without your stuff? Answered

I dont know coz can someone tell me

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How can I tell if I can loft my bedroom ceiling? Answered

Hi, I recently purchased a first home, and I decided it would be nice if I can loft the bedroom ceiling (using attic space that is currently wasted). How can I tell if this is even possible to do, and how much work is involved in something like this? I consider myself fairly handy, if that helps.

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I'm changing rooms and I just don't know what to do with all that bare wall, what are some cool arty things I can do?

I have one large, completely bare wall and a corner space that has about a metre to 1.5m lee way on each side , not to mention a built in robe that will be naked and bare, I have a bit of artistic flare but I don't know where to start when it comes to things this size, help! some examples of what I can do attached (2nd referenced, I take no creative credit) (bonus kudos for something three dimensional or even functional!)

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Need help replacing trailer floors.What's the right way to fix the floors?

I own a trailer home there was a leak from my bathroom pipes and also from around bedroom window.Because of said leaks now my floor in the bedroom is now falling apart .How do i replace the wood.

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Hey Everyone...Im Looking For Any Advice On Solar Power Heater For My Bedroom

Hey Everyone Im Looking For Any Advice On Solar Powered Heater... So Heres My Problem I Just Moved Into My Friends House And Its Big And Cold All Day long...And Since I Work From Home...I Just Cant Afford To Be Running An Electric Heater All Day...So Im Curious If It Is Possible To Have An Electric Heater A Cheap One I Bought From Wallgreens Of Off Solar Power...So I Can Heat My BedRoom... I Can Afford About 150$ Total For The Project... Any Advice Comments Or Help Is Very Much Appreciated...I Love Instructables...Haha... Thanks To Anyone Who Can Help...

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Teen Guy Bed Room Ideas-No Sport?

Hi, I am 13 and I am wondering how to decorate my bedroom?? I have a rectangular room with all doors and wardrobe at one end, and grey/purpkleish walls with a eggplant feature wall. Beige non-replacble curtains. I have a massive metal 4 poster bed crazy thing. Which I LOVE! What shall I do? I also have a white/green retro dresser and dressing table, and some small wooden filing cabnets. I like the late 50's and early 60's. And pugs, definatly pugs. But, as I am in Australia there is no Wallmart or macys for me. But we DO have target! I am intrested in making 2 'zones' in my room. bedroom down the doorend, and longue(????????????/) down the other? What should I do??? Thanks

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how to hang fabric

What is a simple way to hang fabric from bedroom ceiling?

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Home Storage Solutions?

Need storage solutions for small apartments, everything kitchen ideas to bedroom and laundry storage. Simple and effective ideas

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Servo Controlled door

Hey I'm making an arduino controlled door. Will a servo provide enough torque to open and close a bedroom door?

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How can i turn comic book pages into a wallpaper for my room? Answered

Hey guys, i have this spiderman comic that my brother got me for christmas and it happens to be all in french. I cannot read french but still love the comics (hence why he got it for me.) So i had the idea of turning the pages from the comic book into a wallpaper for my room. The general idea was i would cut each page out of the comic book, stick it to my wall one next to the other and then if possible put some sort of covering over the top to protect the pages. this would mean that bumps and such actions would not harm the wallpaper. Any ideas on how i should stick these pages on as well as cover them all? I have been told i could stick them onto card and then paste that onto the wall but still i dont think that would be as easy.? 

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How is the best way to make a cup phone?

I want to make a cup phone that can go around in different bedrooms.

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Where is your home?

Where are people in this community from? I am from the cultural wasteland known as Mississauga which is a yawn bedroom community outside of Toronto, Ontario.

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Removable wall art? Answered

I want to do graffiti art on my bedroom walls, but I cant use my spraypaint directly on the wall, any way to do that?

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We recently moved into a duplex and over the last month an odd smell in bedroom that resembles a chemical. Suggestions?

The odor is primarily in the master bedroom and is more noticable now that the windows are closed and furnace is being used.  Do not smell it anywhere else in the house.  The smell reminds us of what rail-road ties smell like, the creosote specifically.  Am worried that it may be something serious and cause more difficulty with my breathing (I suffer from allergy induced asthma) and do not want to have to any issues.

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I am deciding what size tv would be best for my bedroom for playing video games and watching movies on my ps3 from day to day ; around $200-$400

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How do I make a jewelry organizer?

I am looking for a way to simply , yet elegantly organize my jewelry in my bedroom

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LED Meteor Rain Light

How to make these at home as they will look awesome in my bedroom ceiling..... plzz answer Thanks in advance

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How to spy with binoculars

Well you guys see ive just brought anew pair of binocs and i wnat to know some good spying tips from my bedroom window. lol (peeping)

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Help! How do I remove those 80s mirror 12 by 12 tiles off my bedroom wall? Answered

I have one wall completely done with those tiles. (house was bought that way) Can they be removed without too much damage to the drywall behind them?  How?  And  also, without too much damage to myself!??  It would be great if there were any good ideas for reusing the mirror tiles. There are quite a few of them. Crafts,or anything!? Please Help Me!! Thanks!

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Anyone have instructions for garage conversions into study/bed room?

In my house, I have empty garage seperated from home. I would like convert this room into a study room or another extra bedroom with shower and a toilet.

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what is the quickest way to cool my apartment? no a/c..? Answered

Over the past month I have tried all windows open, shut, fan blowing in, out, everything. Three east facing windows in the living room that face a brick wall, two in the bedroom that face north (and an open courtyard) and another bedroom window that faces west. Oh and a kitchen window that faces west. There is barely a breeze SOMETIMES in the west facing windows... help ps its 5am and i am too hot to sleep, sorry for the silly *.bmp the southern wall doesn't have any windows or doors

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I've got 13 oversize tp tubes what should i do with them? Answered

They are from school. someone was going to throw them away. they are now in my bedroom

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Is there a way to make a candle scented by my favorite perfume?

I have a perfume that smells AMAZING that I'd love to put into a candle to scent my bedroom. Do I just pour in a little when I pour a candle?

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