okay got a few questions on beekeeping and top bar hives

Okay first how to i get swarms i can only get one or two swarms two how long till i can first havest honey note i will be using a tbh or top bar hive and i am alabama it is hot all the time down here andthird there is a false back or something how do i use it?

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what's the best way to extract honey from natural comb?

I have a hive of bees in my yard, that moved into an old cabinet, and i do not try to force them into brood boxes, because they are Really well established. but i still want to be able to get some honey from them once in awhile. what is the best method for extracting honey from natural comb?

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Resident Beehives, indoor bees?

I was watching an episode of "how it's made", they were covering commercial tomato's.  The plants were grown in a large building and the plants were pollinated by a in house beehive.  The hive was kept separate from the plants, but the bee's had access through some tubing and a hole in the wall.  Everything I've read suggests that having bee's pollinate your indoor plants is a bad idea.  I'm pretty sure most of these comments are coming from hobbyists, but the claim is that the bees get lost indoors and usually die as a result.  Can anyone enlighten me on the subject?

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Will leaving a rhombus clearer board on for more than 12 hrs lead to the super filling up again?

Hi , I have placed a rhombus clearer board above the super, yesterday. After inspecting It today I have found that the super was nearly empty , with about 40 bees remaining. Thinking the best , I decided to leave it on , but have now read that if you leave it on for more than 12 hours the bees with work out how to get in again. Should i take it off now or in the morning? (its 16:53 GMT  now) . I apologise for my incompetence , I am pretty new at this ^^ any answers would be appreciated.

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what businesses have swarm list i can get on?

I am trying to start beekeeping but i need bees i now about the police department as one source but where else can i get my name out there?

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I need some help in Tennessee shooting videos

I have LOTs of ideas, research, and projects.  unfortunatly I don't have a lot of time, money, or help.  My wife and I just had a baby, so my camerawoman is now performing mommy duties so I am looking for someone to help me in the mad scientist lab. I have some ideas for shooting some disaster scenario videos, how to, training (mostly firearms related), cooking (cheese, bread, fermention), beekeeping, and all sorts of urban homestead type stuff. I cannot pay at this time, but depending on the person, and what they bring to the table I am willing to negotiate for a more permenant arraigement. What I suggest is that if your interested take a look at my website, and if you think it is useful, and that you can enhance it shoot me an email or message me here. If your really good, I can offer you firearm classes in trade, up to and including instructor certifications for those that are qualified.

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Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Old World Survival Manuals and more on DVD-ROM

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CRAFTSMAN Tool contest voting glitches?

Hello. I'm new, and entered the Craftsman tool competition. I sent links to my 'beekeeping' friends/etc asking my friends/co-workers to consider voting for me. Two possible 'problems': 1) Several of my friends said when they went to the site, and clicked the "VOTE" button on my instructable, it didn't force/prompt them for login. It just 'voted' (showing the 'unvote' option)...but they never registered. I am wondering if these votes are hitting the books, for all users. I actually watched this on an PC of a guy who I work with, and he's using Internet Explorer (not Firefox)...so I told him to register his account, just to be sure the vote 'took'. 2) Last night, was on my laptop, and responded to some comments on my I-Ble. The comments posted under the account my GIRLFRIEND set up to vote for me SCHRISTY05. I had just booted the PC up...so did my laptop cache her account, or is it doing some sort of user detection by originating IP, or something? I'm sort of wondering if that's tied to question number one. One other glitch I noticed (just worth mentioning, probably not worth fixing)...is when building your I-ble...using Firefox...occassionally, the image notes from one image, will tranfer to another image (including the boxes, the comments associated with the boxes, etc).

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