Vocoder on the Behringer virtualizer pro?

Hey i have the Virtualizer Pro by Behringer and it says it has vocoder and i just can't figure out how that works...is there any setup or anything to get it to work? i know what a vocoder is and how it works but this is just plain not working? thank you.

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Can i bypass an AC/DC power supply to AC/AC?

Hi! I recently aquired an used guitar effect pedal, a Behringer X Vamp, to be more exact. It is 2nd hand so it came without the power supply. I know it runs on AC/AC and i have an AC/DC one, so my question is: is there a way to bypass the power supply or the pedal itself so it can run with the supply i have? thanks in advance, stay well

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Does anyone know the specifications for the Behringer Xenyx 802 power suply or where to get one? Answered

I have been looking for one as I have recently bought one of these mixers but it comes with no power supply. I have searched the internet only to find the instruction manual which isn't very useful. http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/802.aspx All comments are welcome. Thank you Oscar

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Behringer B212D PA system main driver works for 10 to 20 minutes before stops every time

Behringer B212D PA system main driver works for 10 to 20 minutes before stops working. but the compression driver continues to work. If I power off the amp for a second and switch back again, the main driver works for minute or so. After couple of hours if I switch on the amp again, same process repeates. I am able to hear the main driver working for 10-30 minutes only, every time I use. after that, just the compression drivers shrill sound continues.The amp is also not that Hot at that time. It is an unit from 2009.Is it a thermal issue? Or any capacitor weak? Or any other weak component?Thanks a lot in advance.

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Choosing a good bass amp

I need suggestions for a good bass guitar amp. One I have in mind is a Behringer Ultrabass BA115 600 Watt 1x15 Bass Cabinet. I'm looking for something good at around $150 USD. Any advice for choosing one would be nice too.

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Need to know if i can replace a 22 ohm /10% (1.5w ((I think due to size)) resistor with a 22 ohm / 2% 2watt.

The resistor placement is R2 in a Behringer B215D powered PA speaker. The resistor that was in it is smaller round than the replacement piece,but is the same length. The schematic does not state the wattage of the resistor so I'm a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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Audio mixer phones vs main out settings

My friend and I have started podcasting, and I am learning as I go. One this we want to do is commentary tracks. Our current setup works but I want to move to an audio mixer and connect the main out to my behringer UC222. For this we need to hear ourselves and the movie audio via the headphones but only capture the mics on the main out. Can I make this happen by running the movie audio line as PFL with the fader(slider) at 0?

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B212D active speaker amplifier troubleshooting - driver stops after running for 20 minutes

B212D active speaker amplifier troubleshooting - driver stops after running for 20 minutes.Every time I switch on the speaker, it works for 20 to 30 minutes and after that the driver stops but the compression driver still works. Right after that, if I power off and power on then the driver works for one minute or so.Once it is cooled, if I start it again, it repeates same as above.Is it a capacitor issue or any other weak component? How to diagnose and fix it?It is a product from 2009 Behringer.Please help.

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Power outlet controlled by windows driver (not master/slave circuit)

HI, the idea is to control a power outlet when the OS is booting. And even more important, when the OS shuts down. the outlet should turn off before the PC goes in shutdown.A master/slave socket (which i have) only switches off when the PC goes into OFF modes which results in a big bang on my Active Speaker setup. (behringer B2031A with B2092A).So, in short. i need a circuit thats being controlled ON after a driver has been loaded during BOOT.and that cicuit needs to power down when the Driver is being offloaded during shutdown.AC being controlled by a solid state relayThank you for anyone who can helpbest regardsmarco

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Outdoor listening installations

Would appreciate some advice on this project.  I'm putting together a proposal for a series of outdoor sound installations in a nature park.  a couple of the installations will be places where you can plug in headphones to listen to certain sounds captured live from a microphone in an interesting place- for example a hydrophone in a pond.  The plan is that the mic will be hooked up to 3.5 jack sockets and listerners will be able to plug in their own headphones.  Now obviously there needs to be some amplification because the mic signal level will be far too quiet to hear on headphones. I need a power amp that will be powered through a solar panel.  My question is, shall I just use a headphone amp, like the Behringer ha400 or make my own power amp circuit? I need to be able to make everything sturdy and fit into a weather proof junction box to protect it from the elements. I have done some experiments with an LM386 power amp module but there was so much background noise and it didn't pick up the mic level at all (may have been a problem with the mic I was using,it was a crappy little lapel mic.- I did get a signal from a piezo disc but it was again really crackly and noisy.)  If it is best to build a circuit with a power amp module, could people make suggestions of ones that will sound good and clean, and work with stereo headphones.  Thanks a lot Ash

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Arduino Uno Synth project - Audio output questions

Hi! I am developing a synth/sampler project based on the Arduino Uno r3. This is my first electronics project ever and because of that reason I have some questions which I can't find a definite answer for on internet. The synth has two function. It has a tone generator using the ToneAC library. With code I have mimicked LFO and VCO functions, using potmeters I can adjust the frequency and LFO speed realtime. The other function is that I can trigger samples stored on a SD card using the TMRpcm library. The device will be used in nightclubs on high end soundsystems and PA. I am afraid I will damage the equipment with my device because I do not send a pure audio (AC?) signal. Currently the flow is like this: PWM output (pin 9, 10) -> voltage divider to 2.5v -> RC Low Pass Filter 15Khz -> LM386 amp with volume control -> mono jack output -> mixing desk -> amplifier -> speakers (the TMRpcm and ToneAC library share the same pin (9), I have fixed this by disabling the TMRpcm when the ToneAC is playing and vice versa. The mono jack is wired as follow. pin 9 goes to plus side of mono jack output, pin 10 to negative side. The TMRpcm pin 9 also needs to go to plus side of mono jack output, and mono jack negative needs to go to ground. Because I disable the ToneAC at that time I consider port 10 grounded because it not generating any sound so there is no signal/voltage running out of it, aka the IO pin is set to LOW) I am hoping that using the voltage divider I am within range of the Audio Line levels of a default mixers Line-IN (like Pioneer, Behringer, etc). The RC Low Pass Filter is used to filter of inaudible frequencies and clean up the sound a bit, the LM386 audio amp is used to amplify the signal and (hopefully) make it a real audio signal. The lowest frequency you can play with the synth is 100hz and the highest frequency is 3100hz. Because I lack a lot of knowledge in this field and because I do not own a oscilloscoop I can't say for sure if my output signal is harmful for the equipment and was hoping to get some guidance on my project on this forum.

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