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Best Knex Gun?

I am looking for an amazing knex gun. I have the tr8 and have built the srv3 (need to check if I did it right still). Is there any other good gun? I would like to have a bolt action with few broken pieces.

Question by ynohtna1    |  last reply

Best knex gun

In your opinion what is the best gun judging by: *loading* *power* and *ease of use* Thank you!

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Best Knex sniper

Here are the rules. The sniper must be your own and it must be rated over 3. They will be judged on range, pierceing, accuracy, and amount of pieces. I will need a judge or two for each. The winner will recieve 5* and will be on my Bect of Instructables 2008 instructable. If you want to enter post your sniper on the comment area.Enterants- DJ Radio's knex SPEC-9 sniper rifle T36 Long Range sniper by Darth Gecko Man Kakurito's DragonavJudges- Heat-Seeker Volenteer on the comments if you have a lot of pieces and free time to build.Range-Pierceing-Accuracy-Amount of Pieces (lower is better)-

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Best Knex Rod

What is the best knex rod to fire? For: Accuracy Power Loading Distance

Topic by Loosewire; SOE Operative    |  last reply

best knex gun?

... its all in the name .....

Question by jabbathegut1    |  last reply

Best Knex Motor?

I'm wanting to know which k'nex motors do you consider the Most Versatile and/or have the most torque or speed. i'm looking to ebay one and would like to know which to buy. The Blue ones (see first image) or the wired Clear ones(2nd image). Thanks in advance.

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Best Knex Target for this knex gun? Answered

I am using this knex gun: What is th best knex traget for thi gun?

Question by Trisuniel    |  last reply

Best of the Smallest

No I'm not talking about those annoying one shot noob guns. I'm talking about true trigger, multi-shot, pistols that are decent for their size. What are your best tiny guns? I want to see just how small a gun can get and still keep a good amount of features. Mine is based off of the TDS. It loads 5 dark greys, has a true trigger, and features a firing pin lock. Let's see if you can beat that! I'm JK I'm sure someone will. I made my gun only to be as small as posible so it shoots only like...2 yards/meters depending on the rubberbands. And if anyone hasn't then I also have a mini challenge. Let's see who can make the smallest slide action pistol with a magazine!Also for anyone wanting to build the Mini TDS visit knexsuperbulderfreak!

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Best knex set for the money

Which knex sets have the most pieces for the least amount of money?

Topic by pongopeter826    |  last reply

Best knex assault rifle

What is the best all around knex assualt rifle? I only have enough peices to make a Z35, so I need a gun with around that peice count.

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Best and Favorite Knex Creations

I have been using knex probably for over 10 years and I have built a ton of different weopons and things but a fwew stick out. I do love my new transformers but my best work was a wearable mech suit. The boots could hold over 200 lbs and covered the whole body. My favorite was an AT-AT from starwars where if you hit the underbelly of the walker the head falls off and it drops to the floor like the movie one. I want to know people Best and favorite knex creations over the years.

Topic by glitched9700    |  last reply

Whats the best knex shotbow? Answered

I wanna make a shotbow but whats the best try an avoid broken parts I dont want it to piece hogging but i dont mind if its good Not to hard to bild please help megametal8

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

the best knex psp stand Answered

Question by FSPilotsuk    |  last reply

Best knex creations of 2010

So another year has rolled by.  Many new things were posted, some were pretty good!  Now I am hosting a community contest to see what people liked the most.  There are 3 categories, and you can select up to 3 creations for each category (You don't have to pick 3 if you don't want to).  So you can pick your top 9 most favorite creations of the year.  The categories are: Best overall Knex gun Best Knex replica Best non-gun. You can select a creation to go in more than 1 category.  For example, if you thought a knex replica of a real life rollercoaster was good, you could vote for it in the "Best knex replica" and "Best non-knex gun" categories. There are some restrictions of course.  The creations you vote for HAVE to have a post date of 2010.  Preview pictures can be posted earlier than that, but they have to be posted this year.  Also, you cannot pick a gun that you made.  For example, I cannot vote for my Halo Battle rifle to go in "Best knex replica".  If the creation you vote for came from a site outside of Instructables or KI (like Youtube), you will need to provide a link for it. What are you waiting for?  Get voiting!  I'm giving away patches to the top 3 winners in each category, plus a patch for my personal favorite, which makes 10.  Voting ends Monday, January 24, which gives you 3 weeks to vote.

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best bullpup knex gun?

I would like to make a bullpup knex gun with little or no cut parts  what is the best one to get a hang of the bullpup mech?  Thanks Sonic Broom 

Topic by sonic broom    |  last reply

Whats the best knex sniper?

I want to build a knex sniper and i was wondering which shoots the farthest, fastest, and does the most damage

Question by ThomasRex    |  last reply

best knex guns no lie

This forum has the best guns and please say if you think one does not belong in this forum                                                                            P.S. sorry the pic has nothing to do with the forum

Topic by yeolddingdong    |  last reply

Whats the best knex target? Answered

Yeah i want a decent knex target but i dont know which one?! Ill make any one so don't worry about difficulty,parts etc, please reply (also please make a link if you can) MM8

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Best knex full auto? Answered

Whats the best knex auto that doesn't shoot bb's

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

The Best Knex Gun Ever Answered

I would like to know which knex gun on this website is the best. I am looking for power, accuricy, and look? Could someone please tell me which one it is? If you can, could you also give the link to the gun?

Question by Trisuniel    |  last reply

the best knex tub for guns

I just ganna buy myself tubs of knex but i need to know whats the best tub out there (i ganna buy 2 tubs)

Topic by al145    |  last reply

Best stat for a knex gun.

What are your guys favorite stat,wether its accuracy,range,or good looks? What kind of stat makes a knex gun great? Do you guys like big guns or small guns better? I was wondering this to see which knex gun i should post,since I got a lot of knex guns with different stats. Sorry for any grammer errors.

Topic by fobblewabble    |  last reply

what is the best knex gun?

All in the title

Question by Im_the_knex_god_hail_me    |  last reply

The best slingshot trigger

 I'm working on a slingshot gun but icant make a trigger for it could someone please leave a link for a good slingshot trigger its an 3 layer barrel(3 orange connectors)

Topic by Merugop    |  last reply

Knex Gun

Nothing new but looks cool(real) This was inspired by the Buzzard Gun made by The Drum Hero(Jamie sorry for mispell) But i have taken off several parts to make it more accurate and a smoother look. I have built this over and over to find the best way this can look and fire and this way seems to be the best. Also my sight i hsve made, which is the best sight i have seen.

Topic by Alingarhs    |  last reply

Best K'nex Gun Answered

PLEASE READ FIRST!!! I don't want to know what the best knex gun ever is, I would like to know the best knex gun for each section: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun, Slingshot, Crossbow, Sidearm, Assault Gun, Semi-auto, Pump Action, etc... Any section of guns that I did not list, add them. Please give links if you can. If you can't, just give the name.

Question by Danielzxzx1    |  last reply

witch one is the best

Witch one is best

Topic by T-man    |  last reply

knex sword? Answered

What is the best knex sword on this site?

Question by miloazijn    |  last reply

What is the best knex motor for use on knex guns? Answered

I would like one that is available on

Question by lioneatr    |  last reply

The Best K'nex Guns Answered

This is an update to my previous question. I have found what I think is a good gun for all the types of guns. Ths is for my Knex War I'm having. I can't find a good rating real bolt action gun. Could someone please find one for me? Also, if there are any types of guns I'm missing, please tell me. Also, check out the guns that have the link and tell me which guns are not good or if there is a better gun for that type than the gun I chose. shotgun: Break Action Shotgun pistol: Oblivitus' Beast Pistol rifle: The Bolt machine gun: Machine Gun slingshot: Arrow Slingshot crossbow: Reaper Crossbow sidearm: Sidearm RSN-33 assault: Assault Rifle semi-auto: Truly Semi-Automatic Gun pump action: Pump Action Rifle lever action: Lever Action Rifle bolt action: AR-4 Commando v3 turret gun: TR18 cannon: Heavy Cannon bazooka: A.D.U Bazooka pocket gun: Pocket Gun

Question by Trisuniel    |  last reply

Selling Knex

What is the best way to sell knex?  I have loads and wondered is it better to sell mixed lots by weight or in smaller lots of individual types of rods and connectors? or in complete model sets (although this might be difficult as I am not sure I know which bits come from which set? Also is the best place to sell Ebay? Thanks in advance

Topic by xtinexoop  

Knex Auger

Resistance, one of the best games on PS3, but has anyone made the auger as i think it probs is the best gun despite it only being a computer game. Anyone that can make one that looks good (number 1) Posts instructions (number 2) and that works (number 3) automaticly gets a five star rating in my opinion

Topic by starscreamstriker    |  last reply

knex shotgun

Please post the best shotgun (which shoots knex) a model 1884 if you could

Topic by ashb1984    |  last reply

What is the best knex ball machine?????

1. project FREEFALL (thunderbay) 2. temple of demise (tornado96) 3. project blaster (tornado96) 4. davinch (wanny) 5. ballatron (knex gun builder) 6. shake (mr, muggle) please vote only once. I will count up votes when there are 18 votes.

Question by coolknexcreations    |  last reply

What is the BEST knex airsoft gun?

I am wondering, are there any knex airsoft guns that shoot about 300 fps? I do not care how it works, just want one that would work as a backup in an airsoft war.

Question by Bartboy    |  last reply

Which Knex Ball Machine is the best?

Choose one of my twenty favourites that are listed here: A. Chaos (Trainman2000) B. -xXxXx- (Trainman2000) C. Twister (CanadianKnex) D. The Death Trap (39Shadowman) E. Wipe Out (39Shadowman) F. Fission (39Shadowman) G. Diffusion (39Shadowman) H. Glacier (TheKNexWeasel) I. Horizon (Thunderclap23) J. Agility (skidmark440) K. Snake Pit (skidmark440) L. IMMEUBLE (Trainman2000) M. Deux (Trainman2000) N. Nano (Trainman2000) O. Lithium (TheKNexWeasel) P. Enigma (TheKNexWeasel) Q. Dynamo (TheKNexWeasel) R. Subatomic Paraball (austron) S. Subatomic Paraball 2 (austron) T. Subatomic Paraball 3 (austron) I would like to get as many answers as possible! P.S.: My personal favourite is tied between Wipe Out and Twister.

Question by DELETED_KnexLord1    |  last reply

What is the best knex gun thanks? Answered

What is the best knex gun

Question by polaris 250    |  last reply

Whats the best Knex sniper for a war? Answered

Hey all I'd like to know what knex sniper is the best for a knex war

Question by legomman200    |  last reply

whats the best knex gun to make

I was just wondering what the best knex gun to make is and what knex gun shoots the furthest/ hardest.

Topic by Mrfuzion    |  last reply

what is the best knex plane with instructions?

I would like to make a knex plane so i need one with instructions please post.

Question by dansdoc    |  last reply

Best long range knex gun?

Hey i just want to know what knex gun shoots the farthest that isnt overkill on pieces. Any recommendations?  Thanks!

Topic by T-man    |  last reply

Whats the best knex sniper rifle?

I asked the same question but like 10 months ago and i haven't been on that much since then and i was wondering if the sr-v2 is still the farthest shooting. So if it isn't i what is the farthest shooting knex sniper?

Question by ThomasRex    |  last reply

Which knex ball machine is the best???? Answered

Just write your answer (as a number of the ball machine), and then any random comments you want to say. Also, in your answer please also write to worst knex ball machine. Anyway, here are the options: 1. xXxXx 2. CHAOS 3. Deux 4. Relentless 5. Immeuble 6. Micro 7. Box 8. Lithium 9. Nano 10. Dos 11. Uno 12. Project N 13. Project S 14. Circle So which is the best, and which is the worst???

Question by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Which Knex Ball Machine Is The Best? Answered

Choose Between: Project Nano- 1 Duex- 2 Project S- 3 Lithium- 4 IMMEUBLE- 5 Project N- 6 Chaos Ball Machine- 7 Project Dos- 8 Uno- 9 Project Micro- 10 Relentless- 11 Just write the number as your answer, in 1 week, i will see whos Ball Machine is the best !!!

Question by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Best weapon to use in a Knex war? Answered

What is the best weapon to use in a Knex war?

Question by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Knex Tower

Hey I'm making yet another maybe medium sized tower about 4-4.5 feet and I was wondering is it best to have to two tower or one and should they be about the same size?

Topic by rexdino5    |  last reply

Who is the best knexer?

I wanna know who you think it is, your opinion entirely.

Question by yerjoking    |  last reply

Knex M16

Hello, this is my Knex m16. It held a good amount of ammo, had a removable magazine, true trigger, sights and it looked amazing. It was truly one of my best builds.

Topic by Blue Mullet    |  last reply