Billed Twice

I got billed twice for my Instructable membership. Who do I ask about this?

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Are these bills special?

I got 2 bills back in change today at Dunkin Donuts. Here are the serial numbers:22077552and22077551They are 1 digit away.Also, there are 3 doubles in each (22, 77, 55). Are these worth anything or are they special in any way? **PLEASE REPLY*

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Bill Gates actually used Firefox!?

On wikipedia, specifically on the firefox article, response from microsoft section, the second sentence says that "Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has used Firefox"this sentence proves that firefox is better than IE7 any daylink

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How do high voltage devices (like a flyback from a CRT) affect my electricity bill?

Since I'm stepping up the voltage after the power is drawn from the mains to my house, do I pay more than for the input voltage/current?

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Advice on a wood project

I am looking for some innovative ideas along the lines of the normal Mail sorter / holder / bill organizer. But I need to have it more efficient than a 3 slot wooden bin hung on the wall or sat on the table. All ideas will be considered....this is a home use project so I can get my financial life back in some kind of symmetry, or more organized at least. What we have now:

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Bill Gates shared an Instructable!

Congratulations to Instructables author gallactronics for catching the attention of Bill Gates!  He posted the Solar Scare Mosquito Instructable to his facebook page!  Mosquitos are a nuisance, and they also carry deadly diseases that kill over a million people every year.  The device works by creating ripples on the surface of still water to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs, and killing larvae that has already hatched.   Go check it out and leave a comment, or build one yourself!

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billed the entire year at once.

  I signed up for the pro membership that was supposed to bill me 1.95 a month and instead was billed 23.40 for an entire year. What gives? 

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Pro membership billing confusing

I'm considering upgrading to a Pro membership. However, the chart for upgrades makes NO sense, that I can see: Monthly - billed annually is $1.95 - x 12 = $23.40 Quarterly - is what $3.99? is that the QUARTERLY payment? x 4 = $15.96 2 year - billed once - $39.99 - best deal - I don't see it? What is the quarterly payment? Monthly? (that doesn't make sense). MJM

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Pro Membership Billing Support

Hello, I recently attempted a purchase of a Pro membership. I never received an email confirmation, and the person I gifted it to did not receive an email confirmation either. Because of this, I attempted the transaction again and was billed a second time, still without an email confirmation. I have emailed and the other support emails and have not received a response in over a week. I would appreciate any assistance. Has anyone else dealt with this? This seems rather unprofessional and shady.

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Ok paid with pay pal

I paid and it showed up on my bill me later account. Did not get any email confirmation and no pro membership.  I know this may in fact be a glitch but please tell me it can be fixed. PLEASE

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I sense... a disturbance in the Force...

Oh yeah. Bill Gates didn't go to work today.He doesn't work for Microsoft anymore....Even if you're not a Microsoft fan, you have to admit, without Mr. Gates, where would the computer industry be? Where would we be?Flash back time:Ah, yes, I remember my very first personal computer... It was a Hewlett-Packard (not an "hp" ;-) with a MONSTER-sized monitor that took up a good 3/4 of my desk, a clunky keyboard and a "ball" mouse. It was running the latest OS: Windows 95. And get this: we were the first people on our street to get this new thing called the "World Wide Web" - whatever that meant. Our Service Provider? MSN, of course! Man, with my new computer (okay, in truth, it was a hand-me-down from Dad), I was the coolest 6-year-old in kindergarten. I had it made.Yeah, MS has made a a few mistakes...*cough*Vista*cough* (doesn't that go without being said?), but Gates and his company really did shift the industry into gear, and they aren't stopping any time soon.So, gentlemen, I ask you to join me as I tip my hat to Mr. Gates. Without him, I don't know who I would be.

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How to make a hand held billing device using arduino/any processor used in hotels?

Please give me details of above project. I'm exhausted in searching  on internet as there is no clue of that device working/schematics etc.Thanks in advance.....

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prizefight: bill gates vs. steve jobs

They made bill gates and steve jobs fight in this videothe cut scenes are funny and the rounds are double that of the regulars

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How to make a wallet out of dollar bills video!!!

I just added a video of how to make a dollar bill wallet!So if you were having probelems making it then just watch the video!Please check it out and here is the link:dollar bill wallet video

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How can I make flowers out of dollar bills?

Green Flowers, folded and constructed from dollar bills. Prefer rose shape, but open to other types of flowers as well. No cutting, just folding. Thanks

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Does anybody know where to download Bill Cosby tracks for free? Answered

I had four Bill Cosby CD's but lost two. I just want to to listen to the tracks again. Can someone help me?

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Reducing home electricity bills by about 50% ? Answered

Can I reduce my home electricity bill by about 50% by using the following method :- Use an inverter to power an electric motor, the shaft of the electric motor rotates the armature of a AC generator with high number coils and powerful neodymium magnets. The generator recharges the inverter.   

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Help reducing energy bills in rented house?

Hello! I have lived in the same house for the past two years, and in the winter our energy bills get ridiculous. It is an old house, the main part being built in 1902. We plan on doing the bubble-wrap window insulation on every window in the house and adding some weather stripping, wearing layers ourselves, and I plan on getting an electric blanket in my room to turn on just before I go to bed, and turn off once the bed is heated up. (My room is the only room on the 2nd floor and gets very cold. The previous tenant of this room used a space heater, but I think they are pretty inefficient.) Are there any other cheap ways to lower heating costs? They guy that owns our house is really stingy, and I highly doubt any requests for better insulation or a newer thermostat will be answered. Thanks in advance!

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how to make paper roses using dollar bills Answered

Want to make roses/flowers using dollar bills as gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. thanks.

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House passes bill that will let the RIAA take away your home

From BoingBoingI was just alerted that the House of Reps has passed HR 4279, with the lovely name, PRO-IP (Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act of 2008). Like the doublespeak PATRIOT Act and Peacekeeper missiles, PRO-IP puts local law enforcement in a position to demand the forfeiture in criminal proceedings of stuff used to violate copyright. Which means that instead of the RIAA simply trying to collect fines, they can also incite local authorities to collect all the computers and related gear that was used to pirate.This isn't a judgment on my part as to whether piracy is good or bad (I think copyright deserves to be protected through reasonable methods), but I am always horrified when civil enforcement morphs into criminal enforcement. Conservatives and liberals should be up in arms alike that local prosecutors and/or police could intervene as they desire in essentially a private affair arranged by the RIAA, and permanently seize thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in private property in addition to any civil penalties.If this bill is passed in its present form by the Senate and signed, that means there's no more pro forma RIAA lawsuit payoffs, because if you wind up settling with the RIAA, you could still lose all your stuff in addition to any fee you paid them.This is particularly irksome in light of the MSN Music shutdown, about which the EFF has written a strong and powerful letter. It is increasingly likely a normal person could have purchased music legally from an online site, burned it to an ordinary audio CD, and in the right set of circumstances be branded a pirate because the original "granting" authority no longer exists to prove that the consumer was a legitimate purchasers.The more the law is constructed to sweep in folks who are absolutely observant of it, the more we need broader protections.PDF Link

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Paint and decorate a bill miller plastic drinking mug?

I want to paint my bill miller bbq mug and decorate it and still be able to use it daily for drinking my tea. Is there a safe non-toxic method?

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does anyone know how a bill validator(aka the thing that takes your dollar in a vending machine) work? Answered

I've been wanting to make a vending machine, and i have built a quarter mechanism , yet i want to have a mechnasim to take dollar bills. the easiest way to do this is to take a existing bill validator  and hook it up to a micro controller. yet to do this i need to know how it works. is the the system self contained (if i plugged it in to a power source would it work) or would i have to hook it up to a main controll system.

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How To make an magnetic Ink Scanner? Answered

I'll be wanting to make this for my vending machine project but I can only get to work with coins not bills, my problem is that it does not identify if it's a 1$ bill of a 5$. my Research concludes that magnetic ink scanner is the most used ways to read a bill and identify its value.

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Knex gun bullets

These are my knex gun bullets,one looks like bullet bill, the other is a mini splodie.

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Electric Average: How do you compensate an electric bill from a previous bill when factoring in a difference in av temps

I understand the averages using billed days, total kWh, and the average kWh per day.  But, how would I account for different average temps?  I put in LEDs this fall and want to see if there has been a difference in usage.  our av. Temp this Feb was 29 degrees; last year it was 34.

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where do i get full mp3 ringtones for my razr v3r and never get billed? Answered

Remember; the only ways this is 100% ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY FREE ARE : #1 -- it never shows up on any bill that is made after the download. #2 -- the phone company (in my case, AT&T) never knows about it. #3 -- it says nowhere on the site a message such as "Standard carrier rates apply". i also need to access it from my RAZR's browser.

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How do I unsubscribe when my year is up? Not that I will. Just want to know.

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Power bill sky high, hot water leaking. Is my overflow valve wrecked? Answered

I went to look at a friends house to see what was causing the electricity bill to be double the cost compared to last years.  What I found was that the hot water cylinder was (1) turned up too hot, and, (2)is constantly trickling out of the overflow pipe. This cylinder isn't vented through the roof, it has a pressure doohickey on the top that vents water direct to the drain outside.  Is there a way to check that the pressure valve is working ok, or just get a plumber to replace it?

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how do i make a sword?

A traditional japanese sword like the one on kill bill

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Service that automates ordering all the parts for your Instructable?

Hey everyone, Sorry to spam the forum; just had a quick question. I am thinking of building a web-based tool that would allow you to drop the bill of materials from an Instructable in, and then other people could order everything at once when they wanted to build your kit. Do you think you would use something like this? What if it didn't have that feature, but it was just a web-based bill of materials builder where you can keep a nice-looking list, with sources, of all the parts? Thanks! Justin

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Would plugging one of two prongs of a electrical plug on different outlets have any affect on your power bill?

Here is an example : one prong of a electrical plug is plugged into an outlet in an apartment, while the other prong is plugged into an different apartment's outlet , in doing so, would there be any significant reading off both apartment's power bill/meter?

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Oregon Lawmaker Proposes Registration Fee for Bicyclists

A conversation with Rep. Krieger about his bike registration billRepresentative Wayne Krieger (R-Gold Beach) wants everyone who owns a bicycle in the state of Oregon to pay a mandatory, $54 registration fee (and then renew it for another $54 every two years).He is the chief architect of House Bill 3008, a proposal that was met with a lot of negative responses on this site when I reported on it today.I spoke to Krieger via telephone from his Salem office on Friday morning to learn more about his reasons for proposing this bill.Krieger's main motivation seems to be one of equity. When I asked for his main impetus behind the proposal, he brought up the Vulnerable Roadway Users law that passed last session. That bill created a new class of road user, and stiffened penalties for anyone involved in a crash that seriously injured a vulnerable roadway user (includes people on foot, on bikes, on animals, skateboards, etc...).via Freakonomics.

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My power bill is through the roof. how would i solar my house??? THX SO MUCH !!!!!

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Apology to "Salute to a hero" topic.

Some people noticed i wrote a comment on Kiteman's "Salute to a hero" topic. I am sorry about writing the comments I wrote. I know Bill Parker was a hero, but on the internet it's hard to recognize things. What i thought was people didn't post anything because they were like "why?" on the topic. Again, i am very sorry, and i pay respects to Bill. -NYPA.

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Legalizing hobby distilling

Would you take a minute to contact your US Representatives about HR-2903 and US senators about S-1562?  It's a pair of bills that would enable small-time and hobby folk to distill small amounts of alcohol legally. Here's a link to the legislation itself (below).  There's a nice executive summary with a few bullet points.  Here's a link to contact information for your representatives:  Oh, you need your full ZIP code to contact most of these politicians.  Look yours up here: !input.action YOU CAN DO IT!

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Left over cranberry relish bread?

We are looking for a recipe for a bread  made from leftover cranberry orange relish.  Thank You Bill

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Payment receipt

It would be useful to have a link to a "receipt" of the payment for the pro account. Would it be possible to incorporate that? (or at least generate one for me ;-) ) Thanks! El Gus

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If I host my own website at home, will my Internet bill skyrocket? Answered

Well, I was thinking about hosting my own PHPbb forums at home, just as an experiment, but the forums may grow a little, but stay relatively small.  But if i do that, will my Internet Price skyrocket, or are they mostly Unlimited bandwidth? I also don't have the budget to rent webhost.  

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green air cooler Answered

Is there a way of cooling the air without directly using electricity? using ice cubes or something. my power bill is already very scary

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Whats Best For Scale Model Ship Building PVA or Elmers Wood Glue ?

The Ships are Either Plastic or Wood

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Broken Banner - Take Action : Help Save $16 Billion A Year In Utility Bills!

Clicking on this banner takes me to an empty page: Firefox, Mac OSX 10.4.9

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How do I make a crumpled dollar bill be smooth like new again? Answered

This may sound like a silly question, but if your main currency is not US dollar like me... then this is a serious matter.. Ok here's the case.. a couple weeks ago a friend came to visit me in Jakarta and he left his pouch that contains all his cards and money at the plane cabin. So all he got in his pocket was 2 x $20 and 1 x $10 ($50). Because they were crumpled dollar bills so the money changer wont accept his money, even if someone willing to take his dollars they give such loooooow rate. So, being a good friend, I took his dollar and give him my IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). So he can at least pay for his hostel and dinner, since he wont let me pay for his expenses (he could just borrow my money and pay me back later, but he's too proud to do that :p). So... now I'm left with crumpled dollar bills on my hand.. USD $1 = IDR 8500ish , so $50 is around IDR 425,000. But because they are crumpled.. so the highest rate I could get for $1 is IDR 7000, that means I'll get max IDR 350,000... IDR 75,000 lower than I should have get (thats around $9 difference). But if I can only get IDR 6500 or IDR 6000 for one dollar... then meh you do the math how much I'll get and the difference. Unless.. I can find a way to make those crumpled dollars smooth and sleek as new again. Well not exactly as new, but close enough.. Any kind of suggestion or tips are greatly appreciated :)

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