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Armadillo bread bin. Answered

I want to make one of these but I don't know how. I searched Diy armadillo bread bin on Google but  nothing good came up. Any info on how to make this would be great! DP

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Maggots in my compost bin?

I recently found maggots in my compost bin. There are thousands. What should i do?

Question by mrdepo96    |  last reply

Help - Worms of composting bin escape

Hello, I had some trouble with escape of worms in my composting bin. What should I do?

Topic by bkmaruyama    |  last reply

how to make a dustbin stand with a foodpedal to lift the lid?

The purpose of  this question is that sometimes your hands is full of rubbish then you need something to open the lid for you.  Think of a stand to put the dustbin in and a mechanism that can open the lid for you.

Question by aletta    |  last reply

How can I convert .bin to .img for router (OpenWRT) reflash?

I am trying to get my head around installing OpenWRT on my Netgear dg834gt. I have found the hardware page, identified the correct image and downloaded it. As per instructions I attempted to pass the .bin file to the web interface, however the web interface only accepts .img files. Is there any method of converting between these presumably different formats? I could get a jtag/serial connection to the target but I'm waiting on a cable, so the Web interface would be preferable. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance, Drew p.s. I'm a Linux user. Also, I have no idea if this is a daft question or not.

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We are students of Edinburgh College of Art. We are now running a project related to fly-tipping within Edinburgh. We came up with an idea and we want your opinions. Many thx!! Step 1: Current Problems There are many many bins on the street now in most of the community of Edinburgh which is dirty and out of order. Though the quantity of bins reached a high level, the quality of them are not good enough. Problems such as unclear sign, dirty and full bins are kind of caused more fly-tipping even just beside the bins. Step 2: Waste House Idea We came up with an idea of waste house in each community of Edinburgh. It is a plan in the long run. We want to build a waste house in the community, and reduce the bins on the street gradually. The ideal result will be there is no bins on the street but all in the waste house. The advantages of the house are: it's much easier to keep the house clean than keep all the bins clean on the road; the classification signs will be designed clearer; it's easier for the city council to collect, so that they can collect on time in case they are all full.

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How to make a no smell, no flies, worm compost bin?

I want to make an indoor compost bin because it's too cold for the worms in the winter. My dad says it'll smell way too much and actually i'm worried about the flies. I already made (and used) a worm compost bin last year and it was smelly so it was sent into the garage and all of them died in the winter. So is there a way to make a no smell, no flies worm compost bin? BTW the compost bin will be put in my basement that has no ventilation.

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how do I get to the rubbish bin on a raspberry pi with wheezy OS?

I download a bunch of stuff for xbmc and now I have no memory to spare how can I get xbmc after I get to the rubbish bin?

Question by nerd7473  

What kind of wood to use to build a potato bin? Answered

I want to build a potato/onion bin for storage but i am not sure what kind of wood i am supposed to use if it even matters. I have seen lots of plans and pictures for bins so I don't need that, but it never says if i have to use a specific type of wood. I'd like to use plywood since i have a lot of it but most builds show pine boards being used.

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Plastic Tote Bin LIDS reuse ideas needed

I have 25 plastic tote bin lids that are headed to the land fill. Does anyone have any ideas for reuse instead of throwing them out?

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Building a bin for my records, need help with measurements

Hey everyone, I was planning on building myself (and most likely posting something on here about it) a bin to hold my records and replace the little closet-maid shelf I have from Target. similar to this store's shelving is what Im going for rather than a bookshelf type one.Im not very good at picking materials or factoring the size of lumber into things, this is only my second wood working project and a little more complicated than the craft table I built.So anyways, what I want to do is have it be 20" high and 16" deep. Width is trickier because I need to calculate the wood + 3 rows that will hold be 12.5" wide to hold the records.What materials would you guys recommend for something like that? I see they used plywood on one of the ones in the pictures, but the other looks like MDF or something and is routed out so the separators just slide in.Is there a free program that would help out in this kind of thing (predefined wood widths and all that and something a little easier to use than SketchUp maybe?)Anyway, Ive tried to draw it out about 3 times and keep messing it up, so I figured I'd ask here.

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Hoover modification: Making the dust go directly into a big bin

In my collective woodworkshop, we have a lot of problems with sawdustOne person attached a vacuum cleaner to our tablesaw to suck up most of the dust, but the problem with that is that the hooverbags fill up too quickly.So I am trying to make it so that the sawdust will go directly into our sawdust bin after being sucked into the hoover.I want to cut off part of the bottom of the hoover and attach a coneshape making the dust fall into a bin. I also want to attach a cut up vaccum bag to the cone, to make less dust fly dirctly out of the exaust port.I have been reading up on hoovers, and I am worried that the suction will disappear if there is a great big hole, not allowing the "vacuum" in "vacuum cleaner" to happen.Update:Yup, you definitely need to not have a hole in the bottom of your hoover to create a vacuum. Now I want to try something with creating a direct way to the exaust port, so that the dust just flies out of there...HELPI haven't been able to find any modification like this, but please post some if you have.I am going to jump into this, but I would love some input and ideas.It's a Miele S311i, I can't find detailed manuals on the product... I'll be updating on my progressHope someone can help!

Question by Buildmeaboat    |  last reply

Does anyone have a creative/cheap idea for toy storage? Answered

We have a mudroom with a single wall available to build something on. It's about 8 feet wide, and there is a 4-foot square window in the center of the wall (both horizontally & vertically), so we have about 2 feet on either side that could be something tall and thin like bookshelves, and then about 4 feet in the middle that would need to be shorter. I just don't want to spend $500 on bookshelves that my kids will destroy. I'd like to find an inventive way to use the space that's more fun than cheapo cabinets from IKEA (backup plan). Thanks!

Question by darcylucilly    |  last reply

I have a few questions about a compost bin made out of pallets.

 (1) I live in new york and its pretty humid and it rains occasionally. would it help to put a tarp over it to keep out the rain? Because ive heard that it (the rain) can drain nutrients into the soil. (2) would the compost decompose the pallets?. (3) would it help to staple tarp or plastic to the out side?  (the compost bin is the pallet compost bin by kootsman)

Question by Greenguyh2o    |  last reply

how do I get to the rubbish bin on a raspberry pi with wheezy OS?

Getting to the rubbish bin is a must for me because I want to dump it

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

VBA Code for finding the 10th percentile value for a certain bin Range?

Hello everyone I hope that you all are fine. I have an excel sheet, and I am trying to bring some sort of automation in to that sheet (since I use it quite often) with the help of macros. The fact is that I am really new to macros and VBA programming language, so I need a little help in writing the code to find the 10th percentile for each bin value (50, 100, 150). If you see the picture attached, the wanted percentile values are in Q, the bins for which I want to find the 10th percentile value, are given in Column M and the main data on which the 10 percentile value will be based is given in Column D. By Using the data given in D and filtering out a certain bin width in column E (Example: Filtering bin width 50 or 100), we could find the Percentile value against each of the bin value given in Column N. As said earlier I am new to VBA code, so any help will be appreciated in order to find the percentile values for each bin. I can give the excel sheet as well if someone want to try hand on it, and let's me know the email address. Additional Note: (The spread sheet is sorted out with respect to column E, is Ascending order (50, 100, 150) and the number of count for each bin width is given in column O, so you can just find the range of each bin by adding the count for each bin i.e range for first bin (50) is from 1 to 1+8542, similarly the range for the second bin (100) is given by 1+8542 to 1+8542+6862. I will be very grateful if someone spares some time for me. Kind Regards raishikoh

Question by raishikoh    |  last reply

Is it better to put compost bin under direct sun or under shade?

I have several compost bags (ex flour). I put them on shade. But I just read from the web that compost works better under direct sun. My question is it better to put my compost bags under direct sun or just keep tem away from direct sun? Could you please give the reasons also. Thanks

Question by kelana    |  last reply

Malware from in Instructables comment?

PMbeartoe 's comment(Jul 28, 2011. 8:30) on Solar Hot Air Balloon Message-in-a-Bottle instructable referred to I used it for a search.  Shortly afterwards my wife use google. The google results page would not scroll. and also a google security update was suggested. I accepted the update and Microsoft Security Essentials immediately warned of malware and cleaned the just installed files from the downloads folder. A scan was advised and actioned.  Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.EW (Aliases: Suspect-AC!E30DD121029B (McAfee)    WORM_PUSHBOT.SMA (Trend Micro)    Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.ajmj (Kaspersky) ) had been detected in  ...\Downloads\Google_Security_Update9.2b.exe Can any one advise if the malware came with scroogle?

Question by davatr    |  last reply

VBA Code Needed for a certain formula in Excel?

I have an excel sheet, and I am trying to bring some sort of automation in to that sheet (since I use it quite often) with the help of macros. The fact is that I am really new to macros and VBA programming language, so I need a little help in writing the code to find the 10th percentile (the formula for it is PERCENTILE(array, 0.1) for each bin value (50, 100, 150). If you see the picture attached, the wanted percentile values are in Q, the bins for which I want to find the 10th percentile value, are given in Column M (50,100,150) and the main data on which the 10 percentile value will be based is given in Column D. By Using the data given in D and filtering out a certain bin width in column E (Example: Filtering bin width 50 or 100), we could find the Percentile value against each of the bin value given in Column N. As said earlier I am new to VBA code, so any help will be appreciated in order to find the percentile values for each bin. the link to the original spread sheet is given below:

Question by raishikoh    |  last reply

Can't delete folder on Desktop? Answered

I have a folder on my desktop from network magic and I can't delete it. I don't even have the chance! I right click it and my only options are "open" and "create a shortcut". I have even tried just clicking a dragging it into the recycling bin nothing happens. It isn't really a problem but I like to make my desktop look nice and clean and there is really no need for the folder. Any ideas are appreciated.

Question by noobererer    |  last reply

how do I free the memory on the raspberry pi?

Rm -rf /boot/*.elf /boot/*.bin /boot/*.img apt-get install git apt-get install ca-certificates wget -O /usr/bin/rpi-update && sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/rpi-update /usr/bin/rpi-update this is the code I found so do I enter it into the LX terminal or do I enter it into the memory split option?

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

what are the specs to making a fog ball cannon from a rubbish bin, fog machine rubber band and garbage bag? Answered

hey, a while ago in high school out teacher was showing uss tuff to do with the transferance of energy and stuff like that, what he brought into class one day was a rubbish bin, with a hole cut out bottom, and on the lid, there was a rubbish bag(the big black ones) , on top with a rubber band taped to it. basicaly the way it worked was, the band is taped to the bag,m when you pull the band back, you pull back the bag also, which pucks in air into the hole in the bottom of the bin,but at this time the hole is actually the top of the cannon, as thats where the air enters and comes out. now when the air is being sucked into the bin, our teacher also had a hose from a fog machine attached to it, which made the bin suck up air, now when he let the band go when the bin was full of air, a ball of air shot out, and the fog remained inside that air ball so we could see where the ball went, which was around 20 meters, anyway, the fog ball could nock over polystyrene cups from 20 meters. i want to know exactly how to build one of these as i cant really remember how they look like as i have forgotton, i was reminded of these once when i saw one being used on rollercaoster, in the minishow, elliot and the surfing scientist.

Question by oldmanbeefjerky    |  last reply

Can I feed my red worms soybeans? Answered

My mom likes to make soybean milk (I hate it too). When she makes it there's that leftover guck that's in the machine (the machine catches it with a strainer). I believe the guck is soybean skin, I am wondering if my red worms in my worm composter can eat them. Please respond ASAP!

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I need some help on programing the vixen bin trying but not geting there thanks

Topic by 62bailey    |  last reply

Skip Treasures

So, what's the best thing you've ever found in a skip/rubbish bin?

Topic by Jayefuu    |  last reply

Is aluminum mesh okay to use for composting?

Today I'm making a combination of 2 compost bins posted on this site-a rotating bin (bought a plastic garbage can) with wooden x frames at the ends-poll through it to spin it-I cut 6 rectangles lengthwise and want to cover them with aluminum mesh. Is aluminum okay to use for composting?

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For some reason whenever i go into an instructable the pictures arnt working can anyone help/explain that?

Topic by ich bin ein pyro    |  last reply

what kit(s) do I have here

Hi found a bin (knex bin) of knex at a reuse store but not really sure what kits are in it. can anyone give me some info. Especially the red motor thing. I can't get it to work but think there's something missing. Now let's see if I can load the photos

Topic by theotherdozer    |  last reply

How can I make a sensor that will turn off my dust collector when the bin is full?

I am installing a cyclone dust collector in my workshop, and I want to make a sensor that will determine when my dust bin is full so that the chips and dust won't overflow into the filters.  I'm thinking garage door sensors could be blocked by sawdust rising into the transparent flex hose between the cyclone and bin, but I'm not sure how they work.  I would use them to turn on a warning light and turn off the dust collector.  Any ideas?  I'm good with tinkering and basic electricity, but am stuck trying to figure this out.

Question by woodwringer    |  last reply

need help with camera

I have a kodak easyshare c643 and for some reason it stopped importing!

Topic by ich bin ein pyro    |  last reply

Toilet Paper Cores -- Rolling Out Of The Recycling Bin & Into A Very Creative Rainy Day Craft Project!

Finally, dead trees everywhere will revel in a life well-lived (above and beyond being flushed down the drain). This is a very original way to use the inside of toilet paper rolls and will probably appeal to parents, greenies, artsy people and crafters alike. Fun stuff!

Topic by sfinfgeld  


Does anybody think that it would be possible without slowing down the site that much to add music like myspace? (when you go onto someones file it plays)

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Inspiration: Lego lepdesk with storage

I was digging in my closet and found one of these. Basically it is a lightweight sort of flimsy plastic lap desk with two bins on either side and a track setup on top that fits Lego Plates. The plates slide into the middle to build, and slide shut over the bins for transportation. It can be carried like a suitcase. The user's legs sit in between the two bins and that hold the desk steady for building. This is definitely sized for a little kid, not a 6 foot four guy like myself. Lego made these back in the late 90's, no idea if they still do. You can find them online for exorbitant sums of money, $30-$60 US. A great design, and I am inspired to make some kind of work table. Seeing that these things are apparently collectible, I am going to sell this, then build a larger more durable adult version for all kinds of work with the money from selling this one. Sharing this here because I find this to be a nice and simple design that everyone can learn from. Any ideas? Lets hear them! I am envisioning some kind of clone of this made of medium-weight plywood or other material, with the leg space in between the bins used to hold another storage box that can be easily popped out. I really don't have the tools to do this project very cleanly, but hopefully soon I will make an initial model. For those lucky people out there with CNC machines, this is your chance to cut out something awesome. Take the idea and run with it.

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Dig a hole in the ground. Compost in hole. Bugs in hole. Lid on top of hole. Hassle free Compost bin?

I was walking down the street, Gandering at my fellow human beings flower gardens and I noticed one of them had a garbage lid on the ground. I went to pick it up and noticed that underneath there was a hole in the ground with compost and bugs doing there work. I thought hmm.. BRILLIANT! I might be rambling, but I was just wondering... Why havent I heard of this before. Is it a good idea?will it work?

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which is better

Which is better A safari (doesnt load pics but is fast) B firefox (loads pics but is a little slower) C opera please lock in your votes now

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Arduino morse code help?

There are two ideas that I would like to be put together on the arduino (since I'm a noob I don't have the programming skills); a morse code AM RADIO transmitter that you can use a keyer instead of the serial monitor to send your message.  Here is the website code for the transmitter part Here is the website code for the keying part How can this be done? Thanks for helping out.

Question by shortdiesel    |  last reply


Is there any way at all to convert a mp4 song into an mp3 on a mac? my mp3 player cant play mp4's and i want this certain amount of songs converted to mp3 is there anyway to do that?

Topic by ich bin ein pyro    |  last reply

Fullauto Lego Gun


Topic by Metal4God    |  last reply

what is a food item that composts very quickly? Answered

I hope to learn what I can put in my compost bin, that would be ready for planting in spring...

Question by tincanz    |  last reply

Does it make sense to compost indoors in an apartment? Answered

Or do you really need a big pile or bin outside in a yard? I imagine it would smell too strongly to keep inside.

Question by rachel    |  last reply

How do I build a wooden container in the shape of triangle? Answered

I need to build triangular pull out/roll out waste bins to fit into nooks in my kitchen. Two sides are 18" wide and the other (front) side is 16" wide. The bin should be 24" tall (I have 34" of clearance between floor and counter.) A square box I could handle. The triangle has me a bit unsure of how to screw everything together. Has anyone ever built a triangular wooden box?

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How do I install a map on Minecraft XBox? Answered

There is a map for Minecraft XBox and I have downloaded the .bin file for it on my laptop computer but how do I transfer it onto the XBox? Thanks!

Question by kingofepicness    |  last reply