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binding post

I need some binding post/banana posts (preferably something that an aligator clip can easily attach to). Does anyone know a cheap place? The cheapest were about 30 cents apiece, but shipping was like 5 dollars, if this is the cheapest then I'll buy it, just that I don't want to.

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Suspension Binding? Answered

I know this photo is different looking, but ignore that and look at the shaft.  It, like all other driven independent suspensions has no spline or sliding shaft to allow for movement in and out.  HOW DOES THIS NOT CRUSH THE SHAFT OR JOINTS.

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Rivet binding brochure

How can i make brochure like the one on the attached picture.what kind of material and tool do i need to complete the project.thank you.

Question by baraah-kh  

home made bindings for skiis

Home made bindings for skiis

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Binding granular activated charcoal

I am looking to bind granular activated charcoal in a particular form to avoid flushing because of water flow . what binding material can i use or how to make water resistant briquette which stays compact for long time.

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Looking for an Instructable for book binding

I am looking for an instructable on how to make your own journal from the covers of an old book. I saw it a long time ago and I havent been able to find it again. the guy took an old book with pretty covers and used binder rings to make a homemade journal. If anyone knows what Im talking about please tell me where to find this instructable. thanks

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Leather Spine on Plastic Coated Binding? Answered

Hi All. My name is Craig and I've been binding books for a while and come up with a problem today. I hade some pages ring-bound (You know, where they punch the paper with those square holes and hold them together with the plastic ring strip.) Anyways, there were too many pages, making the binding weak and so I decided to bind them. I've done this before by simply sowing together through all the bindng holes and then creating and attaching a cover like with a standard book. However, this time I was (1) lazy and didn't feel like going through all the effort to make a proper binding cover, (2) there was already a perfectly good front and back cover page which I wanted to keep anyway, and (3) I liked the look of the current binding (it has a clear plastic sheet ove the back page and front page) and want to keep the same look. Okay, now my problem is that when sowing together the pages I kept the plastic sheets over the front and back pages to maintain that gloss look. (It's those plastic A4 sheets that they normally place on the front page when plastic-ring binding - though I had one placed over the back too.) The pages are bound perfectly fine and sturdy but the sowing looks unsightly. I cut a piece of leather to place over the spine and overlapping onto the front and back page edges by about 1cm. The leather is very thin and has thin fabric-like mesh on the back lining it. I have no idea what to do to hold them together. At the moment I scrapped the plastic a bit with a needle to create a slightly rough surface to try help with the glue and am holding the bond down with a heavy weight. Though I highly doubt this will hold even if I let it dry. If this doesn't work I thought of maybe trying to use a hot glue gun and putting glue on the leather and then trying the same weight method again. I'm a little weary of using hot glue though as I don't want to ruin the pages as they were expensive to print and took so much time to print and bind. Does anyone have any ideas what I could try? P.S. Apologies that there are no pictures to show what I'm working with.

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My Experiment with a leather handle binding

So the other day i was bored, i got to thinking about dagorhir, it looked so fun, i just needed an awesome suit of armor and a sword. so i tried this, i took 2 strips of leather and tacked them into place, then i wrapped the leather around this dowel. after i got to the end of the stick i made a pommel out of more leather. then i took out the butane torch, i singed the leather so that it curled up at the edges causing a nice grippy feel. so, is this thing full of fail or full of win?

Topic by Crakur  

what are the best bindings for my skis?

I am getting a pair of 2009 k2 bad seed skis and atomic rolla 90 boots. what are the best bindings to get?

Question by Spidey123456  

Binding Flysky Transmitter to Arduino Receiver

Hello! I want to ask you. Can i bind Flysky FSi6 6channel to an arduino based reciver ? If yes, is there any tutorial i can use ? Thanks!

Question by GMour3  

Why are these brass connectors binding up? Answered

Having trouble with brass pipe connectors. I have a M+F pair of connectors I want to use to make a ~air tight connection through a thick piece of rubber.  Want to screw the parts together far enough that the hex-nut section of each part will act as a flange, and crimp the rubber in between. However, I can not get the parts to thread together far enough.  At about 1/2 the length of either, the connectors start binding up.  I can only get the two about 1/4" away from being fully seated. Why? Are pipe connectors manufactured with a slight taper to create this? Or something else? Any suggestions?

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will the "how to bind your own hardback book" work an an 800 A4 page document that i'd like to bind?

Hi there, i'm really interested in the article "how to bind your own hardback book" but i have a question about it...what i'd liek to bind is an 800 A4 page document that is quite dear to me, so that it looks lovely and lasts ages! i can't quite tell if it's possible to use the instructions in the article i mentioned with so many pages?

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Help me find stuff on book binding?

Ok, i took a look around the instructables a few times and found a few good things on book binding but not what im really after.. i think i have the basic idea down for how to bind pages or " folios " together to make a basic coptic book. But what i cant find is how to attach a leather cover to the spine of the book. It seems that when someone learns this skill there sworn to secrecy or they make a tutorial you have to pay $50 to see.. im looking for a good free resource with clean and easy to understand instructions, not horrible drawn in MS paint diagrams and patchy descriptions of what it should look like.. If you know of anything or if you know how to do this please post an instructable or link me? ill make a few instructabls when i learn the steps. - Thanks! ps. here is an image of something simpler to what i want to make.

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How to bind a notebook so that I can add/remove pages?

Has anyone any idea how can I bind a notebook's pages so that in the future I may remove/add them? I would prefer to do this without using binders because they are quite big and don't fit in my pocket... Thanks a lot, C.

Question by Zyborg23    |  last reply

Journal binding advice : securing add-ins

Seeking advice on good ways to secure additional materials into my journals- The journals I use are larger than standard page, so I can include cut outs and prints into the journal.  But I don't have a good method for long-term "binding" of these extras. I've tried: stapling - messes up reverse page, tends to rip base page double sided tape - fails after ~1yr, tough for multiple pages at one time tape - " paste - fails, can't handle repeated flexing Note that none of these have been specialized products, just off the shelf materials. SO, any bookbinders, librarians, etc. out there that can share some professional suggestions?  Gracias in advance.

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Is there a difference between book cloth and just regular nice cotton fabric? Answered

Is there a difference between book cloth and just regular nice cotton fabric? Can I use other fabric in place of book cloth and still have it look professional?

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Beaded necklace with bound neck section

Hi all, I've got this necklace that I'd love to recreate. The neck section appears to be bound with cotton, and the rest is strung with beads. Is there a tutorial somewhere for something like this? Cheers!

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Where can I find PVA glue for book binding??

I can't seem to find PVA glue or pre-waxed thread for book binding anywhere. Can someone tell me where I can find it on the internet or anywhere???

Question by ivoryraven09    |  last reply

How to Manufacture and Use Your Own Book Binding Jig

Hi guys! The following topic is not generating the respective PDF. Tested on Windows 8.1 Chrome 33.0.1750.154 m clean installation on Mach 30, 2014.

Topic by padovan  

I want to bind together two pieces of hard candy

I need to get 2 semi-circle shape hard candy pieces and bind them together. Is a molten sugar glue gun work for this? Is it fairly sage to use? Safe to consume? I need to do this for mass scale... Not at the beginning though....

Topic by ReneL22    |  last reply

Is there something I can put on my vintage fabric books to make them look brighter and healthier?

Is there something I can put on my vintage fabric books to make them look brighter and healthier? I have some vintage books that I want to clean. I tried a damp wash cloth and it took off some of the color. I just want them to look brighter and cleaner. Please only answer this if you have hands on experience with books. 

Question by threadbare    |  last reply

Does anyone know how to replace the cloth and lettering on a slightly wizened-looking hardback book? Answered

I've got quite attached to a 60's history book, and was wondering if there was some way to replace its cloth covering and gilt letters so it look a bit better after it's long use. As far as I can tell, the binding is solid, its just the cloth is a bit stained and fraying, that's all. Thanks a lot guys :)

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Is it possible to bind volume controls to a keyboard that doesn't have default volume control buttons? Answered

And if so, how? I just bought a keyboard that doesn't have any preset volume control keys, could i somehow bind the volume control function to two keys i don't ever use?

Question by Sanclous    |  last reply

I would like to paint my titan flux 09 snowboard binding high backs. Any idea what paint i should use?

The paint is starting to come off so Im taking the oportunity to repaint them to match the board. Im mainly concerned with the potential for adverse reactions of the paint with the binding materials cause them to fail.

Question by northall    |  last reply

I need a good way to very closely bind two strips of metal at a point.? Answered

I saw and tested It works amazingly well, as long as you don't mind a few scratches on the blade.  I like it but a nail clipper is way too small for a couple of my knives,  (chef's knife, buck knife,  etc.)  I'd like to imitate the effect using a piece of steel I have.  What would be the best way to attach the pieces together?  I considered a pop rivet but I don't know it would stand up to much use or be tight enough. Recommendations?

Question by finfan7    |  last reply

making a cookbook for a fund raiser

How to bind the cookbook and where and how much will it cost?

Question by iamwith3    |  last reply

can you replace wakeboard shoes with rubber mating to create a wake skate?

Rather than buying a new set of shoes for a wakeboard would you be able to use the existing holes in the board that bind the shoes to the deck to fasten two seperate mattings to imatate a wakeskate? cheers, bill

Question by billbobaggens    |  last reply

Make a book with A4 old lined papers from notebooks

I want to make all these loose A4 lined papers that I have collected from notebooks into a book. I have looked at some instructables for binding books but am not sure what is the best way bind in this case. The pages have been either ripped from the side of the notebook or whole signatures have been pulled out. I am leaning towards just stapling them all together with a thick coloured paper cover. Your input on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Soldering substitute? Answered

Is there anything that i can use instead of solder to bind electronics with? Im asking about solder itself, not the iron.

Question by PieMaster777    |  last reply

How to add a sub woofer to my stereo?

I want to add a sub woofer to my stereo system. The sub woofer is one made from spare parts. It consists of a twelve inch speaker wired directly to binding posts. My problem is that my amplifier only has four binding posts, these are a positive and negative for the left speakers and a positive and negative for the right speakers. I am not sure where to patch in my sub woofer. Thanks for any help

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Batch file that opens a program in that folder (but not that easy)?

Hello I made a troll virus to my friend. It opens a troll face picture and opens trololol song. I found a program that binds 2 files. It also has a option that starts second program when first closes. my plan is to bind that program and a batch file that calls that program. But my friend can change it's name and everythink crashes. I tried this @echo off start *.exe exit but it said there is no file named *.exe Help me please

Question by DORUKY    |  last reply

how do i make pool cue tips with ground up leather?

Most cue tip are made of ground leather but what binding agent should and could be used ?

Question by smarts    |  last reply

wiring?? from WINDMILL to TOWER,How do you keep the wires from twisting inside the tower? Answered

When the wind changes direction, doesn"t the wires eventually twist and bind? Do I need to prevent it from turning 360*

Question by robertlelliston    |  last reply

book holder?

Every morning I like to read my novel (while eating) and I don't like to squish the book flat down to read it.  It streches the pages and sometimes seperates the binding.  Can someone show me a stand up holder that can be used for any sizes of books or magazines that doesn't destroy both?

Question by musicmansuki    |  last reply

How do I make a feather collar?

How do I make a feather collar like the one in the attached picture? Feathers, some kind of closure... but what is the best way to bind the feathers to the ribbon/fabric? Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Question by fluorescence    |  last reply

Fake Human Skin

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to affordably make realistic looking human skin from leather? I'm looking to bind a book with it and, if the method works out, adapt it later into making the outer layer for a peeled man "greys anatomy" book cover type body suit for halloween.

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What type of binder is user for making activated carbon briquettes for water purification?

Hello everyone, I am trying to make a water purification device which needs to have compressed activated carbon filter. I am facing the problem of binding the charcoal dust together so that it does not come out when contacted with water. I tried making the briquettes with starch but it is water soluble. I have read some papers on binding the charcoal using extrusion process but could not find what exactly is the binder used. Here the binder should not cover the surface area of the carbon particles as well. I am looking to find here, what is the binder used and how is it used, i.e, ratios. I want to make something like this in the image which is water insoluble. 

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need help with my esc and tq colaberation ?

Thanks for your time,I have a question?i had just bought a 69 monster traxxas rc camaro .For a whole day i was having fun cruising ..The next day i unpluged the batteries from charger.Plugged the batteries to the car, And my esc went up in i have a 320a brush brushed esc with no buttons and the reciever'"has no buttons for binding the esc has no buttons..Now how do i connect all three things?I wAs thinking since the reciever is al ready binded with my transmiter because i bought it that way ,,how do i do the 320a esc And i was wondering how many volts or what kind of power and how much do i use to power up a reciever and can i use transmitter and recievr with out esc

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my computer had been infected with a virus what should i do? plz help!!! Answered

My computer had been infected with a virus that tends to bind to window files and when i try to open antivirus programs, the virus shut it off, what should i do?????? plzzz help me, i cant even delete it with avira?

Question by theragecuriousity12    |  last reply

How to control OMXPlayer in Raspberry Pi?

Does anyone know how to control the OMXPlayer media player within the raspberry Pi?  I tried the online suggestions of the key bindings available here but but it doesn't work either in the terminal or in as hot keys.  I'm using the OMXPlayer that came embedded with the newest version of Raspbian. Any help is appreciated!

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$ to build and ship a project

Greetings, everyone! I am in a bit of a bind. I love the idea behind the "Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser" project, but lack the tools and time to craft it myself. Would anyone be willing to build one and ship it? I am located in Modesto, California. Pride in your work is a must. I am willing to pay the (reasonable) price you name. Thank you.

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How do I read epub on android?

I have both Kindle and Nook apps loaded on my Android smartphone. Not the greatest viewing area, but good enough in a bind, and not as bulky as either the Kindle or the Nook Color. Anyway, I've download a bunch of the epubs, and now I am unable to get them even recognized on the Android smartphone. Anyone have a suggestion?

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how do i make lead dioxide electrodes? Answered

Hello, i want to try and make some lead dioxide electrodes, but i have no clue as to how. i need to make lead dioxide, then apparently mix it with a binding agent to make an electrode, and thats all the info i could find could someone please fill me in on the rest? like what that binding agent is and so on, what is the proccess involved in turning lead into lead dioxide? i have some old car batteries due to go to the dump as they are working at less that 50% efficiency which was apparently enough reason for my dad to say theyre ready for the dump! is it true that the lead sheets inside the batteries are just pure lead dioxide? the reason i need it is to make sodium chlorate, and in extension, potassium chlorate, and i dont want to use graphite electrodes as they will errode away, plus i cant afford any platinum electrodes, nor can i find them for that matter!

Question by oldmanbeefjerky    |  last reply

new idea Maker's Binder

I am planning on making a Ible about next Friday or so, so i will make a Makers binder it is going to be a 3 ring binder withe a notebook in it and some extra cool stuff like Graph paper for making graphs and diagrams, a electronics's symbol chart and many more cool gadgets and bells and whistles so look out for my Makers binder in a few days.

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Independent suspensions? Answered

I have been trying to figure out how to put an independent suspension on a Huge scale RC.  What I have noticed on large cars is that unlike small RC cars the rod going from the dif to the wheels is solid and can't extend/shrink.  Why doesn't this bind up? I have also noticed that for some reason they don't line the suspension up to move exactly up and down. The wheel's pitch is actually set up to change as the suspension depresses.

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Where would be a good place to find a cheap, but nicely bound book?

I'm working on a project where I I'd love to have a finely bound book, (leather, gold leaf, etc) but I don't care about what the book is about since I'll be removing all the pages. Where should I look for something like this?  I'd hate to buy an heirloom just to ruin it.  The few fine used book stores I've looked at didn't have anything like this.

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