A weekend at Birdfair UPDATE

Friday morning (in about 8 of your English hours), I'll be heading to BirdFair for the weekend.See you there? Watch for the guy wearing a Robot tee-shirt; come say hello if you see me.UPDATEAwww. am I the only UK birder on the site?Still, it was fun weekend - arrived Friday morning, met my Dad at the coffee stall, and 30 seconds later we bumped into the guide from his last trip to Guyana!As well as gazzillions of pounds-worth of optical equipment to drool over (the Swaro 'scope I liked cost nearly as much as my car), there were birding holiday destinations all over the planet (the Equadorians were over the moon because Brits can now fly there via Mexico instead of having to go through the US immigration fuss twice (and coming back is worse)). We're now considering Le Perche as a destination, so that I can go birding while the others go to EuroDisney.Numerous talks and lectures.Just a Linnet. Non-UK readers won't get the reference, but it's a lot funnier than it sounds in print, especially when one of the contestants (Nick Baker) doesn't know the rules...Call my Ruff (another British thing) (I didn't get to it)Talks by all sorts of birders and naturalists. The couple who spent 2008 visiting 27 countries in one calendar year to see just over 4300 species and set a world record (beating the previous (American) holder into a cocked hat). The chap who is re-introducing European beaver to Scotland, a dragonfly-spotting workshop (I found a pair of male Brown Hawkers (Aeshna grandis) having a territorial fight!), and a talk from Chris Packham about how much he cheats with his "wildlife" photography - photoshop is his friend!)It was a grand weekend, and I'll go again, but not for a couple of years, unless I happen to be passing on a Sunday (free entry for RSPB members on Sundays).

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