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Make partie of my c drive with windows xp Plz help noob guide

I want to make a partie of my c drive so i can install a second OS on my computer but i cant figure out how to do it without uninstaling my windows blabla please help cuz i want full 4 gb ram support but dont want to uninstall wxp

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"Steps" in instructables don't fit my needs

I am writting and instructable which will be rather long (5 hours of works to make the "thing", about 20 photos to document everythings). I like very much the "steps" because PART of the instructables fit really well in them, basically it's good for telling "do that, then do that, then that". BUT, often between steps you have things that are not steps, in my case there is : -Introduction (how I've found the idea, skills and knoledge involved, ...) -Discusison about why I do what I do in the steps (when I tryed 4 differents solutions, I want to include the discussion so people learn, but in the "step" I'd just want to put what must be done, not the things which did not work. So, what I'd like to write my instructables is : -Chapters will allow to put texte about the project, but not about how to do it (introduction, discussions, sourcing the parts / material, references, links to other instructables, ...), chapter would have their own comments and pictures. -Chapters would zero or one "Working Sessions", which correspond to a set of step one should do in a row (same tools involved, same place, no need for things to dry, ...). They would include a name, an optionnal "time definition" to tell how long / when the included steps are made ("days one", "days two", "after glue has dryed", "once the plant has grown more than an inch", ...), and a "preparment" part (including the needed tools / material for the steps, things to check for security, ...), and, of course, one to any number of steps. -Steps would only tell "how to DO the thing", no discussion. They would include comments (for help on how to do this particular step), and pictures. It would be very fine grained. As an example, you would have 'step 1 : cute the tube, step 2, sand the edges of the tube", and you could have one photo for each of those steps. Actual steps are more like "step 1 : introduction (nothing to do), step 2 : "cute the tube in pieces, sand them, and glue them together" (thought other people may make 3 different step for those three actions). -A special view (aviable only to registered users ?) would present only the "working sessions" with their steps, so you can have "full view" (with blabla) when you read about the instructable, but only the needed tools / part / time and steps when you are actually doing your new BMW Z3 Mario Kart Mod'. Also, I'd like to be able to refer "working session" or "chapters". If i write an instructable about making a mushroom shaped led lamp, maybe I'll want to write all the part about doing the mushroom and puting the leds in them, and then say "no make the power supply and put the resistors as describbed in XXXXX". Of course, the "XXXX" (chapter of working set) is not part of my instructables, but would be included when I select the "working sessions view". Mmm... I am a Domain Analyst, I work with computers and all... I Hope what I just took the time to write makes sense and don't bother everybody :-$

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