blackberry tablet

Help! Is there a blackberry book for dumbies? I swiped all the information off my blackberry and can't get it to reconnect. Where is the best place to find troubleshooting problems for a  blackberry tablet or an easy to understand video?

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Blackberry Pearl??

Hey i just got a new blackberry pearl and i was wondering if anybody had any cool tips or tricks? i already got AIM and all that stuff on it and i somehow got internet for free!!

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blackberry curve dust

I have my blackberry curve for 2 months an it has dust stuck inside the screen does anyone know how to take it out its really annoying

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Qr decoder for blackberry?

I have a Blackberry curve 8310, i have the upcode qr decoder but it doesnt work when i try to take a picture, it activates the camera but then it doesnt decode the picture, is there a decoder i can use with my phone that someone can tell me about?

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5 Things I Like About the Blackberry Torch—And a Few I Don't

Is the Blackberry Torch much better than an apple iphone ? No, but right here are the explanations why it is good sufficient for me personally . Research moving amazed us a week back if this delivered a Blackberry Torch review device . Evidently , the organization sent many of them . It appears as though individuals at Edge are greater than a small anxious concerning the marketplace wedding reception for this telephone and it is general probabilities for achievement . I do not fault them. This polarizing item has evaluations which are mostly free of charge yet others which are currently phoning the Blackberry Torch 9800 underwhelming or even worse . Its earlier sales—150K within the very first weekend—are nowhere fast close to Iphone product sales amounts , however they are nevertheless reputable . Last 7 days , I acquired into a disagreement concerning the BlackBerry Torch having a Gizmodo publisher . This person is most likely two decades more youthful than me and may only see the Flashlight with the prism of the Iphone . The technologies now has wrinkles he explained and also the display quality , in the current 800-by-480 globe , is awkward . I would recently been transporting the Flashlight close to for several days , and that i merely could not accept him. I will not dispute the truth that the apple iphone 4 is a superb item . And also the lot of Google android mobile phones , with and with out key boards , are great items . I love the Android By , for example , although I believe it is too large to transport close to on the day time -to- day time foundation . I love the initial Android and Android 2, although I believe Moto continues to have some function to complete on that computer keyboard . The keyboard—really any cell phone keyboard—is, to some extent , in the core of my difference using the Gizmodo publisher . He, like a number of other earlier 20-somethings, is completely comfy with no bodily computer keyboard . I am not . There are lots of individuals during my era much like me and in all likelihood numerous current Edge clients who nevertheless choose Messaging mobile phones . But departing apart the yawning generational variations , I love the Flashlight and that i appreciate utilizing it . Furthermore I not skip my BlackBerry Bold 9000, I'm not going it back again . Here is why: 1) The Internet browser : Indeed , chiefly a credit score towards the Rim Operating system 6, but with no touchscreen and accelerometer, which allows me change from landscape and portrait setting , the knowledge would not be fifty percent of the same quality . It is certainly quicker , deals with practically any type of Site , and it is supported with a display that, whilst not as high definition like a Android or apple iphone , is definitely razor-sharp sufficient for my eye . 2) The House Display : Edge has been doing a pleasant work using the accessible property about the Flashlight display , and that i adore the way the display techniques remaining to correct and down and up . I'm able to reside in the All display , however , just like other configurable cellular systems , I'm able to personalize it too . You will find a number of symbols about the All display , so having the ability to transfer some to Faves is really a encouraged alter . I am also happy the written text information image has become towards the top of their email list . On my small Daring , I frequently skipped texts since the image was crammed nicely beneath digital collapse . Additionally , I love that a few of the essential applications , like Tweets , are actually a fall behind area of the program . 3) The Touchscreen : I did previously personal a Hand Treo and try to valued the mixture of contact and bodily inputting . Given , the old Hand display was limited . The Flashlight , however , isn't . I love will be able to use actions to maneuver with the numerous displays . Adding the touch and move is encouraged , although , I can not picture somebody starting an impression display without them . 4) The Look : The Flashlight is weightier than my Daring , however it seems excellent during my hands . The line is good , although not groundbreaking . There's something really Rim - ant concerning the Torch—and I am good with this . 5) The Laptop Keyboard and Touch pad : Indeed , the laptop keyboard has a smaller footprint along with a little bit much more confined than my Daring , but Edge has because of the secrets somewhat formed sides , so they are simpler to really feel . I'm able to nevertheless perform some inputting with out checking secrets . Basically kind with an apple iphone , I must view my cerebral vascular accidents ( do not detest me simply because I am aged ). Those who have a mature Contour or very first - era Daring will value the track pad . Nevertheless , the main reason it is fascinating about the Flashlight happens because it life correct beneath a complete touchscreen . In the beginning I asked yourself the reason why you would want the track pad using the motion - powered display . Nevertheless , I quickly grew to become skilled at utilizing it for just one really significantly feature—something that's not very easy to complete with an apple iphone : shifting a cursor close to via characters , phrases , and obstructs of textual content . On an apple iphone , I location my hand exactly where I wish to choose and maintain it before the cursor techniques to that particular place . Basically maintain for any 2nd lengthier , my choice resources seem . There isn't any good way to browse via textual content . The Torch's track pad allows me transfer my cursor anyplace I want—in connects and text—and then begin choosing , duplicating , sticking , and so on . It is a delicate distinction but one that is essential for a particular type of person .

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how to put dvd to blackberry?

Have you ever met the following situations ,if you want to put your dvd to another portable device,what do you often need?I want to put my dvd to my blackberry ,but I have some problem in doing it,so can you help me with it? Thank you in advance!

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Blackberry Playbook won't connect to the internet?

I got a Blackberry Playbook for christmas, and it won't connect to the internet at my house. Everything else will connect, but not my playbook. I have done everything that I could, but nothing works. Any help?

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Why doesn't my blackberry playbook connect to the internet through our wifi?

My son bought me a blackberry tablet for Christmas.He set it up for me and since then I have wiped all the information off and he refuses to reconnect it for me. I'm at a loss can anyone help or suggest a website for trouble shooting problems. I've tried different ways to reconnect but no luck. I can't remember my password and I've tried entering the router pin they display. It just won't reconnect.We have a wireless router and I know it will not connect if the blue ray isn't on. I thought it would be easier then this. 

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Can I connect a wireless adapter to a Blackberry phone (w/o wireless) so I can use internet from a wireless hot spot? Answered

I was gifted a Blackberry Curve 8330 and I noticed that it does not have wireless capability, but has Bluetooth. I don't have a cellphone provider and cannot afford one at the moment.  Is it possible to get a dongle -- the USB plug in for non wireless ready PCs -- so I can use the internet where wireless is available?

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Tips for new Blackberry user?

Suddenly I got an overwhelming urge for a Blackberry so I went down to the local telco store and got myself a BlackBerry Curve 8310 (the one with the camera and GPS). I'm sure that there are a lot of tips&tricks to learn and good utilities / applications to download to enhance the functionality of this little neat device. Does anyone have any tips or pointer to good websites for blackberries except the official blackberry-site and handango?

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Adobe Flash to Blackberry application

I haven't developed anything in years (software). Back when I used to, there was an app that converted VB code to Palm apps. Is/are there apps out there that can do this for the Blackberry? I'd specifically like to develop an app with Flash and convert it for use on the Blackberry.

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If you took the wires from a Blackberry and put it into a Nintendo DS, would the DS go to internet, play files etc?? Answered

I'm curious if i take the inside of a blackberry and put it into a Nintendo DS if the DS will work as the blackberry would..?

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What would you do with this blackberry pulp? Answered

I like preserves, but my husband doesn't like the seeds in wild blackberries. So I made preserves yesterday and jelly today. What would you do with this disgusting mass of blackberry pulp? It tastes pretty good, but bless its heart, it's ugly.

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What can I do with an old Blackberry camera module?

Hi all, I just stripped an old blackberry for parts and now have this camera module: From what I understand, these modules are fairly self contained units and are able to output JPGs or some similar file. The back of the board has 22 terminal spots that the pins in the pone connected to. I am assuming that 2 of these are for power and the other 20 are for data. I am hoping that somebody can direct me to where I can find out more about how this connects so that I can incorporate it into some sort of arduino project. Thanks!

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Does any one know to remove "APP ERROR 200" from my Blackberry Bold tried in vain to no avail?

Tried to download an attacment then all of a sudden "APP ERROR 200" appears on screen, then handset tries to reboot only for the same message to reappear repeatedly.

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Are there any third-party Java tools for the Blackberry?

Is/are there any third-party Java SDKs or "compilers" that can be installed on a Blackberry; so BB source can be debugged/edited directly on the Blackberry? Thanks in advance.

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How do you turn a Blackberry Curve into a Skype phone?

 I have an 8320 T-Mobile Blackberry Curve. It's in perfect condition, but with no service. Is there a way to "hack" it so that I may use it as a Skype phone? I've looked on Crackberry and the likes, to no avail?

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Blackberry Pearl in search of 'Orb' for Mac. Any help?

I just got a Blackberry Pearl and love it. On my windows computer, I have Orb its great, but its only for PC. I have a macbook and am looking for another program similar to Orb because Orb is only for PC (stupid, right?) If you have any ideas, please post. Thanks for the help, Paul

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Will wasps attack my blackberry crop?

For the first time ever I have a wasps nest in my garden. they are in an old log in a pile of wood. They are not in the way, and after researching decided to leave them alone and wait for them to just die off naturally in winter. However I have a large crop of blackberries ripening, which I really want and I wondering if the wasps will hone on them when they are ripe. I can protect the berries from birds, but doubt if can protect them from wasps.

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Cultivating blackberries - works for roses too!

Although in many regions (wild) blackberries are considered to be a pest, in our gardens they can be delicious.I don't mean the wild variety here but the cultivated ones with big fruits and no thorns on them.And if you ever tried to successfully save money by just buying one and using cuttings from it for the new season you know the troubles....Creating cuttings from blackberries is quite easy if done the right way.But there is an ever easier and simpler way if you don't mind doing your pruning a bit later than usual.Once the harvest season is over and all berries are gone you see that the blackberries still keep growing before they finally start dropping their leaves.And if all went well then your blackberries have grown in long "snakes" supported on a vertical structure - like long bows.During a good season this bows get so long that they almost reach the ground at the end of the season.All you have to do it to free your snkes so you can places their ends into the ground, preferably out to the side so you can start a new row of blackberries with enough space between them.Use some soft cord and weights to keep the ends in the ground and fill the hole.Only water once when done otherwise let nature take care of things.In a very dry climate or season you might want to water a bit once a week though.When leaves start to drop in big numbers cut the above ground bits off with about 10 to 15cm left standing.Prune the big ones as you always do to get them ready for the next season.And when the next season starts you will see that most of your little "cuttings" take off like mad.They had the mother plant until it was time to go dormant, so no extra energy was required to stop a dying cutting from going dry.The end of the plant realised it is under ground and for that reason it is time to grow roots.Then suddenly it is time to hibernate and all energy is left in the remains, ready for use in the next spring.It is no problem to get over 15 new plants from a single one this way for the next season.It also works quite well fo roses.Although here you might need to create a podest or similar to place pot on.And the season for it is different too ;)It all starts with your pruning at thend of the season.All parts that did not produce flowers, those "wild" stems need to be fully removed.Those who produced good are cut back so you are left with 3 to 5 "eyes" - these tiny pimple where the new shoots come out.Pay attention to their location as it determines the direction of the new shoots ;)Don't have too many facing inwards.When the rose starts growing again in spring you should prepare your stand for the pot.The new shoots are quite flexible and can be directed to grow where you need them for the pot by using bonsai tape or wire - just be gently with them!Once long enough that the end can be placed about 5cm deep into your pot with good potting mix or the good soil from your garden:Place the pot so that the end shoot is held in the soilwithout force - if in doubt let the shoot grow a bit longer and form it donwards with wire.You want to bury it only when there is new growth going out if it but not of the end currently only has the leaf(s) showing.These fresh end shoots should point downwards into the soil.Cover it all and keep the soild moist at all times but not soaking wet.It really helps to have the pot shaded.You can use small seedling pots and check for roots a few weeks later or just wait till the end of the season.Either way a root should form in the pot and once strong enough you only have to wait and look out for eyes forming on the stem.If the do you can cut the stem so you have enough eyes on the potted stem.Be aware though that this will only result in a strong and healthy rose if the mother plant is not a hybridised clone.For the later it is best to transplant and eye onto a donor bush or wild rose.

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Nexus 7 USB keyboard from old Blackberry?

I loved my Blackberry Bold 9000 but it's now dead (power IC broken, maybe?!) and I just bought a Nexus 7 2013 for myself. The point is, is there any way to build a USB keyboard for the tablet from the old Blackberry QWERTY keyboard? I think it would require some work with the circuit board, but truly I have no experience regarding this thing. It'd be great if someone here share the interest in combining these two devices.

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Can you get Internet Explorer for a Blackberry Tour 9630 thats flashed for Metro PCS?

Well, I want to start downloading apps for my Blackberry Tour, from App World that is. However whenever I go to download any app there is a page that shows up and it says, "This webpage uses ActiveX controls that work only in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To ensure that Blackberry App World is correctly downloaded to your Blackberry, this site is not designed to work wih any other Internet Browsers. If you cannot use Internet Explorer, you may be able to download the software directly to your Blackberry smartphone". And theres no download link or anything there to help me out. I have also already tried to change my browser options/configurations from Metro PCS to something else like IE. But there are no other options other than MetroPCS. So, please, if you know how, or if you think you can help do so. Thanks a plenty, Alex8171

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Can I connect to Xbox Live with a Laptop and blackberry?

I have an Xbox 360 with 60 GB memory, and also have a laptop that I can get internet anywhere when I plug my moms blackberry into the laptop. I was wondering if it is possible to connect to Xbox live from the internet connection I have on my laptop from the blackberry. Please help!!!

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I can't figure out how to tether my blackberry to my laptop to use as a modem? Read 1 suggestion on line did not work.

I would like to do this so I do not have to pay for internet access for my computer at home - just run it through my blackberry and I have heard that it can be done pretty easily.

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Uses for old Palm OS and Blackberry devices

I have an old Treo 680, Palm TX, and Blackberry Curve 8310 that I'm trying to figure out what to do with. I wanted to turn the TX into a portable FTP/WebDAV/Samba/Whatever server, but there don't appear to be any good programs available for that, and I don't think it can connect to my school's WPA2-Enterprise network anyway. Does anyone have any ideas for what I could do with them?

Topic by Wiggin 

can i switch a boost mobile sim card into an unlocked blackberry tour 9630 phone or will there be complications?

I have an unlimited boost mobile phone, I like the flat rate fee and service but would enjoy a better phone like a blackberry. I have heard several different answers about whether i can exchange the sim card and use the blackberry with my boost mobile account. If anyone could answer with explanation of complications or limitations.

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Battery of Playbook? How to save it? Answered

Just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook from Bell Canada...very satisfied with the multitask...I use it for chatting, surfing and video watching. That's why I had to recharge it every day! Do you have any tips to save the battery? thanks!?

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RePurposing ex-expensive HiTech Stuff

, OK, this may now look really messed up, but here's the body: Hi, I have a few things I've loved and cherished over time that are our of service for one reason or another, and I'd really like to find some repurposing ideas for these wonderful techonolgies.  I have an ipod classic 80gb (broken internal ribbon cable, maybe hdd,; ipod touch 8gb (fried ..water damage), BB pearl 8100 Same: water damage and just old, used the hell out of it...: Epson inkjet printers, basic modern freeby printers that I never use because ink is too expensive.... So I love this site, and thought there would be a place somewhere for some dedicated repurposing of things such as these. If anyone can point me to this area of the site, if it exists, I'd be super happy and thnakful, and apologize for this messy post.. OK sorry, this may not come out well. Using google chrome. Can't see anything I'm typing into the message body!!. Hi allHi allHi alls 

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My blackberry has a white screen whenever i open it what soulotions i might do?

I tried removing the battery didn't work i dont wanna give it to someone to fix it they might make it worse anyone knoww what this white screen means and how can  i remove it??

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Portable battery pack using smart Blackberry D-X1 batteries

Firstly: Big admirer of your collective works. Secondly: My electronics/electrical knowledge is practically non existant. (my ideas are great IMHO, execution blows FACT) I have been given half a dozen D-X1 Blackberry batteries. They run at 3.7v. I thought of daisy chaining them to make a large, rechargeable pack charged by USB B mini, then connecting a USB A port to them and using it as a portable (And relatively flexible) power source for my USB powered gadgets. They charge well, and hold a decent quantity of power if the Blackberry is anything to go by, they were free (yay!) and I have a bunch of them. I'd like to make them into a device that attaches to my rucksack strap. The latter is a detail, the real issue is how to make 4 or 6 D-X1 batteries into a rechargeable pack. Any ideas for the electronically subnormal?

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Shake charger for a blackberry whose battery is 3.7 V. Would p a 5V regulator in still be too much voltage?

 Hi - I just need to know exactly what components I need besides a coil, a bridge recitifier and a capacitor I need in order to create a shake (faraday) charger for my cell phone.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks so much!!

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My Instructable was suddenly "unfeatured"

My Instructable "Easy Blackberry Galette" was featured, then suddenly un-featured with no explanation as to why. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea why this would happen?

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BBM Challenge Council Internship Contest

WANT TO WIN A CHANCE TO MEET LAUREN BERGER, THE "INTERN QUEEN"?  HOW ABOUT WINNING A NEW BLACKBERRY? FOUR CHALLENGES. EIGHT WEEKS. SIX GRAND PRIZE WINNERS. If you think you have what it takes to become the next big thing, enter to become a Protégé of one of our six BBM™ Challenge Council members. All Protégés will get a free BlackBerry smartphone and the chance to meet their celebrity in person. To get started, choose a celebrity and submit an entry describing why they should choose you.  DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? PROVE IT.

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Interfacing cell phone LCD's with VGA/DVI connectors

Anyone have any experience with this or know if such a connector/adaptor exists? I have a 320x240 display I pulled from a Blackberry 8700g and would like to run video on it off an old G4 tower. Thanks for any suggestions!

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I would like to make a thorn covered surface to repell small rodents from traversing it - any ideas?

Nothing seems to deter squirrels, but I noticed they can be kept somewhat at bay with thorns from blackberrys or rose bushes. but as the canes dry the thorns fall off and they can be moved out of the way

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For Sale Brand New Apple iphone 16gb for $200usd

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Saving home made wine !HELP!

Hey people so iv made my own brew its out of blackberrys and a little kiwi fruit with plenty of sugar water and yeast and its gone a little acidic, i can still taste alcohol and sugar still its just verry acidic, is there anything i can do to help bring the acidity down? thanks for anyones help.

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Interesting tech, looking for practical applications...?

I recently received the gift of a functioning VHS VCR, an older computer scanner, an old blackberry, an MP3 player with a broken screen (power still works), some motherboards, speakers, and a bunch of other tech. I plan on making insane art, but I wanted to know what practical notions for usage anyone here might have for such devices?

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HP iPAQ - what can I do with it?

I've got an HP Ipaq HX2100 gathering dust - I used to use it for reading ebooks on, but now use my blackberry. I was going to put it on ebay, but it wont sell for much, so I'm looking for idea's for what I could use it for. Doesn't have wifi on it so it kinda limits the options I suppose. Any idea's? Cheers, Pha3dr0n

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Resources for a custom smartphone?

I am annoyed at touch screens and want to make a button/touchscreen hybrid. It should run Android OS. I have a design in place and the body is not an issue.(3D Printing) I want to use a touch button like used on the Blackberry Curve ) but the screen should also be touch. I need hardware(IC's, motherboards, etc.) and I need drivers and the OS (Stack, boot image etc.). Resources to get these are not in my knowledge. 

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How can I make this camera usable?

I have this tiny camera that I got off of my Blackberry (phone) when I took it apart. It would be so cool to see it work. Oh, it has 22 pins total. I think it might be too small to solder so I'm up for any ideas.  Does anyone know how I can make this the camera usable? DP

Question by Dr. Pepper   |  last reply

Download, record, save YouTube videoclips to my PC? ?

Which YouTube Downloader is good and can also convert youtube videclips to blackberry format? I am looking for a good software to download, save youtube files to my PC and convert to mobile phone formats. I'd rather that the youtube downloader also converted the youtube videos so I need a all-in-one YouTube Downloader and Converter Freeware. Can anyone help? 

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Alternate use for old cell phones and smartphones

I have a box full of unused cell phones and smartphones. Some were the higher end ones of their time such as Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch. I would like to find ways to repurpose these as they are still good and have wifi and bluetooth capabilities. I was thinking maybe security cameras or robots that can be accessed via the internet to monitor my home and pets while away. Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated.

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Can I tap into these audio circuits by desoldering Op-Amps and putting wires in their place? Answered

In my continuing quest to make an under-cabinet kitchen radio (see Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3), I'm looking at the original PCB for the boombox I'm hacking. Based on the work of three predecessors (Convert a radio tape player..., How To Make A Audio... and Play and Recharge Ipod...) I'm looking at ways to bring in audio from two sources.  I'm putting in a CD-ROM drive to be my CD player, and I'm adding a headphone jack for my BlackBerry so I can listen to MP3s, Pandora, and streaming radio. It appears that there are two ICs that act as preamps in the boombox, one for the CD portion, and one for the cassette.  See the pictures for where they are located on the board.  Photos 3 and 4 are pinouts for these ICs as found online. I want to remove the BA4558 and solder in a connecting cable for the audio out from the back of the CD-ROM: Left to OUT1 on the board, Right to OUT2, and ground to VEE. Likewise, I want to remove the BA3308 and solder in a cable with a male 1/8" headphone jack to plug into the BlackBerry.  Left to OUTPUT1, Right to OUTPUT2, and ground to GND. Then I'll be able to switch the selector from the boombox to CD and play CDs, and to Cassette and listen to the 'Berry. Will this work?  What are the likely pitfalls?

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Is a MAC whitelist more or less secure than WPA/WEP security? Answered

I currently have WPA security set on my home wireless network.  It works nicely to limit access only to those to whom I give the password.  However, it's a real pain to try getting Linux-running laptops to connect to it.  Same with my BlackBerry. I'm considering disabling security entirely and instead creating a "whitelist" of MAC addresses of the wireless devices I want to allow access.  Is this a bad idea?  Will I be leaving my network vulnerable in a way I'm not foreseeing?

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Beginning Mobile App Programming? Answered

I was teaching my kids software development. I haven't been in the field for quite some time and was wondering what would be the most appropriate choice for mobile development. For instance, I want to keep Verizon, purchase X, Y or Z phone and be capable of installing custom apps/software/whatever [so we may use GPS capabilities]. They've gone over scripting, c++ and do extremely well with c#, XNA and oop in general. We currently have a Blackberry, but we'd like to know what other options are out there so they may jump into without much knowledge of the interface. Mac products not even considered.

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