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Flood Blacklight?

I know there is already some similar posts but i couldnt find anything relating specifically like this. I got a flood light with the intention of turning it into a flood black light. I want to light up a basketball court sized room using 4 at most. I have a few questions: 1) Is there any way to add anything to the front to turn this in to a black light (Don't need it to be UV rays as I know it's not likely. I just want it to make things fluoresce when it shines on them)? I'm looking at doing something similar to the sharpie black light hack. 2) This light puts good clear light for more the 40 yards. If there were a way to mod it into a black light, how much will it affect the range of good light? 3) Is there any way to connect the lighting to a battery pack or some sort of regular 3 pronged plug?

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DIY BlackLight Contacts?

I know you can use Tonic water to make Blacklight reactive ice, But can you use this same method on soft contacts? I have no idea on weather tonic water is bad for your eyes, even less whether soft contacts are saluble enough for this trick to work. I figure a mix of 2/3 contact solution, to 1/3 tonic water soaked overnight might be enough to give your contacts a soft glow under blacklight. But I just dont know!Anyone willing to try this with some "overused" contacts?Glow Ice, How-to

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handwoven blacklight fabrics - FASHION SHOW!

I know you wonder what I make with some of my instructables.These pics from Monday night's fashion show fundraiser for the Denver Public Library will illuminate the question.yeah, i geek out on their superduper patent search tools and help them raise money with my art. Gotta love your library!

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Does anyone know if there is a UV-type (blacklight) EL wire available? Answered

If so, where can I get it? If not, what option currently available produces the strongest "blacklight" effect on neon or UV reactive materials? (Glow in the dark type stuff)  I want to outline the brim of a cavalier hat with an EL wire that will make blacklight reactive make-up glow for Halloween. Any help is appreciated.

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what do i need to know to photograph pictures or objects in black light?

Certain type of film? exposure time?

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I've found a UV/Black-light flashlight thing, What should I do with it?

I was digging through some old stuff when I found this flashlight thing. The top is an actual flashlight (broken), but there is a (working) black-light running down the side. Is there anything cool I can do with it? Or build or something?

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Is the strength of blacklight Flourescence proportionate to the strength of the source, or is there a threshold?

Say I have a black light hooked up to a dimmer switch and a material that fluoresces under black light. As I gradually increase the 'brightness' of the black light, can I expect the fluorescent material to fluoresce gradually brighter, or is there a definite 'threshold' below which there is no fluorescence? Will the same hold true for IR-fluorescent materials and IR sources? Thanks in advance!

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How good does EL wire look under a blacklight? Answered

I am going to be attending a blacklight dance, and i thought of a few ideas: LEDs on my glasses and watch, and some EL wire shaped into my School's Logo! but i was wondering how good does EL wire look under a blacklight? im not saying go out and figure it out, im just asking that if you know, or you could easily pull out a blacklight and some el wire in a dark room, that would be nice.

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How to get liquid with bubbles running through surgical tubing? Answered

Hello all, I may just not be searching the right terms, but I can't for the life of me find a way to have colored liquid with bubbles in it run through surgical tubing. (Basically, the bubbles show that the liquid is flowing.) I've seen this effect in movies using smaller diameter tubing and also in larger tubing in the frame work of old style juke boxes. For halloween, I'm thinking about a throwing a mad scientist party and using a black light lit  fluorescing liquid In the tubing. Bonus points if it's portable for the costume! And yes, I haven't really played with pumps before, so if most do this out of box, please be kind. :) many thanks!

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Way to control two fluorescent bulbs in the same fixture individually?

I would like to set up a few fluorescent light fixtures that each have one blacklight bulb and one white bulb. I would like to be able to control them individually so that I can have either the blacklight bulb or the white bulb on at any given time. It would be preferable to be able to dim the white bulbs, but this isn't necessary. I am okay with running a 14/3 power cable assuming two ballasts would fit in one fixture. I would also like to accomplish this as cheaply as possible.  Thank you.

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make your own black light ideas

So in order to make a black light i (the stupid half of me) would think to dip a lightbulb in black paint. i (the smart half of me) would assume there is more to it than that here is some random 2 facts about the blacklight (wood's light) it is not black its a deep-bluish-purple what a blacklight emits is: lamp emitting electromagnetic radiation my question is how could i make one and would it be cheaper to make it or buy it...

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Is there such a thing as Motion-detecting Dimmer Switches?

HEllo. I am wondering about either dc or ac auto dimmer switches. What I would like to do is make a series of auto on and auto off dimming blacklights for a gallery. I haven't found much of anything online. I wondered if there is a diy workaround possible?

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I need help selecting a high voltage relay Answered

I'm trying to build a circuit that will allow me to use one inverter to alternately light 2 CCFL tubes (a blacklight tube and a white tube) with a single microcontroller pin via a HV relay -- that is, if it is cost effective to do so. I'm hoping someone could help me figure out something.

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Making UV paint.- How to

Hi, I need some UV paint that is inviable under normal light that turns bright white under blacklights. I will painting it on a giant hanging sign. I need a recipe for some uv paint or a cheap source of it. It looks like it cost around $70 dollars for 1 gallon and I need around 3 gallons of it. I know that you can use tonic water but I don't have experience using it (How bright will it glow). Also you can use laundry detergent but I dont know if it will show in normal. The key is it to not glow the under normal light and for it glow brightly under uv light, and it needs to be cheap. Any one have any experience with uv lights, paints, or other related things. Any comments are welcome. Thanks for your time. Joe R

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Cool things to build in a cardboard maze?

I am in charge of building a cardboard maze for my churches "Harvest Party" (basically a safer, family oriented alternative for trick or treating). I have been doing this for a couple years, and last year we build a maze about 80x60 feet big (all out of cardboard an duct tape!). So now we are starting to plan out this years maze. I was just wondering if anyone had some really cool ideas of stuff to put into the maze, or an interesting structure/passageway to add to the maze. Not sure about sizes yet, but I think this year we can expand the maze to about half the size of a basketball court or larger (so size does not matter). In the past we have done blacklights, strobes, etc. Please no ideas about skeletons/ghosts/hauntings. This maze is for kids, and is an alternative to "scarier" halloween traditions. Keep this in mind as you post please. Thanks, I am looking forward to your replies! A907

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Custom Glow Table: need ideas!

Hello everybody! First of all i'd just like to say I just made an account but have been using this site for years and love you guys =] I have this idea for a tv stand / table and I am stuck. attached is a drawing of my table (tried my best). The idea is a table made out of a recycled door as the table top, clear 6'' diameter and 2' long tubes as the legs, a liquid that reacts to blacklight inside the legs of the table such as laundry soap to fill the inside of the legs, and one small waterproof fan in each of the front legs to create a vortex inside the tube. So essentially I want a table with legs made of clear tubes with a glowing tornado in each front leg and a black light mounted under the table to light em' up! I need help figuring out what would be the best / cheapest material to use to create the front legs. Also what type of fan to use that is waterproof and will have enough torque to turn the water. Any help is appreciated!!  

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Halloween Party

Want to liven up your Halloween party with some tasty and gross treats? Of course you do! There's nothing better than watching guests hesitating to eat a delicious snack because it looks like it might still be alive. So get right to it and check out these Instructables for some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween event!If you do make something awesome this year be sure to document it and enter it into our DIY Halloween Contest!Also see: Halloween Decorations Halloween Costumes Halloween for Kids Pumpkin Carving Halloween Makeup Halloween Masks Make a Bloody Valentine's Heart by theprojectmaker When the heart is cut open, blood gushes out, revealing anything you hid inside. Bloody good! How to Make Edible Glowing UV Reactive JELLO by hairyconiption Make some Jell-O that glows in blacklight for some edible alien guts. Doll serving dish by zieak This one is so simple and monstrously effective. See who's willing to dip their chip inside a gutted doll. Biohazard Halloween Candy by praguequest Pack up a selection of treats and glowing lights that make it look like you're distributing toxic waste from your porch! Frankenstein Finger Cookies by Sandoz338 Watch in delight as your guests eat up some chopped off fingers. These are complete with fingernails, blood, and even some hair on top. Frog Spawn and Swamp Water Tea by whiteoakart Create a disgusting-looking elixir with some white tapioca and a sweet drink on top. See how many people you can convince that these are eggs or tiny little tadpoles. Finger Food by caitlinsdad Rated PG, pretty gross, may cause you to toss your cookies...If eating a hot dog itself was not bad enough, this is worse. Smoked salmon skull by zieak Smoked salmon stuck onto an anatomical skull makes for a wonderfully creepy fleshy appetizer. Blood Splattered Extra Satanic Deviled Eggs by technoplastique Make those "deviled" eggs a little more evil with some nasty colors and splatters of blood! Edible zombie eyeballs! by impulse94 Zombies want to eat humans, but who says it can't go the other way around? It's time for some payback!

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Launch a specific iphone app when docking in home made dock? How doable is this?

I'm doing a project to build myself a quality ipad speaker cabinet dock (because the ones to buy are aither not good enough or too costly), and had an idea for a feature that would be cool, but I have no idea how I could implement it. I want to incorporate and old school 80s/90s type LED spectrum analyser in it for display, ie this sort of thing:;=e9kApA2UbBk Now I could buy the one shown in that video for about $130 plus postage but I can't really afford to pay out money like that for a bit of bling. I've got an iphone app called Audio LED which gives the same kind of display based on sound through the mic, and I'm wondering if I added a second dock for the phone (the dock is for the ipad but could easily have room for the phone too. It'd make sense if this project could actually house and charge them both) if there's a way of linking this app to audio output from the dock? Probably sounds confusing sorry, but to clarify, if the ipad and iphone are both in the dock cabinet then playing music from the dock would automatically launch the spectrum analyser app on the phone.  That's what I want but it it probably well beyond my means without a lot of advice. I know that docks can trigger certain behaviour in the phones, so they clearly are sending a message to the phone when it docks (eg with the "iLuv" branded docks you get a message on the phone asking if you want to download their app when you dock the phone). So this certainly seems doable because to do this the phone must 'know' it is attached to a specific brand of dock in order to prompt the download.  That means the dock is sending info to the phone to tell it this, and that's what I want to somehow replicate, but with commands instead that tell it to launch this Audio LED app. Ie logic something along the lines of: if       Phonestatus == Docked &       Musicplaying == Yes then       Telliphonetostartthedisplayapp Probably pie in the sky really, but I'm certain in theory it's doable - it's just whether it's realistically doable for me. There's a much easier alternative that involves the likes of one of these really cool and cheap LCD displays:;=GBP You program them via a parallel cable I think using software like LCDsmartie, and people have used them for exactly what I want, but the problem is that means it being connected to a PC, and that kind of rules these out in this case alas.  Anyone savvy with the sort of stuff that'd be needed to do this please pipe up now, or if it's really dreaming then by all means say so. I've got some basics electronics knowledge and even used to make my own PCBs and stuff when I was a kid but only really know a few basics.  I've got stuff like breadboard and a various components etc and am happy to meddle but I'm guessing this would require programming of some kind of chip to store the commands, and knowledge of how the code distinguishes one app from another to identify the right one. Alternative suggestions welcome on how I could have a pretty looking spectrum analyser without spending tons of cash. If money was no object I'd just buy one of those ones I linked to at the top, but that's far from being the case!!! Cheers!

Topic by Mr Joshua