Blowgun Darts

I made a blowgun, and stuffed some tissue paper, then some rocks, and then some more tissue paper to make a kind of shotgun when blown. However, air kept leaking through, and I was wondering if there was any way to make a shotgun paper dart.

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Your favorite blowgun

Which is your favorite blowgun instructable?

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Anyone Interested in Blowguns?

Hey, I haven't been on Instructables in a while... anyways I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an 'ible about buying, using, cleaning and maintaining a blowgun? I haven't gotten an Instructable featured in quite some time, so I'm only going to do it if I see some interest. Thanks! --popewill

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Hunting darts for blowguns

OK so I just bought the cold steel blowgun and it's awesome. they have an great number of darts for hunting but i was wondering about a custom head design. i saw some great for a bow that i thought could be made to work with my blow gun. anyone see these guillitene heads for turkey hunting. well with a spring setup i think one could fashion something to work. the question is. Is just under 400fps enough power to make something like that work?

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Blowgun valves and where to buy them

Where do you buy blowgun valves? I need one for a airsoft machine gun i am making as i can't make it without one. please help me.

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What should i use to poison my blowdarts? I do What should I poison my blowdarts with?

II don't want anything too challenging or that could be lethal to me. It would be for small game, preferably containing about four ingred 

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What would be a good alloy/ dimensions for an aluminum blowgun?

I would like to order an aluminum tube from but I'm not sure of what kind I should get for a blowgun.  If you could put in the dimensions you would get for a blowgun at that would be great, thank you.  The only set thing I need for the tube is for it to be less than a .50 cal blowgun... If you could tell me if this would be good for a blowgun that would be great:                                                                                                                       Thanks,                                                                                                                         Wafflicious

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Is making a k'nex blowgun a good idea?

I'm new at instructables and I have been trying to figure out a good k'nex instructable. I noticed that most of the k'nex instructables are guns. I have posted a k'nex rubberband gun, but I started thinking about posting a k'nex blow gun. Is this a good idea?

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my website

Http:// ive recently made a new website encorporating some of the instructables on here and was wondering if anyone could visit my website and leave some comments in the guestbook to help me improve and update it. thanks

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So guys and girls i have a blowgun made of an aluminum arrow that is hollowed out on both ends. Now the trick is to make a good dart which I am no good at. comments and links to instructables darts will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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for the 25mm pneumatic sniper rifle what is the blowgun valve?

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Cool double weapons

Here is some cool weapon doubles: Magnum dagger AK scissors Blowgun lead pipe Pistol flying guillotine Colt net Railgun sword Railgun warhammer Pump action baseball bat Trident crowbar Pistol machete Railgun mace Railgun chainsaw Rocket war hammer Colt wrench Blowgun chainsaw Razor gun :-)

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i made the dream of a cheap and pwoerful and simple airsoft sniper rifle... should i make an instructable???

I made a 30$ airsoft sniper rifle that outperforms my 140$ one and is simple and fast to build. it has a fast reload and pump time, is portable (no annoyina air compressors or tanks) exceeds 400 psi, can hit 100 feet away accurately, and, incredible, uses only two pumps from a ball pump to charge. i am just dredging for interest, cuz i know some people want this, so if enough people tell me i will make this the topic of my fist 'Ible..... so u want it??? this is a perfect practical gun and can be used for actual games of airsoft. it is an amazingly simple system of operation, so u can mod it as much as u want and still get max performance. unfortunately, i already builtthe gun in question, so there will be no actual construction pics, but you can figure out how to make it just my looking at it so it shouldnt b too hard... ill post steps 4 the noobs though.

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how to make or where to get a trigger for a homemade air gun?

I don't know where to get the blowgun bulb... please tell me where to get or what other material i could use to make the trigger...

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how to make airgun valve from modded sprinkler valve with tube to blowgun?

Right, im stuck with this one, im in the uk and want to make a copper airgun with a quick fire method, i have chosen the valve on the gun in this instructable: but i have no idea how to makeit from parts in the uk, "air hose" is just not detailed enough, i need to know where to get it. by the way, im choosing to use copper instead of pvc, so i need to know how to attach the valve aswell... thankx 2 every1 its for a science project about laws of motion n i wann impress some ppl

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The Alliance now accepting members please join!

Please consider joining the Alliance. this month we would like to focus on airsoft, knex, and bic guns, and crossbows, AND blowguns.

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Is it possible to not modify the sprinkler valve (Blowgun Modified Sprinkler valve) in a spud gun? if so, disadvantages?

So, what i am trying to say is, i want to use a regular sprinkler valve instead of a modified one in my spud gun Project. Can i do that or do i have to modify the sprinkler valve? if i can, will it reduce the power of the shot?

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homemade paint gun/ airbrush

Ok well me and a friend of mine have been experimenting with making our own paint gun. we are doing for two reasons. well we want to airbrush some things but we don't have one adn we don't have much money, and we need something to do so it occupies time. we have gone throught many trials and errors and quite a few have failed. we now have one that works acually pretty well. it composes of blowgun attached to an aircompresser, there is a "t" fitting at the other end of the blowgun, at one part of the "t" fitting is a little attachment that goes to a small water bottle, and at part of the water bottle is a little nozzle(nozzle2). than at the other part of the "t" fitting is another nozzle (nozzle1). those nozzles are really close to each other. you put the paint in the water bottle and supply air to it than it paints(sometimes) i was just wondering if anyone knew how to make it better or had another idea for a paint gun? any comment that is related to the topic is welcome and thanks for any feedback. i am sorry if that is confusing.

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home made airsoft improvements

Hey.... i tryin to think of ways to improve my guns... I have 2 spring rifles (a good sniper and a crappy assaultish style) and 1 pistol (also spring)... it would be much appreciated if someone could make an instructable that would allow you to make a bipod that does not use tape to attach to gun (folding = happy), as well as a pistol that isnt a pen gone blowgun. add any other improvements also, such as your own scope rings that attach to weaver rails.

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add your instructable to my weapons group~

Welcome to the heavy weapons group~ If you have ever made an instructable on anything that causes pain, destruction, or just plain chaos, add it. Once we get a lot of members I'll hold a contest (with prizes!) All of the contests will have a theme(eg. blowguns, bb guns, easiest bomb,) and prizes to go with that theme(hopefully.) Don't call me a hypocrite because I haven't posted any weapons instructables yet-- I'm working on one right now. Heavy Weaponry Group

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best chamber to barrel ratio

Okay I have not built a cannon yet as such, as I am going to make my first one awesome but I've done some research and found the golden ratio for efficiency for chamber-barrel size, assuming the chamber is always the same volume a chamber is 1.6, now I'm guessing a bit from now on but it seems that that maximum efficiency is approximately 1.61803399 or the golden ratio that keeps appearing in our world, I just thought you guys would like to know for the design stage as this is what I'm going to be using when I make my gun. also is it worth spending extra for a high flow blowgun over a normal one for the pilot valve to my 1" sprinkler or wont it make a noticeable difference P.S. if my calculations are wrong please, if you know more ( I'm only 13) please correct me. I have worked this out from pneumatics, not combustion's or hybrids. expect to see my gun soon!

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Does this merit a new Instructable?

I haven't seen a guide on how to roll a paper cone anywhere on Instructables. I only recently figured out how to myself, so I figure that there must be some people out there in the same boat. I've taken all the pictures already, but I figured that I'd ask here first.UPDATE:There is this Instructable, but I think that there are several differences. (Side note: How do I make a list?)1. I analyze several different kinds of paper, and determine the best paper for a variety of desired effects.2. I describe how to load "warheads" into a dart, (Q-tips, toothpicks, etc.)3. I compare different ways of "setting" the dart. (Glue, tape, spit, etc.)4. I explain how to roll darts of different dimensions.5. I provide solutions to a few common problems.6. I describe the proper technique of "blowing" into a blowgun.7. I offer a few alternate uses, including something inspired by this Instructable. (I think we all know where I'm going with that one.) :P

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