Bathtub boats?

I've seen some people build boats using bathtubs as a base. Anyone know anything about that? Also,how come we have such a lack of houseboat instructables?

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Do you guys think I can build this? ( I have the money to make it ) If so, Do you think it will sink?

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Wooden Boat

I've always wanted to make a little wooden boat. It just so happens that I have a bunch of quality balsa wood and the Idea came across to make one, any Ideas how and what kind of glue or water proofer I would need. I wasn't able to find an iBles on how to make one. It just needs to be simple, I might turn it into a sail boat too.

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Motorising boat

Any tips, please, on adding motor power to a 14ft Shakespeare speed boat hull without the high cost of a conventional outboard. I only need about 4mph for use on lakes and canals, so perhaps a lawnmower engine driving a paddle wheel or prop might do it, eg with a design like the fast boats in the Far East fitted with a car engine directly driving an outboard prop with the whole unit acting as tiller steering..

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fast blinking led with chargeable battery 9v with solar for charging

Anybody here know's how to make fast blinking led with chargeable 9v battery with solar for charging the battery? can you give me a list of its electronic components and its diagram? thank you

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how to read boat plans.?

I find reading boat plans tough . Any cross section , on any axis of a boat is always changing, so how come they usually have only three diagrams,side view , top and cross section with just one set of measurements .Any tips on as to how these plans are made and how to interpret them. Where do i start when i have a set of plans ?? thanks

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how to make a steam powered boat using candle while keeping the candle away from the boat?no wax should be on the boat?

The boat should be travelling atleast 10 metres keeping its dimensions limited to length-30cm,breadth-10cm,height-15 cm

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where can i get free sail boat plants?

Im looking for sites on the web that offers free DIY sail boat plans.

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How to make an electric motor boat with the home materials?

I have a project and i do not know how to make it ...i am weak in these elctric circuits n ol ...can any1 plz help me..itz urgent !.

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I make knex boats, but all of them are paddle boats.I want to make a Propeller boat but cant make a working one. HELP!? Answered

Please can someone help me make a propeller for my boats! I, ideally, want a just prop system, but dont mind a paddle (padd) and prop system. The motors used have to be one of the following: A grey, large, two direction two speed (4x AA), x2 max A blue two direction (2xAA) x2 max A Spring motor (No Batteries) x2 max. I also have a gearbox (90 degree Direction change, not speed change). PLEASE HELP!! I can use all of these motors together if neccisary. Thanks!!

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Windshield removal on a 1979 tri-hull boat? / Need help identifying the hull manufacturer ? Answered

 I recently purchased a 1979 tri- hull boat w/ a 1979 70hp Evinrude.  This is a two part question. First, i cant seem to identify the hull manufacturer. The coast guard sticker does not list it nor are there any markings on the boat hinting the manufacturer. Other than an "Allsport" label on the side of the boat i cant seem to find anything. Second, im currently trying to remove the windshield to prep the boat for paint, but i cant seem to remove the rubber molding / seals over the three screws i need access to, to remove the windshield. Id rather not damage the seal so i can use it again. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!!

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Can i replace the rc transmitter/receiver in my boat with a multiple a 6 frequency

There are several of us racing boats. All have the same 3 frequencies. Can I replace the transmitter/receiver with a 6 channel? At present  2 controls used are Foward/reverse and left/right. This will change and I would like to be flexible.

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how do i stop interference from other rc boats and how do i get a longer range distance on water

I am using a 27mhz hitec ranger system

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ok;do you know how to make a useable and working round boat,like the ones you see old trappers use????? Answered

I need a working round boat like the old trappers and some indians and europeans used and still in use the reed boat or one covered in hides[but can use more modern materials]i need this in the easiest way to build-diy-.something in the survial ares where you don't have much in the way of materials or time.can anyone help? thankyou

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in what applications would you want to splice a rope?

And how is a splice done in shipping?

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Time for a free boat!

Times are tough. People don't have the money that they used to. Some of those people own boats.According to the New York Times, boat-owning Americans are abandoning their boats in droves by sanding off the names and serial numbers and setting them afloat.Do you know what this means? It's ripe time to get yourself a free boat like Tim Anderson did some years ago in much more prosperous time.

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Rc Boat making?

Hi i have decided to make a rc boat i have the motor all sorted out its just the body. I was hoping to make one from styrofoam or polystyrene dose any one have some tips. Will this be water safe in other word's no water seaping througth . Thanks

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RC boat rebuild

I have a bit of a dilemma with an old rc boat that I'm retrofitting with the board from a cheap rc car that I bought at walmart. The boat is meant to run on two 9.6 volt motors, but the radio board is designed to only handle 6 volts. Is there anyway to utilize the motor leads from the board to trigger some sort of circuit that would allow the board to use it's original 6 volt power pack while supplying the motors with 9.6 volts from a separate battery?

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Boat Chandlery Question...

I've had a senior moment. You know those widgets that they use on boats to fasten ropes?  What are they called? Two ridged, rotating sections, lay the rope between them, and tension makes them turn in and lock the rope in place, pull the other way and they open to release it. What are they called? I thought they were "cleats", but that turns out to be the roughly T-shaped fittings that you knot rope around.

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Painting an inflatable boat. Answered

Hi folks. I have been given a Gladding Float-Pac inflatable dinghy that has been left out in the weather a bit too long & the surface of both the orange & green rubber has become stained from fallen leaves. I have had a look around the interweb & have found a couple of paints suitable for inflatables but to tell the truth they are a bit expensive just to smarten up a boat that will seldom get used particularly as I would have to buy two colours. The boat is in otherwise good condition with no holes or punctures & there is no scuffing or fabric showing through so finishes like Tuff-coat wold be a bit over the top. Does anybody have any suggestion for a pait that would be flexible enough for the job, i'm not really too worried about the colours although the original green & orange would be nice to keep. Thanks in advance for your suggestions folks.

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Major Boat Voyage

Ok, My sister is getting ready to build a hardwood boat. She's an art student and it will be a semester project. She's planning to use Mahogany, Oak and Cedar. She's shooting for a 22' V-hull with a partial canopy. Whatever she does, she always does a great job. I have no doubts as to the fine craftsmanship that will go into this vessel. THe problem is, she's in New York City, and it will need to be moved to west Tennessee or central Arkansas. I could just build her a trailer, but that would be boring. I want to float it to it's destination. How would I go about floating it that far south? I am a fairly good nautical pilot, but that is a massive trip for such a small vessel. I would have about 4 weeks to do the trip, and could probably trailer it a short distance fom NYC to get started. Any Ideas?

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Briggs & Stratton Lawnmower/Go Cart Engine to Power a Boat

I've heard of people mounting small (5 hp or so) Briggs engines in boats to power them. I have a couple of warn out 2-stroke outboards, but they are smelly, smoky, and unreliable. Does anyone know the best way to mount a Briggs (or Tecumseh, Robin, etc) as an inboard? I know there'd have to be shafts and seals, but I'm kind of looking for ideas before I start cutting on the old flatbottom. I have a couple of vertical shaft motors, and one good horizontal.

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Where to buy old sails??

I'm looking for a sail, maybe 2, to make bags, beanbags, sunshades out of. BUT I can't find any cheaply. Do people not  get rid of old sails. I've seen fairly cheap ones but they are still useable as sails so it seems a waste. So shortly Where can I find sails which are no longer useable as sails? Thanks Plus I'm in the UK

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Yup working on another outrigger and was just thinking "gosh, wonder how people preffer their outriggers, open or closed deck?" so throw down you're coolest outrigger ideas and storys, crazy or otherwise, i might even include them in my new instructable (i probably will). but dont forget to respond on the actual question closed/open hull and why

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how do i fix a boat that has major cracks, and a 1x1 foot peice of the hull missing?

 Its primarily made up of foam in the core, and hard plastic as a coating outside. Please i need advice on how to fix it.

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bayliner transom mod's to build solid transom for my bayliner?

In need of some advice in heightening the transom to a solid surrounding,on the stern of my bayliner motorlaunch...angles..materials..step by step fitting to things to consider..basically from start to finish..thanks for help.

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Can I power a large inverter with many of those external solar batteries for phones?

I'm looking for cheap solar + batteries to run the air conditioning and other electronics on a boat. If i order those external 4600mah solar battery packs that are meant to power your phone while hiking, I can get them for fairly cheap from China.  I'm looking at an inverter online that outputs 1000w, it takes 12v input. Assuming standard usb output of 1.5 volts, does this mean i wire 8 in series as a set which would draw 100amps/hour, so for each 8 battery set it would last ~150 minutes(1.5A output per battery, 4.6amps capacity) at load? How feasible is this as a long term solution (multiple charges and discharges)?

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boating help! I need help finding a CHEAP dingy for fishing and recreational use. HELP!! FAST!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need an inflatable dingy for fishing and recreational use.  the small fishing kayack cant fit me and my friends and I'd love something motorized for longer trips out to the channel island and such.  Im thinking of buying a 10 to 5 foot boat for cheap with a motor.  where should I do this in Santa Barbara, Ventura,  LA or Camarillo.  help!!! 

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1977 Evinrude/Johson Lower Unit Rebuild

I had a blown forward and pinion gear that I replaced last season. The rebuild worked for only a month until it destroyed both gears again. Did I possibly miss something on the rebuild that could of caused this? Incorrect shimming? or a high idle? Any help is appreciated.

Question by MurfNick 2 years ago

Outrigger specs seem a little etchasketch??

Three piece plywood outrigger canoe, current rig has a 16 foot hull consisting of the two outer pieces, and is 22 inches wide. It’s hooked up with a tacking rig, a 14 foot mast, and an 11’-10” boom. Originally, it would total 24 feet with the third middle section, but I’m not building that. With a hull 16' long coupled with a fat 22" width, and a simple tacking rig, am I guna get much speed on this thing? What’s more is that the closest body of water is "Steal house lake" and other various lakes in and around the Killeen, Ft. Hood, Austin (Texas) area, everything’s bigger in Texas, but they're still just lakes, coupled with a 24' monster designed to cut and glide over ocean class behemoths (also why I kicked the 8' mid section that i really, really don’t need in these tiny waters). So what do you think, the plans I’ve got are solid, clear, and decisive, the boat and rig are all drawn up, and I’m about to start the first piece of the hull tomorrow (soon as I get the wood). Should I stick with this 16' by 22" hull, should I add the 8' even though I’m just on a lake (a big one ill grant, but a lake all the same), should I jump for a strip-planked composite, or go somewhere else entirely, what should I do, what should i do?? p.s. Rig also computable with an oceanic lateen, or “Crab-claw” rig, lest that’s what i think it’s called.

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how to build a row boat?

How to build a row boat

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cheapest and lightest boat possible

I want to know how to make a lighweight weight potable boat thats cheap, and also small yousing materials like plastic 44 gallon drum maybe. can you help me?

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Suggestions for recycling boat sails

A friend of mine had some old boat sails that he was throwing away and I ended up claiming them. Now I've been thinking about a project to use them in, but I'm pretty much hitting a wall. I've considered making a teepee, bags, even clothes but none of those sound appealing so I was hoping for some inspiration.

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Hand powered boat propellor? Answered

I am trying to build a boat for a physics project, and i wanted to try building one that used a propellor instead of the usual paddlewheel or oars that other students have used.  I bought a 2-blade trolling propellor from Walmart, and i plan on attaching it to a crankshaft via a 4:1 belt drive ratio (so with every rotation of the crankshaft, the propellor spins 4 times). Two people will be turning the crankshaft , and the boat itself is stocky with a flat bottom and pointed end. Is this even possible, and will it actually get the boat to move at a reasonable speed? ("Reasonable" meaning rowboat-ish speed)  I included a quick sketch of what im talking about, and a picture of the blueprints to the civil war submarine that I got the idea from, just for proof of concept. 

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Solar engine for a solar boat Answered

 Here of some of my queries.  we need to run a solar powered boat on a 1.4meter long water track in a shortest possible time( max time 5 min given)........ so i would be glad if u let me know the correct solar engine circuit to it..( i mean the capacitor selection , solar panel specifications etc etc) also there are many slar engine circuits online..which one do u prefer (1381,FLED,millers,zener based etc etc)           waiting for ur reply....... thanx in advance........

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free yachts/boats in the UK?

Hi, does anyone have any ideas about where to find a free boat in th UK? Most places Ive seen are in the USA, and Im not having much luck finding anything over here so far! Cheers, Ash

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DC to AC Inverting for boat

This spring I am looking to build a pontoon boat from scratch (Besides the pontoon logs). Its going to be a large boat and I am wanting a few amenities to go along with it. Im trying to figure away convert the car battery wich is on the boat to power appliances such as mini-fridge, lights, radio, box fan, and maybe a PS2 with Television. I need a high wattage out-put to power everything too. For sure: 8 lights - 75 Watts ea. 20 inch tall Mini-fridge - 200 watts Stereo - 150 watts Box Fan - 120 Watts Maybes: PS2 - 180 watts 20" Television - 300 watts I want this to work if all the for sures were going at once. I want to know how many car batteries I will need approx for 10 hours (or longer) of use with the "For Sures" And I want a clean way of doing this. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Jon Boat hand cart

Hello all, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  I look at the site at least once a day though, just to see whats new. Anyhow, what I have is a 12 ft john boat that needs some sort of wheel attachment so that I can pull it through the woods between ponds with relative ease. What I have is a little bit of aluminium pipe and some wheelchair parts, as well as various nuts and bolts.  I need a solution that involves no welding or brazing ( i think thats what its called ).  I can cut/drill/bolt all day, but thats about it.  Ive got a couple pics of what i have to work with.  Any ideas would be great.

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boat bottom 4 raft

I have an inflatable raft I want to put a firm (solid) bottom in--need ideas from all--its 41" x 106"--once I have a bottom I want to use w/ a trolling motor--Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions

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Pickle Boat with 49cc motor?

Making a pickle boat for the kid.  Boat is made out of PVC and 55 gallon plastic barrel.  I've got a 49cc two stroke engine laying around I want to throw on it.  It's one of those motors that come off a pocket bike or stand up gas scooter. Anyhow, any thoughts on how to use it. I'd like to do a direct drive propulsion setup but I don't know what size propeller I would use. I could make a trolling motor out of it but I don't imagine it would work to well without stalling the motor.  I'm sure it would rust out as well.  So my questions...... 49cc two stroke motor, what size prop do I use for a propulsion (fan) like setup? If I put it under water, what size prop do I use for that?   Links would be amazing.  Thanks guys!

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Float Your Boat Challenge

<br /> [BCITSA YouTube Chanel] Recently, the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) hosted a 2-day 'Float Your Boat' competition for the Marine Engineering Students at the Marine Campus in North Vancouver. Contestants were supplied with ‘surprise’ materials to construct their vessels with; materials included plastic garbage bags, popsicle sticks, bamboo skewers, aluminum foil, string, plastic party cups and tape. Teams of 2-3 were given an hour to become acquainted with the surprise materials, then design and construct a sea-worthy vessel. Boats were then raced in heats on the indoor pool, using human-powered fans for wind, to determine who had the fastest time. Prizes were awarded for: Fastest Boat, Most Creative Team and Best Overall Design, all donated by local businesses. I attended just to check out the scene, but the event was also covered by local news media and has since been broadcast on stations in Metro Vancouver, as well as printed publications. Pretty awesome for a low-budget student association! And there's more, the BCITSA has a history of hosting awesome events for students, such as: 3rd Annual Flying Extravaganza, where students at the Aerospace Campus in Richmond, BC "construct planes from everyday office supplies, with the winners chosen based on the distance they can safely land their lego pilots. Additional prizes go to those with best design and best crash." CTV News coverage (youtube video) Engineering Week, hosted at the BCIT Main Campus in Burnaby, BC, where electronic, mechanical and civil engineers compete in tower building, catapult destruction and racing CO2 powered cars, all made from everyday office supplies. As well as the competition Engineering Students brought along projects they have been working on to share with their fellow students, there was even a real live Angry Birds game being played. CityTV News coverage (youtube video) Facebook photos Aside from a much needed break from studies, challenges like these put on by the BCITSA pushes students use creative solutions learned in class with hands-on problem solving, turning academics into tangible results.

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Is my Spring in the Air - or my prop not supported? Answered

I have been reading on this site about the problems associated with building and using a vehicle for road use that runs on a clock-work basis. The square cube law problem re the spring and also the problems created by the gyro forces of the flywheel. What I want to ask is: Would it be possible to have a spring or series of springs big enough that could drive a generator to charge a bank of batteries that would then power a narrowboat on the inland waterways and potentially rivers of the UK. There is a company that supplies engines and batteries and their paraphernalia suggests it is possible to get 2 hours of battery propulsion from one hour of diesel use - So, if the engine was removed could it be possible to use some kind of clockwork spring-thing instead of the engine big enough to charge batteries that would then power the boat. I am thinking that winding the spring would be done but either a very geared down bicycle or some kind of geared down lever crank with ratchet or even a transportable friendly donkey...I appreciate that fitness and maintaining it would be important to wind up the spring by pedalling the bike, cranking the lever or chatting to the donkey to keep it friendly. How big would the spring need to be and how long would it take to wind it up by bicycle, crank or donkey. Keen to know what the real problems would/could thinking it might be possible to use a series of springs so they do not have to be so very big and therefore could overcome the square cube law problem and how many would be needed to charge the bank of batteries to then turn the prop.

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how to build a low cost boat?

I need a durable boat made of cheapest fiber glass and cardboard.?

Question by jaybsce 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to build a rc electric boat design of it and what material to be used ?

having a design of a rc electric boat which will be looking similar to speed boat

Question by dittu 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Styrofoam motor boat for 5th grade project ??

Hi, How to make a styrofoam motor boat for a school project?

Question by vidhyaa74 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to make a remote controll boat ?

How to make a boat engine

Question by heads187 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what colour should me pt boat be? Answered

I got a model pt boat, but its molded in a very dark green, so  i was wondering what color, if any, it should be.

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Tim Anderson

Meet Tim Anderson! He's the co-founder of Z-Corp 3D printers, host of the Know How Show, author of the Heirloom Technology column in MAKE magazine, and the most prolific Instructables author with 222 projects and counting! So, besides teaching you how to get a free yacht and how to fly a hydrofoil, what is Tim doing for the betterment of humanity?  Here's how he describes it in his profile: Tim's philosophy involves building minimum-consumption personal infrastructure from recycled scavenged materials.  Redirecting the waste stream.  Doing much with little.  A reverse peace-corps to learn from poor people all over the world. In practice, this means traveling the world documenting traditional Pacific Island sailing canoes, collecting handy tricks from Australia, Guatemala, Indonesia, and the US, and teaching us how to repair or reuse almost anything.  (When you're done with the Handy Tricks series, check out his Instructable showing How Not To.)   You can also learn how to move a tree, or keep an old truck running. He's a believer in Garbage Santa, who leaves "trash" treats for creative people to find and repurpose, and can do almost anything with recycled bike innertubes.  He's also an enthusiastic sailor, bicyclist, and kiter who builds all of his own equipment - check out his ice gear in this video: So, are you inspired yet?  Do you believe in Garbage Santa?  And which Tim Anderson project are you most likely to try? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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