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Coconut Bongo.

Hey guys. Right now I'm in the middle of making a bongo from a coconut. I was going to see if anyone else has on this site before? Any advice would be appreciated. Also is there an alternative to animal skin? Right now I was testing this synthetic cloth I have, and it works okay. Just wondering if there is something synthetic that would work good, and reasonably priced.

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How do I make a drum from a bongo base and an unshaved skin?

I have a gorgeous hollow base of an old bongo and a very hairy piece of skin that is supposed to fit it. I'm not sure how to put them together and what other parts I need to make a functional drum, not to mention shaving the skin. Any help would be appreciated.

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How can i make this shirt cuter?

It;s make out of a green bag- fabric. It's halter style (although i can change that) and has white words on the front. How can I make it cuter?

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What should I add to my scarf?

Hey fabulous creators! I have a 5 long, 7 inch wide piece of yellow flannel! I'm using it as a scarf, but what should I add to make it more awesome? Thanks!

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How to make a dress like this?

I have tis awesome white fabric that has blue ribbon stripes on it! the stripes go diagonally. I want to make a dress resembeling this:;=1998 any ideas? thanks! :0)

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What is a way to make your room look really pretty? Answered

I have to clean it, but I'm tired of the same stuff. Are there any decoration ideas that could be used for organizing my bits and bobs? My room is violet, with green and white accents. Thanks!

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How do you post a pic on an instructable?

The old and new uploaders don't work for me. When I click on the new one, it won't even open, and when I use the old one, I can do everything but post the pic. I can't open post an instructable without pics. Help please!!!!!!!

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How do I weave or make a cast net traditionally by hand using a shuttle and sheet bend knots?

What I would like to know is how to make a cast net traditionally using a shuttle and sheet bend knots, the problem is that I dont know how many initial loops to put on the metal ring in clove hitches, and where to put the spacers, any ideas?

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Custom Bass

If you could have a custom bass (or have one) what would it be like? If i had one, it would have the cutaway style of a Music man bongo, with tribunal flame bridge. the end of the body would have a sort of curved flying v style to it. The finish would be a sort of metallic blue and black flame. KIllswitch, and a couple of built in effects, couple gaine and tone knobs. 5 string, with the usual music man head. Maybe a bit different though, all thats just off the top of my head.

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Can anyone guide me through making an Inverter to control the speed of a 1HP single (or 3) phase induction motor?

I sometimes come across induction motors at a local tip that work but are of fixed speed, and wish I could use them better.  I have one at the moment which I plan to build into a humidity  dependent (with user override for occasional purge venting) ventilation system.  So I want to be able to control the speed of an induction motor which currently runs at a fixed speed, off single phase 240volts.  I wonder if anyone has experience they might share in putting together an inverter capable of doing this? Many thanks Bongo. 

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Custom drums can be made for you

If anybody is interested, i now have a good source of maple where i can make atabaques (and presumably congas and bongos) to your specific dimensions for quite cheap. i was just doing a writeup for a group in my area for an atabaque at 32" tall with an 11" head, 14" bulge, and 4.5" foot in half inch maple for about $200. now, other woods can be used (and the type of wood dictates if the price goes up or down). if you have an idea about the sizes you would want, just throw them my way and i can get you prices of raw materials and labor. i can also burn patterns into them if you would wish. Happy drumming Chapa-de-frente

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Thermal conductivity of two welded plates?

I am in the process of building a wood stove (details on FE Blog) mainly from scrap metal, but I have got it into my head that a stainless steel hotplate would be nice. I wanted one 10mm thick, round with a diameter of 390mm. As it turns out 6mm seems to be a bit of a threshold for stainless, and anything over has to be laser cut or similar and is loads more expensive. Like £80 is the cheapest I can find it.  Anyway, one solution would be to buy two 5mm thick plates and weld round the circumference - that seems like it would work out quite a lot cheaper. The question is how would the thermal conductivity be affected by the tiny gaps which would inevitably remain in the centre (the two plates will never be completely flat)? Is there some kind of thermal paste that could mitigate this, which is very heat resistant? If so how would it deal with being superheated by the welding, and would it contaminate the weld? And lastly - this got me to thinking about copper bottomed pans - how do they bond the copper to the stainless steel (google is failing me- or I am failing google with poor search terms)?? So 3 sort of related questions: 1.Welded plate- big conductivity problem or naught to worry bout? 2.Super high temp. thermal past  - would it help? 3.How are pans copper bottomed anyway?? Thanks, Bongo

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