what is the best type of tree to create a bonsai tree with? Answered

i live in florida so trees that live good there would be best

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What is the safest way to trim a bonsai tree's roots without hurting it?

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my mother and i are in a heated debate and i need your help to prove i am right!!! Answered

as of now i claim that it is possible to make a pecan tree into a bonsai tree using grafting techniques and that the pecans will be miniaturized with the rest of the tree is this possible? best answer gets a thank you and a patch (if applicable)?

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Three of my old hobbies, which would you be more intrested to see as an instructable?

Okay, so I've been friggin bored as hell this week, the park is surrounded by security and police so I can't blow up, or go shooting or anything. (No one got killed though, it's just a bunch of noise.) So I'm planning of doing an instructable of one of my old hobbies, but I'm still deciding which would be more intresting. What would you prefer? Bonsai trees Sushi or some magic tricks?

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could someone please build an electric copper bonsai tree? thanks!

Hi peeps! I was thinking the other day that I would LOVE to see one of those handmade copper bonsai trees (like these ones ) inside a plasma ball, with electricity arching across branches and so on. Either that or two of them side by side forming an electric Jacob's Ladder?? But I don't know how to make one. Does anyone want to make one - if possible - and show me? I have a neon light ballast and some time on my hands, I'd love to try this! Cha cha!

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I'm trying to build a frame out of super unistrut channel.

I basically building a frame of a little house so that I can attached shade cloth to the top to shade my bonsai trees from the hot sun. I live in Texas and its hot! Also in the winter I'm going to but plastic on it and make it a greenhouse. I need something I can take apart and something that the wind isn't going to tear up. I have one made out of PVC pipe right now but the wind is picking away at it.

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Plexi-Project Help

Hello everyone, I've been looking at LED projects and devising my own for quite some time now. What i finally decided on was a Plexi glass tube containing a bonsai tree, with an LED array above to give it light. My plan for the LED array is squared away. and i have selected my tube (diameter of 8in). My hold up is the base and the roof of the tube. I want a fairly heavy material which can be machined to yield a snug fit. Does anyone one have any suggestions for the material or a possible source? if at all possible i would like this component to be less than 30$.

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