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volatage booster

Hi every one . i need to know if its possible to boost DC voltage from 0.1V source to 3.8V DC output and how to do it  thx for answer :)

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WIFI booster?

 I have my wireless router at my desk on the second floor of my home. House is concrete and re-bar would like to have wifi through out the house what would the best way to go.? Jeff (

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chargers, or booster??

I was watching pages throught here watching the diferent chargers post, they all very cool like the one it was built inside of an altoids can... BUT they where all made out of bateries and none of them where made out of lithium ion cell phones like bateris and i was wondering if this proces was posible so i can try to make one what yall say??????

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Standalone WiFi booster?

 Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of a project out there for boosting a WiFi signal.  I don't mean a parabola on the antenna of the router, I mean something that sits in another room, receives the signal, then boosts it and sends it out again.  Not sure how feasible this is, but I figured it was worth asking.  Also, I'm up for a bit of a soldering challenge :)

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homemade signal booster? Answered

I was trying to figure out how to boast my signal coverage in my area, and a got an idea: to use a UHF amplifier, to pick up the towers signal and rebroadcast it. of coarse since things like WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular 2G/3G/4G networks use two way radio, the signal can go back to the reviving end of the UHF amp, and get broadcasting to hit whatever tower. my phone should better recognize the tower, as if i just magically made a tower 2 feet away. however this might also amplify stay noise. if this idea doesn't work, why not? i think i am going to need at least a 20dB increase in power, but as of now i  need to do more research. but if i can buy a product that does a similar thing for less than $40, i would. (cellphones use UHF spectrum)

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Hydrogen Boosters for ICE's.

I've been reading quite a bit about hydrogen boosters for vehicle motors ( gas and diesel )on the internet. Seems like there's some debate about whether they are effective. They are a bit pricey. Does anyone know of any DIY plans to make such a booster?

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Wifi Signal Booster

I was wondering if old cellphone can be used as a wifi signal booster ? If yes what are the instructables. I am curious to know about it if it has not been tried yet i would like to get the guidance.

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bike booster kit

There is a project here on how to build a "BIKE BOOSTER KIT". The kit is made up of multiple 3d printed parts, including the battery pack, charger, test equipment, and a choice of small or large rc notor. The built kit is designed to mount above the front tire either bike or trike. Although I do not know what kind of bracket is included for mounting. It can be configured to fit in a bike frame in any number of positions as long as the roller can touch the front tire. I plan to mount this on a trike, There are only two possible locations, on the handlebar stem, or the fork center hole for the fender after fender has been removed. I need mounting instructions, user manual, premium hardware kit, any special mounting brackets, and sources as to where I can buy a fully assembled kit charged and ready for mounting. I am concerned that the unit is not long enough to reach the tire from the stem. I might need some sort of extender block to make it longer. Complete advice please.  photo included.

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Garlic as health booster

From Unlocking the Benefits of Garlic in the New York Times:The power to boost hydrogen sulfide production may help explain why a garlic-rich diet appears to protect against various cancers, including breast, prostate and colon cancer, say the study authors. Higher hydrogen sulfide might also protect the heart, according to other experts. Although garlic has not consistently been shown to lower cholesterol levels, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine earlier this year found that injecting hydrogen sulfide into mice almost completely prevented the damage to heart muscle caused by a heart attack."People have known garlic was important and has health benefits for centuries," said Dr. David W. Kraus, associate professor of environmental science and biology at the University of Alabama. "Even the Greeks would feed garlic to their athletes before they competed in the Olympic games."Now, the downside. The concentration of garlic extract used in the latest study was equivalent to an adult eating about two medium-sized cloves per day. In such countries as Italy, Korea and China, where a garlic-rich diet seems to be protective against disease, per capita consumption is as high as eight to 12 cloves per day.I read this and immediately thought, "1-2 medium cloves per day! Christy and I probably eat that much in a single serving!"Try upping your garlic with these awesome recipes:Roasted TomatoesRoasted Eggplant with GarlicRoasted Sweet PotatoesGarlic Mashed Potatoesand here are some more recipes with lots of garlic.

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Building a current booster circuit

Need to understand whats going on in this circuit which is a class project.

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Has anyone made a dog booster seat?

I would like to know how I could make a booster seat for my Lhasa Apso. He likes to see out while traveling. I looked at some, but there expensive.  I thought maybe making one from a deep rubbermaid bin and putting a thick firm pillow in the bottom???

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cell phone signal booster , basements, brick walls?

How can I put a homemade cell signal booster together for my basement apt.? what will be needed for the frequencies adjustment? Can I use an old rooter or ?

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i need to find a wifi antenna booster that is compatible with a Motorola dsl router? Answered

We have a Motorola DSL Router with wifi and we are needing a booster for it. If anyone can help me that would be great.

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FM radio antennas

Are there any ideas out there for building an FM antenna booster that can be used with the usual whip antenna that comes built into most radios these days. Most of the radios are made in such a way that it is difficult to get at the internal wiring, so the booster would have to be an external unit.

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Is it possible to reuse cable dish on roof top?

I cancelled my dish cable service.  Is it possible to reuse the dish as an antennae booster for my tv?  My Turk antennae was expensive and is borderline effective for decent visual and sound reception.  Please advise.  Thank you!

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I bought one of the Harbor Freight 4 camera video surveillance systems to keep an eye on my driveway and yard.

Two problems arose. 1. Cable distance. "Tech support" says the 'cables' can't be more than the 60' that comes with the system because of loss of signal...( obviously never heard of wires in question are very thin <1/8" with RCA and power connector on one end, BNC and power connector on the receiver end. Can I adapt the RCA camera up to exterior coax and run a larger 12V power cord alongside the coax, then convert the video signal back down to the BNC connector and achieve a 'boostable' signal? 2. I have solar panels and 12 volt batteries throughout the property, sheds and garage. Would I be able to just power the camera locally instead of running a power cord from the receiver power supply to the camera?     And.. what's a BALUN? Thanks

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Knex Roller Coaster Booster

Hey guys, I made a roller coaster booster.Instructions are here.;=

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Free Wi-Fi booster

The building I work in has free wi-fi in the lobby. I can pick it up on the windowsill of my office, but not at my desk. The boosters I saw were for people who were boosting their own wi-fi. I want to boost someone else's and don't have access to their wiring..Any ideas?

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High Current voltage booster? Answered

So I have been doing a lot of math for a rail gun, and I finally found out what statistics I need for the capacitor to get the energy needed. But I may have ran into a problem. The voltage for the system is rather low, but the current is high, so I need a capacitor with something like 60-ish Farads, and 20 V, and of course the ones I find are outrageously expensive. ($2,400!!!) But I was able to find ones with 70 F but only 2.1 V, but since I need 20 volts I was thinking that I could use a voltage booster, but I am not sure if that would work, or if I can find/make a Voltage booster that can withstand that kind of current (would be something like 67.5 KA) the other option is find ones with higher Capacitance, which I did, but they are still a bit on the expensive side ($70, and since i need to it comes up to be $140 or so (not as much but still)) So what I wanted to know is whether it would be less expensive to try to find/make a voltage booster, or just buy the $70 capacitors? I suppose I should also be asking is it even possible to get a voltage booster that can that that many amps, and how easy would it be to make? Oh almost forgot, another question (which would skip having to solve the others) is: Is there a way I can increase the voltage that a capacitor can take, or increase the voltage in a capacitor bank, or some variation of those? Because if there is, that makes everything easier, but I couldn't find anything on doing that so yeah...

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Laptop Fan voltage booster

Hi, my laptop is overheating because the fan isnt fast enough. My idea is to build a small voltage booster to increase the fan voltage a small bit. It will be overvolting the 5v fan but i dont mind. For example, when idleing, fan voltage is at 3.5v and at full load its at 5v and i would like it to be 1-2v higher at both points WHILE still maintaining the variable control (spinning faster and slower as needed) Problem is, im pretty good at soldering but i dont know how to make one. Could anyone help with this project Thanks

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how i hack cable tv wire nearly passing?

Sir please tell me any method to hack signals of tv cabel wire nearly passing.    i mean some method of making antenna which can catch signals of nearly passing tv cable  or  a method of making a booster who can do so or  some other trick to do so. thanks.

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how do i amplify the radiofrequency of my 40mhz remote control so it will operate my receiver from a further distance? Answered

as some of you may know now, i am building an r/c tank, it operates on a frequency of 40mhz. now i have a problem, the old remote controller i had for it which i modified (by accident), has been thrown away after it stopped working (thanks to my un-understanding mother) the problem with this is though that i when i changed it around (i swaped some parts to make it work with aa's instead of button cells) it worked at 100m, the remote i have now though wont operate the receiver at any distance above 40 meters, so i want to know, where can i get a rf booster that will work for my remote control, sort of a thing that can boost the signal as it goes though the antena, or something, ive seen something like it in jaycars catalogue, but it only works on frequencies between 50mhz-1ghz, and it extends the radio coverage by 100m. since its only a toy remote i dont think it can be alterd, plus this one isnt the same as the chip transmitter i used to own, this one is a crystal remote controller.

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Does the parabolic wifi booster increse coverage in all areas? Answered

I am interested in building one of those parabloic wifi boosters that are shown on this site, but if i make this will it decrease my wifi in some areas and increase it in others?

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Anyone know how to build a Cell Phone Repeater or Booster for a tower?

I'd like an economical way (if that's possible) to build a cell phone repeater or booster that can work for multiple cell phones, and be mounted on top of a tree or some other tower or pole. (Boosting signals here is legal). The reason I'd like to do this is because we use a cabin that's located deep in the forest and currently cell phone signals are spotty. (Move down the road 100 feet or stand on a stump and it works, but not where you really need it to). My concern is for safety as many of my family members use this area, and if there were ever a problem, I'd like to know that we could get a call out for help. I've done quite a bit of searching on this already, and have found several methods to improve the cell phone antenna, or the coffee can method, but what I'd really like is something that can work for ALL of our cell phones (that are with different cell carriers), and therefore (as I understand it), can be on different frequencies. The only thing I could find were devices that were out of the box ready and at a hefty price. Does anyone have any advice? or can point me in the right direction in order to build something like this that will work? Thanks, canucksgirl Edit: Let me clarify that the intended purpose isn't to be able to contact 'emergency services' from camp. We're a few hours from the nearest town and it isn't conducive to 'sit and wait' for help to arrive. Our group has been extremely safe, competent and self sufficient in that area for more than 30 years. Without getting too personal, we have an "in town" family member with a serious illness. If there were ever a reason, we'd like to be able to reach family at the camp to let them know that they needed to return home.

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Dir-300 as Wifi repeater

Hello, I have an AP in my house which broadcasts our wireless Internet signal throughout our house. Unfortunately there is a spot in my house where the signal is not received. I have a spare dlink dir-300 router which I installed custom firmware on (dd wrt). Can someone please help me use it as a wireless repeater. I want it to boost the signal of my other router. Dd wrt has a repeater function, but my router is an atheros chipset so it is not native on my device. P.s: I don't really want some cheap wifi booster made of tinfoil :p . Thanks in advance, Sam

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I have a d link internet card and need my signal boosted and all the easy solutions require an antena dont have one

I have a signal but it is very week and kicks me off complicating my reasearch. Are there atenas I can put in a usb port that would bost my signal, If so whats recommended? and will this work with my d link card

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Anyone know how to make a Nintendo Ds Lite wifi booster? Answered

something like a parabolic reflector would work, tinfoil solutions are OK.

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How to make 4G/LTE signal booster ?

Hello,I need your advice regarding making 4G/LTE signal booster or some small antenna that would contribute 4 - 5 db boost for 4G if you can suggest what I can do, but it needs to work.because on google you can find a lot diy projects that are not working...Thank you

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how to build a Cell signal booster?

I live in an area with really poor cell signal. If I stand in one spot with one leg up I can sometimes get a signal. Of course it is outside the house. Is there a way to build a cell signal booster cheap?

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advice sought with connections on power booster

Hi, could i ask you for advice as i want to know how to correctly wire a small 6v to 12v power booster to my moped that has a 6v electrical system. I need to use this tiny booster to charge my phone via a 12v phone charger. there is no intrustions with the booster but i suppose it goes as follows. please give me input about it so i won't blow it up before i connect it. so only using  the red possative wire leading from the bikes battery to connect the phone charger!  Tthe booster has a possative + in and possative out + and ground connection. shall i connect the possative in to my bikes red possative wire running from its battery and then connect the possative + out connection to the phone charger and also run a wire from ground to the bikes chissis. does that sound about right to you. please let me know. Thanks.

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current multiplieror amperage booster circuit?

Hey anyone know a circuit that can increase current i want 7 apms current from a 9v battery if anyone know how to pls explain briefly with circuit thank in advance

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fiber optic transmitter and reciever booster

I am a hobbist/inventor/sculptor/geek. I am looking for plans or a kit to build a fiber optic booster transmitter and reciever. Or even a unit that can send and recieve data and video signals. The signal must be able to travel a minimum of 300 ft. I am trying to build a submersible rov that I can afford. The other option that I might have is a rf to fiber optic converter. Would anyone be able to help me out?

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Wireless cell phone signal booster for the home

Does anyone out there have any idea how to construct a home built wireless cell phone signal booster for the home? I've found a few different brands, but they are way out of my price range. Looking for something that can be built with readily available parts from Radio Shack, Lowes, Home Depot, etc Any ideas? Please submit and thank you!

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I need help connecting 2 solar panels in paralel

Hi,I'm new to Electronics but I love solar panels and hiking.S, I bought 2 of these: one of this: I connected them. I cut 2 USB Cables, connected + with + and - with - from each Cable and connected it to the DC-DC booster. The amperage is not doubled and the output Volts are lower than 5V which should be the constant output of the booster. The panels were solar oriented and the output was only 0.02 A with Bright enough sun from those 2 solar panels. The panels separately work fine, it is only when I connect them to the booster that they act weird.Is the problem in booster or is it me doing something wrong?Thank you!

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Please help to select a power source for 100W LED?

I want to make a spotlight using 100W LED powered by a 2200mAh LiPo. I understand I need a power booster for this. Please suggest one of the correct specification. The LED:;=item4d36d59e67:m:mxsTE0PLt5bDCjp8vJJs5CQ The battery: Standard LiPo of 11.2V. max current of 55A Thanks a lot

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Best Way of Boosting 7.4VDC to 12VDC? Answered

I need to power two stepper motors off of 7.4VDC, and am trying to figure out the best, most cost efficient way.  What type of DC booster circuit would be best for this application? Do I need any noise filter? If yes, what kind? If I understand correctly, Stepper motors need a constant current. Does this limit my selection of DC boosters/step up devices?

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Launched SS carts

Dear reader, I've seen some knex rollercoasters on YouTube in which a screaming serpent cart appears to be launched by Ripping Rocket boosters. Since I own both, I was wondering how this is done, because simply leading the SS cart through those boosters won't work. Thanks for reading. Kind regards, Kaj

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Connecting the ground to my enclosure?

I'm building gmoon's Valvelitzer inside a utility box. I've just realized that the entire enclosure is going to be grounded, meaning it's going to be directly connected to the negative pole of the power supply, which seems to run at 14V 2.2A (It'll be regulated at 12v before it gets to the tube). Is this dangerous? If it isn't, should I just solder all the ground points to the enclosure? If I run the power along the enclosure, is that going to cause some extra capacitance? Is that bad?

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Drop 0.1 - 0.2 volts DC?

I am building a charger for my apple device, which requires exactly 5V (According to the internet) I am using a voltage booster to get from 3.7V to 5V but the booster outputs about 5.1 - 5.2V. I need a way to drop either 0.1V or 0.2V using a resistor or something. anyone know which one to use? Thanks.

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Using a single Solar cell and changing it's power specifications with a booster?

I have solar cells that are over 6Amps but only produce 0.5 volts. Would it be possible to use a series of resisters or boosters to change the output to a higher voltage and a significantly lower current? I'm aiming for something along the lines of 4volts and under 1000 mAh? Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!  Mark

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What size resistor do I need?

Hi, I have a Wilson Sleek antenna booster that runs on car battery power, 12VDC and draws 2.5A.  I would like to power it away from the vehicle using a 19.2VDC Craftsman drill battery that measures 21.7VDC at the terminals, fully charged.  What size resistor installed in series with the Sleek will allow it to safely operate from the Craftsman battery?

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old cordless phone as a wifi signal repeater/booster . Is it possible ?

Well the question says it all. I am just wondering if its possible

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My Final Conveyor Belt

I have made my final and 2nd Conveyorbelt. I got part of the idea from a rollercoaster booster. called "The Jespar Launch" or something like that

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can someone build me an IR remote range booster? for pay?

I have chauvet hex 3's using the IRC-6 and need to go from about 25/30ft range now to 75ft, if poss. I just don't want to build it. (but may have to?) thanks guys/gals  charlie at c the sound aat ya hoo in the middle of the good ol us *us residents only please. don't contact me for any other reason.* smooch

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Any body ever tried building a cell phone network repeater?

Hey has anyone ever tried building a cell phone network booster/repeater? A wireless one. I tried looking around online but just been getting Marketing stuff nothing which you could actually sit and construct yourself. May be using an old access point or something! I am not that too good with Radio circuits so looking for help to be able to try and make something really cool in my spare time. :)

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most simple and smallest way to charge a 6kV capacitor?

Hi again, I need some ideas on what type of DC-DC or DC-AC converter I can use to convert 9V into 6kV. the 9V will be a standard 9V battery. The output current doesn't need to be high. It's for charging a 6kV capacitor, and this May take a few seconds. It doesn't need to be charged in a few milliseconds. My own suggestions are these: - DC-DC booster (switching a coil to get high voltage spikes) but these only generate 200V max I think - DC-AC inverter like those small CCFL inverter circuits - Flyback - not compact enough - booster or inverter connected to a marx generator - but also not compact enough - ... any other ideas? It also doesn't matter if the output is AC or DC, I'll just add a HV diode to rectify it. Although, that also takes some space and it has to be Really compact. I know that converting 9V into 6kV might not sound like a simple thing, at least if I want to do it in one stage, but I've seen videos where people convert the voltage from a 1.5V battery into 4inch sparks. (that was with a marx generator too though).

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How much does a camera flash circut boost voltage?

I want to know how much a standard flash camera circut boosts voltage. I'm trying to build a railgun and I simply wish to know about how much it does, as I cannot afford a multimeter or voltage meter. Information welcome.

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9V Solar Cells (Parallel) to DC to DC USB Booster: Will it "fry"?

Hi all. Here is my question. I want to take 3 Solar Cells (9V, 500mA) wired in parallel (1.5A output) and run them through a DC to DC USB Boosting Circuit (5V) Now I know this circuit will boost up to 5V, but what if 6-9V comes in to it? Will it just limit to 5V running through, with no boost, or will it "fry" it? One more question: What if I wanted to have the 9V, 1.5A of the parallel solar cells route into a Mini-USB port that can take 2 amp in? Same problem, or no problem? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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