Are you bored silly? YEAH! are you- oh forget it. let's cut to the chase, im bored and if you are too, come talk! i'm lonely.

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I'm so completly bored these days doe s anyone have an idea what i can make with technic lego(yes i'm making typefoults(this is probably one))

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I'm Bored

I'm really bored and stuck at work with nobody around and nothing to do. Somebody entertain me

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I'm bored!

 I'm really bored and I want to build something neat, can someone suggest something cool I could do with these parts?? Armed with soldering gun and other parts in my parts bins, I'm sure I could make something cool/useful?? (P.S as far as the capacitors, I wouldn't mind making a rail gun) I have this so far I want to use: Bank of capacitors (several large amplifier capacitors and some smaller power supply caps) One rather large relay switch (I tested it today, it works!) One "temporary" toggle switch, it does NOT stay on when you flick it, dual pole Does anyone have any idea?? I also have things like hundreds of smaller caps (is it possible to make an effective capacitor bank with tonnes of tiny capacitors?? I also have oodles of ferrite cores and RF chokes of different sizes (I was wondering, would the larger RF chokes I have, work as subwoofer coils??)

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im bored

Post youre funny vids here!

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im in school and BORED!

Im bored, my dad is going over to his girlfriends so i might make hamburgers for dinner, or china man food.

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Well, i'm Bored.

I'm bored, and i had to make a new account, you know how my computer said David, i changed it to my name.

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I got bored.

So, I decided to make an instructable for Oompa-Loompa's crossbow.

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Any ideas for things to do when I'm bored? Answered

I have a couple hours of free time after school and want to know what to do with it besides sit on the computer. Or jobs. Or study for school. I get straight A's :D

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I am really bored. What should I do? Answered

None of my friends are home, and there is nobody to play with. I been sitting at the computer all day looking at Instructables. It is even nice outside!

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Just Because I'm Bored

Are you bored? I am. So, because I'm so bored, I am staring out the window, pondering life's questions. Here's the view from my window, so we can all stare together.

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Suggestions for a bored college student

As a college sophomore i have entirely too much time on my hands. I would like to get a new hobby and suggestions would be most helpful. If it is any help, please note that I enjoy hiking trips, being outside in general, building things and creating mischief. I am pretty much computer illiterate as well. Thanks All.

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What to do when bored on the internet? Answered

Right now, I'm sick. Pretty much not willing to get out of my chair. I've been trolling the internet aimlessly for hours, and I'm quite frankly tired of it. Any suggestions on interesting Instructables-type sites? Or any other science/DIY/art sites? Just something interesting.

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what should i do this summer Answered

What should i do this summer vacation!!!!!

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Format Boredom

I'm formatting another computer, and it's taking a bloody eternity. Any ideas on what to do to pass the time?

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Fun things to do by yourself with nothing but yourself.? Answered

I need some fun things to do when you dont have anything.

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I have a lot of cardboard just lying around. What should I do with it?

Any suggestions will be appreciated, it could be more helpful if you linked an instructable to it though.  Thanks!

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How do i stay entertained on a camping trip? Answered

I'm really not a outdoorish person, but ive been dragged  along to another camping trip. i'd perfer it to be a 1-person thing, and i'm only alwoded to bring media-capturing devices in terms of Electronics. no cellphones may be out at the time. 

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Sinagpore Answered

What would you do at Singapore? I am going there for a month and have nothing to do there.

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Spare wifi router

I have a spare wifi. Router and a whole summer of nothing to do. Any ideas of what I could do with it. Maybe an instructable that I could make of it. Post. Your ideas. Thanks :D

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What to do with a dead ps2 slimline (thin ps2)?

I have an old Play Station 2 (Thin one) that the laser is burnt out in and the fan does not work. WHAT DO I DO WITH IT????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I'm bored out of my mind!

I'm so bored! I try to make something cool from Instructables but it always fails. Does any body have any suggestions for what to make or do?

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Is there was a way to make a lase bore attachment?

Its .177 cal gamo air rifle

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What to do when you're bored?

I need things to do on a rainy day

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Boring brass spittoons. What to do?

I have 2 very boring old brass spittoons I'm converting into planters. Is there chemical compound or something else I can apply to the brass to change the appearance?  I'd like to jazz them up without using paint. Any ideas?

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Do you want to tell the world cool tricks you can do on a computer? Enter this forum to find out how you can contribute!

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LEGO Tower Is Impessive, Yet Boring

So up in Toronto they built a 29.3 meter tall tower of LEGO. It's a new world record. Some "master builders" were overseeing it. There are images of flags on the side.But still, it's just a tower of LEGO. Doesn't really inspire me, but maybe you guys think differently. Am I missing something? Full story

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People Find How-To Videos Boring

According to TubeMogul, the audience drop-off rate for how-to videos is faster than general videos.People Find "How-To" Videos BoringBad news for the many venture-backed "how-to" video startups such as eHow and Howcast,: People find their genre less engaging than the average Web video.Keeping tabs on some 23 million video streams, Web video services firm TubeMogul says that how-to videos lose 15.21% more viewers after 10 seconds and 16.81% more viewers after 20 seconds than the average video.When we started Instructables, one of the key features was our step-by-step format. As a human, you really can only do one thing at once, and multi-tasking is just quickly switching between tasks. So, we figured any complex process could be broken down into a series of steps that followed what its creator did. Video is perfect for showing techniques or motion that are difficult to describe in text and pictures. However, when video is used to show things better seen as text and still images, it gets boring. I've always felt that video plays a role within a full step-by-step set of instructions, but can never eclipse them.So, the take-home from the graph should be clear to future Instructables authors: keep your videos short and to the point if you want anyone to watch them. Save the rest for text and images, and the whole Instructable will be greater than the sum of its parts.

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I feel like making some avatars

I feel like i have been less involved in the instructables community lately and i am bored so if someone wants an avatar of something or other that can be made in paint just tell me please because i have nothing to do right now, seriously , you'd be doing me a favour. The first picture is my own avatar and the other two are ones i made for kiteman when he was looking for a variation on his current avatar, if you want them feel free too take if u want, otherwise just send me a pm or leave a comment. -Cheers, Duck

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i have like 50 old disposable cameras what should i make with them? Answered

 i have a bunch of used disposable cameras that i got for free from wallgreens what should i make with them?

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Have Materials, Need Ideas

I have Some materials that i just need to either figure out something to do with or, take apart and figure out how they work, or even trade for something you have... Here is a list of things I have that I want to make something with: - 1 A/C fan motor - 2 return air motors, fan assemblies, housings, and capacitors, - 100 feet of insulated copper wiring (3 wires) - capcitors resistors and high heat wires from about a dozen CFL bulbs - 300 feet +/- of telephone wiring - 1 Black and Decker 1970's? model circular saw, works but not as good as my new one - various electrical terminals - Various lengths/thicknesses of wood scraps - 100 feet speaker wire - 2 dozen led bulbs for automotive use (12v) - 12 Solar garden lights, I dont want to jst stick them in the ground -... the list goes on... anybody have any ideas of what I can make using some of this stuff? I was thinking about some sort of air delivery system for outdoor use... or something to do with a garden, or.......

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What can I do for fun after exams? Answered

I just finished my exams, what can I do to pass the time?

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How to make potassium nitrate (aka. kno3 / saltpeter) from fertilizer ????

Hello i would like to hear if anyone knows how to extract kno3 from fertilizer? i got a fertilizer with 28% kno3 but i dont know exactly how to get the kno3 out of it :)

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In Boredom We are Inspired.

We all have been bored at some point in our life. Most of the time when we're bored we let our true nature come out. Songs have been writen this way. If you even tap your finger at school at the end of a test that means you enjoy music or making it. What have you been inspired to do, or make from boredom? I have made many plans and ideas from my bored. i.e. 4 wheel bike (not tried) Custom shirts ( a work in progress) Duct Tape stuff ( oh what a success!)

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How can I make a parachute out of home made objects and that doesn't cost to much. Answered

I am really bored and I have a pretty high up porch. Is there anyway I can make a parachute out of home made objects that won't cost to much and will actually work?

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Copper pipe project ideas?

I have a 3' piece of 1/2" copper pipe, have any project ideas?

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What do i do with my old printing calculator? Answered

Theres no ink and nothing useful to me on it other than the calculator part... soo any idears on what to do with it?... i would love a simple robot, or anything i could use that simple and useful

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What to do, what to do?

So.... It's me.... Hiyadudez... Here with another forum for y'all... Yeeeaahhh... Anyway. Recently I have been very bored. Very very bored. VERY VERY VERY bored. OH SO SO SO BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED! So yeah. For a while now I have been very bored, and me being myself, I want to make something. I need help, suggestions. Examples: Worlds largest _______ Worlds smallest _______ Really long ______ Working Knex ______ _____ wooden ______ SO yeah. I NEED ideas. Any suggestions?

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can someone make a percussion drill 4 making bore holes

I just wondered if there is someone out there, that can build a percussion drilling rig to drill bore holes and do an instructable of it as well??

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What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

So then, what do you do when you are bored? Or to just past the time? Hobbies? On Instructables of course, but what else do you guys do in your day?

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Ideas for an instructable?

Hey i have a briggs and straton 5 hp engine not much steel i can weld have wood and i would like to hear ideas for something to do it dosent have to do with these things but these are just a few of the things i have.  Please post any ideas you have. Thanks

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Knex baby rattle.

Well, my nephew C***** (He's about 6 months) came over, and he was a bit fussy. So I wanted to make him something to keep him occupied, but it had to have no small parts. So I made him a little rattle thing. You can't get the green rods out without taking the whole thing apart. Which is really difficult. I'll also try to incorporate it into a "noisy ball machine" I'm going to make.

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Hey i get extremely bored ...what do i do when i only have pen and paper? Answered

Hi i have PROBLEMS i get extremely bored how can i prevent from getting this bored

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t know im bored and does any one have anything realy cool to make? Answered

I dont know im bored and i have loads of free time

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