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Finish for Bowl

I am wondering what finish is good for a bowl other then mineral oil.(It has to be food friendly)Will polyurethane work?

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Accelerator in a bowl

I want to help my kid explain particle accelerator with this project; I think I get the conductive balland positive/negative strips. What do I use to get "high powered dc current"? any suggestions ?I would like this to be self contained i.e. not plugged in. Thanks

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How do I stop our bigger dog from eating our smaller dogs food? ?

I have two separate area's of food for each of my dogs.  The bigger German/lab mix will eat the smaller Chihuahua's food even though the food in each bowl is the same.  The larger dog has a larger and taller bowl stand but will still eat from the smaller and shorter bowl of the smaller dog with out eater her own.  I'm sure it's a dominance issue but never the less, I would like to inhibit the larger dog from eating the smaller dogs food. 

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Bowling Alley Table

I used to love bowling as a kid and now I love to see materials get reused. So to see this lovely table by Ryan Brown that is made from a section of a bowling alley lane totally makes my day. Dining Table Project via DesignSponge

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Dog bowl stand.

When my dog drinks water it splashes on the floor. I thought if I raise the bowl up on a stand it won't splash so much. I needed help building a stand. A DIY..

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Budget Bowl Lathe

I salvaged an AC motor from an old water pump I found on the side of the road and want to use it to make a simple lathe for turning green wood bowls and cups.  I was thinking about using a floor flange as the face plate, a nipple for the shaft and pillow bearing blocks to support it.  This assembly would be driven by a v belt and controlled by the speed controller from a jig saw.  I attached pictures of the components and a simple cad drawing of the assembly. Do you think this would be functional? Any recommendations?        

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art: bowling balls

I began collecting a few bowling balls with the intention of making decorative art in my flower beds. I have a neighbor across the street who undoubtedly has so much disregard for me that he reported me to the city code enforcer who said bowling balls were against code. I had a supervisor come and look at my yard and the bowling balls and he said it is art. The other code enforcer has required that I "anchor" them down. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure no matter what I do the neighbor will not like it. He hates my trees. I have humongous oaks and lots of plants and shrubs. He has complained for 16 years now. He sits on his front porch and watches everything I do. He reported I had rats. They found the rats nest on his property. He claims the termites come from my home. Believe me, I have a small brick ranch that I do all the upkeep on. I think he just can't stand it that he can't tell me what to do like he does the rest of the neighbors. I'm a woman-maybe that's his problem. Anyway, how do I "anchor" my bowling balls without taking away from the art of them in my flowerbeds? Please help me. I want to abide by the city codes.

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vinyl record bowl

This was realy a Bday present made in hurry but had a great succes:))Just grab some of ur records u dont like anymore, put in a oven for 200degrees for a while,until its melting abit and form it however u like.. this video

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How to make pet bowls without a kiln.? Answered

I want to make pet bowls from something like polymer clay. i know that polymer is not food safe. Any other suggestions on how to make pet bowls (food or water) without having to fire ceramics? Thanks for the help! :)

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How could i make this beter or is it ok by its self

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Is there any particular way to solder or weld thin stainless steel?

I'd like to reshape, attach, and make some art out of some stainless steel bowls []. I've naught a clue how to approach the issue of connecting them, since they are so thin, and I'm not too sure what sort of connecting material I could use. (Would regular solder work, or would I need a specific kind?) I've only ever soldered a bunch of wires, and advice on this would be great since I'm going off the deep end into uncharted territory. Thanks!

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I need to find a bowl. Answered

I am going to hopefully start a new project. Here is the link to what I want to build (it's the backpack he wears) It's pretty much just a bowl with a speaker in the bottom. The bowl can be plastic or stainless steel but not glass. The problem I'm having is finding a bowl with a large flat bottom like the one in the video. Almost every bowl I look up has a small flat bottom which can't house a large speaker (like the one in the video) correctly. I've looked up some bowls on Google but I don't think I've typed in the right search criteria to find the correct bowl. If you know of where I can find one that would be awesome. I have drawn some pictures on paint to help you understand what I need.

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Woodturning: My First Bowl

Just wanted to post pix of my first bowl, it's turned from endgrain green wood, either Chinese Tallow or Chinaberry, I forget which, found it on the roadside. Finished with wax, it is now slowly drying whilst wrapped in brown paper, hopefully it will dry without cracking.

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tiny bowl style centrifuge?

Im trying to figure out whether this will work or not, but i cant get all the math together. i want to either A: make an attachment for my food processor to make it a bowl style centrifuge. or use a hdd motor and a brushless esc. my food processor is rated for 1750 rpms, and i figure enough room for a six inch diameter bowl.  the whole purpose of this is to use this for my algae bioreactor  as an algae filter. can you get enough force out of either of these to separate algae from water.

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Basket / Bowl making help

Hya. I want to make my own bread proofing basket (Brotform or Banneton). I've had a look on google but can't find any instructions or guides. I wonder does anyone have experience of basket making that could help? It would you start with a wooden mould. You then take softened reeds or canes and create the basket in what looks like one long coil. The ridges leave marks in the finished bread. I need to know what materials to use (I'm thinking probably peeled rattan) and where to get it in the UK, ideally Manchester. I've been googling away but only seem to find cane furniture sites. I don't think any adhesive is used, I think you just pin the cane into place every few inches. Here's an image of the type of thing I'm after: Thanks.

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Getting a toilet bowl white again

Ok so I can't get the orange stuff off. Any suggestions. And yes I've tried CLR. Also if there are any suggestions on how to fix the worn porcelain  that would be awesome.

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Chinchilla-safe material for food-bowl

My chinchilla is, for the most part, a jerk. She is adorable, though, so I'll keep her. I can keep up with all of the ways she tries to antagonize me (I've come to the realization that she really is out to get me :P ), except for one. She often pushes her food bowl off of the ledge. I would move it to a lower area in her cage, but, as I came to realize the first time, she poops into the bowl when it's below her. So, I must keep it on this ledge. I therefore need a way to attach and un-attach the bowl to the cage (so I can fill it with food afterwords). I could just go and buy one of these food-bowls,  but I'm too cheap and like to make my own stuff, anyways. So I have two questions - what material would be best for attaching it to the cage, and would hot glue work as an adhesive? I am worried about her gnawing on the stuff, because I know certain things can kill her if she eats them (eg: Paint). Thanks! :)

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Right ratio for making bowls with concrete? Answered

I recently got someone to buy me concrete mix - I asked for ready mix as I've seen people suggesting Quikrete, but I ended up with 2 bags - one with the cement and one with the gravel and sand. Now, I want to make smallish bowls for outdoor use over the weekend (bird baths, small plantholders, etc.), but I'm not sure what my ratio must be for the sand / cement or sand / cement and gravel mix (and I'm not planning on buying another product). I've read that people can mix only the sand and cement for a smooth finish, but will this be strong enough? The gravel I have is quite large, and it might make the finish too chunky when the concrete is dry. I'm also planning on not using bowls or containers as molds - I want to smooth it out on the outside or inside of a bowl by hand with a trowel or something similar. Will I be able to make this work? I want to make small bowls, so I don't need to mix large amounts at once. I have never worked with concrete before, so I want to start out with small items anyway just to get the hang of things.

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Bacon bowls and cool eco wallets

I was browsing around some of our referring sites this morning and I found a couple of interesting posts on Bacon Cups >> I had an occasion calling for bacon themed food and my mind immediately turned towards the famed bacon mat. I needed something a little more single-serving though, so I decided to attempt bacon cups. In the bacon mat instructions there is mention of draping the mat over an overturned metal bowl and cooking it so that it would turn out in as a bowl shape. I decided to try using the backs of various muffin and mini cake pans, I ran out of bacon before I got to try as many as I would have liked so I'll have to try more at a later date. Any excuse for more bacon. DB Clay Wallet >> The people at DB Clay gave me a Version 3 wallet to give away! I hope you don't mind if I had a little look at it, it's excellently manufactured. DB Clay makes limited edition wallets out of a material they call Tope: "Tope is strong. Tope is durable. Tope is heat and cold resistant. Tope is smooth textured. Tope is water resistant. Tope is robust. Tope is eco friendly." The material feels great, and I bet if they sold it by the yard Etsy makers all over the world would buy it like crazy. I thought these were really cool wallets and then I found out you can get one for 50% on their website for the next 6 hours. So if you want/need a cool wallet, here's your chance.

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Large Crystal Bowl Broken --- Any Ideas?

A large Romanian crystal bowl that has a lot of sentimental value for me was just accidentally broken. Any crafty ideas on how to reuse/repurpose/recycle this piece of my personal history?

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How and what to make a shaving bowl out of?

I want to make my boyfriend a shaving bowl for Xmas. I am handy with just about any medium and am not sure which I should use. Clay or Ceramic would be nice but I know nothing of either of them. It obviously has to be able to hold shaving cream...was wanting to make it in the shape of our cat (he's a big cat) so i guess the bowl part would be his body. So a bowl with a head, legs, and a tail. Anyone got any suggestions?

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How do I make a broken, valuable bowl into something cool?

I recently broke one of my grandmother's bowls and I want to turn it into something cool (it can't be salvaged as a bowl). I was thinking a hot plate or mirror with pieces of the bowl in it. Any other ideas and how would I do this?

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how to design (crease-free) vinyl records bowls without waves

Most of you might know the bowls you can make out of old vinyl records (like: OR But how the hell is this done: AND a bowl without waves. Just plain. Any idea or insctrutable?

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Searching for the toy soldier melted bowl instructable, anyone know where it is ?

Need to find toy soldier melted into a bowl shape. Anyone know who authored this ? Where can I find it ?

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Can't find unglazed terra cotta bowl! Help!?

Greetings to all, I have been working on my Terra Cotta smoker and I'm looking for the bowl that acts as the lid. I'm looking for one that is 18". If you know where I can get it, please let me know. Thanks, Tom

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Cookie Contest

On the prize page for the cookie contest the third prize is listed as 3-Piece Stainless Steal Mixing Bowl Set. there is a small spelling error. i do believe that it is a  3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set. Homonyms will get you. Or am I wrong and these bowls are "Hot"? 

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Just found 13 small glass fish bowls...i don't want to put fish in them, What do i do with them?

Just wanting to find a cool use for these. Maybe even to give as gifts this christmas.

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How wide does the bowl have to be for a medium sized tobacco pipe?

The one i currently have drilled is .5 inches long. Is that ok?

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Anyone knows how to make a homemade Bowl Extrusion Machine?

I'm trying to do a new shapes from a used PET bottles. Is possible?

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 If you get two bowls of jello and stick them together in one bowl and put them in the freezer will they form together? Is there another method that works?

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How to drill a hole in the bottom of a stainless steel mixing bowl?

I would like to drill a hole into he bottom of a 3 quart stainless steel mixing bowl in order to insert a 1/2" brass needle drain cock (and then secure the valve to hold liquid).  How do I measure the diameter of the valve so I use the correct drill bit?  How do I get the hole centered.? How do I keep the pot stationary? The bowl is thin, how do i keep the bit from ripping the metal?

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National Science Bowl teams used my Trebuchet for a competition

I received an awesome comment. A high school teacher used the plans for my Quick'n'Dirty Trebuchet as a lunchtime competition project for teams competing in the National Science Bowl. The teacher made up kits of the parts: masking tape, dowels (I used chopsticks), paperclips, toothpicks, string, a binder clip and a weight. The teams then had to assemble it and held a throwing competition. The winner averaged over 20'.This is why I make Instructables, and most specifically why I made this one. I wanted it to be easy and cheap, no special hard to find parts, work well, while still being a real Trebuchet. I loved the comment.Here it is:My school hosts a regional competition for the National Science Bowl for high school students every year with the winner going on to the national competition in Washington, DC. This year I was in charge of finding some sort of competitive project for the teams to build and compete with during the lunch break. I chose your quick and dirty trebuchet and made a kit for each team. I made a few changes to your plans. I used 12" long 1/4" cut dowels instead of chopsticks since I didn't have a cheap source of chopsticks. I did not give them rubber bands and instead they were to tape the paperclips on for the axle. They were given a 200 g weight with a loop of string taped to it for the weight. The projectile was a mini binder clip with a loop of string tied to it. The complete kit contained the 9 dowels, a roll of masking tape, 4 paper clips, the 200g weight with loop of string attached, mini binder clip with loop of string attached, your printed instructions as a guide and a sheet explaining the rules of the competition.It worked out quite well. The teams were given a copy of your plans as a guide and 20 minutes to build their device. The competition was they were to launch the projectile three times and it had to land inside a track 4 foot wide each time. The distances of the two best of the three throws were added together for their score with a foul (outside the lines) counting as zero distance. We had 12 teams participate and the winner had a score of about 44.5 feet. They all had fun and I think learned something too.

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toxic copper fumes

I have made a tabacco pipe out of a brass bowl and a copper pipe that fits into the bowl. i have heard that copper gives off toxic fumes. will it do so if it is burning in the brass?

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How to heat a metallic bowl containing a liquid, which must be evaporated, using peltier element?

Hello everyone, I'm Georgios and thank you for your time My goal is to create a mechanism which will be able, using peltier element, to heat a metallic bowl (metallic because of its heat conductivity). In the bowl I will put acetone and I want to evaporate this liquid. Also I want to control the temperature of the bowl. The evaporated acetone will be kept in a closed box. Then, using second peltier element I want to cool the acetone, to liquidity it? Do you know if this is possible? And in general do you think that it is a good idea to use peltier element for heating and cooling, only with electricity, acetone? My goal is also to heat in a fast way. The temperature must be 80 C for evaporation.

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What is this old wooden artifact?

I was given this old wooden 'bowl' and told that it was a cream skimmer, which seems unlikely. It's around 24" long and 18" and made from one piece of timber. Any ideas please?

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recipe for individual rice krispy treats in small mug/bowl featured item on Instructables. can't find recipe- Help

Recipe for individual Rice Crispy Treats in small mug/bowl featured item on Instructables. Can't find recipe-Please Help!! THX!! :O

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can anyone identify this lathe attachment (used for turning disks into "bowls") ?

Hey I'm looking for the name and/or other informations about this lathe attachment used for turning (silver) disks into "bowls"  (I'm talking about the attachment used for holding the disks) really hope you can help me!! thanks :)

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Can someone tell me how to make a litter box? Answered

It is for my cat in my room. I do not want to get up and step in a pile of litter. Also, ideas for a feed bowl, water bowl, or bed? I might get a kitten soon.....

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how to repair porcelain?

I have a porcelain bowl which has a crack.  How do I repair it?

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whittle a pipe instructable

Recently i have been in the hobby of whittling smoking pipes from tree branches with a bowie knife. I was wondering if i should post an give a basic idea it would entail how to shape, drill the bowl, drill from the mouthpiece to the bowl. how to round the pipe and smooth it. please leave comments, ideas, and tell me if you want me to post and specifics if you want special details on it. thank you for your time. sorry for bad image only have my laptop camera for the moment.

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Outside mosaic questions: What is the strongest/best adhesive for outside mosaics ?

Hi , I want to do some outside mosaics on different materials : cement, wood and bowling balls. Much of what I would like to use in my mosaics is glass. Is there antway to permanently affix glass"pebbles" to a bowling ball ? What is the best grout to use? Many thanks to anyone who can help.

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can i make a ant shocker transformer that shocks ants every 3 minutes in bowl with sugarwater?

I have a transformer step down from 250 to 100v... want to make a bowl of sugarwater for ants and then every 3 mintes or so i should shock all the ants that are drinking...poisen doesnt work..ants can smell it....grrr what should i do now.. thanks

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Ethics Question

I need to do a quick survey for a class I'm taking, so consider this hypothetical situation: You are living in an apartment with a roommate. This roommate always has some form of change, and usually drops it in a bowl on the top of their dresser. Over the course of the year, this amount has grown substantially large. Today, while you can manage to get by, you are a bit short on cash. Your roommate is out, and you remember this bowl of change. The question: Would you take any money out of this bowl, and most importantly, why? If you could also tell me your gender (if you're comfortable with it) and approximate age (preteen, teen, 20's, etc.), that would be most appreciative (It's important to the survey). Cheers! ~Alt

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